China In Your Hand

China in Your Hand
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So we went to the Workhouse Studio in London and re-recorded it as faithful to the production as possible in a three-minute format. It is a story within a story, be careful what you wish for in case you get it. The cups were paper thin and so fragile when you held it in your hand. The strain of being in a successful band, and the inevitable clashes with the other band members who wanted an ever-increasing slice of the pie took their toll.

Then we got dropped by the record company and everything just ground to a halt. The breakdown of the band also coincided with the breakdown of her relationship with Rogers. I was shell-shocked.

China In Your Hand

No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. Essentially, how can you know what a relationship can be in advance! Makeitmeansomething Not quite sure what you mean as there is no point in having any ambition, any thought or any want if one cannot achieve at least part of that ambition.

China In Your Hand

Your thoughts above seem very nilhilistic, and sorry if I have spelt that wrong I am not sure if people cannot have what they want - otherwise what would be the point at all? I am very positive and do not let negativity get in my way. I think goals and self determination are important and that it is only in having a personal goal and self worth does one know ones true wishes and therefore know what they want in life.

This is obviously held firmly in a place and time. Some people have a different back ground, different skills, different abilities and different outlooks and these all affect not only who were are but the outcome of above.


Reality is beautiful and every time I look out the window at the beautiful world and see trees and fields; I am reminded that I am fortunate enough to live in a time and place where I can see such things. I wish you luck in your life and that the individual hopes, dreams and goals that you may have - show you a way that you can achieve what you wish. General Comment It's about Frankenstein as mentioned above - Carol Decker said in an interview once that the inspiration for the song was watching a documentary about the author and story of Frankenstein I had to study the novel in a Uni seminar last year and we brainstormed modern Frankenstein references, and I thought of this and nobody believed my theory, so I went away and painstakingly researched the song just to prove a point and found I was right!

Maybe it's just 'don't get carried away by dreams, they're just dreams?

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Brilliant, I never understood the meaning of that song and you totally nailed this explanation. Well done lucyb Flag DanAir on September 25, Flag GrungyBeatle on October 31, General Comment i love this song.. Ein 6 Sterne Platte!!!

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Live glitt die gute Frau Decker dann doch eher ins Kreischen ab. Da hagelte es viele schlechte Kritiken. Nevertheless, der Song ist super Ohrwurm erste Klasse!

T'pau - China In Your Hand () - video dailymotion

Dieser Song gefiel mir immer deutlich besser als "Heart And Soul". Der originelle von Klavier- und Pizzicato-Anschlag vorgegebene Grundrhythmus schaukelt uns gemuetlich durch die immer wieder dramatisch aufflammende musikalische Kulisse. Nicht schlecht aber auch nicht wirklich gut.

Carol Decker, singer, songwriter

"China in Your Hand" is a song by the British band T'Pau, released from their album Bridge of Spies. A re-recorded version was released as a single in October. China In Your Hand Lyrics: It was a theme she had / On a scheme he had / Told in a foreign land / To take life on earth / To the second birth / And the man was in .

Vier nostalgische Sterne. Aber dennoch: "Heart And Soul" hat mir immer etwas besser gefallen!

Des passt scho. De saxofoon doet zijn werk, de rest maakt het helemaal af. Liegt auf einem Niveau mit Martikas "Toy soldiers". Solide Ballade, von ihnen gefallen mir komischerweise die etwas unbekannteren Titel viel besser. Vreemd genoeg kan ik het nummer anno hoger inschatten dan destijds.

UK 1 for 5 weeks and Ireland 1. Seltsamerweise in den US-Charts gefloppt. In den UK Jahrescharts 5!

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Das ist netter Poprock, doch ich verbinde nix damit! Ein Bekannter stand damals allerdings total auf T'Pau und war sogar auf einem Konzert. Week af van de popstandaards van die tijd.