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Yasmin has been produced with a variety of hair colors, ranging from a light to dirty blonde or brown with really blonde highlights. She has green or brown eyes, and can be easily recognized by the beauty mark on her left cheek. She is produced with medium-tan skin tone. The Live Action movie adaptation characterized her to be of Hispanic-Jewish origin based off of her original prototype character "Lupe". But by debut, Yasmin was intended to be of Iranian heritage. Like most of the Bratz, her appearance has changed for certain doll lines. But, although her skin, hair, and eye color changed, you could always tell it was Yasmin, thanks to her signature beauty mark.

She sports her full second outfrit from the Funk Out line: a white tank top with a tattoo-styled flowered design on it, bright sky blue denim capris jeans with a red and blue striped scarf belt. She also wears her bright blue platform shoes from the Flaunt It collection. Her ponytail is wrapped with a shaggy piece sticking ouf. She also dons large silver hoop earrings to finish the look. In her most recent designs, Yasmin has taken on a very unique and colorful style. She has pulled her hair into pigtails with several light brown loose strands of hair framing her face with bangs that just barely cover her eyes.

She has curly strands of magenta and dark blue, and also has multiple braids consisting of pink, yellow, orange-red, and violet-fuchsia. Yasmin wears a red, orange, white, and brown long sleeved top with bell shaped sleeves, underneath a pink tank top with a cyan blue flowery belt. She also wears denim short-shorts with the pockets sticking out of the bottom, black and white striped stockings, and red shoes with gold heels and tops that resemble leg warmers. Yasmin can be quiet, but she is a talented writer and an aspiring pop-star, most notably in the live-action Bratz film, and in the animated Bratz: Girlz Really Rock!

Yasmin is feminine, glamorous and graceful, and is always there for her friends. Even though there is something almost regal about her, Yasmin is not pretentious; she is open-minded, and loves alternative trends in fashion, fitness and beauty. For Bratz magazine, Yasmin is the trends writer. She is into yoga. Animals are her passion. Scott was Yasmin's date to the dance in Inner Beauty Queen.

Their personal relationship has not yet been stated. Twins Nona and Tess are her cousins as well. Her world collection "first date" had her dating Braden , the new boy in town. Arrange and rearra ….

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Nitey Nite (A Variety of Passion Book 2) - Kindle edition by J. L. Baumann. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. This is an E-Poem to download and share with a friend. Surrender unto the night. This poem is Gothic/Emo in nature and some others like this appear in A.

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