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tokend.org/the-10-day-coaches-mba-the.php Does the seagull not fly across the sun, alone and without a nest? They come through you but not from you. You may give them your love but not your thoughts. For they have their own thoughts. Q: What happened when Kalam was in fifth standard? A: When Kalam was in fifth standard a new teacher asked him to sit on the back bench due to his caste.

A: Lakshmana Sastry summoned the new teacher because he was trying to spread the poison of social inequality and communal intolerance in the minds of the innocent children. He asked the teacher to apologise or quit the school and the island. Who said these words to whom?

A: The science teacher, Sivasubramaniam Iyer said these words. He was talking to Abdul Kalam. He invited Kalam for dinner. But Kalam was hesitant. So, observing his hesitation, he told him not to get upset and spoke these words. Give a reason for your answer. What did they later become? This task helped Abdul Kalam earn his first wages.

Abdul Kalam used to collect tamarind seeds and used to sell them for a princely some of one annah a day. He has described his mother as a woman with a large heart who used to cook for everyone visiting the household. Moreover, Abdul Kalam has described himself as a short and thin boy from tall and handsome parents. From his mother he inherited a sense of kindness and faith.

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They had their different dress codes and rituals. For example Kalam used to wear a cap while his friend Ramanadham used to wear the sacred thread. Kalam has also mentioned about bedtime stories from Ramayana being told by his mother. This explains the natural Hindu Muslim cooperation in most parts of India.

They were aware of their different identities but they were living harmoniously as people do in any normal society. Can you identify such people in the text? He, after hearing that the new teacher tried to segregate pupils on the basis of religious divisions, called the teacher and convinced him to revert his decision. The second person was Shivasubramania Iyer, the science teacher. He invited Kalam to have meal with him. How can people change their attitudes? In both incidences the persons who are trying to change the mindsets stood firm on their ground.

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Eureka Vanalatha Staying CoolRefrigerator throughout the Ages Activity: Find out what are solar powered refrigerators and how does it function.

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Sai School of Interior Design,experience. New DelhiWith rapidly shrinking residential 6. Arch Academy of Design, Jaipurand commercial space, peopleare looking for professionals 7. Sir JJ School Of Art, Mumbaiwho can make their homes andworking space comfortable andattractive and interior designersare the most sought afterprofessionals.

Interior designing is a professionthat deals with designing theinterior of a room or a building. It is a multi-faceted professionwhich involves designing,creative thinking, communicatingwith clients, and managementand execution of a requisitedesign. An interior designer hasto decorate a room or buildingkeeping in minds its functionalaspects, comfort and effectiveuse of a space.