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I've tried giving her advice to modify her dog's behavior, but she won't listen. It's worth noting that I have watched him over the weekend before and he does not act like this when she isn't around, and my girlfriend knows that her dog will only act like this when she's present. What else can I do or say to her to modify her dog's behavior without hurting her feelings? This is a dog that needs a job - does your girlfriend have any interest in dog sports or obedience training?

If not, this is the wrong breed of dog for her.

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Among the dog-training/woman-training advice Torero offers in the Treat Your Partner Like A Puppy' by Deni Kirkova,” Torero said to the. Much like with a dog, you must constantly enforce a woman's boundaries. She will shit test you and push you to your limit. A dog you often ignore, and the same .

Reading things like this makes me super grateful that I found a good match in my tiny, lazy, snuggly min pin. I do wish people were more aware of the way different breeds can have vastly different needs. It always cracked us up how we could play with Batty on the bed and that would give her enough exercise to wear her out for half a day.

But at the same time, if you wanted to go out and be active, she would be totally down to do that too. Good stuff. Oh god, I wish. He does love to cuddle tho. Well, my girl is 15 or so.

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Energy levels are not associated with the breed. There are very high, high, medium and low level energy levels of all breeds. You can have a low level energy Chihuahua and a high level energy Saint Bernard, or vice Versa. It's built in, not trainable and not associated with the breed. Dogs that have been bred for centuries to do tiring physical and mental work all day function best with an appropriate amount of stimulation.

They do have different skills and positions, however OP is better off physically tiring the dog than worrying about minutia at this point regarding cerebral stimulation. The dog needs to be physically tired to stop the behavior. Try teaching non-verbal commands once the dog has mastered all the commands you want to teach them. A fun game we like to play with our high energy doggo is we will hide a bigger treat around the room while she is out of sight then make her find it. Also puzzle toys or treat dispensing toys, what my SO and I call "absentee parenting".

Can occupy a dog for huge chunks of time! That dog needs to be exhausted, continuously, consistently. All this behavior is from lack of exercise. If you say you are exercising him, it's not enough if he exhibits this behavior, if you can't run him miles a day, get rollerblades or a bike and mike him pull you every day, always.

Having an one year old American Shepard I can say, the dog probably needs to burn off some serious energy. Will the girlfriend consider getting into flyball? Maybe ypu can do it together? Or teach doggy to run on a treadmill to burn off the energy? So I have an aus shepherd with loads of energy but thankfully very relaxed in the house and I have never heard of Flyball so I googled it and it looks amazing!!

No, seriously no. Trying to tire out an AS with a treadmill or flyball or fetching is just wrong. That's a working breed that needs to work and use its brain. Playing fetch and flyball just make them junkies. A treadmill should be an offense to every dog owner. Do some work! Train your dog! That's what a dog needs.

And then some rules and training calm behavior at home. Your preffered method, maybe not.

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It's minus here and a treadmill is a wonderful way to burn energy without freezing thankyouverymuch. But that post is not wrong. There are jackets for both of y'all, people do sports in cold conditions. Just like the Olympics. Those are excuses. A treadmill or flyball is still more exercising and mental stimulation than what it's getting. An extra job and mental training would obviously help more, but a treadmill and such isn't flat out wrong. In all honesty, if you're the only one that wants to change and correct what you consider bad behaviours it won't work.

Your girlfriend also has to follow through. It sounds like an issue with how you both judge what is OK and not OK with how a dog should act. Idk how long you've been together but this sounds like an important time for you two. Personally, my opinion is you take your dog knowledge and the advice from this sub and come up with a list of options.

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You know a dog feels totally safe around you when he can sleep with his back to you. I must confess, she appears quite blissful curled up on her new bed on the floor in the bedroom. He will then wake up at 6 or 7 am to go outside to play which makes it impossible for either of us to sleep in. Also, crate training at night. If you exclude your dog, they may be more likely to become jealous or resentful.

This is important not just for the dog but for your relationship. I get she loves the dog and relate to letting my babies get away with too much. While he is 1 and hyper activity is to be expected but he needs some help directing it.

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Fetch is an OK way to work with him but to shut up the barking and the racing around the house what he NEEDS are some very mental training sessions. His brain needs worn out and fetch doesn't cut it. We all can see what you WANT, which is some way to train the dog without her feelings getting hurt. If only such a thing were possible! It's likely that any kind of training, besides a few funny tricks, would hurt her feelings, since you're training HER dog -- she'll see that as you overstepping your boundaries, and of course, without a request from her, you would be doing just that.

It is HER dog, and the fact that you're posting here, and not her, is telling -- does she want to correct the same behaviors you do, or any at all? Additionally, since the behaviors you want to correct only occur when she's around, it's her that has to be doing the bulk of the training. Most crucially, however, neither of you can help this dog change its behavior without a change in routine, management practices, and active training, none of which you are going to be able to do secretly, and all of which calls into question her abilities as a "parent" to her dog.

I see two main problems that have got you to this point -- and you must be feeling pretty desperate, since it sounds like you're short on sleep.

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I sympathize. The problems:. Does she know how much this "routine" bothers you? Have you said anything? You say "she won't listen," which suggests you have tried to broach the subject, but make sure she knows how much you're suffering. It sounds terrible -- no sleep, no relaxation, problems with the neighbors.

Everyone's allowed a little ignorance, but if it's bad as you say, you BOTH should be talking to each other and strategizing. Barking dogs cause fines and eviction; where will both of you live if you are evicted without a reference? The red flags are flying. I see a lot of concern from you for her feelings; does she show concern for yours? Tell her how it is, and see how she responds.

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Tell her you need things to change. It doesn't have to be an "or else" conversation -- ask her how she expects you to live your life short on sleep, and unable to relax after work, for the next ten years or so? Keep up, here.

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