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Cross-platform mass spectrometry annotation in breathomics of oesophageal-gastric cancer
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In general, these are due to experiences with improperly installed earth tubes. This section of this page grew too large and was broken out to a separate page on Earth Tube Concerns. I would like to use Earth Tubes for 3 main purposes. Passing thru the earth moderates the temperature of the air and reduces the load on the heating or cooling systems. Instead they form a loop between the solar hot air collector and the soil under the home.

Solar energy heats the air in the collector, it travels under the home where the energy is absorbed into the soil and then the air returns to the collector to be recharged. This will allow me to push solar heated air thru the tubes to warm up my foundations. The loop would connect the a vent near the floor with a vent near the ceiling.

The room air is allowed to pass thru the duct circuit to be moderated by the earth. This would reduce the buoyancy of the air, causing it to sink and draw in more warm air. The cooler air would fall out the bottom vent and help cool the room. If the room is cooler than the earth, the system would reverse and warm the air. If the room is better off without the heat exchange, you could just close the vents.

Leeuwenhoek used a drop of water for a lens. Your microscope will use a glass lens which will be superior. It will magnify up to power. Barrett and Windell H. Oskay , pages International Amazon link. A cool tool can be any book, gadget, software, video, map, hardware, material, or website that is tried and true.

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All reviews on this site are written by readers who have actually used the tool and others like it. Items can be either old or new as long as they are wonderful. We post things we like and ignore the rest. Suggestions for tools much better than what is recommended here are always wanted. Acolium karelicum Vain. Ge : Ge. Acolium sessile Pers. It : Lomb, Lig. Acrocordia cavata Ach. Harris, Verrucaria cavata Ach. Fr : Var, Vau. It : Frl, TAA. Acrocordia conoidea Fr. The forma carnea Arnold, with pale perithecia, has been reported from the Julian Pre-Alps.

Acrocordia gemmata Ach. Arnold, Arthopyrenia alba Schrad. Acrocordia macrospora A. Sw : SZ. Fr : Var. It : Ven, Lomb. Sl : Tg. Acrocordia salweyi Leight. It : TAA, Lig. Acrocordia scotophora A. Adelolecia kolaensis Nyl. V, T, K, St, N. Adelolecia rhododendrina Nyl. Agonimia allobata Stizenb. Zschacke, Verrucaria allobata Stizenb. It : Ven. Agonimia gelatinosa Ach. Agonimia globulifera M. The sterile, glossy black globules are diagnostic, while ascomata are rare and dull black; the total distribution is poorly known. Agonimia tristicula Nyl. Arnold, Sporodictyon tristiculum Nyl.

Agonimia vouauxii B. Fr : AHP. Sw : UR, VS. Arnold, Biatora lopadioides Th. Grummann, Lecidea mooreana Carroll, Lecidea oblita Bagl. James, Trapelia torellii Anzi Hertel. Sw : SZ, TI. Fr : HSav. Alectoria nigricans Ach. Alectoria ochroleuca Hoffm. Link, Cornicularia ochroleuca Hoffm.

Alectoria sarmentosa Ach. Lynge, Alectoria luteola Mont. Alectoria variegata Samp. Allantoparmelia alpicola Th. It : TAA, Lomb.

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Allocetraria madreporiformis Ach. Alyxoria culmigena Lib. TAA, Piem. Alyxoria mougeotii A. Alyxoria ochrocheila Nyl. The orange pruina on the exciple is diagnostic. Alyxoria varia Pers. Gray, Alyxoria notha Ach. Gray, Opegrapha chlorina Pers. The delimitation of this species is still an open problem: here it is still treated as a collective taxon. Alyxoria variiformis Anzi Ertz.

Amandinea cacuminum Th. Malme non A. Anzi, Rinodina sophodes Ach. Amandinea oleicola Nyl. Amandinea pelidna Ach. Mayrhofer, Biatora pelidna Ach. Amandinea punctata Hoffm. De Not. Amygdalaria consentiens Nyl. Amygdalaria panaeola Ach. Hertel, Lecidea panaeola Ach. Amylora cervinocuprea Arnold Rambold.

Anaptychia bryorum Poelt. Fr : HAl, AMa. Anaptychia ciliaris L. Trass, Borrera ciliaris L. Mann, Lichen ciliaris L. Anaptychia crinalis Schleich. Anaptychia runcinata With. It : Lig. Anaptychia ulotricoides Vain. Anema decipiens A. Anema moedlingense Zahlbr.

Forssell, Anema nummulariellum Nyl.

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Anema prodigulum Nyl. Anema suffruticosum P. Anema tumidulum Henssen ex P. It grows on steeply inclined, sunny surfaces of calcareous or basic siliceous rocks with periodical water seepage after rain, with optimum in upland areas. It : Frl, Lomb, VA. Anisomeridium biforme Schaer. Harris, Epicymathia thallophila Cooke Sacc. It : Frl, Ven, Lomb, Piem. Anisomeridium carintiacum J. Steiner R. Steiner, Paraphysothele carintiaca J. Steiner Keissl.

Harris, Anisomeridium willeyanum R. Harris R. Petrak, Sarcinulella banksiae B. James Coppins. Anisomeridium viridescens Coppins R. Anzina carneonivea Anzi Scheid. Aphanopsis coenosa Ach. Arctoparmelia centrifuga L. Italian records need confirmation see Nimis Arctoparmelia incurva Pers. It : Piem. Arthonia apatetica A. Lettau, Arthonia exilis auct. Arthonia arthonioides Ach. James, Trachylia arthonioides Ach. Arthonia atra Pers.

Arthonia caesiella Nyl.

Arthonia calcicola Nyl. Arthonia cinereopruinosa Schaer. Fr : Vau. It : Frl, Ven, Lomb. Arthonia dispersa Schrad. It belongs to a difficult complex which still awaits elucidation. Arthonia excipienda Nyl. Olivier, Arthonia hibernica Nyl. Arthonia galactites DC. Choisy, Verrucaria galactites DC. Sw : TI. Arthonia granitophila Th. Coppins, Melaspilea subarenacea J. Arthonia granosa B. It is has a Mediterranean-Atlantic distribution in coastal situations with humid maritime winds, generally on Juniperus , but also on Olea and Quercus ilex ; in the study area it is rare and restricted to low altitudes in the Western Alps, near the Mediterranean coast, on the smooth bark of broad-leaved trees.

Arthonia incarnata Th. Hepp, Arthonia koerberi J. Lahm ex Arnold Malbr. Lahm ex Arnold Almq. Watson, Coniangium fuscum A. Arthonia ligniaria Hellb. Arthonia lignariella Coppins. Arthonia mediella Nyl. Arthonia patellulata Nyl. It : Ven, Lomb, Piem. Arthonia radiata Pers. Arthonia reniformis Pers. It : Ven, TAA. Arthonia ruana A. Arthonia rosacea Anzi, Arthoniopsis ruana A. Arnold, Arthothelium beltraminianum A. Alnus , Fagus , Fraxinus , Corylus , etc. Arthonia spadicea Leight.

Arthonia stellaris Kremp. Arthonia subastroidea Anzi. Arthonia tenellula Nyl. The thallus is thinner and greenish-white and the apothecia are smaller than in A. It grows on calcareous rocks in rather sheltered situations below the montane belt, and sometimes it starts the life-cycle on other crustose lichens. Arthonia vinosa Leight. Arthopyrenia arnoldii Zahlbr. Arthothelium lirellans Almq. Arthothelium spectabile A.

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Ge : Schw. Arthrorhaphis alpina Schaer. Poelt var. Poelt, Bacidia alpina Schaer. Anzi var. Arthrorhaphis citrinella Ach. Olivier, Lecidea citrinella Ach. Jatta, Skolekites citrinellus Ach. Arthrorhaphis vacillans Th. It starts the life-cycle as a parasite of Baeomyces placophyllus , later becoming autotrophic, and is the most calcium-tolerant among the Arthrorhaphis -species, often occurring over calcareous schists and even marmor Obermayer in litt.

Sw : SG,? Arthrosporum populorum A. Aspicilia adaequata Lettau Poelt. Aspicilia aquatica Fr. Hue, Aspicilia flageyi Hue, Lecanora amphibola sensu Vain. Hepp, Lecanora flageyi Hue Zahlbr. Hepp var. Aspicilia bricconensis Hue. Aspicilia bunodea A. Jatta, Pachyospora bunodea A.

Sw : VD. Aspicilia caesiocinerea Nyl. Very heterogeneous both morphologically and ecologically, and in need of revision; widespread throughout the Alps. Aspicilia calcarea L. Uloth, Circinaria calcarea L. Aspicilia calcitrapa Cl. Aspicilia candida Anzi Hue. Roux [invalidly published, ICN Art. The species is chemically variable see e. Roux et al. Aspicilia capituligera Poelt Poelt. Aspicilia cinerea L. Anzi, Lecanora cinerea L.

Hepp, Sagedia depressa Ach. Taken in the broadest sense, this is a holarctic and probably bipolar, extremely variable lichen, widespread from subtropical to arctic areas. Material from the Alps should be also compared with A. In the Alps it has been often confused with other Aspicilia -species A.

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Aspicilia contorta Hoffm. Steiner, Pachyospora calcarea A. Aspicilia coronata A. Jatta, Lecanora laurensii B. Sw : LU, VS. Aspicilia cupreoglauca B. Aspicilia cupreogrisea Th. It : VA. Aspicilia delimitata H. Aspicilia elmorei E. Rudolph ined. Flagey, Circinaria elmorei E. Rudolph Owe-Larss. The taxonomy of this group is still unsettled: saxicolous crustose forms formerly called Aspicilia desertorum belong to the Circinaria elmorei -complex, which is presently under revision Sohrabi, in litt. Aspicilia fimbriata H. Aspicilia gibbosa Ach.

Aspicilia glomerulans Poelt Poelt. Aspicilia goettweigensis Zahlbr. Aspicilia grisea Arnold. Fr : Sav, HSav. Aspicilia helvetica Hue. Aspicilia henrici B.

Analysis of 'Beyond the Sky and Earth: A Journey into Bhutan' by Jamie Zeppa

It is similar to A. Aspicilia hispida Mereschk. Thomson, Agrestia hispida Mereschk. Aspicilia hoffmanniana S. Flagey, Lecanora calcarea L. Aspicilia inornata Arnold. Aspicilia intermutans Nyl. Arnold, Aspiciliella intermutans Nyl. Choisy, Lecanora ammotropha Hue Zahlbr. This is one of the most frequent silicicolous Aspicilia of Mediterranean Europe; most of the records from the Alps, especially those from high altitudes, are likely to refer to A. Aspicilia laevata Ach. Stein, Aspicilia lusca Nyl. Aspicilia laevatoides H. Aspicilia lignicola Hue. Aspicilia lobulata Anzi Hue.

Steiner nec Bagl. Aspicilia mashiginensis Zahlbr. Aspicilia mastrucata Wahlenb. Aspicilia mauritii Hue. Aspicilia montana H. Aspicilia obscurata Fr. Aspicilia polychroma Anzi subsp. Roux [invalidly published], Aspicilia polychroma Anzi var. Roux [invalidly published].

Aspicilia prestensis Cl. A similar species, A. Aspicilia proluta Nyl. Aspicilia reagens Zahlbr. It is however more closely related to A. It differs from A. To be looked for further in the Alps. Aspicilia serenensis Cl. The species might have been filed under A. Aspicilia sophodopsis Nyl. Aspicilia subdepressa Arnold. Arnold var. Roux, Lecanora subdepressa Arnold Nyl. Aspicilia supertegens Arnold. Aspicilia valpellinensis B. Aspicilia verrucigera Hue. Aspicilia verrucosa Ach.

Norman, Lecanora urceolaria Fr.

The lichens of the Alps – an annotated checklist

Wetmore, Lecanora verrucosa Ach. Laurer, Megaspora verrucosa Ach. Wirth, Pachyospora verrucosa Ach. Wirth var. Roux, Pachyospora mutabilis Ach. Aspicilia verruculosa Kremp. A critical taxon, known only from the Southern European mountains, but perhaps just a chemotype of A. Aspicilia viridescens A. Aspicilia zonata Ach. The species has been frequently confused with A.

Several records of A. Aspilidea myrinii Fr. Arnold, Aspicilia cinerea L. Stein, Lecanora adunans Nyl. Bacidia absistens Nyl. Malme, Lecidea absistens Nyl. Bacidia arceutina Ach. Olivier, Biatora luteola Schrad. Gray, Lecidea leightoniana Larbal. Bacidia auerswaldii Hepp ex Stizenb. Lettau non Sm.

Trevis, Bacidia effusella Zahlbr. Bacidia bagliettoana A. Olivier, Bacidia maceriarum B. Mudd, Bacidia pezizoidea sensu Anzi, Lecidea muscorum Ach. The holotype of B. Arnold, Raphiospora atrosanguinea Ach. Sw : SG. Bacidia caesiomarginata Kernst. Bacidia circumspecta Nyl. Arnold p. Lettau, Bacidia rubella Hoffm. Bacidia fuscoviridis Anzi Lettau.

It : Frl, Lomb. Bacidia herbarum Stizenb. Rehm, Secoliga herbarum Stizenb. Bacidia igniarii Nyl. Arnold, Lecidea igniarii Nyl. Fr : AMa, Vau.

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Bacidia illudens Nyl. Bacidia incompta Borrer Anzi. Anzi, Bacidia subinundata Nyl. Hepp, Lecidea atrosanguinea Schaer. Lahm ex Rabenh. Bacidia laurocerasi Delise ex Duby Zahlbr. Kickx f. Bacidia leptosperma Anzi Lettau. Bacidia notarisiana A. Bacidia piciloides Zahlbr. Bacidia polychroa Th. Arnold, Bacidia anceps Anzi, Bacidia fuscorubella Ach.

Bausch, Bacidia polysita Stirt. Bacidia punica Llop. It may, however, prove to be a synonym of Bacidina phacodes see Nimis Bacidia rosella Pers. Mann, Lecidea alabastrina Ach. Sw : BE, UR. Bacidia rubella Hoffm. Bacidia scoliciosporoides Bagl. Bacidia sordida Anzi Lettau. Bacidia subacerina Vain. Bacidia subincompta Nyl. Arnold, Biatora atrosanguinea Hepp var. Bacidia touzalinii Harm. Bacidia trachona Ach. Several records from the Alps are dubious and could refer to B.

Bacidia vermifera Nyl. Bacidia viridescens A. Mudd var. Arnold, Heterothecium viridescens A. Arnold, Bacidia rubella Hoffm. Bacidina caligans Nyl. Bacidina chloroticula Nyl. Bacidina delicata Larbal. Coppins, Bilimbia arceutinoides Anzi, Lecidea effusa auct. It : Frl, Ven, Piem. Bacidina egenula Nyl.

Fr : HSav, Var. Bacidina inundata Fr.