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The decision was forced by the need to replace the steam engine, an expense that could not be justified if the building were to remain a room and power mill.

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The directors had other business interest in Burnley and were aware of the market. All the assets were passed to the Harle Syke Mill Company who continued to provide 'room and power facilities' to the two remaining tenants. The new company replaced the steam engine, built a new weaving shed stocked it with looms and started to manufacture cloth again after a break of forty years.

The first war had little effect on weaving, and the peace dividend caused a boom and inflation. The profits were transferred to the shareholders in the form of bonus shares. In the economy crashed and the company entered a twenty-year period of austerity. Cotton Control in World War 2 forced cotton companies to reduce its capacity, in Harle Syke Mill had only looms running and Queen Street Manufacturing Company moved into the bottom shop. Harle Syke Mill Company closed the bottom shed that year. Harle Syke Mill closed in September when the shareholders agreed to join the Conservative government's Cotton Industry Reorganisation Scheme whereby compensation was given for each loom destroyed.

The firm wove out and smashed the looms the workforce was made redundant. A Manchester firm Manifold Textiles moved into Siberia trading as Finsley View Manufacturing Company, took on the workers and continued in production until The weaving sheds of both the building and the shed have been modified, some parts have been demolished to provide parking, but were still occupied in In planning permission was given to convert the Burnley Road warehouse into 12 residential apartments, a clinic and nursery. Some of the weaving shed would be cleared and houses built.


When yarn enters a weaving mill, the warp is usually already on a beam and the weft is on different size cops and cheeses. The weft has to be wound onto pirns to fit in the shuttles suitable for installed looms.

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The threads pass through the size to stiffen them and reduce friction. The size is a mixture of flour soft soap and tallow. The ends are dried over steam-heated cylinders and wound onto the final beam, the weavers beam. The weavers beam is now placed on the Drawing-in frame. Here each end is passed through the healds, and then through a reed.

This job was done by a reacher-in and a loomer. The reacher-in, who would be young and usually a boy, passed each end in order through to the loomer. Alternatively, if the loom had already run that cloth, a short length of the previous warp thread could be left on the healds and reed, and a Barber Colman knotter ties the old ends to the new. This process took 20 minutes, considerably faster than starting afresh.

Spare healds and reeds are stored above head height for that purpose. The loomed weavers beam is taken into the weaving shed, where it gaited to the loom by a tackler. One weaver would tenter 6, or 8 Lancashire Looms, which would be kept working by a tackler. This shed is known as top shed or Siberia due to it starting up before the steam heating pipes were working. A new warehouse was built at right angles to the existing one fronting Burnley Road. It uses Corliss valves. They were delivered by April Howard and Bullough provided two tapes tape sizing machines and eight beaming frames.

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There were seven tacklers and then beamers and loomers. John Taylor was a director and shareholder but also an employee as were many others and it was this that made the 'Harle Syke model' unique. During the period between and , the room and power mill was home to many manufacturing companies. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lancashire portal. Textiles Warp and weft Yarn. More looms Kissing the shuttle Piece-rate list.

Bancroft Shed Queen Street Mill. Lancashire cotton. More looms Kissing the shuttle Mule spinners' cancer Piece-rate list. Briercliffe Society. Burnley, Lancashire: Burnley Express. Retrieved 22 March Lancashire Telegraph. Archived from the original on 2 December Retrieved 11 July Lancashire County Council. Bythell, Duncan; Frost A Lancashire weaving company and its community: Harle Syke Mill.

Chapman, Sydney John Manchester: University Press. Retrieved 26 May Nasmith, Joseph Recent Cotton Mill Construction and Engineering. London: John Heywood.

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Retrieved 4 March Buildings and structures in the Borough of Burnley. Huntroyde Towneley Park. Places of worship in Burnley Burnley: St Matthew. Namespaces Article Talk. All the hired help in the world won't guarantee her a good night's sleep. But as with all chores, choosing the right tools for the job can help reduce the stress — and that's where sleeping bags come in.

There is no parenting product on earth that can promise you a peaceful night, but ensuring your little one is correctly dressed is a good starting point. Among the recommended products is a night time sleeping bag. You can also select different sizes depending on the age of your baby.

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As your baby grows into a toddler, sleeping bags remain a good option as they allow for freedom of movement without the worry your night time ninja might kick off their covers and wake up because they're too cold. And sleeping bags can also be a really good way of cementing an evening routine as they can be used as a signal bedtime is approaching.

Encouraging your youngster to go and find their sleeping bag ahead of a bedtime story will help them realise it's time to start winding down. Ideally, you'll want to have a couple of bags for each season as toddlers have a habit of attracting mess, so one will always be in the wash — although a 2. You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing and expert advice.

This revenue helps us to fund journalism across The Independent. Cunningly, ergoPouch have come up with a sleeping bag and sleep suit in one. These bright, light, beautifully made bags can be used as a traditional sleeping sack or, thanks to a clever four-way zip system, be quickly and easily transformed into a full suit with legs and feet pads — making the transition to pram or car seat an easy one. For older kids and little walkers, it also provides the freedom to pad around in their sleep wear either before bed or first thing in the morning.

A nice feature of this design is the short sleeves — most sleeping bags are either sleeveless or full-sleeved but this keeps little shoulders covered without the worry of overheating. The outer layer is per cent organic cotton with a breathable filling made from a mix of organic cotton and bamboo, which particularly appealed to our tester who liked the soft, light feel against her skin. Suitable for children up to four years. Buy now. Aside from the super cute — and slightly ridiculous — design, this sleeping bag by French favourites Vertbaudet includes the ingenious feature of being able to detach the sleeves, making it perfect for year round use.

Excluding the occasional scorcher of a night in the UK, at two togs this is safe to use in a bedroom at the Lullaby Trust recommended temperature of between 16 and 20C. Available in three sizes and suitable up to three years of age, the bag features a full-length zip fastening for quick and easy use and hard wearing press-stud fastenings with reinforced fabric around the removable sleeves. Older children may prefer the freedom of a sleeveless bag irrespective of temperature. Put more simply, they have feet. This means your little one has the freedom of letting their legs hang out — and you can have the freedom to dress them in said sleeping bag at the time you feel they should go to bed and they can keep on running around and playing in it until the time they deem acceptable The design also means they can draw their legs up inside the bag in the night for a more traditional sleeping bag experience, if preferred.

Each sleeping bag is lined with double knitted merino wool and the outer bag is made from per cent organic cotton — making it super soft.

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This sleeping bag is recommended in temperatures ranging from 16 to 27C which, in the UK at least, means year round. Not only are their designs eye catching, unique and modern, they also feature a clever nappy change zip alongside the conventional side zip fastening.

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Sizes up to 18 months. Available in one-tog or 2. The huge range of products available at their UK store ensures a size, style and design to suit every requirement and taste. This style is one of the newest in the collection and is based around their best-selling Ollie the Owl soother, a battery-powered sleep aid.

The MORI bag also has one of my favourite features — a clever little opening for a pushchair or car seat fastening. The utility of such a feature cannot be underestimated as the majority of parents who have any sort of long-distance travelling to do will try their best to do it once their child is asleep. This little flap allows you to pass a strap through your pre-bagged child so the journey can be made in a car seat or pushchair without any problems, and safe in the knowledge your child is adequately dressed.

Available in 0. But on top of this, it also combines the clever feature of the Vertbaudet bag, in that the sleeves are detachable using poppers.

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And sleeping bags can also be a really good way of cementing an evening routine as they can be used as a signal bedtime is approaching. Martin West, Ing Bottom, aged 56, cotton manufacturer employing 16 hands. The name of Canteen apparently arose from it being the name of a beerhouse, the Old Canteen Inn, which stood by the side of the road facing the river in the first part of the 19th century. Voucher Codes. Slater S.

This makes the bag a real multi-functional product that can be used in a variety of temperatures and at home or on the go. This is a real classic toddler sleeping bag design with no sleeves, and poppers under the arms, making it adjustable as your child grows. This comes in particularly handy for younger children who are still sleeping in a cot with sides, as they are much less likely to be able to successfully climb up and over if their legs are in a bag — nothing is ever guaranteed, mind Available in 2. With everything from bold prints to the much coveted bags with feet — and weights available from as light as 0.

The filling is made of soft polyester fleece, which prevents allergies and limits movement of the material inside the bag, to stop it getting bumpy and uneven as your child thrashes around. Sizes available up to six years, with very generous length and a back velcro fastening if a shorter length is required. This is another classic toddler sleeping bag design with minimum special features but also minimum fuss. It poppers rather than zips, which some parents prefer as there is no risk of catching sensitive little skin during dressing and undressing — although you may find older children can get themselves out quite easily.

The sizing is generous, with lots of length and space to wriggle around in, and the supermarket has a large selection of different character designs and colours available online. Sizes up to two years. Each layer has an outer zip that finishes at the bottom for ease of access and the per cent cotton lining will help regulate temperature. The Babasac — which also comes in a selection of cool, modern prints — is designed so your baby won't slide down inside the bag, won't get their feet stuck in cot bars and won't be able to easily clamber out of the cot, all without sacrificing freedom of movement.

Available in sizes from newborn up to three years. When it comes to toddler products, most parents will pick practicality over appearance every time. The ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag covers all bases, with the added bonus of looking pretty too. Thanks to the unique function of being able to easily transform from a bag to a suit with just the twist of a few zips, it is useful for travel as well as sleep, and means little walkers can move around freely before bedtime and first thing in the morning. It comes in a range of attractive, neutral, understated designs and the material is light and soft and feels incredibly luxurious.

If you're happy to spend the extra, the Merino Superlove all season toddler sleeping bag is another product that ticks all boxes and offers the flexibility to grow with your child.