Betrayal by Fire

Friendly Fire (Betrayal, Teamwork)
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Units who possess the Locktouch skill can disable these traps, as well as stand inside it without suffering its negative effects. Saizo will proceed through the map, disabling traps along the way to help you. He also possesses the Immune Status skill, shielding him from the debuffs of enemy Ninja.

Fueled By Fire Betrayal

Do not be fooled however; Saizo is not invincible, and is likely to be defeated unless care is taken. However, if you manage to complete the map with Saizo still alive, the Speedwing is yours. That being said, it may not be worth the aggravation of keeping him safe for two points of speed. The choice, as always, is yours. For general map strategy, Ninjas are running rampant, and have a few Samurai around for support. If you recruited Kumagera way back in Chapter 14, he's really useful to have around since he comes with 21 Defense and an A in axes right out of the gate and his Certain Blow skill effectively negates the enemy's good Avoid stats; this goes double for Kotaro, whose throne gives him an extra 30 Avoid and coupled with his excellent stats all around makes him extremely dangerous.

Make good use of chokepoints and Dragon Veins to take the enemy on a couple of bites at a time. The Master Ninjas should be targeted for elimination with extreme prejudice since their Poison Strike and Grisly Wound combo can rip you apart. You'll need 29 Speed to double them; your best options are Camilla or a speed-blessed Corrin , using tonics and meals if necessary. Kaze and Niles can also be valid options thanks to their great speed, though both will likely need investment in strength to secure ORKOs.

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Den of Betrayal. Location Cave in Mokushu. Is that so?

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Tell it to King Garon, you filthy mutt. When Nohr prevails, he has promised me a huge piece of land to expand my kingdom. No one will get in the way of Mokushu's future glory—not even a Nohrian princess!

Normal Hard Lunatic Chapter Data. Unit Data.

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Chapter Data. New Units. Among the great houses of Westeros, family is of critical importance, and the defense of family and family honor are the ultimate duties. But why family is important, and how it is defined, varies greatly from house to house. In fact the very concept of family is not as obvious as one might assume. Because Westeros is a feudal society, marriages are brokered for strategic reasons and not necessarily for love, and the children of the family may be trueborns, bastards, wards, or hostages. So what readers might think of as family is more the exception than the norm in Westeros.

The Starks probably represent the most traditional of the Westeros families. Although the marriage was arranged, the relationship between Ned and Catelyn is one of mutual love and respect. Ned and Catelyn also love their children unequivocally—with the exception of Jon Snow , whom Catelyn has never accepted—and keeping them safe is their greatest priority.

This is one of the reasons Ned agrees to take on the role of Hand of the King in a treacherous court and why Catelyn travels to King's Landing when Bran is attacked and stays on the battlefield to advise Robb. Catelyn's desire to protect family also extends to other relatives, with Catelyn determined to support her sister, Lysa, and her family at Riverrun. House Lannister, however, represents a very different interpretation of family and its importance.

To Tywin Lannister, family honor and prestige—the image that family members present to the world and the power they wield—are far more important than affection or relationships. For this reason, Tywin sees Jaime as his golden child, the perfect representation of the gold lion sigil of the Lannisters. Cersei, on the other hand, is valuable primarily for how she can bring power to the family through a strategic marriage.

Den of Betrayal

And Tyrion, the dwarf, is an abomination in his father's eyes, a cruel subversion of the Lannister name. Tyrion's whoring and drinking, ironically brought on by the rejection he feels from his family, only add to Tywin's displeasure. Despite this, Tywin still sees to it that Tyrion has the respect of those outside the family—not for Tyrion's sake, but for the sake of the family's honor. For Walder Frey, family is a twisted combination of these two versions.

For him, family means having as many wives and siring as many children as possible to make the name Frey ubiquitous throughout Westeros. He is on his eighth wife and has over descendants, although he knows few of them and has affection for none of them. But the reputation of his family's name is of even higher importance and literally drives him to murder when he feels that Robb Stark has disrespected him and his family.

Other Westeros families appear at different points on this spectrum, and no two are alike. And although family is important to all of them, it is for vastly different reasons. A Song of Ice and Fire is, at its heart, about people seeking power. Some characters seek the ultimate power represented by the Iron Throne , while for others, power is more subtle and personal. In any case, they want it for one of two reasons: to benefit others or to benefit themselves. The two are not mutually exclusive, but over time the latter often overcomes the former and can result in the corruption of the person wielding the power.

For most of the characters in A Song of Ice and Fire , the quest for power is not remotely altruistic. Some, such as Daenerys and Stannis, believe the Iron Throne and the power it represents are their birthright. Some, such as Tywin, feel that their superiority to others entitles them to power. Others, such as Joffrey, want power in order to control, demean, or destroy. And still others, such as Petyr Baelish and Cersei, see power as a way to validate their own identity, command the respect of others, or provide a path to revenge. In each case, the quest for power reveals a great deal about the person seeking it, and power often leads to corruption.

Varys, for example, says he works to put certain people in power for the good of the realm. Yet he resorts to lies, deceit, and even murder to do so. Even Daenerys, who begins marching through Essos with the intention of liberating slaves, loses her focus along the way. As her power grows, she becomes almost intoxicated by it, ignoring her advisers and becoming almost barbaric at times, as when she nails of the Grand Masters of Meereen on posts outside of the Great Pyramid in retribution for their treatment of the slaves.

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One reason power is so treacherous, and appears to corrupt those who wield it, may be that it seldom comes easily. Those seeking power are in constant competition with each other, which results in one of several outcomes. Good people may be destroyed, which was the fate of Ned Stark. Corrupt people can triumph, which was the case with Joffrey and—at least temporarily—with Cersei and Tywin. And those that begin with good intentions are corrupted along the way as they struggle to cope with the power they have been given.

As Tyrion says at one point to Cersei, "Crowns do queer things to the heads beneath them. A lesson learned too late by Ned Stark is that the key to survival in a dangerous world is to trust no one. In Westeros and Essos, honor and integrity stand little chance against deceit, treachery, and betrayal. The former are part of a fragile code for living an ethical life. The latter are powerful weapons or tools used to achieve far less positive objectives.

In A Song of Ice and Fire , treachery and betrayal far outweigh the honorable actions.