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Reflections of a Floating World by Elder. The Wizard by Merlin. A terrifically woozy slab of psychedelic stoner rock, where big riffs grind against saxophones, omnichords, and more. Sonic Praise by Ecstatic Vision. Percussive, guitar-driven, psych-chaos from Philly trio who never take their adrenaline-fueled feet off the gas. Only Ghosts by Red Fang. The Wall [Redux] by Various Artists. Explore music. Servants of the Salem Girl by The Necromancers. Hellsatyr This album is an absolute beast. The Necromancers are dark, hard driven dark rock with doom sensibilities and I cannot stop listening to them.

Amazing album from start to finish. Favorite track: Lucifer's Kin. James Leeson. James Leeson Fun, high quality rock and roll. Worth a listen if you like rock and roll. Favorite track: Black Marble House. Loic Le Borgne.

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Hidden categories: Articles lacking in-text citations from November All articles lacking in-text citations All stub articles. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Yet for some reason, she considers her main job as a dominatrix way more respectable. One of Kenshiro's creepier one-shot foes from Fist of the North Star was an evil priest-looking guy by the name of Zaria who could hypnotize people into "zombies" via Nanto Ansho Ken and ultimately revives a group of his mooks that Kenshiro had just given the Your Head A-Splode treatment to.

Naturally, Kenshiro considers this level of disrespect for the dead unforgivable. The most powerful Newtypes of Gundam 's Universal Century can perform a limited and relatively benign form of necromancy, communicating with and in extreme circumstances drawing power from the spirits of the dead. In fact, since it requires a great deal of human empathy, it's pretty much exclusively limited to heroic Newtypes. Things get complicated when he actually succeeds in necromancy, bringing his cat, as well as the eponymous girl, Back from the Dead.

The somewhat recent manga Necromancer features one as the main character. In Hyper Police , necromancery is occasionally used by police investigators, by means of channeling spirits. To question any found corpses whether they were murdered. In Bleach , this is the main offensive power that Sternritter Giselle Gewelle has. By injecting her blood into other Quincys, she can take control of them when they're dead, turning them into literal, mindless zombies. This is what she did to her teammate Bambietta , even when she was alive and begging her not to do it while lying on the ground helpless.

He's polite, speaks in fancy, almost poetic phrases , and is responsible for controlling traitor Councilman Crawford's corpse to remotely activate the Face bombs crucial to the guild's plans. On a more personal level for the heroes though, he's the one responsible for bringing back Gray's dad, Silver, as an end result of experiments involving just how well he can revive someone. Silver hates him because of it. There is also a minor Spectre named Necromancer Byaku, but he has no actual power of corpse manipulation, and is the one who got temporarily resurrected instead.

Instead of raising corpses to fight for him, he simply uses body parts. He fights using heart-seeking bullets made from human fingers and frag grenades made of human hearts packed with teeth and nails that rot flesh. Despite his morbid use of magic, he's actually a pretty decent guy. Rabbit from Juni Taisen: Zodiac War can control the corpses of anyone he kills, turning them into his undead servants.

He can also commit suicide and zombify himself as a last resort. Rades Spirito from Black Clover. His Wraith Magic lets him reanimate dead individuals by putting his mana in their corpses, putting them under his complete control. If they were mages, the zombies can use their own magic.

Comic Books. During Brightest Day , Aquaman could animate and control the corpses of sea creatures as a side effect of his death and resurrection. As the main page for the comic states, "Summoning a zombie kraken may be the most awesome thing he's ever done. Later Undead Edison. He also appears to have knowledge of communicating with spirits. Shadow Man : Master Darque has the ability to manipulate, morph and bind souls into grotesque soul eaters.

His magic was mainly necrotic but he became a disciple of the Universal Center of Learning and Knowledge called Lyceum. When he learned everything he could from his masters he graduated by killing everyone in Lyceum.


Judge Dredd : Necromancers have shown up on occasion. In the Judge Child Quest , Dredd came across Murd the Oppressor, an alien tyrant-sorcerer who could resurrect the dead and was the keeper of Sagbelly, a giant sacred toad. He actually succeeded in killing Dredd, only to revive him. Judge Death himself also has some power over the dead, forcibly zombifying both Chief Judge Silver to continue tormenting and humiliating him and a Cursed Earth resident named Malachi to wipe the radlands clean of life. The villain from Judgment Day , Sabbat the Necromagus, animated an army of zombies to launch a global Zombie Apocalypse.

His backstory shows that he was Murd's best student. Black Moon Chronicles : Haazheel Thorn has control over the living dead, raising them as part of his army. He can also gift his servants with a straightforward resurrection if they've fallen in battle, but you better damn hope he considers you useful enough to bother. Age of the Wolf : Sister Sigrid is a sapient Wolf Woman who is shown being able to resurrect werewolf corpses to lay a trap for the heroine. Wonder Woman : Hades has a degree of control over the dead in the underworld, and can use their souls to attack the living though he normally lets them be so long as they remain in their proper district.

In Wonder Woman he uses souls to build everything in Hades, every brick and stone is a human soul entirely under his control. The Legend of Wonder Woman : The Duke of Deception can reanimate Nazi soldiers and attack with dark souls which seem to emanate from the Baetylus. After Diana gets her lasso of truth on him he learns that the spirits have more power over his actions and thoughts than he has over them, and he's been duped into the role he's playing though he was okay with it until he learns the death he's been trying to avenge did not occur.

Nakisha from Fly Or Fall is the Fairy of Spirits and as such has this power, but is one of the good guys. Queen Tiana and Marcus of Keepers of the Elements both have this as their power, but they're both good guys. In The Dark Witch and the Necromancer Harry became one in order to combat Voldemort and his Death Eaters, but summoned animated skeletons rather than creating zombies of any variety. He summoned a dinosaur skeleton during an attack on the Hogwarts Express.

Twilight Sparkle from Split Second has necromancy as her special talent. As neither film involves undead hordes and feature more traditional wizards, it is clear the older meaning is being invoked. The Possession of Michael King has a classic version, a funeral director who conducts rituals to speak with the dead at night.

Mythica : The magic that Marek and her enemies use is consistently described as necromancy, but is powered by sucking the life energy from the living too, not just dealing with the dead. She is the heroine. Light Novels. Eucliwood Hellscythe of Is This a Zombie? Her magic allows her to heal, kill, and create zombies in this case, immortal, self-aware undead.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor : As a result of an epic quest arc being succesfully completed, high level mage characters are allowed to evolve their class to become Necromancers. The reasons run the gamut from Necromantic to Night of the Living Mooks. By Work: Anita Blake is a licensed necromancer who often uses her powers to interrogate the dead when she isn't busy sexing them up for one contrived reason or another. Sorcerer-Captain Emorc apparently spent some time studying necromancy; which comes in handy when he needs to create An Army of the Dead.

They can bring most people, animals, and monsters back from the dead, and also have Mind Control powers. They're feared and distrusted by most people with some reason, as a Bone Witch who uses her powers for evil can be an incredibly destructive force , but are tolerated due to their skill at controlling and killing Daeva, the resident Hybrid Monsters. Cannon Fodder has a necromancer named Doris. She seems to be an all right person, but on the other hand, we don't see her practice her necromantic powers.

The Necromancers - Servants of the Salem Girl (Full Album) - Ripple Music - 2017

Lovecraft 's The Case of Charles Dexter Ward features a group of immortal necromancers, most notably the titular protagonist's ancestor, Joseph Curwen. They can resurrect the dead temporarily by converting their bones or ashes into mystical "saltes" through alchemy, and speaking an incantation, and torture them for esoteric knowledge lost from the world of the living.

It's implied that their ultimate goal is to resurrect undead legions to take over the world under their command. She's said to have always been obsessed with the secrets of the dead. As soon as she became her clan's mage, she performed a forbidden ritual and brought back to life a deceased boy. Soon after this, all the other Eagle Owls died out of sickness. At the climax of Ghost Hunter , Eostra summons the spirits of all her deceased Soul Eaters , bound to her through their hairs she possesses.

When the hairs are burned, the summoned spirits return to afterlife. Chronicles of a Reluctant Necromancer features the main protagonist as a necromancer, and the big bad is an evil necromancer. Chronicles of the Necromancer features a good necromancer as its main character. Robert E. In " The Devil in Iron ", Khosatral Khel revives his city with it, But folk who have tasted of death are only partly alive. In the dark corners of their souls and minds, death still lurks unconquered. By night the people of Dagon moved and loved, hated and feasted, and remembered the fall of Dagon and their own slaughter only as a dim dream; they moved in an enchanted mist of illusion, feeling the strangeness of their existence but not inquiring the reasons therefor.


With the coming of day, they sank into deep sleep, to be roused again only by the coming of night, which is akin to death. Enoch: That's what I can do—take the life of one thing and give it to another, either clay like this or something that used to be alive but ain't anymore. Live-Action TV. Game of Thrones : The White Walkers reanimate those they kill as undead wights.

The Night King takes things much further than regular White Walkers by raising hundreds or even thousands of wights at once and at a distance, and being able to raise any corpse in his vicinity that hasn't been burned. Thoros of Myr has resurrected Beric Dondarrion six times, although he sees it as a Healing Hands type power. Ned, the main character of Pushing Daisies. The soul gets revived along with the person in his instance, so no zombies. In fact, one of the first things he says in the series is an objection to those he revives being called undead, when they're merely "alive again".

There are, however, plenty of gruesome cases where it's probably a blessing that he sticks to his guideline of keeping them alive for only one minute otherwise something else dies ; at any rate, even the better cases aren't quite normal afterward, as while they can be killed again and thus permanently , they nonetheless stop aging. Angel refers to necromancers on occasion, and features Los Angeles necromancer Magnus Hainsley as a minor villain in the last season.

As expected from a series that constantly subverts fantasy and horror tropes, Magnus turns out to be a short, bald fast-talker who seems more like a car salesman than a sorcerer. He does prove to be a powerful enemy, though, given that he has "power over the dead" and the heroes confronting him are a vampire and a ghost or close enough to a ghost for his purposes.

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The Necromancers. likes · talking about this. Second album "Of Blood and Wine" out on October 5th via Ripple Music! THE NECROMANCERS are a young Heavy/Occult Rock band from Poitiers ( France) that formed in Drawing their main inspiration from mythological.

Rush 's "The Necromancer" , which is based on the character of the same name from The Hobbit who turned out to be Sauron. Mythology and Religion.

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The Bible : The Old Testament comes down pretty hard on divination in general, including necromancy, and exhorts the Israelites not to put their faith in sorcerers. At one point in 1 Samuel 28 , a necromancer conjures the spirit of Samuel, a dead prophet, to ask some questions. While Samuel does show up, he's not real happy about it and basically just tells Saul that God is done with him. In the Book of Ezekiel, God himself commands Ezekiel to resurrect a whole army of skeletons , which were the people of Israel, to reclaim their homes.

This was done before video game necromancy was a thing. Of all the people, you would not expect Odysseus to be one. In some versions of the tale, he ritually cuts open a path to the Underworld and calls forth some ghosts, such as his mother, Achilles and Agamemnon, as well as Tiresias, a prophet whom Odyssey needed to consult to learn how to appease Poseidon.

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This was a rite in Ancient Greece known as Nekyia , which was summoning the dead to speak to them, the original meaning of Necromancy. He made sure to close the path once there were signs of risks, since it was technically a way out for the dead that Cerberus did not guard. Other Sites. The three people who founded it discovered a way to make yellow scarves that cause anyone who dies while wearing them to come back to life as zombie-like creatures and go to work in one of their factories. Tabletop Games. Its practitioners were called necromancers. But since necromancy was categorized as magic over life forces, it made perfect sense.

The 3. Cleric class ability. Animate Dead spell? Clerics got it way earlier than wizards.


Kitty Cattus. Store Home. Often including the souls of the dealmakers themselves. By night the people of Dagon moved and loved, hated and feasted, and remembered the fall of Dagon and their own slaughter only as a dim dream; they moved in an enchanted mist of illusion, feeling the strangeness of their existence but not inquiring the reasons therefor. Necromancers and vampires use this second form of necromancy to animate armies of undead followers. The Necromancer is a playable hero class in Breach , capable of using the dead to fend off the army of mythological creatures threatening humanity. IAM go to album.

Speak with Dead spell, the main way to interrogate a corpse? Cleric only. You get the picture. The primary difference is in the definition of "necromancer". Wizards excell in manipulating energy and making living things dead or dead things deader. Clerics are better at raising armies of darkness and sweeping the world with a zombie plague.

However, in Pathfinder, the oft-called 3. As does the Dread Necromancer see above Animate Dead itself is also a potential Game-Breaker if used by a PC, especially if the character has specialization feats to back it up. After the party defeats an encounter, the caster uses one spell and gets some or all of the monsters as his permanent lackeys to throw at the next encounter, but with added health, immunities, and damage resistance now.

In Exalted , Necromancy is to Sorcery as the Underworld is to Creation; a deadened reflective parody, requiring a different set of initiation Charms to access and being a form of Mutually Exclusive Magic —see that page for more details. Whereas Sorcery is derived from Creation's living Essence, Necromancy is derived from the necrotic, decayed Essence of the Underworld—and ultimately, the Void.

In fact, the highest-level Healing spell, Resurrection, requires its casters to know some necromancy, including Summon Spirit. Everyone who is anyone of any importance is either a necromancer or undead. And labor, being zombie-based, is cheap but smelly. In Magic: The Gathering some creatures normally black, and with standard job-based creature types such as Cleric, Wizard or Shaman are called necromancers; it's a magical specialization.

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Most necromancers have abilities related to getting something useful from the death of creatures, which clearly distinguishes them from the Demon-summoning nutcases the other main group of human and almost human users of black magic and from Zombie lords that are themselves an undead Zombie and make other zombies more powerful or useful.

Games Workshop games: Warhammer : Eldar Spiritseers are explicitly compared in-universe to necromancers. Although they don't animate corpses, Spiritseers are psykers able to commune with the spirits in the Infinity Circuit, and guide the departed souls as they take to the battlefield as Wraithguard or Wraithlords.

The Eldar still regard the practice as abhorrent, but a Necessary Evil given these desperate times. Necrons, being zombie robots, can do this, but only with their own troops. Few things or more disheartening to the enemy than finally killing one of the damn things and seeing them get back up. Dark Eldar Haemonculi can bring people back from the dead and not as undead: as their actual selves , it's one of the reasons slavery in Commorragh is so horrible a fate, as you can't even escape it through suicide.

The process breaks down if used excessively, inducing Came Back Wrong in people who die a lot or in the case of Urien Rakarth, look forward to getting killed and resurrected to see what new additions their body will have. Warhammer : The setting makes a difference between those that use the Lore of Death more classical necromancy, communicating with the dead and one of the eight Winds of Magic and those that use necromancy animating the dead, a form of dark magic. Necromancers and vampires use this second form of necromancy to animate armies of undead followers. Necromancy in the Warhammer World began with Nagash, the first and greatest necromancer who was originally a high priest of the Nehekharan Mortuary Cult and Omnicidal Maniac who attempted to raise all the dead of the world as his servants.

The liche-priests are another kind of necromancer who summon the spirits of fallen warriors into their own skeletal remains to continue serving their kings as in life. The Old World Necromancy used by necromancers and vampires is actually a bastardisation some might say a refinement of the traditional necromantic practices of the Liche Priests, pioneered by the Great Necromancer Nagash for his own nefarious ends. As such the underlying magical principles are the pretty much the same, but manifested in culturally distinct ways. The necromantic abilities of Nagash and his Deathlord followers, as well as the lesser Deathmages and Soulblight vampires, are greater than ever with their ultimate goal being to raise the populations of all eight Mortal Realms into undeath.

Used many, many times in various The World of Darkness gamelines: Vampire: The Masquerade has the Giovanni clan, a Mafia family of vampires with a long history of necromantic practices. The corpses serve multiple purposes, one of them being that, since the Giovanni bite causes a lot of pain , they provide a more reliable means of blood than feeding on live humans. There're also a few bloodlines who have necromantic powers: the Harbingers of Skulls, who all look like walking corpses and seek revenge on the Giovanni, the Samedi, who all look like rotting corpses and have Hollywood Voodoo associations, the Impundulu, an African bloodline who can only feed from one family , and the flesh-eating Nagaraja.

Vampire: The Requiem brings the Giovanni back as the Sangiovanni bloodline.

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Out with the Mafia ties, in with the necrophilia. It also adds two other necromantic bloodlines; the Burakumin, a Japanese Nosferatu strain with Eastern-themed necromantic powers called Getsumei, and the Apollinaire, who have a Hollywood Voodoo motif. Mage: The Awakening has the Moros path, sometimes called the Necromancers. They have an innate understanding of the ways of Death and Matter; doesn't necessarily mean they're bad people, though.

Geist: The Sin-Eaters has the Necromancer Archetype; however, it's less about raising the dead and more about understanding the mysteries of death and the Underworld.

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Though, as the titular Sin-Eaters have death-themed powers making them all necromancers in a way , there are of course rituals to raise zombies. In Mage: The Ascension , the Euthanatoi have experience with most uses of death-aspected magic — communicating with ghosts , binding, warding, and compelling ghosts, and merging the states of life and death, among others.

A number of Hollow Ones also work with ghosts, and have developed several spells to help their allies out. Talisman : The Necromancer player character has the ability to enslave defeated enemy spirits which include ghosts, mummies, demons, and most other types of undead instead of killing them.

Enslaved enemy spirits add their craft to the Necromancer's in psychic combat, and while each spirit can only be used once before being discarded there is no limit to how many the player can amass during the game. In Ironclaw necromancy is banned because the spirits summoned to perform such spells have a chance of doing things like reanimating random corpses or possessing people. It's worth noting that although inherently dangerous, it's not inherently evil — but evil people are obviously more likely to use it despite the danger its use poses to others. The Balance in Anathema creates shrouds the player characters from the spirits of dead humans.

The Dark Eye has necromancy as a playable profession — unloved by the priests of Boron, the god of the dead, and most white mages, but not necessarily evil. Most still are, due to the fact, that the only mage academies really into necromancy are black. It allows the casting of zombie at the Novice level, as well as making the casting cheaper per zombie more power can be paid to increase the duration. Weird Wars : World War Two has the historical Japanese Unit harbour a small group which uses Eastern magic to summon the dead and bind them to remains, even capable of attaching undead brains to the controls of vehicles and aircraft.