Stronger than Pain

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You fail a maths test, try again and fail again. You can be proud of the things you control and your effort is one of those things. The catastrophizer in you will continue to say nothing is good in life and everything sucks without ever pausing to catch the good in the day. Second, it is me who has demonstrated control over something in my day. Not the pain. This cannot be misinterpreted as purposefully ignoring pain or believing in good things just because for the sake of it.

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Pain, adversity, challenges, difficulty. Many events can be tough or extremely limiting but we must remember:. In the dark depths of adversity, it can almost be insulting to suggest life can improve not only despite the challenge but because of it.

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In the meantime, there are things you can try to help calm or quiet your anxiety…. A nollywood movie yes! Learning that people's opinions and impressions are neither my business nor my responsibility. She used to bowl, play darts more The much-feared fingerprinting and registration process is done here. And I am grateful to God because this made me realise that I loved that friend, which is a first for me, as I often have difficulties in understanding my emotions and feelings. It Can Happen to Anyone.

To understand this, it is helpful to return to the idea of adversity. It is something that prevents us from continuing in the path we are currently walking down. Adversity makes life more difficult. In order to move past this obstacle, we either wait for it to pass or resolve to do something about it. Choosing to wait is the easiest option but completely removes the autonomy that we have over our own lives.

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It also guarantees nothing. Resolving to do something about it is difficult but at least opens the option for having some control over the problem. Struggling mathematician then decides to go online and use a large variety of resources to get better at certain problems.

In the process, she begins to focus harder and with fewer distractions. She takes the test again and passes. Did she succeed in spite of her disinterested teacher or because of her? Her rubbish teacher did nothing to help but her absence also showed the student that she is capable of getting better at maths even if it required a harder route. This route also helped her improve her focus and confidence. As a result, she has become better because of her adversity. Even if that is slowly building up your mental resilience when something goes wrong. Adversity offers us a challenge.

To get past the challenge, we have to develop certain skills, mindsets or habits to get through.

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Without the challenge in the first place, we will be perfectly fine walking an easy but less satisfying path. Adversity is also not simple. A lot of the time, the help of other people is much more beneficial than anything you can expect from trying to force your way through life with brute willpower. With this in mind, you can also be the helping hand for others too. Sometimes that comes from writing these blog posts.

People are mostly silent. Children, carried by their parents, cry. Parents take turns holding them. I even carry one of them for a while. I do not want to stay here. The Hungarians are mad. Hossein and I try to figure out what is going on, because there are policemen escorting the crowd. We remember this every time the silence of night-time and our own heavy breathing is interrupted by the sound of the police transmitter.

After two hours walking through the fields, we see moving car lights in the distance: the road to Szeged.

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Directed by Tchidi Chikere. With Nkem Owoh, Kate Henshaw-Nuttal, Ifeanyi Ikechukwu, Ebube Nwagbo. STRONGER THAN PAIN 2 (PART5of6) - NIGERIAN MOVIE.

On one hand, it is a relief… but on the other hand, no one knows which direction Szeged is in. Hossein stops a passing car and the driver shows us the right direction. It is only 12 kilometres to our final destination. The once dense crowd has turned into a long, loose column of people in the meantime, and the police has exploited this in order to part it into four groups.

Stronger Than Pain

Two buses and three police vans stop at the edge of the road every kilometre. They pick up the most exhausted refugees. It is clear to me that those who board will be transported to registration. After roughly four hours of night marching, the people give up and board the parked buses. It is a smart move by the Hungarian police, actually; they just wait until the people get exhausted. It happens quickly.

Only a few were ready for such a spontaneous march. Only a small group of about one hundred refugees, led by my friend Hossein, manages to reach the roundabout near Szeged. There is a traffic sign in front of us: Budapest, kilometres. We will sleep on the highway and wait for a solution. I never understood what suffering is all about, all my previous experiences with pain ended up there, which made me desperately try to avoid it. But now something different happened. A relationship with a friend went wrong.

It's not something in particular that happened, but a combination of a busy period in our lives, an increased stress level and poor communication. There was a cooling somehow.