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No quarter

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Follow the Irish Examiner. No quarter asked and no quarter given, says unapologetic Steve Hansen. In its place is a more soft-spoken recap of events just gone.

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News Daily Headlines Receive our lunchtime briefing straight to your inbox. More From The Irish Examiner. Mixtapes Forums Lyrics Artists add Journals. Artists - L. Kingdom of Zep Houses of the Holy Pleeease! Led Zeppelin — No Quarter. Read More Edit Wiki. Close the door, put out the light No, they won't be home tonight The snow falls hard and don't you know? The winds of Thor are blowing cold They're wearing steel that's bright and true They carry news that must get through, oh They choose the path where no-one goes They hold no quarter They hold no quarter, oh Walking side-by-side with death The devil mocks their every step, ooh The snow drives back the foot that's slow The dogs of doom are howling more They carry news that must get through To build a dream for me and you, oh, oh, oh They choose the path where no one goes They hold no quarter They ask no quarter They hold no quarter They ask no quarter Yeah Without quarter, quarter, yeah without quarter Without quarter, quarter, quarter Taking no quarter Oh, oh, oh hear the dogs of doom no, never quarter I hear the dogs of doom are howling more Edit Lyrics Edit Wiki Add Video.

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Add your thoughts Comments. General Comment Close the door, put out the light. The men of the city have gone to fight them The snow falls hard and don't you know? They have to tell the countryside the Vikings have landed They choose the path where no-one goes. Quarter means a sort of forced occupation, like; you demanded quarter of a house. See the last one, and the rest is self explanatory They hold no quarter. They ask no quarter.

grant no quarter

The pain, the pain without quarter. The dogs of doom are howling more!

  • No quarter asked and no quarter given, says unapologetic Steve Hansen?
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There was an error. When they say they hold no quarter i believe that means they have no special considerations or will play no favorites with their enemys. When they ask no quarter it means they want no special consideration from their enemys in other words they are some bad motherfuckers JR Flag jark02 on January 07, Oden is the main viking god, thor is his son and often liked by norse beleivers better because he didn't require sacrifice. Flag zoso on June 07, Flag nikpeta31 on September 13, General Comment Based on everyone's feeback and my own opinion , obviously the original song kicks ass.

My question is, where's the personal connection to the band?

grant (someone) no quarter

In my silly opinion, Plant experienced writer's block at a certain point during the 70's most likely due to drug related memory loss, which isn't necessarily a bad thing and therefore turned to his local library, whereby he stumbled upon celtic texts, and borrowed lyrical ideas for many of the songs written during that period. Though none of the band members realized it at the time years later, use of the title "No Quarter", would secretly confirm the marketing-based fact that the Led Zeppelin fans will continue to finance any bogus "remastered" creativity produced decades before.

Behind the scenes look at Culloden Battlefield and the National Trust for Scotland

In war, a victor gives no quarter when the victor shows no clemency or mercy and refuses to spare the life of a vanquished opponent in return for their unconditional surrender. In some circumstances, the opposing forces would signal their intention to give no quarter by using a. Give no quarter is a phrase that started with a literal meaning and eventually became an idiom with a figurative meaning. We will look at the evolution of the.

Therefore, from a business perspective, the joke is on the fans, and no quarter is given in that regard. There's a reason why Page was nicknamed "Led Wallet", and coincidentally, he's produced and re-mastered everthing relating to Zeppelin since I'm a little drunk at the moment, and I just made that all up.

However, any comments that refute the points I've made if I've made any shall clearly indicate that the person making such comments subscribes to bestiality-porn websites.

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Howell, V, xxxvi. Diego Costa. Those were the days, eh? Hello, friends! Retrieved July 16,

Flag orboknown on May 20, Flag pacman on September 23, You'll be spared if you haven't been already. Flag davidcje on September 09, Flag Denise34 on April 23, General Comment Saying the term "No Quarter" means no housing is given, while the correct origin of the term, is confusing.

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I am not going to break down every line of the song but to me, it would seem that this song does indeed talk about the end of Paganism and the rise of Christianity in Western Europe. Or at least, the struggle of Paganism against Christianity. Not to mention, Christian knights were notoriously ruthless in their conquest showing no quarter to their enemies, and hence the irony of them walking with the devil.

This would also fit as to why Tool decided to remake the song.

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Anyone that knows Tool, knows that they often pick Christian based themes to drive home many of their concepts. Tool is effective in showing the irony behind Christianity and Maynard himself, despite growing up in a strict Catholic home, has forsaken religion. And by the way, the Tool remake is just as good in its own right as the original.

A definite religious cleansing undertone Flag gradx on January 30, General Comment This song is definatly about Lord of the Rings. Just listen to the lyrics. Its obvious.