False Idols and Other Short Stories

False Idols and Other Short Stories
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The man was considering it.

The fake hermit

He was thinking it over. All was not lost. You can hang it over the entrance to your house, sir. It keeps away evil spirits. Your wife will congratulate you, sir. The man was beginning to smile. The man was grinning now, his face even more comical. He wiped his chin with his hand kerchief and kept it back in his pocket. He dug into the back pocket of his pants and took out a thin black wallet. The potter silently thanked his brilliant thinking.

His voice even more high-pitched than usual.

Comment: David Quinn: Celebrities have become the false idols we worship

Clearly, he was excited. The man smiled. I was wondering if you could sell the pots on which these idols rest as well? Of course, I will pay extra. The potter could not believe his ears. Selling the masks themselves were a bonus, but the pots as well? These pots were not even made by him. They had been brought in by his daughter from the fields a month ago. One pot had even a part of its rim missing. They were discoloured and one good shove could break it into a thousand pieces. The man nodded his agreement and picked up the masks. The first time he had actually handled them.

He then touched the pots. The potter hoped he would not notice the broken bit.

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After they had left Egypt they remembered the idol-worship they had been accus- tomed to see. The descendants of powerful nations have, in the lapse of years, become far inferior to their ancestors. Gata, Karpara's brother, in order that he might mourn as Hindoos feel bound to do and yet not be caueht, loaded some asses with melons, and as he passed the body of Karpara, contrives to have his load slip off, crying, as the gourds fell to the ground and burst, "Alas! The oldest civilizations of the world are, respectively,.. The mother warned that he would be killed by the King it he came to know about him. But the majority were brought into the closest contact with nature. IN this chapter it is proposed to survey rapidly the progress of the whole heathen world in idolatrous worship from its first introduction.

But it seemed nothing could go wrong. The man opened his wallet and took out 6 thousand rupee notes and 1 five hundred rupee note.

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He counted them twice and handed it to the potter. The potter almost snatched it from him, grinning like a maniac. The man accepted it from him, turned and walked back briskly. The other potters were shell shocked. A man had just been swindled in broad daylight. But they were honourable men.

They would not rat out a fellow tradesman for anything. The potter barely concealed his glee. The moment the man rounded the corner, he let out a shout of joy.

book sample: False Idols and Other Short Stories by Tony LaRocca

There was still 3 hours before he usually went home. But today had been a fairytale. Packing the remaining pots, he slung them over his shoulder and walked the road leading to his house. The man in the black suit was walking faster now, peering behind to make sure no body was following him. He crossed the main road and took shelter under a large banyan tree. He wiped his face with his hand kerchief. The sun was merciless. But with the unbelievable thing he had just done,his days of walking might just be over. He took out his cell phone and called the same man he had been speaking with half an hour ago.

The call connected. One ring.. Two rings. The man at the other end gave a huge sigh of relief. You are a marvel Mishra. You really have the Pots of Shiva. Does one pot really have part of its rim broken? Indeed I have.

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Your information was correct. They were put on sale by a potter, sir. He had no idea whatsoever about its value sir. A regular village bumpkin. The man at the other end laughed. Come back at once. The pots are valued at over lakhs. You will get your 10 percent discount of course. I have to announce the news now.

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I will meet you soon then. He opened the wrapping and looked at the pots again.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Tony LaRocca is a carbon-based life form, animator, False Idols and Other Short Stories - Kindle edition by Tony LaRocca . Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. False Idols and Other Short Stories [Tony LaRocca] on rapyzure.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A clockwork monster, pernicious alien insects.

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