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Unlike standard Invasions, Infestation Outbreaks spread between sectors much faster than Grineer or Corpus invasions, and can often see an entire planet covered with Infested missions fairly quickly. Assassination mission types use Phorid as the assassination target, and will appear over the planet's standard Assassination mission. A hologram found on the Corpus ship showing the targeted asteroid base and 2 Grineer support ships reinforcing the base. Variant A features a large asteroid mining base connecting the two ships, with plenty of open space and side paths for large engagements.

This tile features an energy field that blocks the main path that must be dispelled by hacking a nearby control console. Alternately, there are hidden paths accessible only by parkour that allows players to bypass the field completely. Variant B features a direct connection between vessels by a Grineer boarding tunnel, leading to a heavily damaged Corpus room.

Variant C is encountered when siding with the Corpus on certain invasions, which features an access tunnel that periodically pulses with energy that can damage player shields. This tunnel exits into the outside of the Corpus Ship that is exposed to space, draining player shields the longer they stay. This then leads to a large glowing portal which transports the players directly into the barracks complex of the opposing Grineer Galleon. Players can board an empty pod and initiate the launch sequence by activating the control console inside; this closes the pod, which after a few seconds is fired directly at the opposing Corpus Ship.

After the transition, players can exit the pod into the Corpus Ship via a breach made on its hull. Note that both Variant C and Variant D prevent backtracking into the allied ship as both their transition areas only allow one-way travel. The Gradivus Dilemma featured an additional variant featuring an asteroid cave connecting the two ships, which has been implemented in standard invasion missions with the Grineer Asteroid tileset as the main tileset. Infestation outbreaks on Corpus Ships also feature a unique transitional tile, which takes place on a large shuttlebay with an equally large glowing portal at the end, that transports players into another ship.

These missions also feature a unique starting tile, which holds a secret room inside an elevator shaft. Players may also get the Stalker's attention by defeating Phorid.

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Each will appear near a targeted Relay once the Construction is complete, and the Lotus will warn all Tenno about the threat via Inbox message. This message also includes an item blueprint required to access the specific node, for either the Fomorian Disruptor or the Razorback Cipher. Hotfix As they move around the warehouse, the Doctor and Jamie hear the screams of Zoe and Isobel. Their unconscious forms are being put into crates to be loaded into the return van.

Jamie, furious, attacks Packer. Reinforcements are called for, and soon enough Jamie and the Doctor are surrounded by armed guards The Brig takes charge. Jamie confronts Packer again. Packer goes to hit him, but Vaughn calls him off. Vaughan tells Jamie and the Doctor that Zoe and Isobel were in the building but they left. Jamie protests, but the Doctor calmly asks if they can inspect the containers. Vaughn allows this, but as soon as they all leave to do so, Packer orders the train to leave.

Jamie and the Doctor arrive too late. Vaughn suggests that he will accompany them to the factory to do the inspection there. The Brigadier is worried about the Doctor and Jamie when he receives reports that the two of them plus Vaughn are leaving the building together. He orders them not to be followed and orders one of his subordinates, Jimmy, to go to the factory in a helicopter.

Jimmy watches as Vaughn's car enters the compound. The Brigadier orders Jimmy to hang back as they cannot alert Vaughn's private army as it might put the Doctor and Jamie at risk. The Doctor and Jamie are led into the factory. Vaughn wants to question the Doctor further on the circuits he showed him. As Vaughn shows the Doctor and Jamie into the office, he suggests to Packer that he should go and see if he can convince Watkins to work.

When the Doctor and Jamie enter Vaughn's office, they are surprised to see that it is exactly the same as his office in London. Vaughn has become suspicious of Zoe and the Doctor's abilities, but he isn't surprised or angry that the Doctor refused to be drawn in. Vaughn promises the Doctor Watkins' help and leaves. Jamie suspects Vaughn, and the Doctor considers him too nice but wonders why he would be offering them Watkins' assistance if he was evil.

Packer threatens Watkins with harm to Isobel if he doesn't continue working. Watkins considers it a bluff but Vaughn arrives and assures him that Packer is not lying. He explains that whatever happens Isobel will not be freed, she will just come to harm if Watkins refuses to comply. Watkins reluctantly agrees. Vaughn tells Watkins of the Doctor and Jamie and extends the threat to Isobel to spilling the beans on him. In the office, the Doctor notices a deep space radio communication system outside.

This causes him to be furthermore suspicious of Vaughn. As they look outside, they see Jimmy's helicopter swoop overhead. Packer enters and escorts the Doctor and Jamie into Watkins' presence. After the Doctor has introduced himself, Watkins says that Travers and Anne told him all about them. Up in his office, Vaughn tells Packer that the Doctor has been on another planet and has some sort of vessel that he craves.

He shows Packer a video screen that shows Watkins, the Doctor and Jamie's conversation. He is aware the room is bugged and he puts a scrambler on the machine. Vaughn checks all the other cameras — they are all functioning. He realises that the Doctor is quite an adversary and says it is no surprise his allies fear him. Vaughn vows not to destroy the Doctor until he knows more of his machine. Left alone, Watkins says he is working on a machine called the Cerebration Mentor , a teaching machine.

Watkins says he has no knowledge of Vaughn's plans and thinks he wants complete control of the electronics industry of the world. The Doctor believes he has bigger aspirations than that. Jamie hears someone coming. The Doctor goes for the scrambler, but Vaughn enters and removes it first. Vaughn tells the Doctor that they will make him talk in other ways. He admits he has Zoe and, unless the Doctor hands over his machine, she will be hurt.

The Doctor and Jamie are led away. As they are led towards the lifts, the Doctor tells Jamie he is scared of lifts and can't even press the buttons. Jamie catches on and enters first. The Doctor wheels around to say that he is ready to hand over his machine already. As he does he distracts Packer, pushes him over and activates the lift. As the lift is in motion he destroys the circuits. Vaughn berates Packer for letting the Doctor and Jamie get away. Packer reviews a report that the lift is stuck.

The Doctor and Jamie find a door in the lift shaft. Packer orders all exits to be covered and the lift to be fixed. The Doctor and Jamie have made it to the roof of the lift. They begin to climb the ladder on the side of the shaft. Packer has the lift working and orders it to be brought back up.

As the Doctor and Jamie climb, they hear the lift approaching. As the lift arrives Packer and Vaughn find it empty. Vaughn points out that the lift terminates on the roof. Packer sends some men but then also rides to the top to kill them. The lift starts again, but the Doctor and Jamie have reached the roof. They find a fire escape and climb down. Vaughn is furious about Packer letting them escape and orders their immediate return.

The Doctor and Jamie find their way through the train carriages, hiding underneath when they hear approaching guards. They decide to hide in a sleeper. Jamie wonders if it is the train that contained Zoe and Isobel. They hear Packer outside and hide in the containers. As Jamie is lying in his, he realises that there is something alive in there with him Jamie loses his grip during the helicopter rescue of Zoe and Isobel. The Doctor evades the guards and frees Jamie from the crate. Jamie says that something was moving inside.

They go to investigate but are disturbed by an approaching guard and have to flee. Vaughan berates Packer for losing the Doctor and Jamie. Vaughn explains he intends to stand up to their allies. He explains that Watkins' Cerebration Mentor emits emotion pulses that their allies find distressing.

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An invasion is a military offensive in which large parts of combatants of one geopolitical entity aggressively enter territory owned by another such entity. An invasion is a military action of soldiers entering a foreign land. Invasion or invader may also refer to any act of "going into". In archaeology, of prehistoric.

Packer is unsure. Vaughn warns him that their allies are to render everyone non human; instead he wants to use their force and then discard them. Until then Zoe and Isobel are to be hidden away. Out of sight, the Doctor and Jamie look on as crates are unloaded. Zoe and Isobel are unceremoniously hauled onto their feet and then escorted into the building by several guards. The Doctor overhears that they are being taken to the tenth floor of the central block.

Whilst this happens, Jimmy's helicopter flies overhead. Jimmy reports no sighting of the Doctor or Jamie to the Brigadier.

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The Brigadier orders Jimmy to withdraw but orders all units to standby. Vaughan tells him to leave it with him. On the roof, the Doctor and Jamie ascend to the next level, where they will try to reach the window where Zoe and Isobel are being kept. Vaughn uses the tannoy to say that unless the Doctor and Jamie hand themselves in in the next ten minutes, Zoe will pay the consequences. The Doctor believes this is enough time for a simple rescue operation. Isobel is trying to break through the door of the room they are being kept in.

Zoe blames herself for endangering her new friend.

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Zoe and Isobel see the Doctor and Jamie out the window. The Doctor waves to the girls to back away from the window. Zoe looks around the room and spots an electronic eye and mutters to Isobel that they are being watched. The Doctor contacts the Brigadier for help, asking if the helicopter has a rope ladder and gives him their exact location. Packer assures Vaughn he has the place covered and Vaughn gives the Doctor his five minute warning. Jimmy's helicopter is heard. Vaughn orders it to be shot down. The helicopter drops the ladder to Jamie and the Doctor and they lower it over the side of the building.

Reluctantly, Jamie begins to descend the ladder. Zoe opens the window and Jamie carefully climbs through. He helps her through the window and up the ladder. Below, the guards begin to fire. Jamie follows the girls up the rope ladder to the roof. Zoe, the Doctor and Jamie follow Isobel up the ladder towards the helicopter. Jamie is left on the rope ladder as Jimmy is forced to escape. He clambers onboard the helicopter as they are in motion. Jimmy reports to the Brigadier that all is well and the Brigadier orders all troops to return to base.

Packer fears consequences from their allies. Vaughn shouts at Packer for his subservience to their allies. He orders Watkins' machine to London as he is bringing the invasion forward; it will begin in twenty four hours. The video phone starts flashing in Rutledge's office. He scrambles the phone line so it can't be traced. The Brigadier tells the Doctor and his colleagues that they were lucky to survive. The Brigadier is now to take severe action against Vaughn and IE for attempting to shoot down his helicopter.

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The Doctor starts to hypothesise about what is going on. He remembers the ship on the dark side of the Moon and links it to the deep space transmitter in the IE building. Overhearing this, the Brigadier suggests this could be linked to UFO sightings and goes off to fetch some photographs. Watkins demands to know what the shooting he heard was and demands to see Isobel. Vaughn dismisses this and tells him that his only priority is finishing his machine in the next twenty four hours.

The Doctor studies the photos. The Doctor begins to link this to the crates that they discovered. The Doctor decides to go back to the IE building to view the crates but Jamie is concerned about being spotted. He asks for a map and immediately asks the Brigadier if he has a canoe. Later, the Doctor and Jamie approach the IE building via canal. They breach the building. In the warehouse, workmen are moving the crates around. The workers effortlessly carry the caskets to another area.

Slowly, the Doctor and Jamie slink in close enough to watch. The workmen remove the gauze and stand the cocoon up. They attach electrodes to the cocoon. The Doctor confides to Jamie that his fears have been confirmed. The workers turn on the machine. The cocoon begins to writhe until a Cyberman emerges After seeing the Cybermen reanimated, the Doctor and Jamie decide to return to the canoe and escape.

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Jamie explains to Zoe that they saw Cybermen, whilst the Doctor tries to explain what Cybermen are to Jimmy and Isobel. The Doctor suspects that the deep space transmitters were for the Cybermen to latch onto to find Earth. The Doctor speculates that those people who were acting differently after entering the IE Building must be under the Cybermen's control.

Jimmy tells him it is Major General Rutlidge. The Brigadier is in a meeting with Rutlidge and is flabbergasted when Rutlidge tells him to stand down from the IE investigation. The Brigadier implores action, but Rutlidge thinks there must be a misunderstanding and orders him to stop the investigation. Whilst he is talking, Rutlidge seems to lose the ability to speak. As soon as the Brigadier leaves, Rutlidge contacts Vaughn and tells him of the situation — again struggling to talk.

Vaughn orders Rutlidge to come to the IE building. When the conversation is terminated, Vaughn tells Packer that he suspects that the control they have over Rutlidge is weakening. Jimmy informs the Doctor that the Brigadier has already seen Rutlidge. The Doctor worries that their information may now be public. Packer is concerned by this. Vaughn orders Watkins' Cerebration Machine into the warehouse. Vaughn lifts the wall and communicates with his allies again.

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He tells them that they will alter the plan and bring the invasion forward but the controller states that the invasion forces are not complete. Vaughn states that, unless the invasion is brought forward to dawn the next day, he will sever all help. The controller relents.

Down in the warehouse, the workmen are animating more Cybermen. Packer orders them into the sewer and to their different assembly points. The Doctor is puzzled over how they are going to form their attack when all of a sudden he remembers the superfluous circuit in Jamie's radio. He asks if there is any more IE equipment in the base. Jimmy leads him off to some. Gregory and Vaughn are preparing to test the Cerebration Machine on a Cyberman. Gregory is reluctant, but Vaughan forces him. They partially animate a Cyberman before attaching the machine to it and induce fear and transmit it into the Cyberman.

The Cyberman rips off the machine and begins to attack. The humans flee and the Cyberman makes its way into the sewer. Vaughn considers this a success and asks Gregory to up the power on the machine. The Brigadier thinks this a great idea and goes to get some of his men on it. Isobel says she will do it, but the Brigadier says it is no job for a girl. Isobel loses her temper at this sexist attitude, but the Brigadier holds firm.

Jamie agrees with the Brigadier. Cross, Zoe and Isobel head off to London to prove the men wrong. Jamie comes with them. The controller is informing Vaughn of the plan for the invasion. Cyber transmitter units are to be launched an hour before the invasion. They will penetrate through all areas of Earth.

They will identify people to be converted into Cybermen whilst the others will be destroyed. Vaughn disagrees with this and says it is counter to their agreement: that Vaughn would be in charge of Earth whilst the Cybermen would be the given minerals that they need. The controller demands that if Vaughn is to be in charge he is to be converted.

Again Vaughn disagrees; he will have a cybernetic body but not a cybernetic brain. Once the communication is terminated, Vaughan states he doesn't trust the Cybermen and that the audio rejection capsules he has invented will stop them reneging on their deal. The Brigadier is sending the photography equipment to London by helicopter when the Doctor enquirers as to the whereabouts of his friends. Jimmy tells them they went to London.

The Brigadier is fearful that they will have gone into the sewers. The Brigadier radios Benton and orders him to find the Doctor's friends. He then sends Jimmy to London to search for them. Jamie, Zoe and Isobel enter the sewers through a manhole but are spotted by a policeman as they do so. Jamie, Zoe and Isobel start to explore the sewers, and it is not long before they spot some Cybermen. Unbeknownst to them the policeman has climbed down to find them. Isobel is taking photographs of the Cybermen until they are forced to run.

The policeman turns into an oncoming pair of Cybermen and is immediately killed. Jamie, Zoe and Isobel discover his body and realise that they are surrounded from both sides by Cybermen, one of whom is the mad one on whom Vaughan experimented Cybermen infiltrate London 's sewers. The mad Cyberman that has been bearing down on Isobel, Jamie and Zoe walks straight past them.

Isobel wants to meet up with the UNIT forces, but Jamie reminds her that there are Cybermen between them and the soldiers. The Cybermen order the forces to obey and to come with them. The UNIT forces prepare a grenade and, when the mad Cyberman distracts the others, they use the decoy to throw it. It knocks two of the Cybermen out. As the last remaining Cyberman approaches, Perkins loses his courage and runs. He is immediately killed by the Cyberman. The forces make their way back to the ladder and call for Jamie, Isobel and Zoe to meet them there. They all begin to climb the ladder.

Jimmy asks Jamie to keep an eye out for the last remaining Cyberman. As they approach the surface, Jamie's leg is caught by the Cyberman. Walters comes and drives the Cyberman back down into the sewers with his rifle butt. Benton then arrives and drops a grenade into the sewers, destroying the last Cyberman. The Doctor is still poring over the circuits and is still utterly bamboozled. The Brigadier tells him he is soon heading to Geneva and that after that there might be two or three days before action.

The Doctor is perturbed — it may be too late by then. Isobel enters with the photos she took of the Cybermen. The Brigadier is a little disappointed as they look fake. Isobel is annoyed at this.

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Vaughn is not worried and states that the invasion will be too soon for UNIT to do anything. Watkins and Gregory come up with the modified Cerebration Machine. Watkins is now very aware his machine has been turned into a weapon. Vaughn uses the machine on Watkins, knocking him down. Gregory stands up for Watkins, and Vaughn threatens him with the same treatment. Vaughn orders the machine into mass production.

So buckle up, grab a space gun, and get ready to have your mind probed and blown! For one month only, you can participate in the Invasion Community Update event and receive exclusive cases filled with rare items, weapons, and Unusual effects just for this update! The event runs through November 5th. Activate the pass to receive an Invasion Community Update Coin, which will track total player kills and player kills on any of the Invaded Maps during the event. After the event, the stats on the coin will be locked.