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HHS is deciding whether to appeal the decision, but Bevin has threatened to dismantle the state's expansion if courts do not allow the work requirement to be implemented. Louisiana : On Feb. But in June , the Louisiana state Legislature passed a veto-proof bill to create a funding plan for Medicaid expansion, in part by allowing the Louisiana Hospital Association's members to pay for a portion of the state's costs.

In November , Louisiana voters elected state Rep. John Bel Edwards D to be the state's next governor. On his second day in office—Jan. In February , the Louisiana Department of Health announced that more than , individuals had enrolled in coverage under the state's Medicaid expansion. Maine : Gov.

May 23, 12222

Paul LePage R has vetoed Medicaid expansion bills passed by the state Legislature five times since , and lawmakers have failed to override his vetoes. On Nov.

But LePage, a longtime opponent of Medicaid expansion, vetoed the bill and said he will not implement the expansion without adequate funding for the effort. In June, LePage appealed a court order that would require the state to move forward with the expansion, but the order was upheld in August and the state moved forward with submitting their expansion plan to the federal government.

Still, the matter of funding remains contentious, especially as the Maine Attorney General's Office signed a brief supporting a lawsuit which claims that LePage has broken the law by continuing to oppose the expansion. Maryland : On May 5, , then-Gov. Officials projected about , state residents would enroll in the expanded Medicaid program in fiscal year Massachusetts : On July 5, , then-Gov. Under current Gov. Charlie Baker R , the state in September submitted a waiver request seeking to move certain enrollees into subsidized exchange plans to curtail state Medicaid spending. Michigan : Gov.

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Rick Snyder R on Sept. Minnesota : Gov. Nebraska : In May , Republicans in the Legislature filibustered the Medicaid expansion, which was also opposed by then-Gov. Dave Heineman R. The expansion could have extended Medicaid coverage to up to 80, residents. In July, state legislators sued to claim the initiative's wording violated state law, but the suit was dismissed by a district court and the state Supreme Court in September.

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  • 36 states, D.C., have expanded Medicaid.
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Under the measure, the state will expand Medicaid coverage to an estimated 90, Nebraska residents. Nevada : Gov. According to Sandoval's announcement, nearly 78, Nevadans would be covered by the expansion. New Jersey : Gov. Officials estimated that in about , uninsured state residents would be insured under the expansion.

New Mexico : Gov. Susana Martinez R on Jan. Andrew Cuomo D said the state would participate in the expansion. North Dakota : Then-Gov. John Kasich R to expand the program on Jan. Ohio in early sought to require adult Medicaid beneficiaries who do not have disabilities to pay into health savings accounts, but CMS rejected that proposal in September Oregon : The state in moved forward with Medicaid expansion with the support of then-Gov. John Kitzhaber D. Pennsylvania : HHS on Aug. The expansion began on Jan. However, Corbett was defeated by current Gov. Tom Wolf D in the elections.

Wolf in February announced plans to replace the alternate expansion plan with a traditional Medicaid expansion. The state completed the transition to traditional Medicaid expansion in September Utah : Gov.


Gary Herbert R in December outlined his plan to expand Medicaid in his state, but the proposal was rejected by a Utah House committee in However, the state's Legislature this year passed a measure, which Utah Gov. CMS in March approved Utah's partial Medicaid expansion and gave the state permission to impose work requirements and set a cap on enrollment if the state does not have sufficient funds. Utah officials estimate the partial expansion will cover 90, Utah residents. Virginia : Former Gov. The state Legislature on May 31 passed a state budget bill that expands Medicaid coverage to up to , low-income residents and instructs state officials to apply for a federal waiver to impose work or volunteer requirements on certain beneficiaries who do not have a disability, as well as imposing premiums for certain beneficiaries.

Figure 5: Characteristics of the Nonelderly Uninsured in Virginia, Similar to the national picture, the large majority of Medicaid enrollees in Virginia are children, but the elderly and individuals with disabilities account for most Medicaid spending. Most Medicaid beneficiaries in Virginia are enrolled in managed care.

The Virginia Health Care Landscape

Virginia currently has limited Medicaid eligibility for adults. The ACA could extend financial assistance for coverage to a majority of uninsured Virginians. A main goal of the ACA is to extend health coverage to many of the 47 million nonelderly uninsured individuals across the country, including many of the 1 million nonelderly uninsured Virginians. However, as a result of the Supreme Court decision on the ACA, the Medicaid expansion is now effectively a state option.

The Governor and Democratic-controlled Senate are currently insisting on some form of Medicaid expansion in the state budget, while the Republican-controlled House of Delegates argues that the issue of Medicaid expansion should be debated separately from the state budget. Failure to pass a state budget could result in a state government shutdown on July 1, Virginia is implementing new quality and performance measures to improve primary and preventive care and care coordination.

In , Virginia initiated two value-based purchasing programs in its Medicaid program: a pay-for-performance initiative designed to increase use of preventive services and an integration initiative that uses shared savings and shared risk arrangements between MCOs and providers to improve quality and financial performance. Virginia is seeking to better coordinate care and control costs for its dual eligible beneficiaries, who often have complex and costly health care needs.

Virginia is one of 11 states that have been approved so far to participate in a duals demonstration project.

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Workshop participants were then divided into four working groups for focused brainstorming discussions. Also, the guys visit Alfie in the Malibu Hills. A dairy farm in Connecticut is explored. On July 3, the companies offered her a contract for the period of July 1, through February 1, which she accepted. In Arkansas, Frank and Danielle pick a former trading post that's packed with awesome Americana. Later, the guys get junk drunk at a former pawnshop owner's jam-packed property. They said they would refile their legal challenge if Cooper tries to advance an expansion plan.

Enrollment into the demonstration is voluntary for eligible beneficiaries, although they will be auto-enrolled into one of the demonstration plans, unless they take affirmative action to opt out. Virginia is one of 27 states in which the federal government has set up and is running the Health Insurance Marketplace. However, the state is retaining responsibility for managing and reviewing rates for health plans sold on the Marketplace. Outreach and enrollment support is being provided by the federal government and private organizations.

The state of Virginia has not provided any support for outreach and enrollment for the Marketplace. All funding for these efforts has come from the federal government and private organizations, such as Enroll America. New July 1, population estimates are available for the nation's incorporated places and minor civil divisions. New county housing unit estimates are also available. New July 1, population estimates tables and detailed downloadable files are now available for Counties, Puerto Rico Municipios, and Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas.

Starting in July, data.