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Reaching children with that message is a vital part of the conservation movement. I am truly honored and excited that this rich story- filled with hope and joy, will leave you and your family feeling inspired to help protect marine life for years to come. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your support of this project.

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An exciting and very topical story about racism and bullying in the classroom with a plea to stand up for what you believe in. Alan Gibbons is a full-time writer and. Synopsis. An exciting and very topical story about racism and bullying in the classroom with a plea to stand up for what you believe in.

It is my sincere hope that the story of Notch will resonate and create positive change that will leave the Earth a better place for all of its inhabitants. We encourage to dive in and bring out the crayons to surround yourself with dolphins, turtles, butterfly fish, the Hawaiian monk seal, and sharks! The answer is YES, and the Film Festival edition will tell the story from before the rescue, the rescue itself and when we re-united.

A min. Her repertoire is extensive and radiates the passion that she has for the ocean. The 8x11 illustration will be a treasure to everyone. We want to invite you to spend time with the dolphins and manta rays, two bucket list items for so many. We will be your personal guides on location and are thrilled to create memories of a lifetime for you.

For those of you who want to inspire lots of children and wish to pre-order larger amounts, please contact us so we can send you a quote. Discounts available!

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All projects have some level of risk, and ours is no different. We have made every possible effort to layout the path in front of us, but to be honest there will unknown obstacles and we will do our best to overcome; after all it is my first book. We have planned on a self-publishing path. This will give us a day window to bring the book from design to fulfillment, and delivery in December of We are excited about this journey and appreciate your support. We do not expect delays, but anything can happen. We rely on our suppliers just as you rely on us, and hope for a relationship of mutual understanding.

Thank you. Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ.

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Dive in and bring out the crayons to surround yourself with dolphins, turtles, butterfly fish, the Hawaiian monk seal, and sharks! Please check the FAQ for more info. Truly magical Experiences of a Lifetime. Must agree on a date prior to travel.

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Jun 14, - Jul 13, 29 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. An inspiring true story of compassion and kindness that educates children about the importance of preserving the world's ecosystems. I asked her for a behavior, but she refused.

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I asked for a different type of behavior, and she refused that. I then asked for an emergency recall, which means she should swim away to a designated spot to another trainer. But she refused that too, and sank down to about three feet in front of me.

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She rolled sideways, looking at me under the water, so I could see her eye. Then she opened her mouth. I knew what she was going to do. She was going to put me in her mouth I remember being so seduced by the whole environment, like a kid who wants to be a magician at his first magic show. I could see the relationship between the trainers and the whales: this huge, impressive animal and this little bitty trainer in the water, with people in the stadium and the lights.

It was just an overpowering experience for me. And from that day forward it was my identity. And still is. The wonderment is how I felt as a child, and how I felt as an adult at SeaWorld for many years. The dread of it was that you knew at the end of the day that these were still killer whales: wild animals, apex predators, that can make that decision at any moment, as we tragically saw play out with Dawn and Tilikum. He had a great relationship with her, and she had a great relationship with him.

I do believe that he loved her, and I know that she loved him.

But though SeaWorld denies it, this was a horrific, aggressive event. He dismembered her. He tore off her left arm and scalped her. Her scalp and full head of hair were on the bottom of the pool. He severed her spinal cord. And he never gave her body up.

They had to forcibly take the body away from him. The judge recognized that, too, and stated it. You had a favorite orca.

Whose Side Are You On? (Dolphin Books)

I loved her mother, Kasatka, very much too, even though she was the most dangerous water work whale in the corporation. But I had a great relationship with Kasatka. Her daughter was exactly like her mother. I swam with her for many years, in day shows, in night shows. I had been injured with her, and felt her treat me with care during my injuries. I trusted her on a very high level. One day I want to have a relationship with a killer whale as strong as John's with Takara. What are the negative physical and psychological effects of confinement and training on orcas?

It would make my life so much easier if I could say that those animals are thriving in captivity, living happy and enriched lives.

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John Hargrove, author of Beneath the Surface: Killer Whales, SeaWorld, and the Truth Beyond Blackfish , was the senior trainer at the time and one of the most experienced orca handlers in the world. Image Credit: Shutterstock. A great first chapter book which will be a good read for eager readers and for those who just love to find out more. Some people write and illustrate for their children, of course. Condition: Brand New.

Unfortunately, after all the years of experience that I had, I saw the psychological and physical trauma that results from captivity. A massive corporate entity is exploiting the hell out of the whales and the trainers. You are nothing more than a number on a sheet, and if the moment arises, you will be thrown under the bus and even blamed for your own death.

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But I had this argument with a French friend, though I have lost her friendship now because of all of this. Her family was deeply religious. They were wonderful people, and I loved her very much and her whole family. But she and I got into this debate after Blackfish came out. I interpret that scripture as meaning if we have dominion over all the animals, we are here to make sure something like that never happens. SeaWorld started to threaten me with legal action back in November.