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It glorified violence. It promised to purify a degraded culture and restore the nation to greatness. Fascism led to some of the darkest episodes in human history-including the Holocaust and the Second World War. This book details the rise and fall of a discredited form of government. Monarchy is a form of government in which a hereditary ruler serves as head of state, typically for life. Monarchies have existed since the dawn of human civilization. But while the kings and queens or emperors and empresses of the past wielded broad and often absolute power, many of today's monarchs perform ceremonial functions only.

This book examines the various forms that monarchy has taken. In an oligarchy, political power rests with a small privileged group. Oligarchs may exercise power directly or indirectly, but they often act out of selfish or corrupt motives. This book examines the history of oligarchy, which was first described by the ancient Greeks more than 2, years ago. Historically, theocracy has been a fairly rare form of government. Still, theocracies have appeared all over the globe, and they have taken a variety of forms. This book examines theocratic governments, from ancient Egypt to present-day Iran.

It explores how different theocracies arose, how their leaders maintained authority, and what it was like for ordinary people living under religious rule. Theocracy will provide students with a wealth of fascinating and thought-provoking information. The Thinking Critically series introduces students to the complex issues that dominate public discourse and challenges them to become discerning readers, to think independently, and to engage and develop their skills as critical thinkers. Each eighty-page volume is organized succinctly and contains the same foreward discussing why it is necessary for all citizens to have cultural literacy.

All volumes have an overview section introducing the history of the topic, current challenges, and potential future uses. There are four chapters covering four topics for debate. Cell phones are transforming modern life by providing anytime-anywhere communications, rich media experiences, and useful apps. Are Cell Phones Impacting Efficiency?

Wolverine and the X-Men, Volume 8

The debate over gun control in the United States ranges from constitutional issues to questions of community safety. The use of drugs by athletes has been a source of controversy within the sports world for several decades. More than one-third of the world's population now uses social networking, which is having a huge impact on the way people think, communicate, and interact.

Does Social Networking Weaken People? Computer crimes-such as hacking, online fraud, identity theft, and cyberterror attacks-have been on the rise for years. Is Cyberterrorism a Major Problem? In a world where more than 15, nuclear weapons already exist, nations disagree over how to reduce nuclear proliferation and the risk of nuclear war. Opioid addiction is the biggest drug abuse epidemic in US history. Topics include: Should opioids be used to treat chronic pain? Who is responsible for the opioid epidemic?

Can regulating opioid prescriptions prevent their abuse? Can medical marijuana prevent opioid abuse? We are in an era when accusations of sexual harassment are being taken far more seriously than ever. Through a narrative-driven pro-con format-supported by relevant facts, quotes, anecdotes, and full-color illustrations--this title examines issues related to sexual harassment. Terrorism and the true nature of the terrorist threat continue to be subjects of intense debate in the United States and societies around the world.

Can Restricting Immigration Prevent Terrorism? Is the Terrorist Threat Overstated? Suicide is now the second-leading cause of death of people ages ten to twenty-four. Are Suicide Prevention Programs Effective? A homeless kid on the run, a car thief who will scale any height and a boxer with a secret life Each of these teen rebels has a specialized skill and motivation for retaliation, bit they cannot succeed alone. Reluctantly agreeing to become a team is the first step in their hunt for retribution. In this next instalment of the high-interest Retribution series, Raven goes undercover to find the link between a pharmaceutical company and a wave of teen suicides.

In this instalment of the high-interest Retribution series for teen readers, Jace tracks down his birth family. In this high-interest sports novel for teens, Leon is devastated after an injury gets him bumped off the relay team. High school math prodigy Claudia Jones is missing.

Her classmates share rumors of an alien abduction-when they're not struggling with early romances, fraying friendships, and the other challenges of young adulthood. Emily's trying to handle a life-changing surprise. Paula's hoping to step out of Emily's shadow. Nigel just wants a girl who will laugh at his jokes. And Brett hardly lets himself get close to anybody. Different chapters focus on different characters, each with a unique visual approach.

Twelve-year-old Danny Woo was born and raised in the Mysterium Circus, a "new circus" outfit made up of eccentrics and artists with extraordinary talents. But after the sudden and suspicious death of his parents, Danny finds himself caught up in a plot that threatens to destroy much more than his beloved circus.

Armed with the tricks his parents taught him, from lock picking to hypnosis to death-defying escape stunts, Danny must fight to survive and uncover the truth. A 'biopic' in graphic form, giving a window into the youth and first love of a beloved writer. Writer-artist Manuela Santoni depicts a young Jane Austen finding her artistic voice and rejecting society's expectations in England of the late s. The book also examines Austen's relationship with Thomas Lefroy, the source of much speculation among Jane Austen fans.

Austen finds herself drawn to Lefroy, despite the divisions between their families, but chooses the life of a writer. Slither into your seat and get ready to learn about some amazing snakes! This series will ambush you with exciting facts about how snakes look, move, hunt, and more. Each book has active photos and digestible text sure to capture your interest and pull you in. There is no escape! People are often afraid of snakes, but these pythons are actually known for their fearfulness.

Ball pythons curl up when threatened, coiling so tightly that they can actually be rolled around on the ground! Learn how these snakes spend the rest of their time in this fearless title. Burmese pythons live in a big way. Growing up to 7 meters long and 90 kilograms, these sizeable snakes are great swimmers that can also hang from trees!

Get a grasp on how Burmese pythons adapt to their environments in this title for young readers. These small snakes pack a poisonous punch. Found in the branches of rain forest trees, bush vipers use their venom to feed on rodents, amphibians, lizards, and birds. See how these tree-dwelling serpents survive in this title for new readers. When in striking distance, these deceptive predators use their long fangs with toxic venom to secure their dinner.

Beginning readers will learn more about how death adders live and hunt in this captivating title. Emerald tree boas are an electrifying sight! Sporting a pattern of lightning bolt shapes down their green backs, these nonvenomous snakes catch rodents in a flash. See how these hair-raising boas can survive for months without eating in this easily digestible title.

Green anacondas are among the largest snakes in the world! Although they are sluggish on land, they can swim at high speeds in all depths of water. Young readers will glide through this title about the lives of these impressive snakes. King cobras are known for their broad heads and standing defense posture. When these cobras sense prey nearby, they extend the top one-third of their body up in the air, lurching forward to attack! Learn more about what makes these snakes royalty in this title for beginning readers.

You might think spitting cobras are named for their poor table manners. The truth is they get their name from their ability to shoot venom from their fangs. Learn why you should avoid eye contact with these cobras in this title for young learners. Gaboon vipers are camouflage experts, hiding from prey and striking at the last second.

They hide so well that their meals often almost step on them! Find out more about these tricky snakes in this exciting title for emerging readers. Said to have the strongest venom of any snake in the world, it kills with just one bite! Growing readers will slither through this title about a powerful snake that thrives under the brutal Australian sun. Often considered the most beautiful snake in the world, the rainbow boa has colorful skin that shimmers in the sun. The rainbow sheen earned this dazzling snake its name. Find out more about this eye-catching boa in this high-interest title for young students.

Did you hear something? Though western diamondbacks are known for shaking their rattles, these snakes are actually silent hunters. Their tails only move to tell predators to stay away. It is their fangs that kill prey with deadly venom. Young readers will find this title is injected with lots of excitement. Calling all young train fans! Each book in this series welcomes kids aboard a specific type of train. Readers will move underground in subways, above ground on monorails, and around downtown via city trains. High-speed trains will rush readers to final destinations fast enough to earn their 'bullet trains' nickname.

Each volume examines a specific type of train, outlining the purpose of the train, how they are powered, the role of the driver of the train, and passenger accommodations if it is a passenger-style train. Numerous photos show the various trains at work, traveling through they city streets or the countryside. A glossary and link for additional online resources is also included. Driving around a busy downtown area can be a hassle, especially during rush hour.

Cars, taxis, buses, bicycles, and pedestrians create traffic jams on city streets. So city trains are the answer for many people. In this title, beginning readers will follow city trains from stop to stop. The average freight car can hold , pounds. This is equal to the weight of 15 male bush elephants! Early readers will be impressed by the powerful freight trains in this book moving heavy loads of food, coal, oil, and more! High-speed trains get their speed and their nickname from their bullet-like shape.

Their long, curved noses cut through air easily to allow speeds much faster than miles per hour! This quick read will get elementary students turning pages and on track for reading success. Ever ride a train on an elevated track around a zoo, an airport, or an amusement park? If so, you've traveled by monorail.

In this book, new readers will see many scenic aerial views offered by the off-the-ground trains that move on single rails. Passenger trains have all kinds of cars-baggage cars, lounge cars, dining cars, and sleeper cars. They often need to keep riders comfortable for multi-day trips. This title shows beginning readers a train type that works day and night to take passengers long distances. A subway train is often the light at the end of the tunnel. It travels underneath a city in its own network of underground passageways.

Readers just starting out will go deep in this title to discover a form of train transportation hidden from plain view. Though most wild animals aren't looking for trouble, they will attack anyone they view as a threat. And in a fight, they usually have the advantage. Hear stories of people who survived wild brawls in this action-packed series. Would make a good addition to a collection for casual reading. Never come between a mother bear and her cubs.

She will violently maul you until you are no longer a threat. Even if you're fortunate enough to survive her attack, you will likely leave with severe wounds. In this title, hear about people who learned this lesson firsthand and lived to tell their tale. You may think you're safe from a shark attack if you stay out of the ocean There's a shark that can lurk in rivers as well as the sea; a shark known for beginning its attack with a head-butt. Beware the bull shark! In many national parks, hikers are at risk of becoming the victims of a hit-and-run.

More threatening than the bear, the moose will attack if they get too close. It will grunt, stomp its feet, shake its antlers, and then charge with the force of a moving car! Hear incredible stories of people surviving wild moose encounters in this antler-packed title. Trespassing in mountain lion habitat is a dangerous idea.

Mountain lions do not share their territory, and they will not hesitate to stalk, pounce, and bite to defend it. Read about people who are lucky to be alive after brutal battles with mountain lions. Rats steal food, destroy property, and spread disease. However, their worst offense is attempted murder. In some parts of the world, monster-size rats are ready to attack. Read some unbelievable stories about people getting roughed up by these rodents. Sometimes danger creeps at your feet, especially in the case of snakes.

Many are completely harmless, but others can deliver a lethal bite or suffocating squeeze. Once a slithering serpent has a hold on you, it's nearly impossible to escape. Hear a couple gripping stories of survival while you sink your fangs into this title. Tigers retract their claws but never their fury. Surprise them when they are eating or sleeping, and you'll likely become the meal and be put to sleep permanently!

When it comes to the orange and black beast that is the tiger, it's best to show respect by keeping your distance. You sure don't want to be part of an attack story like those described in this book. Dogs may be man's best friend, however, you shouldn't try to befriend dingoes. Once these wild dogs lose their fear of humans, they can become savage attackers. They will snarl and bite to protect their territory and satisfy their hunger.

The stories in this book show that not all dogs should be treated like pets. Take a trip to the zoo and you'll see how distinctly different animals are. You'll see animals of all sizes and colors, animals on land and in water, and animals with fur, scales, and feathers. In this series, discover how members of the animal kingdom are grouped into classes based on their similar characteristics.

Common shared characteristics are covered, and the bright color photos pop off the pages. Although phyla, order, family, genus, and species are not mentioned specifically, Reptiles and Mammals both discuss how their classes are broken down into smaller groups. Some animals lead a double life. First, they pose as aquatic creatures, breathing through gills and using tails to maneuver underwater.

Then they exchange these features for legs and lungs to live on land. Learn about frogs, toads, salamanders, and the other amphibians known for their dual lifestyle. Compare a hummingbird and an ostrich; the differences are striking! One is tiny and hovers in the air like a helicopter. The other is massive and stays grounded, sprinting rather than flying. Though opposite in many ways, hummingbirds and ostriches share features such as feathers and wings that mean they are both birds. Discover how all birds are alike in this informative title.

Underwater, a large, lively community of unique animals thrives. Many of these animals belong to the fish class. There are colorful clownfish, lurking sharks, and silly sea horses. There are fish named after lions, tigers, elephants, and other wild animals. Swim your way through basic information about fish in this introductory title. Members of the insect class often get a bad rap. People swat at them, stomp on them, and go to great lengths to repel them. Though some insects are pests that spread disease, many are actually helpers, pollinating plants and eating other insects that wreak havoc.

Investigate the world of insects and discover that many are a class act! The largest animal alive is a mammal. It's the ton blue whale. This whale is not only large but also loud—louder than a jet engine! Turn the pages of this book to learn about the characteristics of mammals and understand the ways in which whales, bats, and elephants are all similar.

Dinosaurs, the world's most notorious reptiles, became extinct a long time ago. However, their cold-blooded, scaly reptile relatives still creep around today. While people no longer have to fear the teeth of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, they still encounter the jaws of alligators, crocodiles, and snakes. Explore the reptile realm in this book for beginning readers. Grab your binoculars and venture out on an animal safari! Each book will take beginning readers into the wild where they will learn about the distinct features, natural habitat, and unique diet of a popular zoo animal.

Each begins with a definition of the animal and then describes identifying features. For example, the book about camels spends some time describing the purpose of the camel's hump. These Level 1 readers feature only one or two sentences per page. African elephants can weigh as much as 7, If their size isn't enough to make them stand out, they also have huge ears, long trunks, and ivory tusks. This title will engage beginning readers as it explains how Earth's largest land mammals use their trunks to keep themselves cool. Alligators often lurk in swampy waters.

They poke their eyes, ears, and nostrils out of the water to sense prey. This book offers children an alligator encounter, bringing the animal's powerful tail and strong jaws up close! Though they usually walk on all fours, chimpanzees are very similar to humans. They can stand and walk on just two limbs and are known to use tools. Young readers will be fascinated by the intelligent behaviors of chimpanzees.

Giant pandas are large bears that love to eat bamboo. Only found in small numbers in China, they are considered endangered animals. In this book, young readers will learn about the look, diet, and habits of these rare black and white bears. Giraffes are the tallest land mammals on Earth! They're tall enough to reach the leaves of trees, which they eat with their In this book, children will learn how a giraffe's height is both an advantage and a disadvantage.

The way a gorilla moves is called knuckle-walking. This is because the animal puts pressure on its knuckles when it moves. Hippopotamuses spend much of their time in the water. It is the only way they can keep their huge bodies cool because they do not sweat!

Fascinating Facts for 5+ readers

In this book, children will be surprised as they discover many cool facts about how hippopotamuses eat, move, and more. The koala is a symbol of Australia. This marsupial is known for chewing on leaves from the country's eucalyptus trees and for carrying its young in a pouch. Expect facts about this furry creature's physical features, diet, and habitat to interest children who pick up this book!

Did you know that a group of lions is called a pride? Have you heard that lions work together to stalk their prey? This book for young readers offers this information as it presents lions on the prowl. It teaches children about the physical and behavioral characteristics of these big cats. Polar bears have thick fur and plenty of fat to keep them warm in their arctic homes. Their white coats also serve as good camouflage in snow-covered habitats.

This book explores how polar bears prey on seals and use their paws to paddle through water! Tigers are ferocious cats that hunt large prey and aggressively defend their territory. Unlike other big cats, they lead very independent lives. This title teaches about the lifestyle of the highly feared tiger as it offers beginning readers a face-to-face encounter. Black and white stripes set zebras apart from other African animals. They even set zebras apart from each other. No two zebras have the same pattern of stripes! In this book, young readers will learn how these hoofed animals survive beneath the hot African sun.

Ants, ants, and more ants are on the menu for these long-snouted insectivores. Just how many ants can an anteater eat? Up to 30, in one day! Learn where anteaters live, how they hunt, and how their long, sticky tongues help them slurp up ants! One hump or two? Camels come in both forms, but it makes no difference to them. Their bodies are built to survive desert climates, no matter the number of humps.

How do camels cross dangerously dry lands with no food or water for weeks? Discover this secret in this book. When confronted by other predators, cheetahs opt for flight over fight. Cheetahs make a chase look easy, but hunting can be hard work. Find out how these speed demons of the savannah execute attacks and teach their young how to do the same. Spotted hyenas get the giggles after a successful hunt. This book introduces children to hyenas—animated hunters and scavengers.

Life in a meerkat mob is dangerous! Members of the mob must always be on the lookout for intruders. If a threat is near, a meerkat will bark to warn the others in the mob. It's time to run to bolt holes and take cover! This title teaches beginning readers about one of Africa's quirkiest little creatures. A rhinoceros is always ready for a fight! One or two horns protrude from its head. These horns are used as weapons against other rhinos and predators.

Beginning readers will learn how rhinos use their horns in battle and discover that they can regrow broken horns! Baboons of the same troop develop strong relationships this way, often beginning and ending each day with a grooming session that can last hours.

Learn what baboons are up to the rest of the day in this introductory title. When bullies like lions and hyenas are on the prowl for a lunch to steal, leopards keep their cool. The clever cats drag their kill with them as they climb high into trees, where they can enjoy their meal in peace. Discover the wily ways of the leopard in this book for beginning readers. Warthogs are named for the thick knobs of skin between their eyes and snouts. These unsightly protrusions provide a cushion that comes in handy not in the face of predators, but against the tusks of other warthogs.

See what gets these peevish porkers going in this title for young readers. Animals with an appetite for hedgehogs must work hard for their dinner! They need a pain tolerance for sharp spines and the strength to pry tightly curled bodies. Get a feel for why hedgehogs are among the prickliest of prey. When kangaroos gather in large groups, they get loud and physical. Be prepared for a kangaroo mob scene! When it comes to lemurs, it's a woman's world.

Females rule—they eat first, win all family arguments, and fight enemies on the front lines. Ostriches are birds that can't fly. They take it in stride, sprinting in short bursts instead. When ostriches can't run from danger, they face it head on. Well, with their heads on the ground. Discover the ostrich—a bird of a different build. Aardvarks specialize in pest control. The hard shell of a termite home is no match against the spade-like claws of the aardvark. Learn how these exterminators do their job in this fun title for new readers.

Wide hooves give desert-dwelling antelopes footing on the sand, and padded hooves keep rock-climbing antelopes from slipping. Discover how antelopes adapt to different habitats in this introductory title. With the look of a pig-size beaver, it is not readily apparent that the water-loving capybara is actually a rodent—the largest, in fact! For this hairy mammal, the water is a source of food, safety, and comfort.

See why the capybara sets up camp near rivers, ponds, and lakes in this informative book for beginning readers. Honey badgers never learned to pick on animals their own size. Read this book to find out what happens when opponents have the nerve to fight back! Even scavengers can build a model family. Jackals mate for life, and their offspring often stick around to help raise and protect the next litter.

Such unity and support is beneficial in the wild, but jackals still face their share of threats. Learn how they look out for one another in this title for young readers. Though most members of the feline family are known to be leery of water, this big cat seeks it out! Jaguars know that rivers are stocked with fish, turtles, and other tasty prey. This exciting title introduces young readers to the unique look and lifestyle of the jaguar. Mongooses are nothing if not tenacious. These creative hunters whack bird eggs against hard surfaces to get at the meal within. Discover the quick reflexes and crafty methods of the mongoose in this fun book for new readers.

Orangutans spend much of their time in quiet solitude. Babies spend several years with their mother, clinging to her back as she swings from branch to branch in search of food. When he finds a potential mate, he fans out his train to impress her with his bright and shiny plumage. As far as females are concerned, the flashier the better! Young readers will be fascinated by the showy way of the male peacock.

At a glance, sea otters seem to have a laid-back approach to life. Young learners will discover how these water loungers stay so comfortable in their chilly waterbeds. The wolverine has no problem taking out prey its own size. Then come winter, it sets its sights on bigger game. Wolverines have been known to attack weak caribou, but they prefer to chomp through flesh and bone after another hunter has done the dirty work. Open this book to see how a small but ruthless carnivore gets its meat fix. How do you measure the success of a wombat? Count how many warrens it has!

This busy burrower digs several underground homes, or warrens, complete with tunnels, sleeping chambers, and multiple entrances. Humans need around eight hours of sleep a night, which is about as much as cape buffalo get in one week! Born on the run, these animals are ready to escape danger at any time.

Find out more about these tireless animals in this interesting title for beginning readers. Have you ever tried to eat upside down? Flamingos do it all the time! These unique creatures suck water in through their beak, filter out their food, and spit the water back out. Learn more about these balancing birds in this low-level title. Komodo dragons are the heaviest lizards on Earth and take down deer and water buffalo! Learn more about these incredible reptiles in this elementary title for young readers.

Snow leopards are big cats that live high up in the Himalayan Mountains. These spotted felines are powerful jumpers, leaping as far as 9 metres in one jump! Find out more about these elusive animals in this accessible read for young students. Different chameleon species show an array of colors and patterns depending on their mood or environmental factors like temperature and light.

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These remarkable reptiles can also rotate their eyes to look in two different directions at once! This title will educate beginning readers about these facts and more. Reaching more than 6 meters and over kilograms, the crocodile is the largest living reptile in the world!

Toad has been reformed villain for a while so it makes me a little angry that he decided that being a villain is all he could ever be so instead of dating Paige again, he returned to his former life of crime. So disheartening, guys! Meanwhile, 42 is all about graduation and Quentin Quire wasn't happy about this. There are also flash-forward scenes with an old Logan and a grown-up Idie Okonkwo as they discuss about closing down JGS for good.

Back in present day, Quentin bemoans how he is officially turned into the good guy while proudly wearing his Dark Phoenix-at-Training shirt around campus where everyone is happy and celebratory. He had a nice conversation with Captain America who was proud of him for changing, and then Wolverine handed him a diploma, much to his depression and shame. Try as he might to deny that he has earned his place as an X-Man, Quentin is actually more afraid of growing up and actually making the right choices as well as being surrounded by friends who deeply care about him and believe in him.

It's all nice and fluffy and sweet and Q keeps complaining in his typical fashion how this makes him sick! Meanwhile, Logan and Ororo are still a couple and she cheers him up by saying this: I think Wolverine and Quentin Quire have a lot of things in common which was why it was natural for Logan to take him under his wing. Both were considered outsiders who challenged authority and are eager to prove to the world that they must be feared and will never be loved or belong anywhere. Ultimately, both are proven wrong and find themselves on the same side, both grown-up and ready to take on more tomorrows.

Logan is finally happy and content, and Quentin has found his place in an unlikely home and with the best people he can be surrounded with! Lastly, the Annual issue focused on Kubark a. He was sent back to Shi'ar in his old academy during the Phoenix Force crossover event, but he quickly realized that he misses JGS and Earth after all, but is too proud to admit it to himself, especially in front of his classmates and father. Fortunately for him, Majestor Gladiator, his old dad, is very supportive and understands that his son finally found a place where he can thrive and be exceptional so he agrees to let Kubark return to Earth--but after he punched his way through multiple fights again and earned the respect of his peers.

He even got to fight alongside the Avengers! These experiences had been enjoyable for him but he much rather come back to JGS where he is warmly welcomed in, of course. I really found this Annual issue so adorable and unexpectedly touching! This was a really amazing finale volume! I'm glad everyone got their happy endings! Aug 05, Sesana rated it really liked it Shelves: comics , superhumans. This is how you end a series. You tie up all the loose ends, bring the characters to a relatively stable place, leave a few threads dangling for later writers, and, above all, you do it in the style to which your readers have become accustomed.

And Aaron sums that up beautifully in his author's note at the end: Fun is not a dirty word. That's the formula that's made Wolverine and the X-Men mostly such fun to read: these are mostly serious stories with characters that the writer takes seriously This is how you end a series.

That's the formula that's made Wolverine and the X-Men mostly such fun to read: these are mostly serious stories with characters that the writer takes seriously, but he isn't afraid to have fun with them, or to let us, the readers, have fun with them, either. And there are so, so many individual things to love in this volume. Yes, there's fun and jokes and glorious homework, but I think it's the serious moments that will really stick with me. Captain America standing with Quire at graduation.

Toad's exit from the book. And who ever thought that I'd be moved by Toad? There's the single best and most insightfully written conversation between Wolverine and Cyclops that I've read since AvX, at least. And there's a future scene with a somewhat elderly Logan that's sweet without getting soppy. I've greatly enjoyed Aaron's run on this series. I understand that it got rebooted with a volume two, with a different writer. I don't know if I'm ready for that, especially if the new series has a different feel. View all 6 comments. Aug 29, Gavin rated it really liked it Shelves: comics. Jason Aaron's run on Wolverine and the X-Men should serve as a how-to guide for DC to reinvent themselves, and re-embrace the idea that you can have fun and still kick ass, laugh and still be taken seriously, and not have to be grey, dark, and gritty to be a great series.

Wolverine leaves the X-Men of Utopia after a philosophical disagreem Well Wolverine leaves the X-Men of Utopia after a philosophical disagreement with Cyclops, and founds a school on the grounds of the old Xavier School. Wolverine as a headmaster and administrator just wrote it's own jokes. There was so much to love about this series, both from the fun, and the actual important parts too. As to the book itself, we start with the return of Kid Gladiator, who was removed from the school by his father a number of volumes back.

It was a bit of a loss, as he seemed like an important figure. Here, we get the entire Annual issue focused on him, his time away from the school, fighting in space alongside the Avengers which he made sure to mention to anyone who'd listen - including Arm-Wrestling Thor, Punching Hulk, and having a blast of a time. There's also some good ie. When we jump back to the series itself, S. Director Maria Hill and her Mutant Liason Officer Dazzler actually Mystique in disguise, and NO this isn't a spoiler, as the editing staff tell us right away arrive to tell Logan and co. This is a perfect example of combining humour with serious storytelling, which Aaron does perfectly in this whole series: Wolverine: Nobody does Nothing.

Unless I give the signal. Warbird: And what is the signal? In a tense situation! And not out of character, trying too hard to be funny either. Using Bobby Drake, a known smartass, works perfectly here. Back to the plot: S. Meanwhile, 2 new students enroll in the Jean Grey School At the same time Wolverine goes off, his counterpart gets the same info, and then run into each other in a secret S. The tension is done right, but so is the long long long history between the two, even down to the nearly unspoken mention of Jean herself.

Artist Pepe Larraz deserves a shout out here, as the 2 page spread of Cyclops and Wolverine coming face to face is done beautifully And once my geek support helps me out, I'll get that pasted here The next few issues follow the rest of their tete-a-tete, as well as the experiences of the new "students" at the Jean Grey School, and what exactly they get up to.

It's also another chance for the students to kick some ass. I don't want to spoil any of the great stuff here, so I'll leave it to you all to read. The last 2 issues, 1 is all about resolving Toad's dangling plotline, which involves Husk, Hellfire Kids, and Janitorial Services. It's done well considering he's supposed to be a semi-joke most of the time, Aaron gives him a lot of gravitas.

The final issue of Aaron's run - they continued the series with a Vol. It also features an Old, Grizzled Wolverine, who Aaron has featured before. I think he's itching to write his own Old Man Logan which I would buy sight unseen. It also features a cameo from Aaron himself, in a subtle way Roll Tide indeed The final few pages are focused on humour, with Doop defeating 2 D-list villains from the past of the series, on the morning after graduation Using "The Power of the Funk". Quentin Quire also plays one last trick on Wolverine, and we get to see the venerable Headmaster with a smile on his face at the end.

It's a fitting ending for a great run, a smiling Wolverine, giving advice to kids, but not made entirely toothless, which was important. Take note DC, take note. Get this review and more at View 2 comments. Jul 22, Zack! Empire rated it really liked it Shelves: marvel-comics. With this volume we reach the end of this series.

It might be a bit hard to do, since I've read every volume so far, but I'm going to try and simply review this book, and not look at the series overall. First, I don't usually talk about the covers, but in this case I'm making a exception, because i think the cover is pretty awesome. It's not a cover done just for the collection anyone remember when they used to do that? Or am I showing my age there? Boy, With this volume we reach the end of this series.

Boy, does Wolverine look badass on this cover or what? A huge draw for me on this series was the Nick Bradshaw art and this cover will tell you why. Not only does he have an almost Arthur Adams like level of detail, but he just knows how to draw a very powerful and angry Wolverine. The book starts out with an Annual, which I would say is the best part of the book. It's also the only issue completly drawn by Bradshaw. Kid Gladitor is back in outerspace going to Superguardian school. However, he really wants to get back to the Jean Grey School, though he won't admit it to anyone.

This issue takes place during the whole Builders event from the Avengers titles, so we get to see the Sh'iar Empire, which Kid Gladitor belongs to, fighting along side the Avengers to defeat them. But we all know how much Kid Gladitor loves to punch things and he uses the skills he picked up at the Jean Grey School to defiy his father and join the Avengers in battle. When all is said and done, Kid Gladitor is allowed to rejoin the Jean Grey School, though he tells everyone it's a punishment. I just really loved the characterazation of Kid Gladitor in this issue.

He's always just seemed like the guy who punches things, so it was great to see him given some depth. I also liked how we got to see Bradshaw doing some characters outside of the X-Universe.

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It was about a young girl, possibly 12 or 13, who went to stay with an elderly, sick relative in California on the coast. In addition to its toys and television, My Little Pony has taken its mission to the streets through campaigns such as the International Day of Friendship. I don't know why the book stuck with me all these years. Discover the importance of the Unspoken Rules before you go tracking and hunting, as well as the Hunter's Code of Honor that all true sports persons follow. Wolverines have been known to attack weak caribou, but they prefer to chomp through flesh and bone after another hunter has done the dirty work. Vivid details and Australian slang bring the unique setting of the outback to life.

I paticular liked his version of Thor. After that we get some issues dealing with the aftermath of the Battle of the Atom event. Mainly it deals with the X-Men being pissed at S. D for having sentianels, and Shield You didn't really think I'd write it out the right way the whole time did you?

Though i did take the time to write out this whole part and that's actually taken longer so maybe i should have just done it? It was funny to read Mariah Hill telling the X-Men about how they are always fighting each other. I don't know if they meant for it to be a bit Meta, but it made me laugh.

It seemed to me like Jason Aaron making a little in joke, but maybe that's just me. One thing I did not like during this part of the story was the meeting between Wolverine and Cyclops. During this title's run we have gotten some glimples of the future, and we say Scott and Logan hanging out and not wanting to kill each other. So we can assume that this happens sometime if Marvel sticks to the timeline they are working on here, which we all know they won't do but how many times have they actually seen each other since Scott killed Charles?

A handful, maybe? And Logan was dead set on killing Scott everytime.

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So now that Wolverine finally has Scott alone, with no one there to stop him from stabbing Scott in the everywhere, he deciedes to Okay, I'll admit, I don't like the idea that they are making Logan the new Professor X, and Scott the new Magneto, but to just have them start to get along that easy? Seems like a cop out to me.

The graduation issue was really nice. It was cool to see them try and wrap up some of the stories to give the series a sense of closer. It was also just a great way to end the series. It was really funny to see Quentin pissed off because he doesn't want to graduate. He wants to be a rebel, and rebels don't graduate. There was also some more teases about the future of the X-Men, which I really liked.

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Those were some of the most enjoyable parts of the story. Overall, this series has just been tons of fun. At times I was a little bit bored with it, and thought some of the stories where lame, but when I look back at it I will always have fond memerios. It was really cool to see how they develop not just the regualr X-Men, like Wolverine, Storm, or Iceman, but also the students.

Hopefully all of them stay in the X-Universe for awhile and now that they are active X-Men, we get to see them on some of the other teams. Jun 06, Lono rated it really liked it. Aaron really pulled off something a little different with this series. Consistently enjoyable right up to the end. After all of the heavy story lines in the X-titles in recent years, this book has a significantly different tone. It's fun. Something Aaron set out to do from the beginning of his run. Aaron has helped several other recent authors in giving me a new appreciation for the light- hearted. Even with teenage characters which I typically detest this book as well as the 7 preceding vol Aaron really pulled off something a little different with this series.

Even with teenage characters which I typically detest this book as well as the 7 preceding volumes was satisfyingly captivating from start to finish. This volume wraps up the lingering plotlines and even gives us a glimpse into a potential future for the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Nick Bradshaw and Pepe Larraz share all of the heavy lifting in terms of the beautiful artwork provided and are joined by several others in the final issue.

A great series that I'm sad to see come to an end. Thanks Mr. Our young readers can explore new interests with these new series of books that are written specifically for them. Who Would Win Series: A popular series with our boys! Who would you pick in a fight? The cuteness, humor, and fun information make this new reading experience a treat. The most challenging parts of teaching mathematics are engaging students and helping them understand the connections between mathematics concepts.

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Before the early settlers arrived in what is Canada today, there were already many Indigenous peoples living here. Each of these groups has unique beliefs about how the earth was created and how people came to exist. These beliefs are often passed from generation to generation through traditional teachings.

Traditional teachings have been passed down orally from generation to generation by Elders. The elders have used their experience and wisdom to help people in their communities make good decisions. This is a set of teachings on human conduct towards others. They are what was traditionally and still is to this day needed in order for communities to survive.

Almost all First Nation people follow them. They also apply to every culture. People all over the world should and do follow these simple teachings on human conduct. The teachings - love, respect, courage, honesty, wisdom, humility and truth cannot be used in isolation. You must practice all of them. To practice one without the other would amount to practicing the opposite of that teaching. Therefore, to not love is to be fearful; to not be humble is to be self-centred; to not be honest is to be dishonest; to not be courageous is to be cowardly.

With her flair for storytelling, Shannon describes the virtues of being a good person, taking care of one another and taking care of the Earth. An invaluable lesson for all. Marmalade's meowing monsters?!? They'll need help from foxy Agent Fox, a swampy secret zombie antidote, and the feistiest, toothiest, hungriest granny around. Get ready to watch the fur fly! But when your dad is a Secret Service agent and your best friend is the president's son, sometimes life has other plans.

Before she knows it, Maddie's dad is dragging her to a cabin in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness. No phone. No Internet. And not a single word from Logan. Maddie tells herself it's okay. After all, she's the most popular girl for twenty miles in any direction.

She has wood to cut and weapons to bedazzle. Her life is full. Until Logan shows up six years later. And Maddie wants to kill him. But before that can happen, an assailant appears out of nowhere, knocking Maddie off a cliff and dragging Logan to some unknown fate. Maddie knows she could turn back- and get help.

But the weather is turning and the terrain will only get more treacherous, the animals more deadly. Maddie still really wants to kill Logan. But she has to save him first. So when she sees a cosplay contest for a new Starfield movie, she has to enter. The prize? An invitation to the ExcelsiCon Cosplay Ball and a meet-and-greet with the actor slated to play Federation Prince Carmindor in the reboot.

With savings from her gig at the Magic Pumpkin food truck and her dad's old costume, Elle's determined to win - unless her stepsisters get there first. Teen actor Darien Freeman used to live for cons - before he was famous. Now they're nothing but autographs and awkward meet-and-greets.

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Playing Carmindor is all he has ever wanted, but Starfield fandom has written him off as just another dumb heartthrob. As ExcelsiCon draws near, Darien feels more and more like a fake - until he meets a girl who shows him otherwise. But when she disappears at midnight, will he ever be able to find her again? Part-romance, part-love letter to nerd culture, and all totally adorbs, Geekerella is a fairy tale for anyone who believes in the magic of fandom.

Hannah and Scooter's sprawling, ramshackle house is named for the lethal plant that grows in the dark woods behind it. Hannah knows she's not supposed to explore the forest or nearby Moonlight Lake. But she's feeling lonely and desperate for an adventure. And there Hannah meets Cady, a mysterious girl who promises everything Hannah's been missing. Only Cady has a secret:.

Soon Cady is copying Hannah's style so they can be more alike. She lies to Hannah's friends, insults Scooter, and begs Hannah to break her parents' rules and sneak out for a midnight swim. Hannah wants to believe Cady's just a little insecure. But when she discovers a cemetery beyond the lake with an eerily familiar headstone, she must decide whether to trust her new friend or dig for answers that may lead her to a watery grave. On the morning of her twelfth birthday, Kiranmala is just a regular sixth grader living in Parsippany, New Jersey… until her parents mysteriously vanish later that day and a rakkhosh demon slams through her kitchen, determined to eat her alive.

Suddenly, Kiran is swept into another dimension full of magic, winged horses, moving maps, and annoying, talking birds. There she must solve riddles and slay demons all while avoiding the Serpent King of the underworld who may or may not want to kill her and the rakkhosh queen who definitely does in order to find her parents and basically save New Jersey, her entire world, and everything beyond it…. But now, their society is on the brink of collapse.

A group of power-hungry bears has seized control, and darkness is creeping across the snow. Cubs First and Second don't know any of this. Although they're twins, they couldn't be more different. When their mother is taken prisoner, the cubs' world falls apart. They know they have to rescue her, but how can two cubs who've barely learned to hunt survive a treacherous journey across the ice?

Their only chance is to learn to trust each other and--even more important--trust themselves. But survival is only the beginning. And soon, these two unlikely heroes find themselves at the heart of a battle unlike anything Ga'hoole has ever seen. He is going to make a painting for his friends at school, and he does not need any help - that is, until his plan doesn't work It's Family Fun Day, and a magical man with a big hat has suddenly appeared.

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You can download and read online Wolverine: Picture Book (Educational Children's Books Collection) - Level. 2 (Planet Collection) file PDF Book only if you are. Bears Picture Book Educational Childrens Books Collection Level 2 Planet Collection. English All New Wolverine And The X Men N 2 Couverture 1 2.

A crowd gathers to see what kinds of tricks this surprise visitor will perform. That's when the Magician pulls off his favorite trick of all. He invites kids to reach into his hat to pull out whatever they find when they dig down deep. Soon — poof! Bernie is on the road to make a duck delivery when one of the ducks EATS the directions. Oh no! How will he find his customer? Join the flock on this wacky call-and-response ride to find out just WHO ordered a truck full of ducks -- and why! Ross Burach's screwball comedy is filled with surprise twists and crafty jokes that will quack you up!

One day, she finds some old boards and decides to build something. She invites her brothers to help, but they just laugh and tell her she doesn't know how to build. And she does! When she creates a dazzling fort that they all want to play in, it is Ruby who has the last laugh. With sprightly text and winsome pictures, this modern spin on a timeless favorite celebrates the pluck and ingenuity of young creators everywhere! Additionally, this series includes directions for a simple activity at the end of each book, serving as an example of covered principles.

Perfect for looking at subjects from different perspectives, this series examines sports from all the angles. Who helps? Bus drivers. They help us learn, keep us safe, help us get around, and more. Who Helps? Learn how they hunt, where they live, how they act, and what physical features set them apart from their prey.

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