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The Last Coyote (1995)
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Even in this book, [Coyote] gets revenge on the bad guys. It is very violent, when she lashes back at her attacker. I think it complicates things for her. When fleeing her pursuers, Coyote is injured, and later rescued by a Native American tribe. But she grew worried about this approach and asked a sensitivity reader to check over Coyote Doggirl.

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Eventually they do land on Coyote and everything is fine on the planet. This hasn't even considered the vanishingly small possibility that the people sent years away to a different star system would even have found a planet remotely habitable, even if it was in the theoretical "habitable planet" range. All the seeds they've brought will grow in defiance of any biological sanity, because this is a book. But fortunately this is a book, so they all live. The details are vague, but we can tell the government is evil because it has named things after Jesse Helms and George Wallace and Newt Gingrich. The American government itself is restrictive and authoritarian, with a lack-lustre President who does not appear to be succeeding in office.

They told her it was clearly satire. However, she still has her concerns — and takes full responsibility for any offence caused. Hanawalt started releasing excerpts of Coyote Doggirl online in And the world has changed quite a bit between then and now. I want to connect as many people as possible and reach out to as many people with universal feelings as possible. Where this series excels is in the struggle to colonize another world.

The first two books covered the actual effort to construct—and keep—a colony. In Coyote Frontier , we see the inevitable re-establishment of regular contact with Earth, and the consequences this has for both Earth and Coyote. Naturally, the Coyote Federation wants to become a sovereign nation and control who emigrates to their world.

All the Earth governments are anxious for new, unexploited land. Steele is far from coy about the novel's role as an allegory for European colonization of the New World; it even includes an indigenous population that some colonists would rather wipe out than accommodate notably, however, the chirreep are primitive homonids, whereas the indigenous peoples of the Americas were modern humans who merely had primitive technology.

Some governments, like the European Alliance, are amenable to negotiating with Coyote on the latter's terms.

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Coyote () a science fiction novel by American writer Allen Steele. The book is a compilation of some of Steele's short stories into one novel. Perspective is. Coyote book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. After stealing a starship full of political refugees, Captain Robert E. Lee.

Others, like the Western Hemisphere Union, are openly hostile. Although the story's main plot does come to a head before the end of the book, these overarching issues aren't fully resolved, to good effect.

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For Steele may be writing a story set in the future, but he's writing about the present. The chief moral of the Coyote series is that humanity seldom learns from its mistakes; with each new frontier, we scramble for control as we quickly fill and consume all the resources we can. We've already seen the dangers of unchecked development and witnessed the horrors of genocide, yet with a fresh new world to exploit, suddenly the cautionary tale of our history is forgotten. Despite the futuristic technology and fictional political entities, the situations that Steele creates feel real and plausible.

Fortunately, Steele doesn't present a uniformly bleak picture of our destiny.

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In fact, it's fair to say he's more than optimistic—as long as there are still good people to stand up for human principles, rather than the political principles of any particular country, we still have a chance. And if Steele is right, and we aren't alone in the universe, then it's even more vital that we put our best foot forward.

I would happily recommend the Coyote series to anyone. It's not my favourite series by any means, but it's still a wonderful treatment of important themes. For Coyote Frontier is a ringing endorsement of the necessity for us to strive for the stars. Especially in times of economic tension, people question the utility of space travel, especially attempts to establish manned space travel. What's the point? Simply put, as Coyote Frontier and its ilk do, we have outgrown this world. We need more resources and more room than the Earth can offer. If we can continue to avoid total environmental catastrophe, great; space is a bonus.

If not, however, and like the denizens of Coyote 's Earth we all become environmental refugees, then escape to the stars may be our only hope for survival as a species. Either way, we need the knowledge and the know-how to get there, preferably sooner rather than later. Coyote Frontier makes a compelling case for this argument, wrapped in an exciting story of old problems on a new world.

Dec 19, Alex Telander rated it really liked it Shelves: books-read-in While this is not the end of the Coyote saga for Steele or his readers by any means, it nevertheless represents a closure to the in-depth development of the world of Coyote through its colonists, and the opening of a new chapter in this series. As Coyote seems to be settling down somewhat with a stable form of government any would-be Social Collectivists from Earth having been sent packing, it seems like Award-winning author Allen Steele brings his Coyote Trilogy to a close with Coyote Frontier.

The only real solution to this is to seek some help from Earth through trade and diplomacy to important some of these necessary resources for the improvement of society for the Coyote colonists. A star bridge is soon built near Coyote, with another located in our solar system, and a diplomatic group from Coyote is sent to Earth to possibly create some trade agreements with various nations of Earth. But humans will be humans, and many greedily seek the land and possibility of Coyote, looking to harvest it for personal gain.

Steele does what he did best with his previous two Coyote books, hooking the reader in with some incredible stories of Coyote and what its colonists are trying to do. Now he brings the question of the cost of land and the effects these colonists are starting to have on the ecosystems and native species of the planet, as well as using up what little resources it has.

For more reviews and exclusive interviews, go to the BookBanter site. Oct 26, Johnsergeant rated it liked it Shelves: audiblecom , audiobook , sci-fi. Narrated by Peter Ganim, Allen Steele, Therese Plummer 17 hrs and 1 mins I would have rated this 4 stars, except I really didn't like the initial male narrator - not sure which one he was.

He seemed too dry, emotionless and computer-like - maybe that was intentional, but it didn't appeal to me. Despite that, I really enjoyed the story.

The Last Coyote (1995)

Publisher's Summary The revolution that won Coyote's independence from Earth is 20 years past. Coyote's aging computers, aircraft, and medical equipment are badly in n Narrated by Peter Ganim, Allen Steele, Therese Plummer 17 hrs and 1 mins I would have rated this 4 stars, except I really didn't like the initial male narrator - not sure which one he was. Coyote's aging computers, aircraft, and medical equipment are badly in need of replacement.

And the colony's survival is in question. Now the colony's hard-won independence depends on the descendants of Coyote's original settlers-versus help from Earth that may be more of a detriment than a boon. Former freedom fighter Carlos Montero, now in his 50s and burdened with the responsibilities of leadership.

Manuel Castro, the Savant and former Lieutenant Governor of New Florida, now a hermit who may hold the key to the survival of those whose company he has renounced. Jonas Whittaker, the genius inventor haunted by the loss of the wife and daughter he sacrificed to save. And Morgan Goldstein, an entrepreneur seeking to exploit Coyote's natural resources - even if it means ruining the planet itself. As Coyote's future hangs in the balance, a larger question looms: can the human race settle a new world without bringing forward the problems of the world it left behind?

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Jul 23, Steve Walker rated it really liked it. This series just continues to get better. Allen Steele expands on the Coyote world and universe. Coyote's first generation of settlers are aging and a new generation has come of age. He continues to develop rich and entertaining characters and relationships and weaves them into multiple simultaneous plot lines. The story is anchored with the technology that they have brought from earth and the primitive environment they are taming and shaping into a new world and new society. Earth has continued This series just continues to get better.

Earth has continued to advance exponentially in technological advances in the years that have passed since the first Coyote pioneers entered hyper-sleep and sailed through the vastness of interstellar space to the earth-like world of Coyote. Excitingly, Steele has realized a way to join the Coyote of today with the earth of today such that they now have a real-time relationship and introduces a whole new set of problems for everyone to work out.

I'm anxious to read the next installment. I'm also enjoying Steele's writing and development of characters and story lines. He is very reminiscent of my favorite author Robert Heinlein. Steele manages to make similar observations and commentary as Heinlein of humanity and political and socially accepted norms. I've read all of Heinlien's material and exhausted articles and books about his life.

It's refreshing to find a writer continuing in the tradition of the great Robert Heinlein. Nov 02, Andreas rated it liked it. Book three in the Coyote series, this novel takes us once more to the colony planet Coyote. Earth has developed a technology for instantaneous travel between stars, meaning close contact with Earth is possible once more. Coyote seems like paradise to inhabitants of Earth wracked with overcrowding and catastrophic climate change. Will the budding Coyote Federation be able to withstand the onslaught?

The original colonists have grown middle aged and responsible, but now th Book three in the Coyote series, this novel takes us once more to the colony planet Coyote. The original colonists have grown middle aged and responsible, but now their children rebel. It is a classic dichotomy.

The old and wise versus the young and energetic. Steele plays to his strength in character creation and development, making this perhaps the most enjoyable of the Coyote books. Unlike the two previous books, this one is not a collection of previously written short stories with interlude pieces. However, Steele has still kept some of that feel. The narrative changes pace, viewpoint and even style between sections. But the episodes are less self contained than before. This effect still takes some getting used to, but it works well. The epilogue, after the action proper has been concluded and loose ends tied up, is a bit surprising.

We are left dangling after a momentous first contact. Blatant plug? But it also reminds us that the story of the colony is still unfolding. Aug 25, Jeff rated it really liked it Shelves: science-fiction , yearread. Nice ending to the Coyote trilogy, although there are two ancillary books out there based in the universe I guess.

Continues the story of Coyote, with a few new issues added. A wormhole-type travel method between Earth and Coyote is developed which allows for much faster travel between the two planets actually planet and moon which causes problems which mirror those of present-day earth like possible overpopulation, resource overuse, what to do with the native flora and fauna. Overall it was a Nice ending to the Coyote trilogy, although there are two ancillary books out there based in the universe I guess.

Overall it was a really good sci-fi series and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the next two books. May 28, Evelyn rated it really liked it. I am hopelessly lost in the Coyote universe created by this author. I have now read the original three books in the cycle, and a novelette set on this planet. I am currently reading a fourth book, and the beginning of a new cycle of novels about Coyote.

I can't wait to get to my Kindle at every opportunity to get back into that world. I haven't been this entranced by a fictional since the Harry Potter series. I have been an avid science fiction fan most of my life, but have never read anything b I am hopelessly lost in the Coyote universe created by this author. I have been an avid science fiction fan most of my life, but have never read anything by this author before. He is very, very good. Nov 15, Beverly rated it it was amazing.

More fuel for my Coyote fire. I enjoyed this series because it made me think of what it would be like to be among the first on a new world. And while I may have written the books differently, I nonetheless respect the work Steele has done in creating a stage for our imagination.

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If you've made it through the 3 Coyote novels, try Spindrift which is loosely connected to Coyote. And then, like me, you'll just have to wait until when Coyote Horizon comes out. Dec 09, Jason Brasier rated it it was amazing. Allen Steele is one of the best science fiction writers of our time. I felt like I was with these characters on Coyote every step of the way and I felt what they felt, waked where they walked. Coyote Frontier is a wonderful wrap up of the Coyote Trilogy. This series is a must read for any sci-fi lover!

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Aug 14, Broodingferret rated it really liked it Shelves: science-fiction. This book wrapped up the Coyote trilogy nicely. I'll have to keep my eyes open for more of his stuff. Book continues the story of the colonists of the planet Coyote. The Alabama has entered the 47 Ursae Majoris system and is approaching its third planet, Bear. Bear currently known as 47 Ursae Majoris b is a gas giant that orbits 47 Ursae Majoris at 2.

This habitable satellite is lush with green plants and rivers of water. Captain Lee directs the landing procedures of the two ships docked to the Alabama , the Wallace and the Helms. The crew finds Coyote to be habitable, but very peculiar nevertheless. A year for Coyote consists of 1, days with 27 hours per day.

Life forms on Coyote seem similar to those on Earth at first glance, but behave in unique ways. Boids are common in the grasslands around the new settlement. The remainder of Coyote tells of the adventures of Carlos and Wendy along the banks of the equatorial river which stretches around Coyote. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Novels portal. Archived from the original on 16 January Retrieved 2 February Categories : American novels science fiction novels. Namespaces Article Talk.