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End preferential treatment.
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Ethics by Y. V. Satyanarayana

However, to receive the apparel benefits under the AGOA, a country must also meet certain customs-related requirements. Among the 37 eligible countries, 23 countries are eligible to receive the apparel benefits. The AGOA grants duty-free and quota-free treatment to the following apparel articles imported directly into the U. Additionally, knit-to-shape sweaters made in the region from cashmere and certain merino wools, articles made from yarns and fabrics in short supply in the U.

These acts provide permanent duty-free treatment for a wide range of products from the 24 designated CBI beneficiary countries. However, to receive the textile benefits under the CBI, a country must also meet certain customs-related requirements. Currently, 14 countries are entitled to receive the textile benefits. The textile benefits expire on the earlier of September 30, , or the date on which the Free Trade Area of the Americas FTAA or another free trade agreement becomes effective between the U. The CBI provides duty-free and quota-free treatment to apparel and textile articles made in the Caribbean Basin region and imported directly into U.

Other measures from this goal

It applies to apparel assembled, or assembled and further processed, in the CBI countries from fabrics formed and cut in the U. Subject to an annual cap, the duty-free treatment also applies to knit-to-shape apparel from American yarn and knit apparel cut and assembled from regional or American fabrics from American yarns, and non-underwear T-shirts made of regional fabrics from American yarn.

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Additionally, the duty-free and quota-free treatment also applies to brassieres, apparel made from fabrics or yarns in short supply in the U. Therefore, with certain exceptions, the preferential treatment requires the use of American yarns. It provides for the elimination of tariff and non-tariff barriers within specified time periods for products that meet the NAFTA rules of origin.

WTO Provisions on Preferential Treatment to Developing Countries (COM)

Import quotas in the U. If the goods are non-originating, they may still be entitled to the NAFTA reduced duty rates even though they may be subject to quota and textile visa requirements. NAFTA provides four rules of origin. Eligible goods must be 1 wholly obtained or produced entirely in the territory of Canada, Mexico and the U. In general, the rule of origin for yarn is fiber forward, and the rule of origin for fabric and apparel is yarn forward, with certain exceptions.

As long as the particular goods are originating in the NAFTA territory, the goods will be quota-free and duty-free when they enter U.

Points-based Preferential Immigration Treatment for Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals

Giving preferential treatment or having a preferential attitude shows that you are partial to one person or group of people. And if you act in a preferential way. Preferential treatment as regards women and men requires the adoption of specific measures not considered discriminatory and involving explicit benefits.

The U. The significant moral question associated with the problem of preferential treatment is-whether we should set aside the principles of justice for the sake of attaining some larger social good.

preferential treatment

The issue of preferential treatment raises certain important moral questions such as:. Stay ahead with the world's most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. For details of the system, please see the following website: Immigration Bureau of Japan website.

As requested by applicants, the activities of highly - skilled foreign professionals are classified into the following categories. Points are assigned for "educational attainment," "professional experience", "annual salary," "research performance", etc.


For details of the point calculation method, please see the Immigration Bureau of Japan website as above. For those certified as highly skilled foreign professionals, the following preferential immigration treatment is granted. In order to promote acceptance of highly skilled foreign professionals, point adding up-measures are added in April Revised on April 26, These materials contain samples of documents regarding registration, visa, taxation, personnel and labor matters that are necessary when a foreign company establishes a corporation or other entity in Japan as well as descriptive examples of how to fill them out.


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Nacoste, R. Filed under:. Sort by Post date Article Name. If you continue browsing the site, you are giving implied consent to the use of cookies on this website. Trott said she had thought about bringing her mom along, but as an adult attending college, she did not think it would be necessary to bring her to be taken seriously. Ok No. Preferential treatment as regards women and men requires the adoption of specific measures not considered discriminatory and involving explicit benefits preferences for one of the sexes.