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Jan 1. I experienced the following issues: 1 annotations do not seem to render in OAT. I selected "what is a tree dispute" text and annotate it. The annotation can be rendered in the "Annotation Sets" view. IllegalAccessError: tried to access field gate. OntologyClassView at gate. I still experienced the same problem. The Onotology plugins are all working properly. Is there something I missed or could there be a defect? BTW, for the time being there is an easy workaround: just use different def files for each setting of case-sensitivity, but use the same content of the def file, pointing to the same list files.

In fact if you try GATE 8. If you are using 8. Hi Arron, I think I understand: you are creating several PRs from the same def file, but using different case-sensitivy settings? I think there may be a bug related to keeping these things separate, since the gazbin file will only get created from the first one. It ma be necessary to add something to the cache file name that indicates the init-parameter settings to keep them saparate.

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I will have a look into this. Certainly loading two gazetteers from the same file with different params is probably going to cause an issue with the cache files.

Hi - it wasn't a bug. Though to get this to work in GATE 8. Sorry to if any inconvenience has been caused, I now have it working! All the best, Arron. Hi Arron, if you could provide a minimum self-contained example to reproduce this problem, that would be great! Please register there and let us continue this thread on the new list. Are you definitely only loading one copy of the StringAnnotation plugin?

If you happen to load two then it's the first that is loaded that gets used, so if you have an old app then it might be interfering. Are you able to test a minimum working example? Just seems there might still be a bug? Cc: gate-users You should then see both versions listed allowing you to try 4. Make sure you don't load both at once though otherwise odd things can happen.

You may also want to upgrade from 8. It's just that one caseSensitive parameter that is making all the difference. Is there something I am missing? Thanks, Arron. Hi Ian - I'm using version 4. Is there a more up to date version? University of Sheffield, UK. Which version of GATE are you using? Which version of the StringAnnotation plugin are you using? I know the case insensitive flag was broken up until months back. You need to delete the gazbin files generated next to the gazetteer you are trying to load. You'll need to delete the old. Ian P. As per instuctions, when running my people congirufed to work in 8.

ResourceInstantiationException: Could not load gazetteer at com. InvalidClassException: com. Thank you, Arron. NLP team develops innovative software solutions that get put into practice quickly to make a difference to UPMC patients and members. Beyond the NLP team you will also be working with colleagues who focus on application engineering, HCI and design, and product management. There any also many opportunities for advancement. It's a fast-paced, fun and diverse environment where you will never be bored!

If you're interested please contact Rebecca Jacobson at jacobsonrs Dear Johann Petrak Thank you so much. I was struglling for more than 3 days with this problem. You have helped me a lot. I found offset has no the target feature. Thank you again. I seek your support. The start offset is in the "Start" column of this list. If you click the column header, the list will be sorted by that value and it should be easy to locate the annotation at start offset Sorry Here is the list view How to get and point an offset number? Dear Johann Petrak Yes the annotation list is there. So, how to get a particular offset number, do I need to count manually?

Dear all I am using Gate learning framework for classification evaluation. The target feature is postag.

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Can any one help me to fix the error. Hi, It appears that you have specified the feature name "postag" as the target feature name, but an instance annotation does not have a value for that feature. The error message tells you the document name and the offset within that document so it should be easy to find that particular instance annotation.

Hi, this mailing list is defunct now. Please join the new list at groups. I am working in Gate batch learning, and I have defined postag as a class feature. Below is the error displayed in message tab. RuntimeException: Required feature 'postag' is missing Is there any one who can help me. Dear all, I am working in Gate batch learning, and I have defined postag as a class feature. Will the current structure of GATE support adding such algorithms in future?

Kind regards, Ali Naderi. Thank you for the insight, I see the problem. The strategy of checking for the magnitude seems promising.

Also, is the addition heuristic only applicable to the decade values "twenty", "thirty", etc. I've just had a look and there isn't really an easy fix that doesn't also remove other functionality.


For example "he spent three million dollars on I can see why in your example and others, like reading out a phone number etc. The problem is that I can't see a good way of knowing in advance how to treat a sequence of numbers. You could stop it happening by editing the english. I'll add taking another look at this to my to-do list be warned it's rather long to see if I can figure out something a little more principled I'm thinking that a string of number of the same magnitude should be treated individually; i.

I'm using the standard "English. Has anyone had a chance to look into this question? You can reach the person managing the list at gate-users-owner For example "one seven zero", meaning "". The value that comes out of the Numbers Tagger, however, is "8", the sum of the three digits. How can I prevent this? Thanks, Deborah Dahl Deborah Dahl dahl Sorry but my email reject each time to the mailing list. Subject: their determiner Hi, Please, I am trying to solve ""their"" determiner using Stanford parser but could not be resolved to what it must be resolved, for example, go back to person names.

Dear all, As part of our process of migration away from the infrastructure of SourceForge. This SourceForge list's archive will be preserved, but the list has been closed to new subscribers, and will be closed completely to all posters in the next few weeks. Thanks a lot Ian, After forcing gate-asm version to 6. We will still wait for 8. IllegalArgumentException at gate.

Javier, Thanks for the heads up on this - all our core plugins currently compile with -source 1. We have started to upgrade our application to java 10 but Gate throws an asm related exception java. Best regards, Javier. But it is probably easier to create a new pipeline and first try loading the ontology manually in the GUI, once that works, save the pipeline and copy over the parameter block into your existing pipeline file.

Thank you very much for the guidance. After I create this import file, I have 2 questions 1 where should I place it? Below is an excerpt from exampleApp. If I use local file to store the ontology, how should I modify this configuration to direct Gate to use the import file? ResourceInstantiationException: gate. So this looks to be related to a change outside our control that has broken the example. I tried to load the exampleApp.

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Could anyone help me with this? Sometimes the users in my application say numbers digit by digit. Dear all Deadline extended to 8 May, funding available: Healtex — the UK healthcare text analytics network — is focused on sharing clinical text analytics methods and algorithms. To support this aim, we are hosting an evening and a day in Sheffield, UK on May , where participants will adapt and wrap clinical text analytics software for sharing with GATE, the widely used open source natural language processing architecture. These will be combined with hackathon sessions where participants will work under the guidance of GATE team members to adapt and wrap their own software.

To apply to join this event, send us a brief description of the application, method, or algorithm that you would like to share through GATE, together with a CV, to contact We will fund reasonable travel expenses and provide food. Hi All, I am trying to annotate my document with ontology classes. I am using an existing ontology and I am interested in the class, "skill". AnnotationSet bindings. Annotation label.

How do I make my application o extract these classes and concepts from the ontology? Please help, thank you. Dear all Second call: Healtex — the UK healthcare text analytics network — is focused on sharing clinical text analytics methods and algorithms. Re: [gate-users] add covered text to existing feature From: Lacey A. Thanks very much Mark - worked great. All the best, Arron From: Mark A. Greenwood [mailto:m. Subject: Re: [gate-users] add covered text to existing feature it should be lookupAnn.

How to I add the strings stored in content to each corresponding Lookup2 annotation? Re: [gate-users] add covered text to existing feature From: Mark A. Hi - I am trying to add the covered text as a feature to a simple gazeteer lookup. Hi All, I am loading an ontology from my local directory. What could be the problem? Please assist. Regards Diana.

The objective is to share best practices of research methods and approaches, as well as to exchange on what it means to engage in an academic career on the topics relevant to the EKAW conference. In addition, the authors of accepted papers will be asked to review one of the other Doctoral Consortium papers.

The objective is to make students experience the reviewing process and to provide for each paper different views regarding the research they describe. Submissions will be divided into two different categories depending on the PhD phase: - Early Stage PhD: Students who may have identified the main research problem they want to address as well as the relevant literature, and who are building their research methodology, but who might not yet have obtained significant results, or only preliminary ones. These categories do not affect the chances of being selected.

They will, however, be taken into account by the reviewers in their feedback, and in the length and format of the presentation. The organisers might decide to move a submission from one category to the other, if they think it is justified. Submission guidelines All submissions must be single-author submissions. Please acknowledge your PhD advisor s and other contributors in the Acknowledgements section.

Submissions should clearly indicate the category of the submission Early Stage PhD or Late Stage PhD and should be structured around the following items which are the key methodological components required for a sound research narrative: 1. State of the art: describe relevant related work and point out areas that need to be improved or investigated; 3. Proposed Approach: present the approach taken and motivate how this is novel with respect to existing work; 4. Methodology: sketch the methodology that is or will be adopted, including the evaluation protocol, i.

Results: describe the current status of the work and any results that have been reached so far; 6.

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Discussion: reflect on why you think your approach will work or not , difficulties you have run into, and recommendations for future work. Topics The Doctoral Consortium focuses on the same topics of the main conference. Authors can use any HTML-based format for the submission, but a mandatory LNCS-like layout should be provided and the submission still needs to comply with the established page limit.

Students accepted to present at the Doctoral Consortium must attend the Doctoral Consortium for the whole day in order to gain as much value as possible from the experience. Each submitter should also be aware that they will be asked to review one other paper submitted to the Doctoral Consortium. The Open University is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in relation to its secondary activity of credit broking. I'm afraid it doesn't - that discussion was around what would be involved for someone to modify the JAPE parser itself in order to support template replacements in Java RHS blocks as it builds the class body that will eventually be compiled into the action class.

The templatesMap is part of the parsing process, it's not something that would ever be available to the action classes at runtime. I see that the ParseCpsl class has a templatesMap field, however it is protected. Dear all Healtex — the UK healthcare text analytics network — is focused on sharing clinical text analytics methods and algorithms. Please could you consider providing a letter of support, to help ensure our continued success.

If you are willing to help, please drop an email to Kalina Bontcheva k. Individual researchers, companies, entrepreneurs or anyone else is welcome to help. Thanks in advance, Mark. Hi, Mark and Arron, Sorry for replying late. Thanks for your suggestions. In the end, because I can't ask users to put anything manually like filename, I've decided to either change my Java code to forbidden duplicated phase name by software level since we can get phase names after loading. Thanks for teaching me the public function.

Hi, we are trying to analyse spanish documents. Is there a SpanishTokeniser. Muchos de ellos quiera. Pero Tales como todas las conciencias. Que los riegue primero con su sangre y blaban por su vida.

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Hispania. Volume 77, Number 1, March 1994

Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. Julio Andrade enjoys driving through neighborhoods Pinterest. Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. Oscura monótona sangre (Volumen independiente nº 1) (Spanish Edition) by [ Olguín. OSCURA MONOTONA SANGRE (Spanish Edition) [SERGIO S. OLGUIN] on Oscura monótona sangre (Volumen independiente nº 1) and millions of other.

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Raúl Anguiano’s Centennial VIP Reception held October 29th

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Yo creo — No hemos encontrado billetes El novato no comprende la relacion del precio del arroz con XXII la blancura de aquellas muchachas. Los artilleros no eran los menos alborotadores. Ese de las cejas fruncidas? Discuten el. Los artilleros se callan. La tono de un Caton satisfecho de su conciencia. A que no!