The Nearly Complete Works of Donald Harington Volume 2

'Game of Thrones' creator George R.R. Martin almost quit writing for real estate
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Donald Harington (1935–2009)

As this friend put it, what would we give now for a record of Shakespeare discussing his plays in the context of his life? As for the production process, it was long and often frustrating, as if the Fate-Thing had decided to bestow upon me some of the cosmic mischief that it had always visited on Don. I went through endured? Was he easy to work with?

Don was certainly generous and thoughtful throughout the documentary interviews, but he also found some of the questions impossible or at least frustrating to answer — especially those in which I was trying to get him to summon his playful wit off the top of his head. Nevertheless, the overall tone of the interviews was certainly friendly and encouraging.

PHILIP MARTIN: Donald Harington's Kindness

What would you say was the aim of the film — what impression or experience do you hope to leave with the viewer? The simplest and most important aim of the documentary is to inspire viewers to read or hopefully reread his books, which constitute their own superb gifts to anyone with an attentive ear, an open heart, and a taste for inspired logophilic wit grounded deeply in the timeless vagaries of human love and loss.

Can you trace his influence in contemporary fiction? Returning to his double-barreled wedding of Bingham to Matisse, I would first say that Don managed to recreate and deepen the world of authentic Ozark homespun country people with remarkably sophisticated narrative artistry, to make a kind of modernist or even postmodernist folk art.

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If the novel is as an old literature scholar friend of mine once put it the most social of all art forms, then Don has managed to enlarge its sphere enough to meaningfully and delightfully incorporate lives and sensibilities that high or official culture all too quickly excludes and even scorns as mere hillbillies.

This accomplishment has inspired another scholar to declare Don pretty aptly, I would say our Chaucer, our court-jester poet of authentic vernacular American speech who in presenting us with the inimitable voices of his Stay Morons is preserving whole ways of life that helped give birth to but seem almost to have disappeared from our relentlessly CGI-ed and Photoshopped 21st-century experience. But for Don, the dream of an American Eden is never just a regressive design on unrealistically idealized innocence; rather, it inspires him to explore the tangled, comic, and often tragic relations between Nature and the delightfully human condition of his characters.

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A nice homage to the author of it all, that title is what Martin called his bestselling series from which this whole shebang is drawn. Surfing the bottom line for the premium cabler, that last look at House Stark is ripe for at least three other series and more books by the deadline-weary Martin. Fan or critic or both, there is much to embrace and much to dispute about the sometimes-uneven end of GoT this season. With almost that, the era-defining Game of Thrones is gone, but one of the greatest television series of all time will not be forgotten, neither at the 71st Primetime Emmys in September nor for long afterwards.

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Since Dawson ran out of copy in sig. Captaine Argals voyage to port Royall. The editor is indebted to Mrs. A short walk to a tidal beach and some great cross beach tramps. The discoveries, observations, and relations of Captaine Smith in the degrees 37, 38, and A most remarkable observation of Gods love. The repeated royal connections along with Henry VIII's matrimonial adventures, shown in the genealogical table below, explain in some measure the odd mental makeup of John Smith's benefactress.

And yes, I was wrong: Sansa did not up ruling the Seven Kingdoms directly, but she did win the North the right to stand as an independent kingdom. So, forgive me for being on the wrong path in the right direction.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Although he was born and raised in Little Rock, Donald Harington spent nearly all of his early summers in the Ozark. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Although he was born and raised in Little Rock, Donald The Nearly Complete Works of Donald Harington Volume 2.

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