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Come drop by Clarion Write-A-Thon and choose some writers to pledge along their way, help push them to meet their goals! Clarion gets all the money—actually, the students get the money through scholarships. But we get the encouragement of someone rooting us along! Come by and see what people are writing! We all went outside and it looked to my eye like it was moving, drifting, changing its brightness.

Someone said it might be Mercury or Jupiter, so we all looked—and sure enough, that was where Mercury was supposed to be though a little high. We had a debate online about what it was, and it reminded me of this article I wrote about 10 years ago when I lived in the Yukon Territory Spring, issue of Yukon North of Ordinary. It was probably the best article I ever wrote—certainly one of the most fun—and it was for the magazine Yukon North of Ordinary , the in-flight magazine of Air North.

Metamorphica by Zachary Mason review – mish-mash of Graeco-Roman myth

I was asked to write it as a science fiction writer looking into sightings of UFOs. Everyone who commissioned this article thought it would be funny, light-hearted, and that I would have a great time talking aliens with folks, but that I would know the difference between fact and fiction.

I do like the idea of taking a group who is having trouble understanding or accepting you hello, conservative evangelical Christians and using a story to teach them how to understand people LGBTQ people better. Do I think Avatar could have been a better movie? Sure, but with all the changes that this writer mentioned:. Of course, this is based on my reading of the film. I think about how mental health is portrayed on screen now, how LGBTQ people are portrayed in films, how bad tropes are perpetuated. Usually tropes lose their attraction when we explain how they are dangerous.

But even then, folks, it took me 9 years to find this old blogpost, know it was a problem, and rip it down.

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I just forgot it was here till I saw that someone read it, and then I reread it and, well, I saw it as problematic. I was deeply embarrassed, and ashamed, and just wanted to kick me for not having a better understanding then. Changing your mind, learning from your mistakes, and doing better is more important than how you believed yesterday. Repairing damage is also important.

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So I write this tonight. But I think we are all learning things together. And I see myself evolving and learning and growing too—just as everyone is supposed to do. I believe this is the right choice for me right now. I have secured at least one teaching gig for the fall, and hopefully more will come if they like what I do.

But money will probably still be tight, and after the two years is over, I lose all that funding. The new gastropub breaks the five-star lounge-bar stereotype with casual street food and wallet-friendly tipples. The good stuff. A mishmash of nostalgic memorabilia, including old dabba tiffins, cutting-chai teapots, Kathakali bobble heads and assorted animal figurines, line the beehive-patterned slate walls of the indoor section.

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There are plenty of sofas but we recommend reserving window seats or a spot on the balcony, particularly for the sunset views. We loved that it came with enough dipping sauce to dollop on our very last dish. The not-so-good. The grandmaster challenge is to read it with a squeaky voice after inhaling helium. What fun we fans have. Making it through three-quarters of a page is considered an extraordinary accomplishment.

James F. He published The Eye of Argon in a fanzine in at age 16 it did not appear until three months after his 17th birthday, but Theis himself claimed to have been 16 at the time of its writing.

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He did not write any more fiction, but did later pursue and earn a degree in journalism. His hobbies included collecting books, comics, and German swords; [8] he also collected, traded, and sold tapes of radio programs of the s, '40s, and '50s under the business-name "The Phantom of Radio Past", advertising in such publications as the Fandom Directory.

In an interview with Theis on 8 March on Hour 25 , a talk show on KPFK , the presenters of which would periodically stage a reading of The Eye of Argon , Theis stated that he was hurt that his story was being mocked and said he would never write anything again. Because the novelette was at least once re-typed and photocopied for distribution, without provenance , many readers have found it hard to believe the story was not a collaborative effort, a satire on bad writing, or both.

Jerome Stueart + Queerness, Art, Books, Geek Culture, and the Yukon

They vary in quality and to be honest, the author should have stuck with one and fully explored it. Learn more about blocking users. Ecordian," after the hero, Grignr the Ecordian. A good short read. Sep 29, Tatiana rated it really liked it Shelves: owned-ebooks. This review was originally posted on my blog ladybookdragon.

The webmaster of a now defunct site called "Wulf's 'Eye of Argon' Shrine" argued that the story "was actually well paced and plotted. He went on to say that, although he didn't believe it himself, 'at least one sf professional today claims that the story was a cunning piece of satire passed off as real fan fiction. I had a surprising conversation at Readercon with literary superstar Samuel R.


A Mishmash is selected easy to read short stories and essays with a wide variety of plots to make the reader laugh, cry, wonder, and ponder and stir your. rapyzure.tk - Buy A Mishmash for a Short Read book online at best prices in India on rapyzure.tk Read A Mishmash for a Short Read book reviews & author.

Delany , who told me of how at an early Clarion the students and teachers had decided to see exactly how bad a story they could write if they put their minds to it. Chip [Delany] himself contributed a paragraph to the round robin effort. Its title?

Or everything that came before Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus walked down that “Old Town Road.”

The reprint was attributed to "G. Ecordian," after the hero, Grignr the Ecordian. Langford considers it well known that Theis is the author, and surmises that Delany misremembered the event. Author Stephen Goldin said that, during a convention, he met a woman who told him she had done the actual mimeographing for the Ozark-area fanzine. Lee Weinstein reports that he had originally heard that Dorothy Fontana had distributed the photocopies. Weinstein, however, later discovered Usenet posts by Richard W. Zellich, who was involved in running the St.

Louis, Missouri area convention Archon. Zellich reported in posts that Jim Theis was real and attended the convention for years.

What Weinstein calls "the smoking gun Theis was quoted as saying, "How many professional writers have written a complete story at so early an age? Even so, 'Eye of Argon' isn't great.