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Probabilistic analysis of maintenance and operation of artifical recharge ponds, Advances in Water Resources, Volumne 36, , pag. POOL, M. A correction factor to account for mixing in Ghyben-Herzberg and critical pumping rate approximations of seawater intrusion in coastal aquifers, Water Resour. Geomechanical stability of the caprock during CO2 sequestration in deep saline aquifers. Energy Procedia, 4, YU, L. Monitoring groundwater nitrate attenuation in a regional system coupling hydrogeology with multi-isotopic methods: The case of Plana de Vic Osona, Spain.

Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment , Temporal behavior of a solute cloud in a heterogeneous porous medium, 2: Spatially extended injection. Water Resources Research, 36, A Comparison of hydraulic and transport parameters measured in low permeability fractured media, Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 41 , Temporal behavior of a solute cloud in a chemically heterogeneous porous medium, J.

Fluid Mech. From inverse problem to reactive transport in groundwater modeling. Quarterly Journal Of Engineering Geology, pag Computational approach Of coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical problems in saline media. International journal for numerical and analytical methods in geomechanics. Agriculture Ecosystems Environment , Vol. A discussion of scale effects on hydraulic conductivity at a granitic site El Berrocal, Spain Geophysical Research Letters , 22 11 , pp.

Advances in Water Resources , 14 5 , pp. Reidel, Norwell, Mass. This email address is being protected from spambots. About us? Home Publications in scientific journals. Sience of the Total Environmental. Available online 23 January. In press. A simple contaminant fate and transport modelling tool for management and risk assessment of groundwater pollution from contaminated sites. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology,. Article in Press. Ecological and soil hydraulic implications of microbial responses to stress- A modeling analysis.

Advances in Water Resources, , pp. Solute dispersion for stable density-driven flow in randomly heterogeneous porous media. Advances in Water Resources, v , January , pages Multiphase flow and reactive transport model in vadose tailings.

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Applied Geochemistry, 24 7 , pp. Chalcopyrite dissolution rate law from pH 1 to 3. Arsenic removal by goethite and jarosite in acidic conditions and its environmental implications. Effective two-phase flow in heterogeneous media under temporal pressure fluctuations. Water Resources Research, 45, Art. Field multi-step limestone and MgO passive system to treat acid mine drainage with high metal concentrations. Sequential extraction and DXRD applicability to poorly crystalline Fe- and Al-phase characterization from an acid mine water passive remediation system.

Effective transport dynamics in porous media with heterogeneous retardation properties. Geophys Res. Lett, Onshore-offshore correlation of the Llobregat deltaic system, Spain: Development of deltaic geometries under different relative sea-level and growth fault influences. Sedimentary Geology. Application of a mixing-ratios based formulation to model mixing-driven dissolution experiments, Advances in Water Resources 32 , pp.

Role of salt sources in density-dependent flow. Water Resources Research, vol. Steady state heat transport in 3D heterogeneous porous media. Effect of dispersion on the onset of convection during CO2 sequestration. Gas tracer transport modelling in a heterogeneous fracture in two phase flow conditions.

Model Development and parameter sensivity. Advances in Water Resources 32 3 , pp. Attenuation of pyrite oxidation with a fly ash pre-barrier: reactive transport modelling of column experiments, Appl. Geosci, vol. An analytical approach to transient homovalent cation exchange problems.

Non- passive transport of volatile organic compounds infiltrated froma a surface disk source. General real-time formulation for multi-rate mass transfer problems, Hydrol.

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Earth Syst. Gas flow to a vertical gas extraction well in deformable MSW landfills. Journal of Hazardous Materials, doi Modeling the interaction between geochemical and hydraulic processes during evaporation in tailings. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 72 12 , A3-A3. American Mineralogist 93, BEA, S. Geochemical evolution of marine shore mine tailings in an hyperarid climate. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 72 12 , pp. Bases geologicas e hidrogeologicas para la naturalizacion de una zona fluvio-litoral: las madrigueras de la Riera de la Bisbal El Vendrell , Tarragona.

Concentration statistics of reactive constitutens in random heterogeneous media, j. Effective transport in random shear flows, Phys. Transport behaviour of coupled continunous time random walks, Phys. Abrupt-interface solution for carbon-dioxide injection in porous media, Transport porous media, Self-consistent four-point closure for transport in steady random flow, Phys.

The international journal for geographic information and geovisualisation, University of Toronto Press, Canada, V , p. Articulo de revista. A langrangian statistical model for transport in highly heterogenous velocity fields, Phys. High-resolution seismic characterization in an urban area: Subway tunnel construction in Barcelona, Spain. Solvent extraction and ion exchange, MUSU, E. European Journal of Mineralogy 20, available online Field application of calcite Dispersed Alkaline Substrate calcite-DAS for passive treatment of acid mine drainage with high Al metal concentrations.

Passive treatment of acid mine drainage with high metal concentrations using dispersed alkaline substrate. J ournal of Environmental Quality , 37 5 , Geochimica and Cosmochimica Acta 72, The passivation of calcite by acid mine water. Column experiments with ferric sulfate and ferric chloride solutions at pH 2, Applied Geochemistry, Chemical Geology , Physics and Chemistry of the Earth 33, SS A new method for the interpretation of pumping test in leaky aquifers, Ground water, vol.

Applied Geochemistry 23, Transport upscaling in heterogeneous aquifers: What physical parameters control memory functions? Anisotropic dispersive Henry problem, Advances in Water Res ources, 30 4 , pp. Quasi-horizontal circulation cells in 3D seawater intrusion, Journal of Hydrology , issues , june , pp. European Journal of Mineralogy, A mixing ratios-based formulation for multicomponent reactive transport, Water Resources Research, 43, W, , doi: Mixing and spreading in stratified flow, Physics of fluids 19 1 : Art.

Impact of upscaling on solute transport: Traveltimes, scale dependence of dispersivity, and propagation of uncertainty, Water Resources Research 43 Art. W Feb. Breakthrough curve tailing in a dipole flow field, Water Resources Research 43 9 : Art. Ergodicity of pumping tests, Water Resources Research 43 3.

Transport-controlled reaction rates under local non-equilibrium conditions. Geophysical Research Letters, Vol. Non-passive transport of volatile organic compounds in the unsaturated zone. Advances in Water Resources 30 4 , , A soil-water retention function that includes the nearly dry region through the BET adsorption isotherm, Water Resources Research 43, W, doi On the meaning of transmissivity values obtained from recovery tests.

Hydrogeology Journal, volum 15, number 5, august pp. Effective dispersion in a chemically heterogeneous medium under temporally fluctuating flow conditions, Advances in Water Resources. Optimal design of measures to correct seawater intrusion, Water Resources Research, vol. Modeling non-Fickian transport in geological formations as a continous time random walk. Una perspectiva per als ciutadans, ed. Delay mechanisms of non-Fickian transport in heterogeneous media. Variable density flow in porous media.

Inverse stochastic moment analysis of steady state flor in randomly heterogeneous media. Water Resources Research, 42, W, doi GOGU, R. Binary upscaling-the role of connectivity and a new formula, Advances in Water Resources 29 , On the use of apparent hydraulic diffusivity as an indicator of connectivity, Journal of Hydrology , A methodolgy to interpret cross-hole tests in a granite block, Journal of Hydrology , , pp. Travel time and trajectory moments of conservatitive solutes in two-dimensional convergent flows, Journal of Contaminant Hydrology , 82 , p.

Ground Water 44 3 , Modeling mass transfer processes using random walk particle tracking, Water Resources Research 42, W, , Inverse modeling for seawater intrusion in coastal aquifers: insights about parameter sensivities, variances, correlations and estimation procedures derived from the Henry problem, Advances in Water Resources 29 , Representative hydraulic conductivities in saturated groundwater flow, Reviews of Geophysics 44 3 : Art. Non-passive transport of volatile organic compounds in the unsaturated zone, Advances in Water Resources 30 4 , , Chapter 1.

Cycles, Feedbacks, and Main Issues, 1. Integrating Atmosphere, Biosphere, and Pedosphere. Chapter 2. Systems Approach: the Nature of Coupled Models, 2. El Riu Llobregat. Centre d'Estudis Comarcals del Baix Llobregat. A procedure for the solution of multi-component reactive transport problems, Water Resour. Effective solute transport in temporally fluctuating flow through heterogeneous media, Water Resources Research, Vol.

Geogaceta, 38, European Civil Engineering Education and Training. Fourth Euceet Volume , pp. Remote sensing of landslides: An analysis of the potential contribution to geo-spatial systems for hazard assessment in mountainnous environments, Remote Sensing of Environment 98 , pp. Arsenic and water quality of rural community wells in San Juan de Limay, Nicaragua.

Natural Arsenic in Groundwaters of Latin America. Arsenic in the environment Vol 1, p Travel time and trajectory moments of conservative solutes in three dimensional heterogeneous porous media under mean uniform flow, Advances in Water Resources , 28 5 , Book: Coupled Models for the Hydrological Cycle. Introductory review of specific factors influencing urban groundwater, an emerging branch of hydrogeology, with reference to Barcelona, Spain. Hydrogeology Journal 3 Junio , pag. Chapter 4. Case Studies, 4. Exact transverse macro dispersion coefficients for transport in heterogeneous media.

Finite-element formulation for solving the hydrodynamic flow equation under radial flow conditions. Hydrothermal mixing, carbonate dissolution and sulfide precipitation in Mississipi Valley-type deposits. Chemical characterisation of natural organic substrates for biological mitigation of acid mine drainage. The importance of recycling processes in the Middle Miocene Badenian evaporite basin Carpathian foredeep : palaeoenvironmental implications.

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MUOZ, J. Environmental Science and Technology 38 3 , , Acta, 92, , , doi: Attenuation of the oxidation of pyritic sludge from the Cueva de la Mora tailing dam Almonaster, Huelva : laboratory experiments. Time behavior of solute transport in heterogeneous media: Transition form anomalous to normal transport. Geogaceta, Volumen 6 2 Molins, S.

A formulation for decoupling components in reactive transport problems. Water Resources Res. Water Resour. Pitfalls in the geological characterization: site investigation for reactive barrier installation at Aznalcollar, Spain. On the striking similiarity between the moments of the breakthrough curves for heterogeneous media and homogeneous media with a matrix diffusion term. Journal of Hydrology , pp. Hydrogeology Journal.

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Atlas of pollen and spores of the Florida everglades. Madrid Tomo 98, No. Geotemas 5. Madrid , pag Transport behavior of a passive solute in continuous time random walks and multirate mass transfer. Numerical studies of the transport behavior of a passive solute in a two-dimensional incompressible random flow field. Effective dispersion of a solute in unsteady flow through a heterogeneous medium.

Submitted to Phys. Effective dispersion in temporally fluctuating flow through a heterogeneous medium. Time behavior of solute transport in heterogeneous media: Transition form anomolous to normal transport behavior. VI MEF. Mean travel time of conservative solutes i randomly heterogeneous unbounded domains under mean uniform flow. Conditioning mean steady state flow on hydraulic head and conductivity through geostatiscal inversion.

Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment 17 p. Geostatistical inversion of coupled problems: dealing with computational burden and different types of data. Journal of Elsevier. Evaluation of Apatite II as reactive material for passive metal removal from, groundwater. ConSoil Proceedings, p. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 61, p. Water Resources Research , vol. Travel time moments for sorbing solutes in heterogeneous domains under nonuniform flow conditions. Analysis of a deep well recharge experiment by calibrating a reactive transport model with field data, Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 65 , AAPG Bull.

Effect of Confininf Pressure. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 61 , pp. Applied Geochemistry 18 , pp. European Journal of Mineralogy V13, CAMA, J. Dissolution of syntheric zeolites at low temperature-preliminary results. Rosa Cidu Eds. Water-rock interaction WRI 1, El caso de las Islas Canarias. Temporal behavior of a solute cloud in a heterogeneous porous medium, 3: Numerical simulations, Water Resour. Thornton, S. Oswald eds.

Sociedad Colombiana de Ingenieros. Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Using geostatistical analysis to evaluate the presence of rotylenchulus reniformis in cotton crops in Brazil: Economic implications. Geostatistica analysis of the spatial distribution of Rotylenchulus reniformis on cotton cultivated under crop rotation. Convergent-flow tracer tests in heterogeneous media: combined expreimental-numerical analysis for determination of equivalent transport parameters.

Journal of contaminants Hydrology, 57, pp. Treatment of acid mine drainage by sulphate-reducing bacteria using permeable reactive barriers: A review from laboratory to full-scale experiments. Kuwer Academic Publishers, pp. Geoscience Wisconsin , Volume 17, p. Experimental evaluation of magnesium oxide as a new barrier material for prevention of acid mine drainage. In: B. Bjorkman, C. Samuelsson, J. Wikstrom Eds. Conditional moments of the brekthrouhg curves of kinetically sorbing solute in heterogeneous porous media using multirate mass transfer models for sorption and desorption.

Water Resources Research, vol 38, 11 art. Multi-component reactive transport modelling at the Ratones Uranium Mine Spain. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 66 15A. Journal of the Geochemical society and the meteoritical society. August , pags Application of zeolitic material synthesised from fly ash to the decontamination of waste water and fuel gas. The Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology 77, Transport in Porous Media, Modelling the oxidation of sulphides in an unsaturated soil.

Mine Water Hydrogeology and Geochemistry. Geological Society. Special publications , pp. Calibration of a reactive transport model to interpret a deep-well-recharge field experiment at Langerak the Netherlands , et Cosmochem.

Acta, 66 15A , p. Mass balance errors in transient flow and transient transport models, in: Computational Methods in Water Resources, S. Hassanisadeh, R. Schotting, W. Gray, G. Pinder eds. Elsevier, p. Transport in heterogeneous media: modelling mass-transfer rate-limited processes by means of temporal moments. SIMO, J. ODP, Sci. Results , , High-pH Plume. Reactive Transport Simulation.

In: V. Metz, W. Pfingsten, J. Modelling of Coupled Transport Reaction Processes. Brine-mineral reactions in evaporite basins: Implications for the composition of ancient oceans. Geology 29, 3, Dissolution of synthetic zeolites at low temperatures. Preliminary results.

Cidu Ed. Villasimius, Italia. Kinetics of dolomite-portlandite reaction.

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Application to portland cement concrete. Cement and Concrete Research 31, Medina y J. Carrera Ed. Ground Water , 39 1 , pp. Environmental Science and Technology 35, Environmental applications of pure zeolitic material synthesised from fly ash. Journal of environmental Engineering , READ, D. Mineralogical and microstructural changes accompanying the interaction of Boom clay with ordinary portland cement. Advances in Cement Research, 13, , On the behavior of approaches to simulate reactive transport, Journal of Contamin ant Hydrology, 48, Medina, J. Carrera y L. Vives eds.

Journal of Contaminant Hydrology , vol. Temporal behavior of a solute cloud in a heterogeneous porous medium, 1: Point-like injection. Back to top. In: Armenteros, I. Universitat de Salamanca, p. Snowmelt and runoff modeling of an arctic hydrological basin in west Greenland. Infrastructures i recursos.

Medi Ambient. The deviation-from-equilibrium effect on dissolution rate and on apparent variations in activation energy. Geochimica Cosmochimica Acta. Computational techniques for optimization of problems involving non-linear transient simulations. International Journal for numerical methods in enginnering , 45 3 , pp.

A numerical study on the relation between transmissivity and specific capacity in heterogeneous aquifers. Groundwater , 37 4 , pp. Water Resources Research , 35 4 , pp. Upscaling transmissivity under radially convergent flow in heterogeneous media. XU, T. Modeling of non-isothermal multicomponent reactive transport in field scale porous media flow systems.

The genesis of dedolomites: a discusion based on reactive transport modeling. Journal of Hydrology , , pp. Wheathering of iron sulfides and concrete alteration: Thermodynamic model and observations in dams fron Central Pyrenees, Spain. Cement Concr. Estimation of the concentration of trace metals in natural systems. On matrix diffusion X. Hydrogeology Journal , 6 1 , pp. The origin of the barren bodies in the Subiza potash deposit, Navarra, Spain. Implications for sylvite formation Journal of Sedimentary Research , The evolution of the Lorraine evaporite basin. Implications for the chemical and isotope composition of the Triassic Ocean.

A comparison of seven geostatistically based inverse approaches to estime transmissivities for modeling advective transport by groundwater flow. An evaluation of Jacob's method work for the interpretation of pumping tests in heterogeneous formations. A mathematical formulation for reactive transport that eliminates mineral concentrations. Water Resources Research 34 7 , pp. Modelling the effects of deep artificial recharge on groundwater quality, in: Artificial Recharge of Groundwater, Proceedings of the third international symposium on artificial recharge TISAR 98, J.

Peters et al. Simulation of groundwater age distributions. Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning examines the chemistry and impact of cisplatin and its sibling compounds. Nod for Onpattro caps two decades of academic and industry work to translate RNA interference from idea to drug. Study turns up large family of organic-inorganic materials that could find low-cost, lightweight applications in electronics.

Study shows how stopping one enzyme could help drugs treat an important class of cancers more effectively. Simple pieces of equipment decrease the danger of moving small volumes of chemicals prone to igniting. Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning wrings all the molecular details out of the popular goo. El rover Curiosity proporciona datos sobre las misteriosas plumas de metano del planeta rojo.

Brands like Juul deliver a form of nicotine that is less harsh to inhale than free-base nicotine. Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning explains the similarities and differences between the two bath products. Reactions at one active site influence reactions at other sites within the same particle and between nearby particles. Chemical weapon used in U.

Estos microorganismos vivos transcriben y traducen ADN con seis bases en lugar de las cuatro habituales. Researchers take frustrated Lewis acid-base pair concept in a different direction with a new mode of cross-linking in self-healing gels.

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ACS meeting news: System makes ciprofloxacin salt in nine minutes without pausing to purify individual synthesis steps. Researchers unravel the biosynthesis of the psychoactive drug psilocybin, making large-scale production a possibility. Cells could serve as indicators of the efficacy of allergy therapies and provide new drug targets.

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Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning samples the science behind ice cream and other icy treats. Un catalizador de borano y un compuesto de oro forman enlaces C—CF3 y abren una nueva ruta para radiotrazadores. Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning explains the drugs behind the public health crisis.

Curiosity rover data unveils geochemical history of Gale Crater, including redox layering of its ancient waters. Structural biologists capture important state of cellular machine responsible for making humans more complex than worms. Researchers find compound with rare activity against cancer stem cells works by sequestering iron. Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning explains the types of viral hepatitis and ways to treat them. Un catalizador sintetiza fosfatos y fosforamidatos con una gran estereoselectividad y rendimiento.

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Los investigadores son optimistas: mejorar las relaciones con EE. Researchers are optimistic that improving relations with the U. Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning explains the chemistry behind the Spring tradition.

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The drug pentamidine disrupts the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria, allowing antibiotics inside to finish the job. Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning peers into the scientific evidence behind wrinkle creams. Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning takes a gander at the molecules responsible for your cinematic experience. Investigadores secuencian los genes de cientos de variedades de tomates para crear una hoja de ruta hacia un sabor apetecible. Researchers sequence the genes of hundreds of tomato varieties to construct a road map back to desirable flavor.

Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning queries the chemical tactics conifers use to make it through the winter. Chemists up the complexity of these tangled structures by weaving three strands together instead of just two. Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning explains the biochemistry of stress and anxiety. Bacterial cytochrome c demonstrates first example of biologically catalyzed organosilicon chemistry.

Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning reveals reasons why the compact components sometimes burst into flame. Agents starve bacteria by raising antibodies to capture the small molecules the microbes release to harvest iron. Nanoparticles containing a pair of fluorescent dyes can detect microscale temperature patterns in beetles. Study quantifies health care spending and lost wages stemming from low-level exposures to certain synthetic chemicals.

Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning explains the chemistry behind the nanotechnology in products around your house. Devices made out of the two-dimensional semiconducting material show that it can live up to its theoretical promise. Collision between young Earth and Mars-sized planet formed the moon from vaporized debris, study suggests. Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning packs in the science involved in preserving your home-grown fruits and veggies.

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Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning untangles the complicated web of sports doping intrigue leading up to the Rio Olympics. Rewritable atom-based memory has data density times higher than that of commercial disk drives. A single amino acid change leads to synthesis of new structures for important class of natural products. Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning shares some fun facts about the metals in pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.

Conditions that ordinarily destroy nanoparticle catalysts can be used to make stable ones featuring isolated metal atoms. Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning surveys the compounds dentists use to keep your pearly whites healthy.