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A Thomas Cook plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Manchester this week with part of its wing missing.

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Jack has been looking forward to the Christmas holidays. Not just because it is a break away from school, but because, this Christmas holidays, he is going to. - Buy Flying With Friends: Volume 2 (Wings) book online at best prices in India on Read Flying With Friends: Volume 2 (Wings) book.

The airline said that the reason the aircraft, bound for Cuba, returned to the airport was because of a "low oil indication, unrelated to the wing". Still, whatever the reason, the episode would have made for a rather unpleasant start to the holiday for some passengers on board. But it is nothing compared to some other mishaps travellers on planes have had to endure when things go awry. Read on for the worst. Passengers on board an AirAsia flight this week were told by the captain to "say a prayer" after a reported problem with an engine left the plane shuddering like a "washing machine".

Deeply unsettling footage shows the Airbus A shaking violently after an apparent bang from the left engine. Brenton Atkinson, 24, said the whole plane started shaking.

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The whole thing was going. We could see the engine out the window which was really shaking on the wing. Once we landed we realised one of the blades had actually come off the turbine. A United Airlines flight to Venice was cancelled earlier this month after a passenger spotted fuel pouring from a wing while the aircraft awaited clearance to take off. Clearer video of the united gasleak. How not one crew member saw this is beyond me. Thank god we were lookin out the window at take off.

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The Boeing was about to depart from Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey when it was forced to return to gate after someone in a window seat alerted crew to a fuel leak in its left wing. A video posted on social media showed fuel gushing from the plane onto the apron. Thank god we were lookin [sic] out the window at take off. China Eastern Airlines' Flight MU was forced to turn back to Sydney Airport after a technical failure left a hole in the engine casing.

Passengers, bound for Shanghai, reported a burning smell in the cabin, while the pilot said problems with the engine about an hour into the flight meant it was necessary to turn back. Several passengers said they had heard a loud sound coming from the left engine shortly after take-off. One passenger told Australia's Seven News network: "All of a sudden we heard this noise A Regional Express Airlines flight with 19 passengers flirted with disaster in March after one of its propellers fell off on the approach to Sydney Airport.

The spinning propeller was reported to have detached itself from the shaft and flown over the wing without touching the Saab aircraft, the airline confirmed. Those on board the domestic flight from Albury, around kilometres miles from Sydney, were "lucky in the extreme" that the propeller had not crashed into the fuselage or tail of the plane, noted Paul Cousin, president of the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association.

A pilot who saved the lives of more than people by averting the crash of his passenger jet broken his silence earlier this years, describing how the aircraft's computer "went psycho" plunging the plane hundreds of feet in seconds. On that day in October , Sullivan was forced to declare mayday and make an emergency landing at Learmouth Airport in Western Australia, gripped with the fear that the plane might nosedive again. An image of the damage was captured by a passenger.

The plane with passengers on board landed safely at Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport just 20 minutes after take-off and none were injured. An air steward reportedly said: "I have been a flight attendant for 15 years, this is the first time I've experienced something like this.

Last year, a Korean passenger jet was flying at 10,ft when it was discoverd that one of its doors was still ajar. Passengers captured the sound of rushing air and describing scenes of chaos on board. Some reported nausea and ear pain during the flight, symptoms that resemble those reported during a slow loss of cabin pressure. Officials said there were no serious injuries or hospitalisations, though travellers were delayed by 15 hours. The Sky Airline flight from Santiago, the Chilean capital, to Copiapo, was forced to make an emergency landing after panels from the left engine were torn loose as it sped along the runway, moments before it took to the sky.

Passengers were put on an alternative flight to allow the plane to undergo repairs.

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No one on the plane with passengers and six crew members was hurt. Even though the plane's problem is related to pressurisation, the cabin did not lose pressure and oxygen masks did not deploy. Michelle Georgi.

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