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Jennifer Greene. Millionaire M. Kathleen Eagle. Silver and Spice. Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes. Shy Norah Jane Brown is the town's spinster librarian. Everyone knows and loves her. She's almost 34, drab, and still a virgin. Due to a quirky term in her grandfather's will she has to marry before her next birthday or lose her home. With few prospects in town, she is fortunate to have Elijah Wilder. Her high school crush, Elijah is the town mechanic and a single father. When his business suffers a devastating fire, he and his daughter are living in a small motel room.

When he finds out Norah is about to propose to a local criminal, he suggests a marriage of convenience until his business is up and running again. Save her home, give his daughter a home until the insurance check comes in. Simple, right? Who would have ever thought the town spinster and the town bad boy would ever make a marriage last?

Not the local busy-bodies, that's for sure! A fabulous, funny, sexy, charming read! Steamy love scenes, great dialogue, and characters that are very well developed. I loved it! Excellent for a short story [ pages]. Elijah Wilder made a perfect [though they didn't know it] mate for Norah Jane Brown.

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Norah was a perfect mother-to-be for little Chelsea and probably the only one to offer Eli unconditional love. Such a perfect [grin] blend of circumstance and characters to make up a wonderful love story.

This is one you definitely want to add to your library. Highly Recommended -- and a keeper for another read. I think that this book is one of the best I've read.