Dont Ask My Neighbor

Don't Ask My Neighbors
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The lady two doors down might tell you about the morning she saw me wave my daughter goodbye to nursery on the bus while she happened to look out her window just as my son was running down the street flapping wearing nothing but his red school jumper! If you are going to talk to my neighbours it may be best to avoid that one. The previous neighbour to my right that moved out last year may not have been a good choice to talk to either.

He might tell you about the time he caught my son standing at his camper van licking it clean!

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Thankfully he sold up and moved out a few months later so I might not hear about that one again. Mind you the couple and their son who moved in after him may be best avoided too. They would only tell you about the screams they hear from my children most nights like they are being killed. I could tell them I am only cutting heir nails or washing their hair but somehow I doubt they would believe me. They could tell you about the time they had friends over for a BBQ and turned around to find my son helping himself to the food while they were all busy chatting.

Please, please avoid the wife! She was sunbathing one day and as she looked over her hedge she saw my naked son running along side the hedge with his eyes right up against the bush peering through it. The elderly lady across the road could tell you a good few stories. Like the time she saw us manhandle our child into a taxi and wave goodbye to him and he screamed in sheer horror.

One day I might explain it was a different colour car that day and he could not cope with but in the meantime it maybe best to keep your distance. She has also saw us a few time wave our hands in glee as the children left for nursery or school and I have a feeling she thinks we look too happy to see them go. There could be some truth in that some mornings. When we moved into this street we were reliably informed that it was quiet and that there was very little movement in terms of people selling up.

It was seen as sought after. We seem to have pleased the estate agents though as since moving in at least three houses on the street have changed hands. We must be a good influence I think.

Don't Ask My Neighbors / The Emotions

If they knew where we were going they may wonder why we take the kids to hospital appointments so often or why if they come to the door it is always locked and the key hidden away think back to the half naked child escaping. They may even wonder why they see me regularly carrying six year olds who are screaming and trying to bite me. They have no doubt not seen many parents hang out bedding that is half eaten before or hear a child so distraught because you dared peg an item of clothing out without the pegs matching. Quote Complaint.

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Don't Ask My Neighbors Lyrics: You're wondering if / I care about you / Is there some cause / That I should doubt you / Oh, I can see, boy / That you don't know. Rejoice is a album by American vocal group The Emotions. Released on January 16, Supported by the successful single "Don't Ask My Neighbors" the album achieved a slow and smooth descent on the charts which allowed it to.

Princess Stubblefield 29 June When you're in a real and mature relationship and you love and respect each other. This song is so reassuring. Luiz Emediato. Luiz Emediato 29 June Jessica Burdell.

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Jessica Burdell 28 June I would most definitely request this one for me and my husband's first anniversary. Arnold Valerio Jr. Arnold Valerio Jr 24 June Lathecia Small. Lathecia Small 24 June I'm in all of the old school music with a real band real singing real instruments and real talent. Mildred Stallworth. Mildred Stallworth 22 June Michelle' Mykel' House. Michelle' Mykel' House 18 June Charles Williams. Charles Williams 17 June Their unison and harmony untouchable, that's singing. Nuff said! Tmac Felton. Tmac Felton 17 June Erica Ami.

Erica Ami 16 June I heard this song in Germany 42 years ago and I still know every beat and word by heart! This song touches my heart! J Smithson. J Smithson 15 June Loretta De Herrera.

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Loretta De Herrera 13 June Vivian Cain. Vivian Cain 12 June I grew up listening to this song on vinyl.

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Dick Addrisi. Read more Eugene Gilbert 10 June I grew up listening to this song on vinyl. Nikahya Williams.

It's amazing how you could here every instrument, and how melody was married to harmony. I loved it then and now.

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Dee Hudson. Dee Hudson 11 June Don't ask my neighbors nothing. Let them tell it "I am this and that" I like the that part.

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