The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring

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How do flowers bloom in the spring? Scientists say that genes pertaining to photosynthesis are expressed and controlled by the circadian clock. The bushes flower before they get leaves and they show up right about the time that the daffodils do. Next, view lessons at your grade level: View all lessons. You can find them growing along the Quarter Mile. If they have their buds out when a frost hits, the flowers often bloom more slowly and are tipped with brown. Flowering Dogwood. Some articles have Google Maps embedded in them.

If you are a landscaping novice, you should consider a couple of points prior to making your plant selection to help you decide how best to incorporate these cheerful plants in your yard. Take a look at the various kinds of spring flowers that are known to be among the earliest blooming plants. These plants bloom sooner than lilacs and peonies.

These early bloomers are especially prized for their ability to give us a "jump" on the growing season:. To inject variety into your springtime plantings, you can grow plants that have different colors, and a less obvious but perhaps more important strategy is to grow plants of different heights. This forces the viewer to continually change eye level. Which plants bloom the earliest? How can you inject the best variety into your springtime plantings?

Short, spreading ground covers Spring bulb plants Perennials Shrubs Trees. Massed together on an inclined bank, creeping phlox plants make a powerful landscaping statement. The colors available are red, white, blue, pink, rose, lavender, purple, and variegated. A tough plant sometimes invasive suitable for shade gardens and requiring little care once established, it is often encountered still-thriving on abandoned homesteads.

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Nanki-Poo: The flowers that bloom in the spring, Tra la, Breathe promise of merry sunshine — As we merrily dance and we sing, Tra la. [NANKI-POO] The flowers that bloom in the spring. Tra la. Breathe promise of merry sunshine — As we merrily dance and we sing. Tra la. We welcome the hope.

But winter jasmine deserves mention here simply because it blossoms so early March in zone 5. It bears pale yellow flowers.

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But like other springtime bulb plants and unlike the ground covers , their foliage dies back by summer. The "snow" in their name is apt: Among the earliest bloomers, snowdrops are sometimes spotted pushing up through a layer of snow plus they have white flowers. Colour range: Most commonly yellow and white but can be also be found in red, purple, orange and pink.

Availability: April-November but are usually available all year round. Care tips: Diagonally cut the stems and remove any foliage that will be below the water line. Your freesias will last longer if you change the water every few days and re-trim the stems. Send Freesias.


The name pansy comes from the French verb 'penser' meaning 'to think', which is why it symbolises remembrance, love or admiration for another. Meaning: Yellow pansies represent happiness or a bright disposition which is ideal for spring. Colour range: Pansies come in a range of colours from yellow through to violet.

They can be solid, bi-coloured or tri-coloured. Care tips: They are mainly seen as potted flowers. They like to be in the full sun but won't thrive if it's too hot - this shouldn't be a problem if you're planting in the UK. Once grown make sure you deadhead them often so they last as long as possible.

The primrose scientific name: Primula Vulgaris is the signal that spring has begun. It naturally grows in woodlands but would be equally at home in your garden. Meaning: The primrose symbolises not being able to live without a partner, and is usually related to young love.

Colour range: Most commonly yellow but can also be found in white, purple, red or pink. Availability: These early spring flowers bloom from March-May. Care tips: They are mainly seen as potted flowers or in soil outdoor. Keep your primroses looking their best by pruning dead leaves regularly.

The bluebell scientific name: Hyacinthoides non-scripta , is often found covering woodland in a beautiful carpet of blue.

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Meaning: It is said to mean humility or gratitude. They can also represent everlasting love. It is believed that you can use a bluebell to call fairies, and you should not pick them because it brings bad luck to your home. Bluebells are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act, so they can't be picked with the purpose of selling them. Care tips: English bluebells thrive in damp conditions and can handle both sun and shade.

Make sure you water them regularly. The name 'lilac' simply refers to the light purple colour of these pretty blooms.

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They are an early spring flower with one of the shortest bloom times - only lasting for 3 weeks at the beginning of spring. Meaning: Lilacs symbolise renewal and confidence which is why they are often given as graduation gifts. Colour range: Lilac, magenta, violet, blue and white. Availability: February-November. Commercially grown lilacs are available all year round. Care tips: Like daffodils, the sap that comes from freshly cut lilac stems can reduce the vase life of other flowers.

To avoid this, put them in a separate vase of cool water for a few hours before adding to the rest of the bouquet. To extend vase life remove any dead or faded florets, mist the flowers and keep out of direct sunlight.

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These regal flowers have been linked to the monarchy since medieval times - the French monarchy in particular - which is why their national symbol is the fleur-de-lis, which means faith, hope, wisdom and valour. Meaning: Royalty, faith, hope, wisdom. Colour range: Traditionally purple or blue, but also found in yellow, white, pink, red, brown and almost black. Availability: Peaks January-May, but commercially available all year round. Care tips: To maximise vase life try to purchase irises in the bud stage.

The Mikado/The flowers that bloom in the spring

Remove any stem foliage that will be under the water and trim about an inch off the stems. Be careful not to let the stems dry out and use flower food if available. Place in a cool area out of the sun. More about Iris.

Allium from the Latin word for garlic comes in hundreds of spices and most of them have a distinctive round shaped head. In recent years it has become quite popular as an ornamental flowers in interior design and wedding arrangements. Meaning: Allium means unity and patience, and is often given to someone who is seen as flawless and elegant, making it the ideal choice for brides-to-be.

Colour range: Purple, lavender, blue, pink, pale green and white. Availability: These are late spring flowers, but are often available all year round. Care tips: Allium can be toxic to cats and dogs so don't put them anywhere that pets can chew them. Change the water regularly as hollow stemmed flowers need clean water or they clog up and wilt. The snowdrop scientific name: Galanthus nivalis is a hardy little plant and a very early spring flower.

In fact, they are one of the first indicators that spring is upon us, often working their way through the snow to bloom.

Meaning: hope, rebirth, purity and consolation. Colour range: As the name suggests snowdrops only come in one colour - white. Care tips: Plant them in the shade under deciduous shrubs, or along the front of herbaceous plant borders. They prefer well-drained soil, but if you only have heavy soil add some sand or grit to the hole before you plant for better drainage. The name of this perennial flower is derived from the Greek word 'anemos,'which means 'the wind'.

The anemone genus consists of around species and belongs to the Ranunculaceae family. Meaning: White anemones symbolise sincerity and were a favourite of impressionist painters - you'll see them in works by Matisse and Monet.

Spring Blooming Plants – My Favorite 20 Picks for an Early Bloom

Colour range: The most common colour is white but you'll also find scarlet, crimson, blue and purple. Care tips: Diagonally trim the stems and add to cold water to lengthen the time it takes the buds to open up. Change the water every few days and keep away from direct heat and sunlight. More about Anemones. Crocuses are one of the first early spring flowers to emerge.