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Those products are built on a fast food beauty philosophy with cheap ingredients to keep costs low. We're a compassionate beauty line that seeks to reveal your beauty to the world without sacrificing our furry friends. Soft skin. For everyone. For every body. At 10 Free Chemistry, we used science to create a nontoxic, vegan, cruelty free polish line that is high gloss, breathable, and long lasting. Our polish is not just 3 free, 5 free, or even 7 free, but 10 free- the green standard of natural nail polish. We love animals and refuse to support anything that hurts animals which is why none of our formulas are ever tested on animals.

All our makeup brushes are from synthetic fibers. No animals were hurt for their fur and no animals were hurt for any of our ingredients. Our ingredients are organic,vegan-friendly, and sustainable. We do not test our products on animals and strive to work with suppliers who share our belief in being cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. We have worked tirelessly to ensure that our products meet our three pillar standard: Organic, Vegan-Friendly, Sustainable. We use the highest quality of organic ingredients seeking out raw ingredients that are certified organic to ensure that our customers are not applying toxins to their skin.

We formulate our products using raw ingredients that are vegan-friendly and animal cruelty-free. We also strive to use sustainable ingredients and responsibly sourced ingredients. Each 21 drops solution is pre-blended with distinct essential oils blended in organic jojoba oil to uniquely treat a particular concern or aspiration. By carefully combining the correct essential oils at the perfect concentration, these blends work in synergy to deliver on their targeted promise for a healthier mind and body.

Our blends come in a secure, portable rollerball packaging that's fun and simple to use. Apply the blend in a circular motion to desired pulse points wrists, temples and neck or directly to area of concern. Roll on, inhale and transform to Be Your Best Self! Made entirely and only from food grade edible ingredients, our products are free from synthetic components and toxic substances, including endocrine-disrupting chemicals.

We create bath products from elements that are primarily organic or wild-harvested to ensure that they are the best we can find for you. The only preservatives that we use are natural and extracted from plants. We do not test our products on animals. Our USDA Certified Organic Healing Balm for paws and nose and our peppermint dental powder, a safe and non-toxic vegan alternative to dog toothpaste, highlight our commitment to using only the highest quality safe and non-toxic ingredients.

Every day we work passionately to be better pet parents and to find ways to lower our dog's exposure to environmental toxins. We are committed to being a voice for safe and non-toxic dog grooming products and to providing an educational forum on the health and safety of our furry family members! Healthy Dog - Happy Life! If you love natural ingredients, our products are bursting with the most delicious ones under the sun! A complete range of top to toe beauty treats, good for your skin and your wallet! A Joy Forever are bespoke bath, body and apothecary products, handcrafted in micro-batches with the highest quality vegan, cruelty-free plant butters, essences and botanicals from around the globe.

We carry many different fragrances for every taste. In early Fall, we even premiere a limited time Halloween Collection! Amanda has been making candles for customers since September, A to Z Candles also donates to two Ohio animal sanctuaries every month. We make cruelty-free because we are cruelty-free! Since , our family's been carefully handcrafting natural, scratch made soaps and body care products featuring responsibly wildcrafted and organically grown botanicals that are safe for all living things and a joy to use.

Our premium handmade products are moisturizing, biodegradable, cruelty free, minimally packaged, and they do not contain any synthetic fragrance oils or other harmful chemicals. All of the vegetable oils we use are certified organic. The sustainable organic palm oil we use is from Colombia and it's Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil certified as well as Rainforest Alliance certified. That's experience you can trust. Quality you can count on. So go ahead I want to nurture and preserve beauty with products formulated with precision.

The AB system was created for individuals with sensitive skin, allergies to common product ingredients and those who want better results in treating acne using fewer and less irritating steps. The formulations were developed by Co-Founder and Dermatologist Dr. Patricia Norris.

Abbey Essentials are UK-based retailer dedicated to providing natural skin and hair care solutions. We source the finest aromatherapy ingredients by working closely with independent manufacturers that produce in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. Closer to nature, the way we are intended to be. Abby Rose offers only safe, effective, and cruelty-free skin care products that are produced with high-quality, USDA certified organic ingredients.

NO water, steroids, preservatives, chemicals, sulfates, parabens, or synthetic fragrances are ever added. The state-of-the-art airless pump extends the shelf-life by keeping air, sunlight and contaminants out. The products are non-greasy and leave your skin feeling silky and soft. Action Wipes are natural body wipes for when you can't shower. The formula is made with plant derived ingredients including pure essential oils of tea tree, eucalyptus, frankincense and ylang ylang. Action Wipes work to remove dirt, grime and body odor when there's no water, shower or time available.

The fabric is strong and can be washed and repurposed for other uses. Made in the USA. We believe that smiles are meant to be shared. Our line of products are designed to help you find that naturally bold and brilliant smile that has always been there Don't just "like" the things you love, or swipe past the things worth sharing. Live life without a filter, learn to smile in every moment and give your smile to the world.

ACURE is a full facial, body and hair care line that consists of organic and fair trade, plant and food-based ingredients. Our formulas drive clinically proven result in the skin by simply feeding the skin's ability to function optimally all on its own. It's like supplements for the skin! Evolving the organic skincare experience. Adesse New York is the archetype of ethical, luxury beauty. We are trailblazers who believe that beauty products should enrich our lives, be kind to all living beings and be a joy to experience.

We curate the best natural and organic ingredients from around the world and use cutting edge science and technology to create unprecedented beauty products that are the cleanest, safest, non-toxic available in the market. All, without compromising on luxury. Our nail products are vegan, cruelty free, and 12 free. We work with a global team of researchers, chemists, physicists and industry experts to discover and apply the latest, most advanced ingredients, formulating technologies and manufacturing capabilities to bring you the most effective beauty products. We live the Adesse philosophy of Everyday luxury, every day and create beauty products that are the embodiment of this.

Loving Naturals is a natural products company created out of the desire to provide safe and natural products for our family and yours! Loving Naturals was created to provide consumers with a product they could trust. You can be assured, we will earnestly research every ingredient we use, use the most natural or organic ingredients available and always disclose every single ingredient. We hope you love our products as much as we do! We are highly rated for safety by the EWG.

Affirm Beauty is a company that sells three different raw clay masks. Each clay mask has different benefits for the skin. The company encourages self love with positive affirmations and the promotion of self care. Affirm, Believe, Become. Affordable Mineral Makeup is a line of premium mineral makeup which only utilizes the best quality ingredients which are never tested on animals. Our line of mineral makeup includes mineral foundations, blushes, eye shadow, base minerals finishers and more.

Afterglow Cosmetics bridges the gap between natural and high-fashion cosmetics to bring you a truly natural blend of pure mineral make-up with the fabulous, organic infused, highly pigmented color palette you crave. Airelle Skin is a leading manufacturer and distributor of natural and medical-grade anti-aging skincare products backed by a proprietary, scientifically proven ingredient.

Airelle prides itself on being the first natural scientific skincare brand this is both eco friendly and cruelty free.

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When you need a more durable and longer lasting body paint, select from our AirWorX Hybrid Alcohol Makeup product lineup. This is the perfect body paint for any event that requires extended durability and water resistance. AirWorX can be removed by wiping the area with baby oil, makeup remover or lather the area with soft soap first then wash and repeat.

Rubbing alcohol can be used for even faster removal. Our AirWorX Hybrid Alcohol Makeup was developed with the true professional body painter in mind for spray-ability, coverage, and durability. Do not dilute with water. Simply spray and go. Although our AirWorX Hybrid Alcohol Makeup is water cleanup on the skin, it contains cosmetic grade alcohol and no water.

Equipment should always be cleaned with alcohol. Alaska Glacial Mud Co. We manufacture a niche line of glacier derived spa therapy products for face and body for spa professionals and at-home use. Amanda Lane Inc. We began product development in , to fill a need while looking for non-toxic, organic, clean beauty and gentle skin care products to address Rebecca's skin issues while going through chemo treatment.

Through cancer, we literally discovered beauty. We encourage the promotion of self care and a healthy lifestyle. We believe skin care should not be complicated so we've kept it simple, quick and effective. We formulate in small batches to insure our products freshness from field to manufacturer. We support the planet by using ingredients that are sourced naturally from the earth, that are eco-friendly and sustainable. Our products span the generations, gentle enough for a baby's skn on through to a mature adult.

The origin of Alchimie Forever is based on the need for post-procedure skincare formulated to immediately treat sensitized skin and accentuate anti-aging benefits long term. Feeling good, doing good, all things good! Our products are made with all-natural, organic ingredients and are formulated to heal so they not only feel good on you, they make you feel better. All Good is a lifestyle brand with a clear vision: to live and inspire others to live in balance with nature. We make organic body care products because we want you to feel amazing from the soothing natural benefits of botanical ingredients.

All Heart designs limited edition nail lacquers with hand selected non-profit organizations to help them fulfill their missions and spread awareness of the amazing work they do. We know how important your health is, so we are proud to have a nail lacquer formula that is free of 8 toxic chemicals commonly found in other nail products. We pride ourselves on having a formula that is not only safe to use and long-lasting, but also one that is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly because we love our furry friends.

All Heart Cosmetics values being an all natural cosmetics company that uses no fillers meaning every ingredient serves a beneficial purpose in our concentrated formula. All Heart Cosmetics is also vegan and cruelty free aka no testing on cute little creatures! Handmade, every product is carefully packaged and sent with care. All Heart Cosmetics uses high quality ingredients that your skin deserves. Our brand was born at Alpyn Beauty Bar, our skincare and cosmetics apothecary here in Jackson. It is thoroughly satisfying to be able to design and make unique soaps that not only look beautiful but also contain skin loving ingredients that are nourishing.

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Slow Burners, or Carbo types, generally have relatively weak appetites, a high tolerance for sweets and problems with weight control. Too much alcohol: drink only in moderation as going over the recommended units of alcohol per week can reduce your immunity How to improve your immunity Typically, the worst symptoms of a cold last for three days though you can feel congestion for up to seven days which can be draining. I know folks consider him great, but I have always thought there was some sleaze associated with his work. The United Nations UN Atlas of the Oceans is an internet portal providing scientists, K—college educators, policy makers, and other ocean stakeholders access to continuously updated data on the state of the world's oceans. Popper made people aware that dietetics is only a small part of nutrition theory, and publicized the fact that the ADA is heavily funded by the food industry, receiving millions of dollars a year from agricultural organizations and corporations that manufacture food and food additives. That, in and of itself, is testimony to your integrity and grasp on being real and authentic. At least they can identify an emergengy with zombie-apocalypse and act and react accordingly if and when the time comes.

The quality of our artisan soap is ensured by making small batches. The top clinically proven anti-aging ingredients combined with age-defying Brazilian botanicals that have been used for centuries to slow down, prevent, and even reverse the signs of aging. All Amazonia products have been awarded the best safety rating of 1 by the EWG. Amber Budd Atelier and Skincare was founded on Amber's love of serving the world by helping people feel beautiful and confident in their skin.

She has a passion for knowledge about the skin and the ingredients that can affect it. The development of the skincare line came about because of family members who were struggling with allergies to parabens, and feedback from clients about things they liked and didn't like with other products they used. We made it a priority and pillar of our brand that any products we create would never have animal testing. American Botanics is a vegan skincare line powered by botanical ingredients and made cruelty-free in the USA. Our mission is to serve as advocates for skin of all kinds by delivering affordable vegan skin care made cruelty-free in the USA with all-natural botanical ingredients and without toxins.

American Botanics delivers spa grade results using high-performing natural ingredients at an accessible price point. Charity — A portion of proceeds will be donated to Melanoma Research to continually work to keep skin healthy and to honor friends and family who have fought cancer. Woman Owned Business. To provide leadership in holistic health education through comprehensive professional online and on-campus education and high quality natural products with a commitment to sustainable practices and principles.

Our Apothecary Shoppe is your one-stop-shop for all your organic tools and supplies for wellness. The Shoppe. Amour New York offers a distinct line of skin, body and hair care products for women and men that contain the remarkable holistic healing benefits of naturally occurring minerals, mud and salts found in the Dead Sea combined with natural essential oils, fruit extracts and vitamins. Minerals from the Dead Sea have been proven to enhance the overall health and beauty of our largest organ, the skin.

Individuals journey to the Dead Sea to help ease and eliminate various skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and dandruff. Black mud from the Dead Sea stimulates blood circulation, rids skin of impurities and leaves you with healthy, glowing skin. Amour New York is an ethically and environmentally conscious company.

Our products are never tested on animals. All of our products are SLS and Paraben-free. Ananda is a mindful beauty apothecary focused on non-toxic, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly self-care products. Ananda's plant based formulas are lovingly hand crafted in small batches using high performance organic and wildcrafted ingredients that provide powerful results you can feel.

Ananda comes from the Sanskrit word for "BLISS" and the intention behind Ananda is to offer effective self-care products and blissful rituals to support you on your journey towards radiance! At Ancient Egyptian Bath and Body Elixirs we use the healing power of plants and flowers in our formulations. Unlike other bath and body products we use flower and seed oils in our formulations instead of petroleum based oils. Moreover our lab continues to research new plant based ingredients to formulate our products. Our Products are an essential part of your bath and body experience. All products are paraben and cruelty free and are available on our site and Amazon.

We challenge ourselves and others to define beauty one action at a time to be fully empowered, radiant and true. Charge up your being with a good for you, good for the planet, self-care routine as you conquer your day, your dreams, and your life. Her innovative, natural approach to beauty was inspired by two decades of experience, from formal training with celebrated French anti-aging experts, to perfecting her craft at the most acclaimed spas in New York and Los Angeles.

Angela's fusion of time-honored European principles, plus the latest technological breakthroughs is brought to life at her flagship spa in Bel Air, California. Her myriad A-list clients often refer to her as "Hollywood Glow Girl," in tribute to the "Hollywood Glow" of ageless, luminous skin she has bestowed upon them for years. Annie Fannie's Sunshine is a product to help better your body and your life daily by making better choices daily.

Little changes can make a big difference. Through the use of natural-based extracts and essential oils, the personal care products we offer are made for daily application to assist in long-lasting results and quality care for your skin and lifestyle. Annmarie Skin Care is a pure and natural skin care line using organic and wild-crafted ingredients. Herb-infused aloe and oils provide the base for these products, instead of fillers like water. This protects the product from light damage and oxidation, giving it a longer shelf life, and sustains the potency of the ingredients inside.

They are committed to responsibly sourcing high quality plants, with minimal processing and low temperatures, and a month-long steeping processes to create active and potent products. They never test on animals and are always non-GMO. The longer you nourish your skin with these products, the healthier and more radiant your skin becomes. Since , Anointment Natural Skin Care has made soaps and body care products in small batches, by hand, formulating their products with inspiration from traditional herbal knowledge and plants native our home on the windswept Tantramar Marshes of Canada's East Coast.

Prioritizing certified organic and local ingredients, we also grow herbs for use in our soaps and have built solid supplier relationships with certified organic farmers. Anointment creates products for every member of the family with a particular focus on pregnancy, postpartum and new mom and baby care. Our award-winning products are available at retailers across Canada and the United States.

Established in by board-certified plastic surgeon Nina S. As an active practitioner with over 20 years of experience, Dr. Naidu experiences the privilege of tangible interaction with her patients on a daily basis. Every layer of our products is free from parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, artificial colors. We source the best ingredients from all over the world to bring our customers the most natural, luxurious skincare experience.

We also believe strongly in the power of giving back, that's why a percentage of proceeds from all purchases will be donated to charitable organizations that share our mission of taking care of our planet and all it's inhabitants. Anthea Skincare is a luxe line of face and body products handcrafted in small batches from organic, wild harvested and locally cultivated botanicals in Boise, Idaho. Anthea Skincare uses the finest organic, cold pressed carrier oils and botanical essences. We source our ingredients as close to home as possible from ethical and sustainable manufacturers.

Our products are never tested on animals and always environmentally friendly. Some key Anthea Skincare ingredients are harvested from the wild, varied landscapes of Idaho — sagebrush, lomatium root, yarrow, elderflower — to name a few. Many other Anthea botanicals are cultivated by founder Anna Demetriades on her urban farm — rose, calendula, lavender, hibiscus and more. Our unique line of face and body products are for women and men seeking pure, natural beauty. The beauty industry is plagued by illusion, by fake expectations and false hope. We are ANTI that. Beauty is who you are.

We make your style our culture. Together we are anticollective. ANTI is inspired by your endless creativity. We offer honest high-performance hair care products. Our streamlined product forms allow for maximum personalization in styling. We keep it simple because life is busy enough these days. We use only pure essential oils and scents with no parabens or phthalates. We pick up our fresh ingredients from our local supplier to start our cold process soap technique which takes us weeks to create the luxury soap bars of art below.

We also hand cut each bar into huge 4 oz size bars and use minimal packaging. An organic and natural makeup line certified by Ecocert. Created by professional makeup artists Valerie Giraud. Ao Skincare a New Zealand inspired, dermatologist formulated skincare system comprising of six products, starting with a cleanser, finishing with a retinal cream. Manufactured in the USA, Ao uses a mixture of natural New Zealand ingredients along with other scientifically proven elements such as peptides and vitamins and stem cells.

Ao uses Cold Process manufacturing methods in order to protect and preserve the delicate natural ingredients. We call this "Raw Skincare" We are passionate about delivering the very best to our customers. AOB is a hair care line providing the highest quality of ingredients with a more natural plant based approach mixed with science, giving you an honest and beautiful result. The AOB brand wants to eliminate product wastage allowing you to use as much product as possible getting the most out of your shampoos and conditioners.

We specialize in creating formulas to bring your skin back into balance- naturally. Using the finest plant extracts and oils, we create products to nourish and feed your body and soul. Whether you have sensitive, very dry, oily, or inflamed skin, we have a solution that will bring out your natural radiance. Luxurious spa grade skincare that is truly natural and provides phenomenal results for your skin. The company hand crafts fully organic, vegan, pure products using many locally sourced ingredients as well as ingredients they grow themselves.

They are committed to purity and transparency. The company gives back to local and environmental causes and is on a mission to spread the word about a natural lifestyle. We start with the most active natural ingredients that are safe and gentle on your skin. Our aim is to deliver the best and active skincare products at the best possible prices. So, you get exactly what you want at prices you can smile about.

Fermented beauty. Supporting self expression: connect the dots. Suitable for Vegans. Aquareveal combines the natural powers of water with traditional Asian skincare rituals and modern technology. Unlike most exfoliators that utilize harsh acids or scrubs, Aquareveal Water Peels are unique water-based exfoliators that work effectively without acids, scrubs, or enzymes, and are clinically proven to instantly reveal a smoother and more radiant complexion. Aquis hair care is a 4 step product regimen designed to reduce water damage to make hair look and feel healthier. Arch Addicts was born as a source to fulfill the ever growing desire of the perfect eyebrows.

ARCONA skin care products are cold-processed in small batches using all natural cosmeceutical-grade ingredients to deliver powerful results. No parabens, dyes, fragrance or chemicals-ever. Arctic Beauty brand mission is to demystify the world of skincare by focusing on essential ingredients that only come from natural sources to provide lasting results and value to our customers. CEO and founder of Arianna Skincare, Miri Torres, was inspired to create an all-natural, anti-aging skincare line after her struggle with Lymphoma cancer.

After aggressive chemotherapy treatments she began to see signs of eczema as well as rashes that covered her entire body. Her skin was sore, tender and her immune system became weak due to her aggressive treatments. Throughout her healing process her focus became on finding a solution to help repair her skin naturally. She searched the market for products that were natural and gentle on her skin but also offered the same amount of effectiveness as other chemical-based products.

During her research Miri found her answer from the lowest place on earth: The Dead Sea. Although the historic Dead Sea salts had been providing anti-aging and therapeutic benefits for thousands of years, it remained an un-tapped resource in the world of natural skincare thus began Arianna Skincare. Our products are nontoxic, vegan, cruelty free and manufactured in USA. Ariza Beauty is a luxury natural cosmetic brand that uses only the finest ingredients.

Organic ingredients are used whenever possible. Ariza has natural color products, skin care and foundations. Aroma Bella is a luxury skin care line available exclusively to licensed aestheticians. Aroma Naturals was founded on the belief that pure plant and flower aromas enhance well-being, and are a vital pathway to a healthy lifestyle. More than 20 years later, our line has expanded from candles into a wide range of next generation natural personal care products and our belief in natural as part of a healthy lifestyle is stronger than ever.

Aromi is a fragrance and cosmetic company that specializes in unique, handcrafted beauty products that are formulated, bottled and poured in our laboratory. We specialize in creating artisan products created with the finest ingredients to provide users with a luxurious experience with products created in an environmentally conscious way.

Asili Naturals is a cruelty-free skin care company that specializes in making plant-based skin care products free of harmful ingredients. Our mission is to provide safe, healthy and affordable skin care products to people from all over the globe. In addition, use our success to create jobs and give back to our local community. Asili Naturals product offering consist of facial masks, moisturizers, body scrubs, soaps, and bath bombs. To learn more about our products please visit our website. AspenClean offers an all-natural alternative to traditional chemical cleaning products and home cleaning services.

Astonish is a family run business which has been producing the best quality cleaning products at the best price for over 40 years. The Astonish Cleaning range is kind to the environment, vegetarian approved and never tested on animals.


Now available in the USA through the official Astonish site. Astrida Naturals creates naturally nourishing, shea butter based, botanical body and skin care products for healthy, beautiful skin. The Athar'a philosophy focuses on overall health, wellness and healing, encompassing Ayurvedic therapeutic practices. Helping you to live a better lifestyle and beautify your skin the natural way - all while giving back to those in need.

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Atmosphoria is a proprietary air care system developed by certified aromatherapists. Free of toxins and synthetic ingredients, Atmosphoria is simply essential oils and water. Atmosphoria is the only eco-friendly, water-based aerosol that neutralizes odors while using safe, non-toxic aromas that deliver balance and peace of mind.

Au Naturale Cosmetics is both a brand and a cause, the products serving as physical evidence to the consumer that cleaner beauty is possible. The integrity of the line will never be compromised, as it is a pivotal piece in our greater political battle to demand stricter regulation of cosmetic products in the United States.

Au Naturel Botanicals employs the finest therapeutic-grade essential oils to promote healthy skin and mental well-being. Auromere is one of the first importers of ayurvedic products from India to the U. Ayurveda is the ancient Indian system of healing and rejuvenation through the use of natural herbs, roots and minerals. Avalea is founded on and committed to Green Beauty principles. Our number one priority is to develop exceptional skincare products, derived from natural sources, that meet or exceed our strict requirements for performance, safety, and ease of use.

We believe that everyone deserves safe, effective, and better skincare products. With this philosophy comes a deep reverence for the Earth and a respect for all living creatures. Simply apply Avarelle whenever you see an unwelcoming acne coming up or you just want to hide that awful acne scar.

AveSeena invites you to enter the world of a new generation holistic, high performance, multi-use skin care range marked by the bliss of luxury and purity of nature. AveSeena offers luxurious skin care solutions with uplifting and refreshing blend of botanicals, natural and organic materials, precious active ingredients leaving the skin feeling happy, nurtured and replenished.

Healthy skin is radiant skin. Great skin care should deliver great results. We designed Ayelet skin care line to provide all the nutrients the skin needs to achieve a healthy, youthful complexion with visible results. Ayond provides mindful individuals with inspiring experiences.

We do this by creating sensorial and responsible products that are effective, clean and environmentally conscious. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals, fumes and toxins forever with our cruelty free, natural cleaners. To learn more visit us at bandnlaundry. Our products give great color pay off and long lasting staying power by providing highly pigmented makeup made from high quality ingredients.

Babe Glaze is on a mission to educate the masses about the harsh reality of using chemical laden products on the largest organ in our body, our skin. We set out to provide a mindful alternative to the toxic tanning products on the market while bringing awareness to sun lovers far and wide -- out with the chemicals, in with the GLAZE!

Inspired by all things summer, this kick-ass concoction was created for all babes who are as passionate about what they put on their body as they are about what goes in it. Made entirely free of toxins, this all-natural glaze works wonders to keep the skin hydrated, nourished, and sun-kissed. Balm from above for Baby Bums Below All natural baby and mommy products including our miracle rash cream, Baby MoonShine!

Goods for the whole family, even furbabies! Organic, vegan ingredients, never any animal testing. Back to Basics is an all natural customizable skincare line formulated with some of the words most active ingredients. Everything we created is handcrafted in small batches.

Our mission is to deliver natural, cruelty free and easy skincare that is accessible and really works! Badger is the best stuff for your skin.

Foods For Healthy Skin And Hair - Nutrition Guide

We are also a healing line. Healing as in: fresh air, sunlight, a cooling breeze and the kind thoughts of a good friend. BaeBlu was born to revolutionize a paradigm shift in the beauty industry. We've harnessed the power of nature to create a skin care and cosmetic line free of damaging toxins. First, we create awareness. Then we offer a solution. Our solution meant developing products inspired by the union of nature and science. By creating natural products, we offer consumers an alternative to most popular beauty brands. Our customers join this market shift when they choose healthy natural products.

Together we take a stand and say NO to putting poisons on our bodies and in the earth. Baeo is a plant based skincare line with organic ingrediants to clean, moisturize, and protect the most delicate skin. A line only a mama could create.

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We are launching with 7 products. Baiser Beauty is a Miami based luxury skincare and beauty brand. As a female-operated company, we strive for women to have fun while looking and feeling beautiful — in an all-natural style! All cruelty-free and gluten-free. Nothing less. Nothing more. Highest Quality Because we use our products ourselves, we demand the best quality.

Made with Love Our products are made by people who simply love what they do. For generations our suppliers have been taking pride in growing herbs and producing natural cosmetics. A difference you can feel. Because win-win situations are truly wonderful.

We create holistic skincare formulated with the Earth's purest ingredients to restore your skin to it's natural state. We are unique in that you most likely won't find the latest trending ingredients in our products because we remain unswervingly dedicated to using only the best quality, sustainably sourced, responsibly produced and fairly traded ingredients that have been proven for centuries to be both safe to use on the skin and effective in supporting skin functions.

Our products are designed ethically from start to finish. We make products with ingredients that are wild-harvested, ethically produced, fairly traded and then we package those products in sustainably sourced packaging for a minimal environmental impact. How you spent you day was truly valuable and we all need more of those. But you could have done that at any time.

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True biblical contentment is a conviction that Christ s power, purpose and provision is sufficient for every circumstance. Thanks for your content, I just with drew from his lattest course, before I come across your info. I find him to be an ego maniac. That one comment alone made me buy his tapes. That was a multi-million dollar analogy!! Interesting take on that event - I would not be able to sit through that either. Flashing strobe lights — jumping up and down — loud music, other peoples hands on me and Tony dropping F- Bombs just sounds awful. He on the other hand is single has no home, no real money and recently overcame a big drug addiction.

A Google search cannot replace a medical degree and using recipes from Epicurious. In his own words I watched his special on Netflix and enjoyed it. I think it would be useful for many people to attend one of his events. At times it has a cult like feel to it, he swears too much, and he's too full of himself.

Still, he has great skills as a communicator, and I think he has a good heart. I feel the good outweighs the bad. I think whatever you wanted, you had expectations that weren't met, you could have just enjoyed the experience and got the most from it possible. To "walk out" To "walk in" To "make" those decisions He should be "giving" to the masses!! He has cleverly found a way to take billions of dollars from fragile, vulnerable people with his modern day tent preacher messiianic performances.

Inevitably all men like this end of falling too much in love with their own shit and eventually come crashing down. For as public and nauseantingly name dropping as King Tony projects himself onto the common people ,we know so little about his private, intensely guarded personal like. My guess would be that his current life is checkered with heartache, embarrassment ,disappointed and frustration just like everyone else. I predict that when the man boy king comes crashing down back to earth it is going to be very ugly. Let us all just sit back, wait and see. I dont think youve done your research really.

Tony has 18 companies which are doing 5 billion in sales and he is using most of that money for charity. This year hes gonna feed a million people and next year double that. Also to me it sounds like youre quite bitter and jealous of how happy of a life he seems to be living, i can tell from the "just like every one else" and the second half of your answer.

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Healthy Hair Nutrition: A Quick and Dirty Guide (Guru Guides Book 6) - Kindle edition by Selena A. James. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, . Healthy Hair Nutrition A Quick And Dirty Guide Guru Guides Book 6 English Edition Full Version its really recomended ebook that you just can.

I think all of us need to sit back and self reflect on what we say and do and think sometimes. It has shocking ratings Go to Fiji and talk to the locals where he has his ridiculously expensive resort. He gives next to nothing back. I would say do YOUR research - although he has made it very difficult to uncover the truth as he has an army of lawyers ready to threaten anyone who speaks out against him.

Written with love? You were overwhelmed. But you actually made fun of his clap.

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The guy had a brain tumor. And maybe it impacts his physical mobility. Very honest and interesting. I have seen Tony over the years raving about his supernatural ability to inspire everyone into action based on his perceptions of life here on earth. We are all as unique as every grain of sand. Tony as well. Unfortunately his cult following haven't realized that yet and think he has all the answers because he is so convicted.

Don't be sheeple people. Think for yourself, the answers are within. My friend, I understand the urge to leave UPW, but you might have done yourself a disservice by leaving early. On a side note, you might have been a bit disingenuous when you criticized the nutrition part of UPW which you obviously did not attend. I attended many of his events over the years and started with a high level of trust. His early books were so congruent that I made a decision to trust that he and his team knew what they were doing. If you attended many events like I, you would have also noticed that he repeats many of the same anecdotes.

That bothers me as much as it bothers me to re-read great works of literature. Unleashing the Power Within is a lifetime commitment. For me, UPW was an effective way of breaking patterns that were ingrained and no longer served me. Through it all I have observed how Tony Robbins does not pretend to have all of the answers, he just knows how to convey the latest breakthroughs in business, relationships, personal development, nutrition and personal finance in a caring and powerfully efficient manner.

If you do, I think you might find that your life will never be the same again. Thanks for this! I just sat through an AGONIZING infomercial of his and some other big deal motivational type - though it was ever so cleverly disguised as something that would teach strategies about how to create such and such kind of business, blah blah. I hung on, waiting, waiting to be given at least one practical tip, but no - repetition ad nauseum, and, well, you get the drift.

And I, too, have a lot of respect for TR, in my way. But I also know for sure that when someone truly feels confident deep within, they don't go on and on and on about the money, the celebrities, the money, the money, etc. I literally have a headache. Funnily, I was toying with the idea of writing him a letter on his site when I saw this. I mean, I knew already what I thought and felt was accurate, but just at the moment, it was nice to be validated. Best of everything to you! I think I'll just go have a nice dinner.

That's so amazing that you had the idea of writing to him. I recently almost attended his london upw seminar but for a myriad of reasons I didn't go. I watched a short interview he did with Russel brand and he said something about his many houses! In that moment I knew he needed help. He also needs to grow to help others as he is having such a large impact on many people. He is an instrument of God but he is letting him down in many ways.

Maybe you are an earth angel like me. I think you and I should reach out to him the better he is the better we all can be! Much love to you all xx. Tony got me started in self improvement 25 years ago. Tony takes what they teach and makes business around it. Just saw a documentary "I am not your guru". His vulgar language there can only prove that his own methods don't work on him. F words in almost every sentence when he speaks to person in the crowd. The great Tony doesn't seem to be so great anymore. Has he ever been?

I had to snap out of it. Very dangerous. That's my opinion. He is powerful for a reason. I also walked away I would dare to say that you were empowered to leave, which for many would be a breakthrough in itself! I can't tell you how many times I've felt exactly the same way about one seminar or another. I'm willing to wager you got the most benefit from that UPW event of all the attendees because you could look at it with a clear eye and take what value there was from it.

Most of all, you got the gift of time that time and every other time you choose not to go to another of these events. Cheesy is an understatement and the fact that others found it to be motivating is absolutely mind blowing. I followed Tony for years and implimented so much into my life. Then I began to struggle physically, mentally and emotionally. After years of struggle I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

I struggle cognitively and physically. This contradicts what I learned from Tony for years. Hi Mike, I too have ms rrms and was diagnosed in Probably started when I was about Would you like to share with me what you would like Tony to do. I just recently discovered this guy through Netflix. I too have to monitor my energy. I have a 6 year old son and am a single mom. If you'd like to talk privately about it you can find me on facebook. Hi Noah, Just found this in April Thank you - I needed this story. He changed my life in many ways. I went with high hopes. I left after the first evening session after refusing to participate in the firewalk.

It has pained me ever since. With your post I have repositioned the experience as empowering. Thank you. I feel like a lot of the things you say hold a certain resistance. The point in so many things I think is not to find out if you like or dislike, but what thought patterns lie at the base of your opinion and if you can set yourself free of it if you choose to. And in that sense everything is interesting and adds value to your experience. The jumping up and down I feel is a vital part of the experience. Even if you did zero, you were entitled to feel the way you felt.

If not, the reason why people have been able to continuously grow. Cheers mate! I like the way you confidently state your position while respecting that of the author's. You also shared valuable advice:; instead of complaining about what we don't enjoy or find as "a good use of our time", get curious about it, explore and learn from the experience. What is it about ME that is not making the connection? And if you did get something out of the experience, what is it about you that allowed that? I enjoyed reading your comment. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

I'm sorry you felt UPW did not meet your expectations. I went in and I can honestly say, not only did I learn a lot, but I draw upon that information almost daily, and almost a reflex. Raise your standards. Change your state, change your story, change your strategy are words i live by. Even that direction, don't sip your water, chug it while its at your lips, to get your intake up I did not hire a TR coach. My bf is a life coach, walks the walk, so I have that I attended the UPW in London and didn't really feel I got the value for money for all the reasons you explained.

First of all, Tony only showed up 2 of the 4 days he was meant to deliver, there was also a lot of hard selling, trying to get people to sign on for the upcoming events. I didn't attend the last day as I thought I wasn't going to miss anything. I did feel empowered and I will continue to do my best and apply myself. Very interesting read! I agree with what your saying one to one with an individual helps over come fear I am interested in attending one of your seminars.

You did what it was right for you and applaude you for your courage. In my opinion , I don't need a 3 day seminar to love mysel. I read books on self growth. Learned to Love myself unconditionally. Bravo for your point of view. We have freedom and choices. Very fair review which is hard to find these days. I attended UPW at excel in and whilst I have overcome a lot of personal issues I had with self love over the last few years I really did find it inspirational. What I did like was he practiced what he preached and it was a great spectacle as you would expect from the US.

I feel the reason feel the constant music and clapping was to invoke emotion in people, as explained this is how words make an impact. I trust that everything that we had to do there was for a reason. It certainly helped me get some focus and provided me with techniques to deal with bad emotions. Thanks for writing this article! I was interested to see what the event was like as I know people who attend every year. I have never felt so isolated in my life, yet I was surrounded by 15, people.

Lived next to two former personal assistants to the TR empire in San Diego who loved to talk shop. Save your money friends!!! For two to five thousand dollars I'll go on a great vacation and read dome books on the Dharma because his whole act is based on the things Buddha said thousands of years ago. If you want to learn the causes and cessation of suffering go to a Buddhist event, not a to dollar screaming, yelling, massaging, self aggrandizing big guy who is a billionaire on your money.

Two thousand a head for three days. You do the math. Week after week, year after year, decade after decade. I agreed with you. I preferred attending a vipassana retreat more than attending any of these kind of seminar. It cannot help us eradicate the foot of suffering, this maybe one of the reasons that people keeps attending more and more seminars. Everyone is entitled to their opinion! It changed my life and my future and I would encourage everyone to experience it for themselves! This article makes it sound like some lame event led by an ego centric, money grubbing, narcissist.

Did you not start this article by talking about all your accomplishments in order to get people to take you seriously? I believe same as you. America spiritual and cosching world have niceee cheesy and superficial and just another business. I agree. All that is around oneself is already within. Some need the push. Others do the pushing. It's a life long learning. Like the old saying "people are like sheep". They tend to follow the followers.

There's no magic bullet. Near death experiences whether personal or shared will help create this profound awareness most seminars try to unleash. Every type of experience is personal. What now drives someone like Mr Robbins is money. Money to pay for the machine. It's a catch twenty two. His wonderful shared beliefs are now sold instead of being given. Once the giving becomes a commodity the original intent is lost on most.

I am 57 years old. Life will change and we all have to make decisions. Sometime not knowing the out come. Like the old saying goes " We Live We Learn". But if you pray and trust God after you research, etc. Then you can rest assured all things work together for good for those who belief.

How this work. Well we learn from our mistakes and from our success. The most important thing is that God walk with us always because he never leave us or forsake us. Enjoy the journey of live and trust God always. Learn to share and give to others. Read the Bible that is the best self help book, and spiritual guide and fulfillment ever written.

All we have to do is obey and follow direction and of course it all will be different for each one of us. Since the changes and the life we all live, choose and call to live is unit for each one of us. I say choose because we have free will, and call because events will happen in our life cause and influence by others that we will not choose. Sometimes unexplained.

But in those we could learn or tell God I leave them in your hand and do not understand the meeting but it does not matter. Say God thank you for walking with me, thank you for life, and thank you for your protection and keep walking and living life in faith with him. Also learn to love other human like yourself since we are all crated in the image of God. Now we do not have to agree with every behavior that is negative, including our own.

God Bless you all! Thank you for this article. I was researching Tony Robins and really have never watched or heard any of his talks. I was thinking of going to a UPW event in Dallas because it seems like everyone is talking about how amazing it is and even though I feel like he's a total phony, maybe there's something to it.

But, you are affirming my gut feeling. I take personal development days where I watch loads of videos on Youtube from Impact Theory, to Ted Talks, to whatever fills my brain with answers, more questions, and intelligencehealthy food, yoga, nature, social activity, and challenge. For me that's FREE! And one of my biggest pet peaves in life is being "had", wasting my money on something that I thought might be a good chance to takeand at Tony's price point, that would be a huge resentment for me.

I can put that money towards an event much more meaningful. This person is the consummate con man. He makes a living ripping people off with his phony, feel-good garbage. What empowerment should he teach? Protect your wallet from clowns like me! Beta I have taken Tony's courses many times over the years and he inspired me to start my own internet business. Now, I finally moved out of my mom's basement and into my own sq ft apartment in a gender equal neighborhood that is pro-Israel.

I feel like I have conquered the Mountain! I respect your opinion of Tony but again, I, like took his courses to heart and I totally succeeded! You feel good for two or three days, then it wears off. I walked out and adopted conservative views and morals. Stopped being so damned self absorbed and began be in service to others.

Went Fishing and thanked God for my Wife and Life. Never looked back! Spent way too much time talking about his ego driven personal financial accomplishmen's and name dropping. I came away thinking Tony seriously needs to improve that aspect of his life. Too much time promoting his products. People paid lots of money to be helped Perhaps mentions then let people go to the booths to sign up or purchase products. His energy level resonated with the masses and that got people involved. How often in our lives can we "let go" and get into mutual mental psych.

Typically only at a great sporting event. His message of self love, love others, respect others, help yourself and others around you and your world will improve. I did not attend both Friday or Sunday. I only wanted to see what Tony had to say, how the crowd perceived that messay and what we all got out of it. I left physically and emotionally drained in a good way just connecting with the around me and being caught up in the energy of it all. My love of people, of the world around me, of my life choice of extensive international travel has given me insight into how people should be treated, how I love my choices I have made, how my successes are from believing in myself and that I have always faces life decision's with a GO FOR IT attitude and listening to myself with the confidence of a CAN DO approach.

I can assure you thousands of people who attended had their lives changed. Frankly I never liked Tony. He Always blathered and never told anything that an average Joe wouldn't know. He's a kind of high profile escort who just make a living out of making people good about themselves. More fart less shit. He's high fiving himself. Take another look. My boss swears by him and sends a few employees every year all Expenses paid which I know is very generous.

But Jesus fuckking Christ. Idk man. One lady literally wanted to have a whole ass conversation in the bathroom. Mind you my coworker was waiting outside for me and I had no way to get rid of her. Even when she saw him she kept taking to me!!! And then the guilt knowing my boss spent all this money on me for nothing.

OMG this is exactly how I felt. Funny how one of the stories he told is about he cured a woman of a snake phobia in 15 minutes I didnt stay for the hard sell and I'm not going back to day 3 either. So in short going to the seminar helper you after all even if it wasn't from The source you thought it would be from? I was given a ticket as a gift but also walked out. I love Sadhguru Check him out. For those looking for insight from more sources. I am in the exact same boat. Way too much jumping around.

I am at the seminar this weekend. Left early day 1 after I got fed up hugging my neighbors and found myself not wanting to scream or dance or jump anymore. Day 1. Let him hear you! Exactly my thoughts. I flew all the way from Colombia for this, and was expecting something different.

I lasted the entire day 1 as it would have required me to sit in traffic and fight my way back to Orange County so I stayed and kept thinking it was just me and I needed to open up more. After having to give a random massage to a person in my row and after several sessions of jumping around half assed I realized that this was really not that engaging for me.

I am interested in self improvement and growth and also in a good place in life but expect that I can do more and deliver higher results. The seminar was not going to provide what I thought and there was just way too many songs, disco lights, clapping, jumping around that was wasting time and not providing any value.

The introduction at the start was terrible with 8 songs and a group of dancers on stage that did not belong. Overall I have decided not to return for the remainder of the seminar and will continue to improve on my own with reading great books, podcasts with interesting people and holding myself accountable. I didn't know Tony has a weird clap,but trust you me,i laughed my ribs out. That was really funny. Loud, blaring music is just abnoxious. My sister from out of state signed me up for the LA event next week. I told her it wasn't my thing, but I wouldn't mind sharing time with her.

I had no idea how immersive the event is. And how cultishly hyperactive it is. I've been dreading the experience for the last several weeks. I want to share time with my sister, but the though of spending a 50 hour marathon with screaming wannabes sounds like Hell Incarnate. Besides, I have a business to run and I can't really afford the four days off.

Showing up for the event is ironically hindering my ability to be successful. I think I need to suck it in and endure a few days to share the event with my sister. I'll cut my participation down to two days and actually get some work done on the other two. I'll let my sister know I'm not going to be all gung ho but be supportive of her and her experience.

And just chalk it up as another life experience, however unsolicited.

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Do not let this bait and switch article convince you that your experience will be bad. You will get out of this and any event equal to what you put into it both emotionally an physically. Play full out and your experience will pay out in dividends The truth is, you actually are better than the people who are still excited and affected by a Tony Robbins' seminar.

I mean, not "better" in your soul necessarily, but better off, for sure. You're more advanced in your personal growth. I guess you know that though. Perhaps you have a bit of ADD. You remind me if my brother who kept getting up during a Jim Rohn seminar years ago, all because his anxiety got the best if him. Dates are the glue. The dates are important for helping the bars hold together and making them sweet. If you give it a try, we would love to hear how it goes! This was super easy to make and so delicious. Everyone in my family especially my 2 teen girls loved it…Plus I have tried so many recipes…and this is the only one that i was able cut it into bars without crumbling them…thank you.

Definitely a keeper. Wanted a snack today and was looking for something quick and easy to make. Will let you know how they turn out! Ok, wow! Will take this batch into work and share them around! These are the best bars and so easy. I have made them many times, finished another batch today. My kids love them. Roast and chop them by hand. Going to try them with figs next. Love your recipes. Hi Brooke! First time making these. I only had g of dates so added them in with the peanut butter and maple syrup and crushed them with a wooden spoon as they were melting; goodness knows how sweet this would be with the right quantity of dates!

I added in a couple of handfuls of rice crispies and a handful of mixed seeds to the oats. After 15 mins in the freezer they are moist, chewy and delicious and holding their shape well. I was curious about the nutrition facts. It looks very delicious and a great idea. I noticed the calories are a little low, the protein could be a bit higher, and the sugar is high. Is there a way to adjust these numbers to get a better balance? Hi Michael! For more protein, you could try adding some protein powder perhaps? As for the sugar, you could replace the dates with a dried fruit with slightly less sugar, such as unsweetened cranberries or cherries?

Hope this helps! I made this recipe and it was delicious! I mixed the date paste with the honey and peanut butter in the casserole which made the overall paste less sticky, more consistent and easier to handle! I added as well chopped hazelnut and peacan to the almonds My colleagues loved them! Going to try this recipe. How many grams can I add on top of the original recipe? Yes, you could include those additions to the recipe! I also used about a third of the amount of honey suggested as the dates make them really sweet.

They still stuck together well. The recipe made about 22 balls. This looks delicious and I want to make, but can you please tell me approx amount of the optional extras choc chips, etc. Excellent vegan recipes. I used a combination of almonds, pecans and cashews via a food processor. I toasted them with the oats. I used agave nectar. Is there a substitute for peanut butter Could I use unsalted butter instead?

If yes how much Thanks. These were excellent and easy to make. My toddler loves them! I used a mix of dates and prunes soaked for a bit before pulverizing plus half walnut pieces half almond slices and to make them even healthier I added hemp seeds and ground chia, plus mixed in a scoop of spirulina to the peanut butter and honey. They are definitely sweet, and a little sticky but they held together. Thanks for the recipe! Very adaptable straightforward recipe, thank you. I substituted with dried figs, pecans, rice malt syrup as a mild sweetener and unhulled tahini.

They are delicious and look and feel like a proper granola bar! Hi, I made these yesterday for my husband and he loved them. Added some dried cranberries too. So good from the freezer. Already planning another batch with variations. Would they be suitable for diabetics as its all natural sugars? Any suggestions for how to bind granola bars without so many dates or other added sugar?

You could replace a dried fruit with slightly less sugar, such as unsweetened cranberries or cherries? These are amazing with bittersweet chocolate chips and dried cherries. Thank you for an excellent recipe! I just made these and actually decided to bake them for about 15mins until golden!! Wow… yum so delicious!!

A big winner :. My family loves this recipe! I always add chia seeds and sometimes flaxseed meal. It just makes it healthier and maybe keeps you fuller longer. To help the extra ingredients stick together I add a little more peanut butter and honey. I made these bars and took them with us at the weekend when we went away in our motor home. We had one with a coffee on Saturday afternoon, my husband said they reminded him of a Picnic bar minus the chocolate!

He loves them and so do I. I toasted the oats and almonds which I think gave the bars an extra crunch. I will be making these again for sure. Thanks for the recipe. Any suggestions on making it less sweet? Hello, I am just starting to transition to a zero waste lifestyle! I would prefer them baked, so I am just wondering. Thanks heaps, Sarah :. Greeting from Germany. The same for the almonds which I replaced with sunflower seeds. I toasted the sunflower seeds and the oats in a pan to get them nice and brown. The endresult is hands down the best snack I ever made.

Sweet, crunchy with a nice touch of fruit. Thanks for the amazing recipe, this is going to be a staple in my kitchen for years to come. Thank you for sharing your recipe subs, Michael! We are glad to hear that you enjoyed these bars! Next time I will try the maple syrup…that sounds delicious too!

When I pressed the mixture into the pan and it was almost flattened, I sprinkled the top with coconut I had it and needed to use it up and that helped press down the rest of the mixture without sticking to the spatula and added a nice flavor. I will for sure make this again. Next time I might try another nut butter instead of peanut butter for a bit of variety and maybe press in chocolate chips with or instead of the coconut.

Thanks for posting this. As a busy mom who tries to be frugal and healthy, this is going on my list of yummy quick snacks. Too sweet for me! I have been making these for the past one month. Just love the taste. My daughter said she is never eating another store bought health bar.

I added cranberries and dark chocolate. Love the taste. Bars are pretty moist. I keep it refrigerated. These are great! Thank you for this amazing recipe. Like others, they taste amazing — I toasted the oats and the almonds as suggested. My dates were slightly old so I soaked them for almost 30 minutes in hot water, then chopped them and put them in the food processor. I used half the agave called for which results in a less sweet bar that works great for me. I used the parchment paper to line the 8 inch pan as suggested, evened them out after i pushed them into the pan by putting another piece of parchment over them and then rolled a glass acrossed them to press them into the pan.

Then I put an ice pack over them and left them in the freezer for about an hour. The result was a delicious granola recipe and unfortunately not a bar as I was hoping. I was able to cut them but then when I moved them, they fell apart. I just made these and there soo good. My only problem is that when I went to cut them after freezing they all separated and fell apart except two.

Did I do something wrong? I was expecting them to stay together so they would be actual bars. I just let the rest crumble and put in the freezer for granola now. I love your recipes. I tried reading the comments before asking my question, but there are sooooo many, so I will ask it anyway. I am looking for ways to reduce sugar intake even natural sugar , so I am wondering if there are other ingredients to use as a binder to eliminate the honey or maple syrup? Hi Doug! We recommend keeping the honey or maple syrup as a binder, but you could replace a dried fruit with slightly less sugar, such as unsweetened cranberries or cherries?

I absolutely love these bars, and would like to take them as snacks on a week long camping trip. Will they last without refrigeration? Love this recipe! What a wonderful one. My go-to granola bar recipe cz its healthy and delicious! Made it on the weekends for meal prep.

I soemtimes experiment on adding different nuts and more seeds, this time i tried to make it grain- free using sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Lots of love :. These bars are so delicious and easy to make! Or substitute some of the dates to make the recipe a little less sweet? Hi Tural! These are delicious. Thank you for sharing : I made these yesterday and am trying my hardest not to eat the full batch in one go!

These bars are lovely!! Gave these my best shot! The dates i used were very determined not to blend! I broke my food processor and then decided to do the hot water thing with dates which worked. I blended them in my NutriNinja. I wonder if there is any way to make these healthier? Look forward to trying them. If I followed your recipe and watched your video and the bars are not seeming to stick together enough to form bars even after cooling in freezer , do you have any suggestions to fix this?

I love this recipe and the idea of minimalism when baking and really want to make these to work for me. I have been searching for recipes to make bars at home, and These 5 ingredient bars look amazing…any ideas though on how to cut down on the amount of sugar? I know it is natural sugar, but 19g seems like a lot, when I also pack him other fruits and things in his lunch. I am growing more and more desperate to find real food to pack for lunch!! Hi Kelly! You can absolutely cut back the amount of sugar in these bars! Check the comments above for tips! I melt the nut butter and honey together to make a liquidy base before blending it with the dates in my Vitamix.

Keeps it simple. Also — I just made it using prunes and raisins instead of dates, and it worked great and is delicious. Thanks for such an awesome recipe Dana! Just made these. Doubled the recipe, used pitted prunes, added 2 scoops chocolate peanut butter protein powder, used almonds, cashews and hazelnuts coarsely chopped in food processor , and sunflower seeds. Was able to put it all on a cookie sheet, cover with plastic wrap and used a rolling pin to flatten out and compress bars.

Sooooo much versatility to this recipe. Thank you! This was excellent — easy to make and totally delicious. I put a generous pinch of salt and it really brings out the flavour. It all worked out well. I also threw in some dried cranberries. So tasty — and if you do the math, they are cheaper than the granola bars you buy in a box, not to mention healthier. Thank you for this recipe! I followed all the instructions and just added chocolate chips the very first time, it was awesome!

Simple, easy and way better than any store brought granola! Toasting the oats and almonds is essential! The flavour of the roasted almonds is so delicious! Scrape into the mold pan, greased or lined with parchment, press, and chill. These are amazing — love them! This is an excellent recipe, so simple to make! I am a fan of apricots so I swapped dates for apricots, it worked just fine! This is too generic and slightly confusing. Could you please elaborate a bit?

Just made this tonight. I made these yesturday they were so quick and easy to make and they are simply delicious! What do you think about subbing it with dried figs and apricots? Hoping to hear from you soon. I would like to try to make them this week! Much less fussy, less expensive, and very satisfying. These are a great grab-and-go snack; I actually look forward to eating these. I like to pulse the toasted nuts and oats, set those aside, and then blend the dates.

These are really versatile, and you can easily sub what you have on hand. I like to use walnuts and toss in some cinnamon and ground ginger. These will have a regular presence in my freezer. Thanks for sharing and for including weight measures on your recipes! Love them, thanks for this. They are so easy to make and taste ssooo good. I will keep this recipe for ever. When i want chocolate I just add chocolate chips. They are good either way! I am turning to a Whole Foods diet, hopefully forever.

I need as many recipes as I can get. This sounds super yummy! Hi I tried this recipe today It tastes amazing but the problem was it was very sticky because of dates and not hard bar like in the pics.. I make this recipe often! I just love it. It takes a while to mix everything together to evenly spread the stickiness of the dates, but once you do, I think just about everything should pull away from the bowl.

The food processor can be very sticky afterwards, though! Hi Fatma! You could try keeping them in the freezer for longer next time to try and firm them up? I made these and they were great. I used cashews instead of almonds and honey instead of maple syrup. I put the roasted oats and cashews into the food processor with the dates to give the bars a smoother, softer texture. I used the microwave instead of the stove to combine the PB and honey. The bars turned out to be delicious!

I really like these to go with my homemade fruit and Greek yogurt smoothies that are not super huge. Or a snack. A great recipe! I added dried skim milk to mine to make it bind better, and sprinkled and pressed some sesame seeds onto the tops to make them less sticky. If you make it with everything raw like I do, this recipe is more like a muesli protein bar than a granola bar.

I made these for my oldest daughter who is in the process of having her thyroid problems diagnosed. Because we live in a very rural area, I had to order some things online and wait for them to come in, after I did some research online, too. I substituted dried figs and prunes for the dates and they turned out very well! Of course, we had to test them before sending to my daughter. Will definitely make them again and may try some of the add-ins just to change them up. I think I might try baking them a bit next time.

She lives miles away. I have to mail stuff to her. Thank goodness for Priority Mail! Wow these are great! Have been trying to find healthy and less expensive substitute for Kashi trail mix bars. I did add some dried cranberries and apricots. Thank you sooo much!! Just wanted to say, thank you very much for posting this recipe. They are a bit of a bicep workout to get together, but the flavour is worth it lol. I prefer to buy unsalted almond butter so how much sea salt can I add to balance out the sweetness in this recipe?

Thank you!! I made them last week and added about that much and they were dee-lish! So glad I found this recipe… Thank you so much! But softens very quickly at room temperature. Is there a way to tweak the recipe so it stays harder even at room temperature? I make a double batch every couple of weeks and change up the mix ins to combinations of different nuts and seeds, coconut flakes, chia seeds and dark chocolate but they always turn out great!

The whole family love these bars. I have to make at least two batches a week. I made these yesterday. I had no issues with it being crumbly but found it easier to press down in the pan once it had chilled in the fridge for about 20 mins. I kept to the recipe except for adding a pinch of sea salt and some vanilla. Any good substitution for that? Though must confess I slightly altered the method. I used a piece of baking parchment to press down by hand without sticking. Then baked for 12 minutes.

I also used mixed nuts instead of almonds. Thankyou for such an easy delicious recipe. I will take them on my travels for when nothing gluten free is available. I made these without dates since my family and I prefer a chewy bar anyway, and they were perfect! Pretty damn good recipe. I added dark chocolate chips to this and coffee extract. So good. Flavored coffee drinks, food and desserts. Thanks for your thoughts :. It should work, use this recipe as a reference! I added pecan nuts and raisins to the orgininal recipe, and tried with agave nectar too.

Try leaving them in a single layer in the freezer for a little longer and they should firm up! I looked at this recipe for plain guidance in terms of how to go about making granola bars, in terms of do I add oil, do I cook them etc, and it was exactly what I was looking for! I used sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, almond flour and chia seeds as my base.

I also added some buckwheat flakes full of fiber and SO healthy for you! Basically I put it all except the PB and agave into the oven at C F for like 5 minutes or so, then mixed in the peanut butter and agave, pressed it into a pan and off to the fridge it was! It was also my first experience with agave nectar instead of sugar and honestly, it tastes so much better :.

If you give it a try, report back on how it goes! I only had slivered almonds and not enough, so I added walnuts and some cinnamon. These are simple, easy and delicious. I will definitely make again. How do you put them in the freezer? Wrapped individually? Just wondering how you wrap them?

Im trying to cut down my use of plastic. I recommend wrapping them in parchment paper and sealing with a sticker or tape! Additionally, you could place them in small containers for reuse! I have made these quite a few times and every one that has tried them loved them. I do them with honey and sliced blanched almonds. I do toast the almonds and oats and everything else just like the recipe.

They come out perfect every time. I also added some dessicated coconut ;. These turned out beautifully for me. I added a little extra peanut butter and honey to the mixture , then spread melted dairy free chocolate on top after the bars were pressed into the pan. Everything held together perfectly. So much better than store-bought. It will definitely be adding these to the monthly repertoire.

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Great base recipe! I made the first batch exactly as stated, delicious. Then I played around with it…one batch I swapped the almonds for cashews, PB for almond butter and added dehydrated blueberries. Another winner. I love this recipe, and your photography is phenomenal! I made these bars because my Dad felt like he needed something between lunch and his evening workout. And these bars have done the trick! Quick breakfast bite, on the go post workout snack, or snagging single bites then putting it back in the fridge sister… and me, at least we are showing some control right?!

I would definitely recommend roasting the oats and almonds it truly does take the bars to the next level! These bars are SO delicious they have been requested for the 3rd week in a row in my house, and my boyfriend asked for his own container. Thank you Dana!!! Excellent granola bars. I added roasted buckwheat and added cocoa butter to help it stick together. I enjoyed them so much.

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I did not succeed with the baked version. It turned into granola. I would like a tip on that. Thanks again. Delicious recipe. I substituted whole pumpkin seeds for half the almonds and molasses for half the honey. The only plant products I know of that have B12 are molasses and seaweed. Ashley, I wish I had seen your comment with the coconut.

Next time. I used raisins instead of dates, and almond butter instead of peanut butter, since I had those on hand. They were quick and easy to make, and best of all: hubby and kid approved! This recipe is easy, delicious and makes the best breakfast bars. I eat one of these and it holds me for a good three hours.

These would be awesome with almonds — I just used what I had in the pantry and they turned out great! No bake and delicious!! Thanks so much for this recipe! Thank you for this great recipe! Thanks again! Thank you for this recipe. I gave her one of these tonight and she loved it and asked for a 2nd one! They are yummy and easy to make.

Awesome recipe…But one problem is there…My refrigerator will break soon… Opening it so many times to eat these little devils.

Hi Dana, I love these bars and make them often as portable breakfast on work days. At least 5 friends have taken the recipe! Do you think pear concentrate would be a good substitute for the honey? Hi Tina! If you give it a try, report back with your results! Good luck! Thanks for the 5-ingredient granola bar recipe. When we pressed them to make bars, they were very oily.

Please tell us how to remedy the oily issue? I made these bars exactly to the recipe using maple syrup and oven roasting the almonds and oats for a potluck. First the flavor was great and I was asked over and over for the recipe which being so simple I could recite easily. I put them in the freezer for about an hr and then the fridge overnight to set them, this worked pretty well. So I think after they are made do not store them in the fridge or freezer but on the counter to let air dry and stay firmer. This 5-ingredient granola bar was delicious!

So, hesitantly I gave it a try expecting an unpleasant outcome …but I am quite impressed at how everything came together with only 5 ingredients. The best is that there is a sweetness to it without any added sugar! Plus, it was easy-peasy to make! My kids love it, I love it, and my husband who is a salty chips kinda guy loves it too! Thanks for this incredible recipe!