Social Anthropology and Language: Volume 67 (Anthropology and Ethnography)

International Studies in Sociology and Social Anthropology
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Editor s : Leonardo Morlino and Gianluigi Palombella. Publication Date: 06 Apr Reviving the Ethnographic Aspiration. Publication Date: 22 Mar By: Imtiaz Hussain. Publication Date: 11 Jan Governing Technology through Public Participation. Editor s : Alfons Bora and Heiko Hausendorf. Publication Date: 25 Jan New Theoretical and Comparative Perspectives. Editor s : Heinrich Best and John Higley. Invariant Foundations and Consequences. Publication Date: 31 Aug Editor s : Masamichi Sasaki.

Publication Date: 31 Oct Just Another Drill? By: Rietjens. Publication Date: 25 Feb By: Masamichi Sasaki. Publication Date: 20 Feb By: Mehdi Amineh. Publication Date: 30 Oct Beyond the Drain-Gain Debate. Editor s : Rubin Patterson. Publication Date: 30 Jul Editor s : Yilmaz Esmer and Thorleif Pettersson.

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Publication Date: 26 Feb Editor s : Richard Day and Joseph Masciulli. Publication Date: 29 Nov Scholarly Debates on Eurasianism. Editor s : Dmitry Shlapentokh. Publication Date: 01 Jan By: Frans Schryer. Publication Date: 05 Oct Editor s : Eva Nieuwenhuys. Publication Date: 15 Sep By: Shmuel N. Publication Date: 23 Dec Views and Issues in African Development.

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Editor s : Seifudein Adem. Publication Date: 03 Aug Another French Paradox. Publication Date: 13 Dec Editor s : Mattei Dogan.

Bronislaw Malinowski and Linguistic Pragmatics : Lodz Papers in Pragmatics

Publication Date: 01 Sep Editor s : William V. Harris and Melinda Seid. Publication Date: 28 Sep Publication Date: 18 May Dimensions of Culture in a Comparative Perspective. Publication Date: 23 Feb Conflict, Security, and Development, Second Edition. Editor s : Mehdi Amineh and Henk W. Publication Date: 23 Apr By: Majid Al-Haj. Editor s : Eliezer Ben-Rafael. Publication Date: 25 Aug Findings from the Values Surveys. Editor s : Ronald L. Editor s : Abebe Zegeye and William V. By: Hall Thomas Wilson. Publication Date: 05 Dec Cult Healing in Islamic Egypt.

By: Gerda Sengers. Publication Date: 21 Nov Publication Date: 31 Mar Perspectives on Racism and Multiculturalism. By: Rosemary van den Berg. Publication Date: 27 Feb The Construction of African Historical Identity. Editor s : Maghan Keita. Publication Date: 18 Mar Editor s : Jamil Jreisat. Publication Date: 01 Mar Editor s : Stephen Ndegwa. Editor s : Gregory Howard and Graeme Newman. Publication Date: 16 May Editor s : Richard Harris and Melinda Seid. Publication Date: 14 Jun Editor s : Tukumbi Lumumba-Kasongo.

Publication Date: 06 Jun Editor s : Wei-Chin Lee. Publication Date: 14 Nov By: Jan-Willem Gerritsen. Publication Date: 25 May Editor s : Wil Arts. Publication Date: 12 Jan Publication Date: 22 Jul Renunciation and Worldly Engagement. Editor s : K. Publication Date: 11 Jun Editor s : Wil Arts and Loek Halman.

Publication Date: 14 Mar Editor s : Proshanta Nandi and Shahid Shahidullah. Publication Date: 05 Aug Publication Date: 15 Jul Publication Date: 06 Jul Middle Eastern Perspective. Editor s : Jabbra and Jabbra. Publication Date: 01 Jul Editor s : Paul Lovejoy and Tokunbo Wiliams. Publication Date: 01 Jun Perspectives on Global Injustice and Inequality. Editor s : Lauderdale and Amster. Transnational Challenges to Developed and Developing Societies. Publication Date: 01 Nov Towards the 21st Century. Editor s : Udogu.

Publication Date: 01 Oct New Lessons from around the World. Editor s : Bradshaw. Editor s : Vajpeyi. Editor s : Aqueil Ahmad. Publication Date: 01 Dec Editor s : Smith. Publication Date: 01 May By: Razia Akter. Trade and Aid. Editor s : Choudhry.

Editor s : Ragin. Publication Date: 01 Apr Editor s : Kennedy and Louscher. Publication Date: 01 Feb Editor s : Kim. Does the C. Library own the journal that I need? How to Read a Research Study Article. International sources on geography, demography, environment. Global Rural - Urban Mapping Project. Google Earth! Combine satellite images with maps and photos to visually explore the world. Google Maps Mania blog! Graphs - How to make them tutorials.

Local Hometown Information. State and Local Government web sites directory. Africa: An Encyclopedia of Culture and Society A C A 65 C 66 Diverse Peoples: Nigeria. G 67 Diverse Peoples: South Africa. Encyclopedia of African History P 27 E 43 Encyclopedia of African Peoples. Reference DT E 53 Encyclopedia of African Religion Encyclopedia of the Peoples of Africa and the Middle East.

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How should culture be transmitted to future generations? Tauhi va: Nurturing Tongan sociospatial ties in Maui and beyond. As Zeitlyn discusses, one of these strategies is reading archives against the grain 2 , that is, subverting the modes of understanding that were imagined and intended by the administrative rationalities that produced and maintained them. Writing culture: the poetics and politics of ethnography. And Jean-Jacques Rousseau — famously argued in his two Discourses that social inequalities were European constructs and that the progress of the arts and sciences had brought not any moral improvement but the contrary. Publication Date: 26 Nov

Background Readings What is Applied Anthropology? What is Business Anthropology? What is Consumer Anthropology? What is Organizational Culture? What is Organizational Ethnography? Journal of Business Anthropology open access. E 53 Encyclopedia of Business in Today's World. Business Information for Other Countries Library Guide to International Business Be sure to look at the A to Z World Business database and the globalEdge website, along with the websites of the embassies of other countries, for business and cultural information about other countries.

The EIU has information on various political and economic factors for each country. On the individual country page, look under the Business tab, for a link to information on the Business Environment. The Global Insights section allows you to find business and cultural information for all of the countries in the world. Two search statements to try in the Library Catalog for books: 1.


Doing Business from the World Bank. Reference K General HF Background Readings Clothing, the Body, and Society. Clothing and Religion. Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion. Reference GT General GT F 87 Wedding Dress across Cultures. Reference QH Reference QP C Encyclopedia of Creation Myths.

Reference BL C 7 L 44 Encyclopedia of Evolution. O 83 Encyclopedia of Human Evolution and Prehistory. E 53 Encyclopedia of Religion. E 46 Encyclopedia of Science and Religion. What is Folklore? What are Legends?

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What are Myths? What is a Superstition? American Folklore: An Encyclopedia. Reference GR M 49 C 37 Dictionary of African Mythology. S 24 Dictionary of Classical Mythology. P 53 Dictionary of Superstitions. Reference BF D 53 Encyclopedia Mythica. Encyclopedia of Fable.

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Reference PN S 66 Encyclopedia of Urban Legends. Encyclopedia of Jewish Folklore and Traditions. General GR M The Christmas Encyclopedia. GT G 79 Encyclopedia of Easter, Carnival, and Lent.