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Should it actually read baking soda? The first time I made it I used baking soda and it came out great. I think I hate you! This is a seriously chocolately rich yummy cake. My s microwave needed 1. The biggest downside is that I always have these ingredients in and my will power is non-existence…. First time making a mug cake. The texture-which to people seemed like a problem in general for a mug cake- was very soft and fluffy. I was hoping for a chocolately, creamy with a touch of peanut butter, but had none. Perhaps i should add a handful of chocolate chips on top or so?

Thank you anyways! I just made this for my wife. She was craving something sweet and hot. This recipe delivered! Hi, just wanted to let you know I featured this recipe on my blog if you would like to check it out. Quite excellent! Must have ice cream on top, or at least a big glass of milk. I did only make one before with egg and I like that too, but I appreciate what you are saying about this more velvety soft crumb.

My friend has egg allergy and this is excellent for her. I have been up all night long, watching crazy baking shows and drooling over various desserts. Unfortunatly, we are snowed in, so a trip to the grocery store was not much of an option. I had heard about these fun little recipies recently, but never bothered to give them a try. I used crunchy peanut butter, so the nuts gave it a nice soft crunch.

I doubled the recipie to make it for my boyfriend and i. Now, maybe i just have big mugs, but dare i say you can even quadruple this recipie?! Each mucch was a little less than half full of this light, fluffy bit of heaven, when doubled. So not sure what makes them that way. Should I spray mug first with cooking spray do I can turn it up side down on plate and serve it ala mode?

Oh my goodness. Being on bed-rest and having a sweet tooth, I immediately thought of a mug cake. I substituted hot chocolate mix for the cocoa powder and it is so good. I will definitely be making this again. Thank you so much for this post. This is a pms buster! Tried these a minute ago and followed the recipe perfectly, it was….. It was not moist enough, and kind of tasted like eating a piece of bread but not even that moist.. I just made this, was so excited after reading all the reviews. It was bad. It was bland, no peanut butter taste at all and was a dry cumbly mess, and definitely not sweet enough.

Sorry, I wanted to love it. The texture is perfect— you really did avoid that awful spongy texture you described! Most people do. That will pack the flour densely result in almost twice as much flour as you need. Your cake will be ruined. Pour the flour into the tablespoon from another spoon, then gently level off with a straight edge back of a knife words great. The light, fluffy flour will be the right amount. While you can get away with doing it the wrong way in a big cake, in a mug cake the tiniest mistake makes a BIG disaster.

So Yummy!

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I actually love it the way it is but when craving a little extra pb, I put a glob in the middle just before microwaving then it sorta makes it a little lava cake almost. Just wanted to pipe in and add that I ran into this a couple weeks ago. My favorite midnight cheat presently. Just tried these and they came out perfect! I worried about them spilling over but they didnt. I added some more chocolate and chopped hazelnuts. Will use a little bit less flour next time though.

Thanks for a great recipe! This was is really good. I had to add 40 seconds to the microwaving time. Thanks for the recipe. This was outstanding! Not too much peanut butter and the perfect amount of chocolate. I added a few chocolate chips and pushed a kiss down in the center. It made for a really nice creamy center almost like a lava cake. Thanks so much for this! My bf said it was to dry for his taste but i love it! I saw this and 3 minutes later we were eating delicious, warm chocolate cake! I loved the little crunchy bits. Thanks for keeping up with the tests because this was absolutely delicious!

This is so good! Even though mine just totally failed left it in the microwave for too long is still yummie!! Pingback: Chocolate Peanut butter Mug Cake. I just made this!!! It is perferction. I just made this, and you have another fan! This is fantastic. The peanut butter is a great touch. This cake did not disappoint! I wanted a small helping of dessert and I luckily found this. I substituted whole wheat flour and Splenda for the flour and sugar and it was still very good. So, this mug cakes really got me curious. Oh gosh!


My mug cake was a success. XD thank you very much. Hi, I want to make these sat night x4 so can I multiply the amounts x4 and divide or does it work better making each one separately. Until I awoke to no cake in the house and found my reality a nightmare. I was about to resign myself to an empty, sad, cake-less day when I stumbled upon this recipe. Plus, peanut butter is good for babies. Or something. I devoured this and marveled at the beauty in the world once again. This, my dear, is a recipe that dreams are made of. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Finally a mug cake recipe that works.

I must say it hit the spot! Absolutely divine. So much better without the egg! A huge improvement over mug cakes with eggs! Light texture and very good. Definitely add a handful of chocolate chips! Ok, I have a confession to make. I have spent 6 day in this blog. After that I started looking out for a Vanilla mug cake recipe and there are none, at least no one that works, most of them taste like bread to me and wront texture. As you are my new recipe guru, I plead you to develope one!

What can we substitute to turn this into a mother recipe and adjust to any flavor and thing? How about red velvet mug cakes?! I think I love you…. This was so good! I microwaved mine for 1 minute in a W microwave and served with some cream on top. I have not personally tried it with oats or know anyone who has. Let me know if you do and what the results are! I tried this on a whim. I had to add a bit more milk than the recipe suggests though because it was looking a bit too dry , but it was the right softness. Oh my God! I wanted to create a mini surprise for my husband while we were working and did not have many time or ingredients handy.

We loved it! However if you are just trying to avoid lactose — you could definitely use coconut milk or almond milk instead! I found this recipe whilst browsing for something to help with my peanut butter and banana craving.

Chocolate Microwave Mug Cake

Just made it for myself and my husband, I added a 3rd mashed banana to each and a teaspoon of peanut butter on top and pushed down slightly just before microwaving which resulted in a yummy melted peanut butter core. Used the rest if the banana as slices on top. Totally hit the spot and hubby was impressed too x. Tried this last night after trying the red velvet the night before. My daughter and I were disappointed with this one. It was drier and you needed a drink after every bite. As of today, I have made this three times. After seeing how good it was the first time, I quadrupled the recipe and started putting the mix into ramekins.

Quadrupling allows me to do 6 ramekins, for sharing … Or for eating the next day. I played around with it as well, now I really load it up with peanut butter, which I think makes it super moist. I also put in some chocolates and marshmallows for the sheer fun of it. Sorry Tianna! I have not made it in a larger size. However, if you read the comment above yours, there is a reader who has quadrupled the recipe and made it in 6 separate ramekins. If you are looking for a great chocolate cake, this recipe is perfect! I have made this cake last night and tonight!..

I have never made a mug cake before but was looking for a simple recipe.. When I made it this evening I topped it up with some melted chocolate and marshmallows. Pingback: Sweet Treats In 5 Minutes! My husband is a dessert junkie. I came across this recipe a couple of months ago. It was okay but I thought it should have some egg in it.

Since I make cakes a lot, I knew of a way to put just a tad bit of egg into this recipe without wasting a whole egg. Been looking at this for a couple of days. Just made it, and ate it. Thank you for sharing. Love it! Turned out great! However, I think my baking powder is old since it was more on the raw side.

However, I still loved it! Perfect light consistency and perfectly cooked. Loved that no eggs are needed. I subbed peanut butter for Nutella and it was so moist. My only regret is not having any ice cream to serve it with! Oh my gosh. My mouth is literally watering! This will be my first mug cake so fingers are crossed for a good turnout. Any tips? Just on a whim decided to give this a try as I needed some chocolate and peanut butter in my life! Made them for me, my mother and father and they are amazing! Need to make these again and get some cream!

Have a play with flavours ect… bye bye waist watching for a few weeks! Ummmm just made it! It is delicious…. I drizzled caramel sauce on it. This is my very first mug cake…. Just read it and made it immediately. I didnt have any milk so i used water instead and that too 5 tablespoons and microwaved it for 3 minutes. Stirred through some banana and chocolate fudge sauce before cooking and topped it with vanilla ice cream — divine!!! Pingback: chocolate cake recipe the chew Recipe Unique.

Just made this for hubby…tweaked it and added 1tbsp of fluff to the mix. Then added a layer to the top…waiting to hear about it…. I just made this — nice, except a little dry. No egg… I feel where you are going with this. I definitely need to try it, because that texture thing is exactly what has made me reticent to try mug cakes in the past. Awesome solution! This is the best mug cake ever!!! I cant believe I made this under 5 mins the texture is not like other mug cake that is too mushy it almost like a regular pound cake.

I use lotus spread instead of peanut butter. Pingback: Friday Favorites 2 fudgingahead. First attempt at mug cake, was thrilled i could make one in a jiffy and tasty as well. Instead of peanut butter I added some walnuts. My husband and I are not cake cravers but want to have one off and this mug cake is perfect for that. I used to make this recipe all the time, and I was feeling down tonight so decided to make it again.. I was out of creamy pb so I had to borrow some chunky pb from my roommate and I threw an extra glob in the middle of the batter so it just kind of melted in the center of the cake and it turned out awesome.

Holy yum. I am totally in love with this recipe. This is so good!! Better put a lock on the baking cabinet! Pingback: Baking: Mug Cake itsallaboutthesmallthings. They have a gift they can do on their own, or with their dads! Thank you so much! Loved yr cake though I added a tbsp extra milk n oil since the mixture was looking too dry initially,it came up yummm. Tried another recipe alongside n yours was better for sure!! Thanks a million! Used about a tsp more milk maybe a little bit more because it seemed really thick. I feel like this would taste better if there were chocolate chips in it, it was really delicious but at the same time it was bland, and i think if a little something was added it would just bring out the true tastefulness of this cake.

I just made this recipe. I used a watt small microwave, followed the instructions exactly. The cake was ok but came out somewhat dry and did not have enough chocolate flavor for me. I will try the recipe again and use less cook time or add more peanut butter and perhaps some chocolate chips, to see if this helps it to not taste so dry. I have made many cake or cookie in a cup recipes. For those who have to work and take their lunch, you can make these recipes in a wide mouth Mason jar, place a lid on it and then take it to work or school, for a quick snack or lunchtime dessert.

It was burnt but looked like clumpy pudding. Very disappointed with the turnout of this recipe. Pingback: 5 sinfully delicious chocolate desserts in a mug Live News Pakistan. Pingback: 5 sinfully delicious chocolate desserts in a mug FreshPK. Pingback: 5 sinfully delicious chocolate desserts in a mug Pakistan News Today. Pingback: 5 sinfully delicious chocolate desserts in a mug News Today.

Pingback: 5 sinfully delicious chocolate desserts in a mug 4 Armenia. Pingback: 5 sinfully delicious chocolate desserts in a mug 4 Argentina. Pingback: You 4 Vid —5 sinfully delicious chocolate desserts in a mug - You 4 Vid -. Pingback: 5 sinfully delicious chocolate desserts in a mug 4 Australia. Pingback: 5 sinfully delicious chocolate desserts in a mug 4 Azerbaijan. Pingback: 5 sinfully delicious chocolate desserts in a mug 4 Algeria. I just tried this recipe and I am so impressed! I ended up doing 1 minute and 20 seconds for my microwave and then drizzled some dark chocolate syrup on top.

It tasted like fluffy fudge! The texture on other cakes never came out just right, but this is perfect and moist. My only comment is that the peanut butter is hard to taste. Thanks for the recipe! Pingback: Non-Paleo Recipes to Try ft. Food Adventures. This was gross, good thing I added some peanut butter frosting, the frosting was all I ate. I think it would taste better with coconut oil…. Great light texture. This was great! I added some tollhouse mini morsels to give it a little more chocolate goo.

Pretty sure I ate it a little too fast…. I honestly do not know — I always use all purpose flour.

However if you try it, I would love to know your results for other commenters! I made it.. So tasty n chocolaty I love it,, it just was very difficult to mix so dry I had to double the milk amount n it was still kinda thick any suggestions? Did you possibly miss the addition of the vegetable oil? Glad it still turned out well for you! Yup, yup, yup…best mug cake so far. My son and I have been experimenting and this has been the best consistency.

I added a few chocolate chips on top, and used crunchy peanut butter. Love this so much! I added 2 tablespoons of crunchy peanut butter and less oil and milk. It was a delicious looking paste after mixing and I considered rolling it into truffles and then rolling them in shredded coconut. I followed the recipe exactly, even added a bit more milk, but when I took it out, it literally crumbled in my fingers.

Needs more liquid. Love this recipe!! Thx for sharing. Oh my goodness you were right!! Much better than those strangley textured allrecipes mug cakes. So good!! This was perfect! Def need to cook a tiny but longer because of that but omg so good. I changed it up and used cookie butter and mini marshmallows then tossed a spoonful of cookie butter on top afterwards. I needed this after trying to break my leg hours earlier! I may or may not have spent the last two nights trying chocolate mug cakes lol and they were all sooo terrible. Just made it and it came out perfect. This is he best mug cake ever!

Turned out great. Made two of these last night and we ate them with vanilla ice cream and some fresh blackberries. This was my second attempt at making a mug cake, and this recipe by far was the best; it was absolutely delicious! I poured the mixture into two 4oz-cup ramekins and they rose beautifully at 1 minute and 10 seconds in the microwave. Thank you for the recipe! The only recommendation I have is to use sugar that's fine or use honey instead. I used granulated sugar but I could feel the crunch of the crystals in my mouth while eating the cake not entirely unpleasant but unexpected. But so delicious!

The peanut butter makes a huge difference.

Moist Chocolate Cake in a Cup | Ricardo

Thank you so much. This is now my go to mug cake recipe. How will I resist making them every week when there's peanut butter in the house? OK, I made this and it is my new go-to mug cake. The texture is great — nice and gooey. This is the best mug cake that I have ever made! Not the exact replica of cake texture, but the closest for a mug cake that I have ever made. I put mind in 20 seconds longer because it was too moist the first time at 70 seconds.

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This is the moistest cake in a mug or elsewhere! The Big Man's World. Pickled Red Onions. I know a vegan version will have be in our plans…soon! The Novice Chef really kicked it up a notch with this easy mug cake recipe.

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