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Both operations were conducted at the same time. In the case of stealing from ancient ruins and grave robbing against the criminal suspects Abliz Kerim, Liang Zhigang, Ahmet Rozi, Ahmet Menglik and Mehmet Tohti, and following interrogations and investigations from April 26 until May 29 of the same year, pretrial conclusions have been made. The results of the report are as follows:. On February 26, he again gathered together the criminal suspects Ahmet Menglik, Ahmet Rozi and his younger brother Erkin to drive to the Loulan ancient ruins, and in the original 98 L-M tombs the two criminal suspects Abliz Kerim and Ahmet Rozi dug out the coffin.

Three of the stolen documents [sic] the cotton socks, the cotton trousers, and the undershirt are Class I state protected cultural relics; two of the items the velvet carpet and the painted coffin are Class II state protected cultural items; while the embroidered pillow, the two cotton veils and the wooden vessels are Class III state protected cultural relics. Karma Samdrup, suspected of buying the stolen cultural artifacts, has membership of the Beijing Oriental Collectors Association, and there is no evidence that this person illegally sold the cultural artifacts.

After repeated interrogation and investigation, un-named criminal suspects confessed fully and without reservation. The facts of the case are clear, and the evidence is solid and ample. Where is he now? No one knows. Is there a certificate of arrest? As per usual, no. I was amazed as well as scared. The sixth person, Tashi Togyal has the same father but different mother as his younger brother Rinchen Dorje, who was doing his utmost to find the whereabouts of Rinchen Dorje, but now even his whereabouts are not known. Is there no end to the trickle down of this fear?

His younger brother said Tashi Topgyal was taken away last night [July 5, ], that many people came, and that they searched under his bed for something. Ten or more people continued searching the family home, and the family stood by helplessly as everything was turned over, but Tashi Topgyal was still taken away even though nothing else was found. Where was he taken? And for what reason? What is he facing? Is he too going to be tortured into confessing to fabricated charges?

Note: Tashi Topgyal]: The only young man in Zirong Village to have received an education and become a teacher, very honest and sincere, and who put enormous efforts into improving the local education environment. Please Buddha and the world, help us find him!

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My husband turned his head, peeked into the court. They took him away in the other direction and shut the door, we were once more separated. In the morning I had felt so distressed and hurt that I only felt extreme grief, from the afternoon till the evening I had felt anger from all that justice and injustice.

Early in the morning, around am, I saw a police vehicle, I guessed that he might be inside and when the people from inside the car were led out I almost missed him. How could his tall and upright body become thin and small? The body that passed me looked like one of a slim and fragile college student. Before we entered the court, I was already in tears.

During the afternoon trial, the submission of evidence and translations was an endless process, endless but extraordinary. Sitting in court were two lawyers and a defendant — three amazing people. I clearly saw him turning his head and when he saw us his eyes were smiling. Or maybe we are fortunate people, fewer and fewer people receive such noble blessings. But we are all sure that our Karma Samdrup is no criminal, he is innocent, an unyielding and magnanimous person who can withstand any storm.

We all know that he is not a criminal!


As long as the court acts justly and fairly, he will certainly come back to us very soon. He will come back home and embrace his two daughters and also embrace freedom — this is the life, which he should live. Please listen to the prayer, which I, this rushed and weary, burdened but hopeful woman am saying. An effect presupposes a cause.

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My Rating: Five Sinfully Sexy Stars***** .. Approximately pages, it is not a sweet, romantic read with hearts and flowers and if you . Torment, the third and final book of the Feral trilogy, was chock full of surprises. . Such a gritty, naughty series. Isolated (Evan Arden, #4) · Wolfsgate · Binding Ties (Sentinel Wars, #9) . It's been five months since vampire Sam Parker Bound herself to J Shelves: cat-heart-these-books, is-getting-hot-in-here, the-alpha-syndrome.

May Buddha protect us. Karmic retribution is likely, and I believe in Karmic retribution. Prior to his arrest, Karma was built like an ox and always had a loud and ready laugh although he spoke his words in rapid fire. No one could believe that this haggard man standing before their eyes with the number on the front of his yellow prison uniform with the bones of his spine clearly visible through the back was their relative Karma, who had only been gone six months!

What kind of drugs had they forced on him? He had been bleeding from his eyes and ears! How much had they tortured him? All to get him to confess to that dubious charge! On the second day of the trial, Karma had remained calm. During the long slow process, Lawyer Pu had to ask for recess to go to the repository for insulin injections — he has diabetes. The Tibetan translator in his sixties looked at the judge and the prosecutor and very deliberately emphasis translated it into Chinese. This elderly translator was not in good health and had to have a bottle of heart pills on the first two days.

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On the third day he had two bottles. Sentenced to 15 years! He was very calm and proud as they took him back to prison. What kind of society is this?! How can good people come to such a pass?! Our two daughters have been taken away together! Pu Zhiqiang, this big tall man, let out a wailing cry. Why was the lawyer apologizing?! The entire course of this three-day trial was a travesty of justice. The facts of this three-day trial are now widely known and the truth is already out there. Shame on the judiciary!

There is a saying: People do, heaven sees. There is a saying: People do, cause and effect sees. Every single judge without conscience clearly knows true from false and straight from twisted and yet under the banner of law and justice these running dogs wag their tails at the bones their masters toss them. All good wishes to the executioners holding the golden rice bowl night and day; all good wishes to every single executioner holding the golden rice bowl night and day.

And so what we must do is tell the world who is base, no matter how hypocritical, they are base people without conscience. Karma Samdrup is a pure white snow mountain, and you, you wicked judges who corrupt the law, you forever are black ash. Describing the lives and achievements of 10 key Tibetan figures in the nascent environmental movement in Tibet, the book was extremely well-received by general readers and various academics and journalists alike across China.

Yang Ruichun, managing editor of the semi-official online news portal China News Weekly www. There is a surging history behind the characters in this book. This extract from the book covers the period in when Karma Samdrup was initially detained in Xinjiang. The first time I went, I got to know the shop-owner Abliz [who is named in the sentencing document] and bought quite a few old silver coins from him.

I later learned that most of them were fake and I went back and shouted at him. The carpet was genuine though, this I was sure about. In the end I bought a pile of things for more that 80, kuai, including a wooden vessel, a carpet, silks, most of which had the characteristics of Zhang Zhung culture — I was very happy with it all.

Are you sure that all of these things were legally obtained? How can that be illegal? My favorite piece was the large carpet with Tibetan-style patterns, but it was in very poor condition. I chose a remnant about the size of a handkerchief, a few pieces of silk, some woven pieces and a wooden piece, six items in all that I wanted to take to Beijing to have evaluated and looked into.

Those two people were very angry and reported to the police. Then Abliz gave me a call, which was actually the police trying to get him to lure me in. Why would he want me to bring 3 million? It was as though he wanted to con me. Then I had a bad dream that night where I was bitten by a dog. I knew nothing about any coffin or mummy. Look at me — my ponytail, wearing a Tibetan chuba, barely able to speak Chinese, and I say my name is Li Wenbang?

Would you believe me? What was there to be afraid of? And furthermore, the Urumchi Tannery had my business and they were waiting for me. I was just carrying a small bag. A woman taxi driver came up to me and took my bag, wanting me to get into her car. I followed her, but before getting to the car lots of people rushed me from all directions and grabbed my head, my hands, my feet — my feet were off the ground and I thought I was being robbed.

There were three people holding my right hand, but I pulled it free for a moment and was getting ready to fight back when they pulled out a gun. The photograph in the magazine was taken then. After they threw me into a four-wheel drive, three people had a hold of my head and two had a hold of my feet.

Tara, bless me and protect me! The car drove for a long time, and probably after an hour or so it stopped and outside I heard the creaking sound of a detention center gate opening. This detention center is for serious criminals. They found my money and they were thrilled. The were rich. They took photographs, they took video, and then they interrogated me. And so the next day they started beating me.

They beat me every day for 18 days. They had so many different ways of beating me: sometimes they bent me all the way forward and beat me about the waist. Sometimes I had to stand with my face pressed to the wall with my feet splayed out sideways and against the wall. You should try it. They were so clever. The more they beat me the more angry I became and the more I refused to speak. Tibetans traditionally grow their hair long, and so many had their hair cut off in the Cultural Revolution.

Not saying anything was also for his good too. Do you want it? Both protecting cultural artifacts, for which I have a collectors permit. A friend brought the things back and the police were very happy. They got ready to take pictures and take video, but as soon as they opened the bag I could see the disappointment in their expressions — just these few things for such a major case? This was a tragedy for the police.

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They were utterly worthless. Signed, Karma. They did business like this with me fairly frequently, with the most at once being kuai. There was a period of time later when two people separately took me out for interrogation as though they were afraid someone would see them.

Of the 28 days I spent in Urumchi, they beat me for 18 days. The papers had been brought in by the cell-mates. Oh, those papers were so good to read. I could study Chinese, which was such a valuable opportunity. They thought it was very strange that this person could be beaten so badly, but then laugh as he washed his hands and tended his wounds, and even study Chinese — was he crazy?

This had been a miserable time, but later I almost starved to death. They then took me to Korla detention center for another 15 days. People were beaten in a lot of the cells. All of the seven people in this cell were petty thieves, swindlers and smugglers. I knew they wanted to bully me, and so I puffed out my chest when I walked in and returned all of their stares as I stretched out my arms and legs as though I was really tough, and they were scared. They made me sweep, wash out the slop bucket and tidy their sleeping area. They all bunched together on the kang so I had to sleep on the floor.

The swindler was the number one. You lot get to work. They were about to beat me really badly and I was terrified, so I put my fists up and fought back. Retrieved March 16, Retrieved July 27, Follow the Money Simon and Schuster , p. Retrieved August 28, Retrieved January 2, Retrieved August 14, The Arizona Republic January 12, Retrieved July 19, Retrieved February 1, Retrieved May 15, Retrieved May 18, Retrieved July 6, Retrieved February 9, Retrieved December 12, Retrieved December 29, Retrieved June 26, Retrieved January 8, Retrieved November 2, Retrieved June 2, Retrieved January 30, Retrieved February 22, Retrieved March 4, CBS News March 28, Retrieved May 23, Interview transcript.

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Retrieved October 5, Lifetime rating is given. Average includes all years beginning with in House, collected from various parts of ADA website and calculated on spreadsheet. Archived from the original on November 19, National Journal 's methodology and criteria are explained in the "Guide to Usage" on pages 15— Almanac of American politics University of Chicago Press. Retrieved February 26, Retrieved March 24, Retrieved May 20, Also see Nintzel, Jim.

Retrieved May 21, Also see Stein, Jonathan. Non-partisan information about McCain's issue positions is also provided online by other sources. See, e. Gallup, Inc. A bad temper? Why, I oughta Conversely, though, we also want people in public life to be passionate and engaged. We want them to be fiery and feisty. We like them to care enough to blow their stacks every once in a while.

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Otherwise, we question the sincerity of their convictions. Bush and U. The surgery took place in Retrieved September 12, Retrieved April 8, Outdoors" , New York Post March 10, Retrieved September 3, Retrieved April 2, Retrieved April 11, March 29, Archived from the original on June 25, I feel passionately about issues, and the day that passion goes away is the day I will go down to the old soldiers' home and find my rocking chair.

And so, look, 20, 25 years ago, 15 years ago, that's fine, and those stories here are either totally untrue or grossly exaggerated. Retrieved April 28, Retrieved May 4, Thad Cochran of Mississippi, himself a past target of McCain's sharp tongue, especially over what McCain regarded as Cochran's hunger for pork-barrel projects in his state. Cochran landed in newspapers early during the campaign after declaring that the thought of McCain in the Oval Office 'sends a cold chill down my spine.

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Chicago Tribune. Retrieved February 27, ABC The View. Retrieved July 24, Retrieved August 5, Embassy to Georgia.

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However — a study of biology and embryology clearly identifies a range of intersex conditions! A pillar of Japanese culture for decades, forest bathing known as Shinrin-Yoku to locals is a way to reconnect with nature. It reflects an era before the water was polluted with chemicals and the land built on for housing, a time when ponds shone everywhere like eyes in the land, sustaining life for all, from fish to carthorse.. Stability means minimizing conflict, risk, and change. Just a little evo-bio-psych joke there.

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John McCain. Senator from Arizona — U. Congressman from Arizona's 1st district — Early life and military career Cultural and political image The Nightingale's Song Death and funeral. Electoral history House elections Senate elections United States presidential election. Book Category. Articles related to John McCain. Hayden Douglas Greenway Murdock. Murdock Rhodes Jr.

Patten S. Udall M.