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Mack the Famous Seeing Eye Dog
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International Guide Dog Day: 10 Inspirational Guide Dog Stories [VIDEO]

Thanks to the historian at Seeing Eye, Inc. Mack could accompany George to work, but a family member had to take the dog home when he arrived at the Post Office, and bring him back when it was time to close up shop for the day. Seeing Eye dogs were supposed to stay with their owners at all times, causing George to worry that being separated from Mack all day would undo weeks of training.

Fortunately, the two continued to work well together. Sadly, after a partnership of nearly eight years, Mack died from a brief bout of kidney disease. Otherwise, I might never have known about this remarkable dog. Thank you for this!

Blind Golden Retriever Gets Seeing Eye Dog

I remember going up to the pet cemetery and looking at all of the pet stones and the stories and wondering what the owners are like. Your email address will not be published.

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As a result, if you begin to think the moment you get a vision it disrupts the third eye process. Inspirational November 11, However, the unique nature of each person also ensures that each of us sees the world from a different angle. Both dogs were female, and the one that proved most suitable was named Kiss. Kingsley Brown. To their owners all Seeing Eye dogs are miracle workers. Latino Voices.

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