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Overlord v3 by HenkDeSuperNerd Overlord is a random map where one player roleplays as the 'overlord'. Download map Toggle Dropdown View rms code. Tags: FFA Diplomacy overlord.

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Versions: WK. As overlord there is no objectives, and you can't really win. You can only witness how the others play, and influence the game by buying favours or by using special units.

Having access to spies, to a insane resource income and access to special units will provide you all the tools to have fun and to influence the diplomacy in this game. The other players will play standard, with the occasional sling from the overlord when they are nice, or an attack from the overlord when they are not. The gamemode was intentionally designed for streamers that which they could somehow influence the games they spectate, but also works well to play with your friends especially when you have mixed skill level!

Make sure the latest Userpatch version is selected, as well as the WololoKingdoms mod. Craftwork Cathedral: vs. Valac Towers: vs. Bathin Underground: vs. Bloodless Cathedral: vs. Alfred Desert: vs. Doppelganger Lab: vs. Orobas Cave: vs. Gebel Hall: vs. Valefar Den: vs. Gremory Glacial: vs. Dominique Glacial: vs. Have some feedbacks?

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Experience in colonizing and making planets habitable for human populations is a strong plus. Once you're ready to colonize, you've got constant decision making, planet monitoring, and resource allocating to do. Deviantart, your quoting methods are silly. Most Popular. As the absolu te ru ler of Epsi Ion, you are up against four newly discovered enemies. To be prepared for an invasion you should set up military installations on the surface of your worlds.

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Featured Titles. Entrance: vs. Cathedral: vs. Towers: vs. Glutton Train. Underground: vs.

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Abyssal Guardian. Desert: vs. Lab: vs.

Cave: vs. Zangetsu 2nd. Hall: vs.

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Den: vs. Glacial: vs. Full Map.

All Trophies List. Best Weapons.