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Just One More Question: Stories from a Life in Neurology
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Gifting to… Your co-workers? SpongeBob is confused why Squidward is in the Krusty Krab in early hours, why the Patty Vault is open, why is he holding a Krabby Patty behind his back, and why he is acting nervous, sweating, and looking hungry before realizing that he likes Krabby Patties. Once SpongeBob asks Squidward, the latter openly states that he indeed likes Krabby Patties before wolfing down the patties in the vault. SpongeBob then warns Squidward not to eat too many of them in there, as they all go down to his thighs and, as Squidward sarcastically predicts, causes him to subsequently explode.


In the original airing, there is a scene where Squidward triggers a burglar alarm consisting of a bucket of gasoline which is spilled, lit on fire, and explodes is cut out of later airings of the episode. Reports of the scene being deleted were as early as January , a mere three months after the episode originally aired.

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Just One More - 3rd Ave, Jamaica, Iowa - Rated based on 60 Reviews "Great poker run for an awesome cause!! Having a blast with friends!!!". Pub in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tulsa, Oklahoma Just an fyi our a.c. is up and running so come in tomorrow for an ice cold beer and enjoy the nice a.c.!!!!!.

Current show runner Vincent Waller has confirmed in a statement on Twitter that the removal of the scene was ultimately due to Nickelodeon being against the idea of a gag involving a match and gasoline. However, the VideoNow versions still have this scene intact.

David Guetta - Just One Last Time ft. Taped Rai (Official Video)

It's also known to be dubbed in Korean. It is unknown why it was not deleted in Canada and Korea. All Canadian airings, all Korean airings, and the VideoNow versions show this scene. All airings in other countries and all DVDs show the edited version. When the uncut version was aired, " The Bully " aired first and "Just One Bite" second; however, in all showings of the edited version, the order of the two episodes segments are reversed.

What's this doing here? Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. After seeing the customer eat it, Squidward expresses his disgust for Krabby Patties despite never having eaten one.

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SpongeBob insists that he tries one, claiming that they are so popular that "the only people who don't like a Krabby Patty have never tasted one. Squidward saying he has no soul with a hellish background After this attempt fails, Squidward then resorts to eating a half-eaten Krabby Patty from the trash can. Production Deleted scene Just One Bite Cut Scene The deleted gasoline scene from the episode In the original airing, there is a scene where Squidward triggers a burglar alarm consisting of a bucket of gasoline which is spilled, lit on fire, and explodes is cut out of later airings of the episode.

All I have to do is It's too easy. There must be some kind of [liquid drips] This is our burglar alarm? A bucket of water? Ha ha!

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This is Squidward screams and enters the kitchen, but just as he thinks his pain is over, he sets off another burglar alarm. Not to be confused with The Tetris Effect which is an effect of this trope, not the trope itself. Now, even though this is Truth in Television , examples are limited to In-Universe , since all but the shortest games can do this in Real Life.

There's no point to listing a game that merely can do this. Also, examples are about games only. Other media are covered by separate tropes. Community Showcase More.

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Get Known if you don't have an account. Having never picked up a videogame before, the dad in The Wizard gets this in a bad way. In an example dating back to , They Drive by Night has a gag with a trucker getting stuck for hours playing a pinball machine. Every time he says this is his last round, he wins a few dozen free games and feels compelled to keep playing. In The Reality Bug the world of Veelox is slowly crumbling because most of the citizens are residing in an alternate-world fantasy game, and dying off in the game, one by one. The game was basically intended to cause this—it lets people live out their fantasies while eliminating needs like food and drink.

Live-Action TV.

Chandler in Friends spends an episode addicted to Ms. Pacman, to the point where he can no longer move his hand. An episode of Psych has Shawn's father discovering Crackdown. Cue them returning the next day or so, and the father hasn't slept and has to be prompted to stop, and even threatens Shawn when he tries to take the console away. Shawn's Dad Illyria: "I play this game. It's pointless, and annoys me.

Yet I am compelled to play on.

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The wish that Martin would die, that my parents would die, that I could learn about death and in the process feel more fully alive myself. Thank you to all of our wonderful JOMers who help us support our favorite charities! Spanish Mexico. Just one more thing I forgot to ask, what will your final deciding factor be in your decision? Not to be confused with The Tetris Effect which is an effect of this trope, not the trope itself.

Newspaper Comics. One series of strips had Andy getting addicted to Nintendogs ; when she finally returns Jason's DS, he rightly guesses that it's only because the battery died. Video Games must be referenced by the game in some way. The Civilization series lampshades this trope. The advertisement surrounding Civ 4 use the phrase "one more turn" as a Madness Mantra , including starting a fake site for Civilization-holics called " No More Turns ".