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The White Rajah by Tom Williams

Brooke himself was knighted by Queen Victoria, and after resisting efforts by the British to colonise Sarawak, he was even put on trial for piracy and murder. Shooting will commence in mid with director Sergei Bodrov at the helm. According to Allyn, he first got the idea to make a movie about James Brooke seven years ago when he came across a coffee table book called The White Rajahs Of Sarawak in a Singaporean bookstore. Allyn was initially fascinated by the story of a young man who fled a romantic scandal in England to become a rajah in Sarawak.

The White Rajah Of Sarawak #behind the scenes

He was born in Bengal, and had a bit of a wild streak. Photo: Rob Allyn.

The Defeat of the White Rajah

And he found that tropical paradise of his dreams in Sarawak! There had been previous attempts to make a White Rajah movie, starting with an attempt by the legendary actor Errol Flynn in The Brooke Heritage Trust, a non-profit organisation, serves as technical advisors on the project, and are giving the filmmakers rights to tens of thousands of images to use in the film, said Allyn.

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It was Jason who convinced Allyn to make the movie in Sarawak. I had been living in that Brooke era in my head for so long that my impression of Sarawak was that of longhouses and jungles! There, Allyn realised that his initial fears about filming in Sarawak were completely unfounded, and that in fact, it was the perfect place to shoot the movie.

The Birth of the Brooke Dynasty

But Kuching is unusual. I was afraid it would be too underdeveloped to have the things we would need, or too developed to have the historic things we needed.

Allyn said they are also looking into including local actors and non-actors in the cast. White Rajah also has official backing from the Sarawak Government. After venturing along the coast and up rivers, learning to know the people and their problems, he was able to help and advise the local administrators that they implored him to stay and become their Rajah.

The White Rajahs of Sarawak

He was formally installed on September 24th and from then he began, with a few British friends, the task of fostering peaceful trade and just dealing to subjects of many different races whom he was to rule, with sympathy and understanding for twenty-two years. He endeavoured to suppress piracy, head-hunting and slavery and greatly reduced inter-tribal warfare. To the native laws and customs, which he respected, he added a simplified British Code of Justice which he administered personally, making himself available to anyone seeking his counsel.

He devoted his fortune to the needs of his people. In he visited England and was created K.

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There had been previous attempts to make a White Rajah movie, starting with an attempt by the legendary actor Errol Flynn in Gladys Palmer , with whom he had three daughters and one son. Getting Around Kuching. Contrary to expectation, however, Vyner was not the final White Rajah, for not long after Sarawak joined Malaysia, Taib Mahmud appeared on the scene. He is based in China and has also published a steampunk revenge novel called 'Tell no Tales'. Photo: Brooke Heritage Trust Entertainment. I just upvoted you!

When he returned to Sarawak he brought with him his nephew Captain John Brooke Johnson, who changed his surname to Brooke, and whom he created Rajah Muda and his heir. In their unremitting and selfless work they endured many dangers but succeeded in bringing peace to their country and development without exploitation. Sarawak was recognized by America as an independent State in and by Great Britain in In the Rajah bought Burrator in Sheepstor to which he retired in and where he died on 11th June John Brooke Brooke died in England in the same year as his Uncle.

He entered the Navy in With Captain the Hon. Henry Keppel — a close friend of James Brooke — he visited Sarawak for the first time in , and in obtained leave of absence for two years to help the Rajah administer the country. In he resigned from the Navy and was granted the title of Tuan Muda, and a few years before his uncle retired, changed his surname to Brooke.

By his courage, resource and integrity in many hazardous encounters he won the trust of the Sarawak people to whose service and the laws laid down by the First Rajah he dedicated himself. Inheriting a country considerably in debt, he lived for many years with great frugality. During his reign many more tribes in Borneo sought protection under his sovereignty so that the boundaries of the State were much extended.

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Ruling it like his uncle with only a handful of British assistants and a small force of Sarawak Rangers founded in , he continuously travelled its 50, square miles, consulting with th chiefs of many different tribes of diverse race, language and custom and making himself accessible to all. Austere, direct and autocratic, he was also radical and far-sighted with clear perception of what was likely to happen to colonial possessions in the twentieth century. He sailed his own ships. He established a sound economy and an effective Civil Service and introduced many Public Works.

Agriculture and trade prospered; medical services schools and Christian missions were established. In Queen Victoria created him G. In he married his cousin, Margaret de Windt.