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There are also five Fragrance Boxes housing orchids with scented notes like pepper, tom yum, and bubble gum scents may vary as the orchids in the Fragrance Boxes are refreshed periodically. Set in an idyllic pastoral landscape, Tulipmania floral display in Flower Dome draws inspiration from the Dutch countryside and explores the agricultural roots of the Netherlands.

Over 35 varieties of tulips will be on display from 12 April to 20 May including the vibrant red and white 'Singapura' which commemorates Singapore's Bicentennial. Running alongside is the European fair from 12 to 21 April in Flower Field Hall, where visitors can enjoy an array of cultural programmes and fun activities, from dressing up in Dutch folk wear and decorating their own pair of wooden clogs.

Also on offer is a variety of European snacks such as Dutch stroopwafels and Gouda cheese, French chouquettes, and Spanish churros. Good morning. To date, more than 50 million guests have visited the Gardens. In fact, last year we just gave a prize to the 50 millionth visitor. This makes the Gardens easily one of the most visited gardens in the world. Our two conservatories and Supertrees have become international icons. They are parts of our skyline recognisable to Singaporeans and tourists alike.

This was a strategic investment by the Government to carve out green space in the heart of our city — on prime land — for people to be able to relax after work, spend time with their family and friends, and connect with nature. This is not just a one-time investment. We are continuing to invest and make the Gardens better for all to enjoy.

Here, the team at GB certainly has an important role to play — from the Board, the management, to the staff — everyone in GB is continuing to work hard to see how the Gardens can be even better. For example, we have changing shows throughout the year, like the cherry blossom show which was just completed, and the tulip show that was just opened. We have major events like the Mid-Autumn Festival, and Christmas Wonderland, which have now become popular events in the calendar.

We are constantly looking out for new attractions. Last year, we opened a new outdoor garden called the Serene Gardens, inspired by Japanese zen gardens. The site we are at was originally the site of the SG50 Future of Us exhibition in This new simulator ride was developed together with ST Engineering. ST Engineering is more known for its military simulators, but I think it decided that it could expand its capability into a new area, and we are very happy to have this first-of-its-kind collaboration with a home-grown company.

First, the Gardens is enhancing its community spaces. Here, we will have pop-up weekend markets every weekend. These will offer a wide range of merchandise, and be a platform for social enterprises to showcase their products. I am happy to share that rental of the air-conditioned pavilion space will be free for community groups that wish to organise events. If you are a community group — a school, a VWO, a non-profit — and you wish to organise events, do make use of this indoor pavilion space.

The Gardens has also started work on an Active Garden — a new non-ticketed green outdoor space. This is envisioned as an inclusive space for people of all ages and abilities, so there will be something for everyone to enjoy, and it will be ready early next year. Second, we will ensure all Singaporeans have access to the Gardens. We now have a Gift of Gardens programme which provides free admission for Singaporeans to the conservatories who have otherwise little resources to be able to visit these places. Since the Gardens first opened, more than 90, Singaporeans have benefited from this Gift of Gardens programme.

Many of them are lower-income, vulnerable families, as well as individuals with disabilities. We want to do something more this year. This year is also special because it is our Bicentennial year. We want to recognise and show our appreciation for those who have contributed to building our nation. I am very happy to announce that for a 1-year period starting this June, all Pioneer Generation and Merdeka Generation Singaporeans will enjoy free admission to the Flower Dome on the second Tuesday of every month.

Please come and make full use of this complimentary admission. I am very happy also to share that Madam President has agreed to be the Patron for the Gift of Gardens programme. Over the National Day weekend, we will have a major concert featuring popular local artistes. All of these programmes will be open to all and free-of-charge. We will be continuing to step up our programming to have an active range of events and activities throughout the year. In a short seven years, the Gardens has grown to be an important and integral part of our city.

It is something that all of us can be proud of. We are continuing this work today in improving our green spaces further to bring people together in our City in a Garden. All of this is part of building a more liveable, sustainable city; a city that reflects who we are as a people — our spirit and values; a city that all of us can be proud to call home. On this note, I encourage all of you to bring your family and friends to visit the Gardens and enjoy the various programmes lined up for you. Thank you and please enjoy the rest of the morning.

The initiative will be expanded to reach out to Singaporeans from the Pioneer and Merdeka generation. We hope to do this by establishing more beautiful non-ticketed spaces and curating myriad events and programmes without admission charges for Singaporeans from all walks of life to gather and enjoy themselves amidst nature. Last year alone, the Gardens received more than 12 million visitors. It sits on the site previously occupied by the Future of Us exhibition that was part of the SG50 celebrations in To encourage ground-up efforts among organisations to bring the community together, the indoor and outdoor spaces are available rent-free for community-focused events.

This is an activity area for seniors, which also aims to encourage inter-generational bonding. From this year, there are plans to expand the scale and variety of such events and programmes. Families with children can look forward to games, performances and meeting the characters from the award-winning animated series.

This special series is curated by Cultural Medallion recipient Dick Lee. Please refer to the media factsheet for more information on Bayfront Plaza. Young visitors will also learn about friendship and teamwork through the various activities. Artist impression of Star Adventurer. There will also be carnival game booths featuring Woody and Jessie. Artist impression of Marble Run. Happening twice every hour, visitors can gaze up to two of the Supertrees and follow the 1.

This year, we are delighted to bring characters from the well-loved animated feature film to the Gardens for everyone to enjoy for free. Visitors can also look forward to bring the magic home with exclusive merchandise available for purchase at the Festival. Information about the Festival can be found here , with the full programme line-up announced at a later date. There are four diverse garden landscapes, each showcasing a different artistic concept. These four garden landscapes — Dance, Float, Waltz and Drift — segue seamlessly into each other through a meandering space.

Members of the public can visit www. These programmes are curated in partnership with Japan Creative Centre, the cultural arm of the Embassy of Japan in Singapore. Throughout the month of March, visitors will get to see a showcase of traditional arts such as folk dance, instruments like the koto, shakuhachi and taiko, as well as martial arts such as a kendo demonstration.

In addition, the cosplay competition featuring recreations of anime and manga characters by enthusiasts makes a return. This year, the ever-popular cherry blossom floral display in Flower Dome is more evocative of Japan than before. Visitors can look forward to seeing interpretations of iconic elements of the Land of the Rising Sun, nestled among the pretty pink and white hues of cherry blossoms. The star of the floral display is the spectacle of cherry blossoms blooming in the tropics — of which visitors can look forward to seeing 30 varieties throughout the duration of the display.

Due to the unseasonably warm weather, some cherry blossom varieties have bloomed earlier than expected, and the floral display could reach full bloom earlier than in previous years. There are more than 20 food and retail stalls; traditional games such as fishing coloured balls with a washi paper net; and the chance to try kyudo or Japanese archery, as well as dress up like a samurai warrior of yore.

Please refer to Annex for the full schedule of activities at Sakura Matsuri. It will feature specially made carp lanterns each measuring 1. The magic is further brought to life by the use of colourful LED lights on the lanterns. From 5 to 24 February, Singapore residents can receive a free conservatory ticket for local seniors with every full-priced adult ticket purchased onsite. Admission charge to Flower Dome applies. With their sizeable blooms and vibrant colours, dahlias are a wonderful accompaniment to the festival.

Carefully cultivated over a period of at least one year, each exquisite arrangement features to 1, chrysanthemum flowers blooming from a single plant. Visitors can also look out for complementary programmes such as free guided tours, dahlia craft session, and hong bao giveaways. Website: www. The Christmas weekend kicked off on a high note at Gardens by the Bay, with the harmonious voices of carollers filling the Golden Garden earlier this evening.

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The Pond Market (Rainbow Readers Book ) - Kindle edition by Kip Wilson. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. One night, a magical market appears in a pond far away from cities and people. It's a pond market for all the fish, insects, and other animals that live there.

The Labour Movement and its 59 affiliated unions and three affiliated associations announced a partnership with Gardens by the Bay today to allow less affluent union members to redeem admission tickets to the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome conservatories. The partnership will give even more access to Gardens by the Bay for 25 per cent of union members who are less affluent.

The Gift of Gardens community outreach initiative, which started in when Gardens by the Bay opened, provides complimentary access to the Gardens to local residents who may not otherwise have the opportunity to visit, such as the needy or individuals with disabilities. Each eligible union member can receive four admission tickets to Flower Dome and Cloud Forest so that they can visit the conservatories with their families. Union members can redeem the admission tickets at their own leisure.

The tickets will be valid for six months from the date of issue. NTUC Membership is collaborating with strategic partners to consistently and continuously create more value, by offering more benefits, ranging from privileges to progression, for union members. NTUC welcomes more like-minded partners, like Gardens by the Bay, to come onboard and bring benefits to help our workers earn a better living and live a better life. More details will be announced next year.

Earlier today, some less affluent union members and their families as well as union leaders gathered at Gardens by the Bay for a heart-warming family festive celebration. There was a line-up of engaging carnival activities, including performances by NTUC communities such as nEbO and U Live, to enable families to bask in the festive atmosphere. In July this year, they voluntarily raised the retirement age of their older workers to 65, beyond the mandatory age of This new initiative helps our members and their families come together to strengthen family bonds and collect new memories together.

The Labour Movement will continue to do more for our members in and we look forward to forging new partnerships with friends of the Labour Movement. As one of the largest membership communities in Singapore, we strive to look out for each other, especially our less affluent union members. Half of these visits are by local residents. We are grateful for the love and support shown by Singaporeans through our formative years, and hope that these new thematic spaces help to spread out our offerings, as well as provide even more interesting experiences for our visitors.

Serene Garden is designed by renowned Japanese landscape designer Jun-ichi Inada, and is inspired by minimalism. At night, Serene Garden will be lit up to frame the glowing cityscape for a beautiful photo opportunity. As part of the simple and clean aesthetic, the landscape is dotted with plants appreciated for their foliage such as Podocarpus, Junipers, silver Bismarckia palms and bamboos, which are planted alongside tropical shade trees.

To augment the feeling of calm, a central water feature lies at the heart of Serene Garden, while steps away is a mini waterfall. Serene Garden also features rocks with interesting textures that are sourced from the town of Niyodogawa on the island of Shikoku in Japan. Works are ongoing to build a tea house in front of a pond, which is intended for visitors to rest and reflect in the shade.

It is a major entry point for visitors to Gardens by the Bay, and the enhancements were undertaken to create a greater sense of arrival for these visitors, as well as introduce more visitor amenities. The award-winning lattice framework, designed by students from Singapore University of Technology and Design for The Future of Us exhibition that took place at the site as part of SG50 celebrations in , has been retained and integrated with Bayfront Pavilion.

At the preview, guests got a first look at Bayfront Pavilion, which has indoor and outdoor community event spaces. At Floral Fantasy, flowers, artistry and technology come together to create a dream-like, fantastical experience for visitors. At Dance, the first of the four garden landscapes of Floral Fantasy, they were greeted by a lush, colourful tableau of flowering plants suspended from the ceiling, which moved sinuously in mesmerising fashion.

The dragonfly has a special place in nature as its presence is regarded as a sign of thriving ecology. The other three garden landscapes, which are yet to be completed, are Float, Waltz and Drift. When fully complete, the four garden landscapes will segue seamlessly into each other, allowing visitors to experience changing scenes of floral artistry as they walk through the meandering space of Floral Fantasy.

Each delightful scene is brought to life amidst a field of winter blooms. In all, the floral display will feature close to 20 varieties of poinsettias. These are complemented by other plants also synonymous with the season such as Christmas berries, holly, and coniferous trees, including the Korean Fir whose green needles with silvery white undersides give the appearance that it has just been dusted with snow. Available on a first-come, first-served basis. Terms and conditions apply. Minister Desmond Lee planting the final orchid at the launch of Orchids of the Andes.

The Andes may be almost 20,km away from Singapore, but you need not travel that vast distance to see beautiful orchids from the region. Spanning more than 5,km across seven South American countries — Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina — the Andes is the longest continental mountain range in the world. Orchids of the Andes showcases orchids from the Tropical Andes, an area within the Andes mountain range that is renowned for its wealth of biodiversity. Across the duration of the display, visitors will get to see 3, orchids of 85 types. The orchids on show are a rare sight in Singapore.

Highlights include Epidendrum medusae , an orchid named after the mythological Greek monster Medusa because its fringed lip resembles her head of snakes; Cyrtochilum macranthum , whose showy yellow flowers are the largest in the genus Cyrtochilum ; and Masdevallia Machu Picchu, which is often acknowledged as one of the most attractive hybrids produced because of the outstanding shape and colour of the blooms.

To add to the South American flavour of the orchid display, Sangre Criolla, an Ecuadorian band playing traditional folk music, travelled to Singapore to perform at the launch. They will also be performing for the public at Gardens by the Bay this weekend. Since September , Cloud Forest has been holding biannual changing orchid displays.

These displays focus on different orchids twice a year, and aim to educate visitors on the various genera of orchids, as well as showcase their fascinatingly myriad forms and colours. Orchids of the Andes is the third orchid display at Cloud Forest to date. Please refer to the Annex for orchid highlights, more information about the Andes and Sangre Criolla's performance schedule this weekend.

The 44m-long archway is decorated with lanterns shaped like jade rabbits and Sandersonia flowers, which are also known as Chinese lantern lilies. He also wished upon a lotus-shaped lantern and set it afloat on Dragonfly Lake. At the Traditional Village, where for the first time craftsmen have been brought in from China to showcase traditional handicrafts like sugar art, dough figurine sculpting and stone engraving, Minister Wong received a dough figurine of himself. Appreciate vibrant and diverse traditional arts performances by home-grown arts groups of different genres, cultures and ages, and bond over the creative interpretations of the theme Fantastic Traditions.

For information and updates, visit www. In all, over 16, sunflowers of various shapes, shades and sizes are being grown for the display, of which more than half are of unusual varieties grown from seeds specially sourced from the United States. The sunflower display is further enlivened by characters and scenes inspired by the classic tale "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz". For more information on the floral display and related programmes, visit www.

Members of Gunong Sayang Association will showcase the styles of Peranakan dress through the years in a fashion show set against the backdrop of the Orchid Extravaganza floral display. From August 4 to August 22, visitors will get to experience a special line-up of Peranakan-themed activities — organised in collaboration with cultural organisation Gunong Sayang Association — amidst the beauty of orchids in Orchid Extravaganza, the current floral display in Flower Dome.

The floral display is infused with strong Peranakan influences, from the recreation of colourful shophouses adorned with iconic Peranakan tiles, to the display of quintessential items like the intricate kasut manek beaded slippers , traditional tea set and tingkat carrier. Highlights of the activities that will take place against this vibrant cultural backdrop include a fashion show that showcases the evolution of various Peranakan dress.

Models aged between nine and 70 years old will don both vintage and modern Peranakan dress such as the samfoo, baju lokchuan, sarong kebaya and more. There will be a live demonstration of the rare and intricate art of Nyonya beading by Mrs Jackie Sam, who has been practicing the craft for 25 years. Visitors can also experience the enactment of a traditional Peranakan birthday celebration, hear the melodic voices of the Suara Sayang singing group, who will be performing adaptations of well-loved songs such as Bunga Sayang and Gunong Payong , as well as enjoy Dondang Sayang, an art form where poetic verses are recited to music.

Hands-on activities are also part of the line-up. Visitors can see how Bunga Rampay , or Peranakan-style potpourri made with scented flowers and culinary herbs, is created, while children aged seven and above can try painting their own Peranakan tile at a workshop. Experience a throwback to the Physical Education P. Relax at Pop-Up Cinema, a series of movie screenings held throughout the day.

The line-up includes a selection of uniquely Singapore films such as the P. Visitors can catch these colourful blooms and more, on display in the Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay, till 29 July. In April, the inaugural SGF Orchid Show was held where hobbyists and orchid growers alike submitted their prized orchids for competition. With the introduction of the SOGA Orchid Show, orchid lovers have yet another opportunity to view unusual and prized blooms.

For more information about SGF, please visit www. A tropical rainforest garden is sculpted out of The Meadow, bringing the visitor through rainforest cladded mountains, valleys and open plains all the way to the Supertree Grove. Within this rainforest matrix featuring over 6, trees and , plants of 1, species, SGF promises visual surprises with garden displays carefully curated by NParks staff that feature plants and flowers of a multitude of colours and hues. Visitors will experience walking through a tropical rainforest garden punctuated with open spaces and explore gardens that showcase various habitats such as freshwater swamps and sub-tropical meadows.

At The Meadow, The Mountains provide a stunning entrance to the Festival with lush greenery with autumn colours. Here, visitors can enjoy exploring the Vanda Valley, a plethora of unique vandaceous orchids, and the Flower Field, which recreates a sub-tropical meadow with colourful flowering plants.

Visitors entering from the Supertree Grove will experience meandering through a Lost Forest with towering trees and discover rare plants native to Singapore. As they continue along the path, they will pass through the Floral Canopy, a hanging exhibit featuring Bromeliads and other epiphytes, which leads to the Therapeutic Garden, a sanctuary for rest and relaxation. Plants in this display were chosen for their visually cool colours and pleasant fragrance. Amongst these are Mount Lemmon Marigold Tagetes lemmonii , whose leaves that have a delightful fruity scent and can be harvested and steeped in hot water to make tea; and the Green Pepper Basil Ocimum carnosum , a rare edible basil with a scent and flavour reminiscent of green bell peppers.

Next to the Therapeutic Garden, visitors can learn about the journey of how a flower transforms into a fruit at the Learning Garden. Crossing over to The Meadow, visitors will be greeted by the Gothic Gate, inspired by the ornate architectural style of the great gothic cathedrals of Europe, with a rich tapestry of plant displays of roses, Angelonia angustifolia and Wrightia antidysenterica which permeate the structure. Located next to it is the Pond Garden which showcases tranquil water features adorned with pink, purple and white water lilies. More than 14, orchids of over varieties will be featured in the floral display, alongside an exquisite showcase of prized orchids competing in the SOGA Singapore Orchid Growers' Association Orchid Show.

As a world-class premier international horticultural show, SGF continues to attract strong interest and participation from award-winning garden and landscape designers worldwide. Leon Kluge was another repeat winner — this time in the Fantasy Garden category. The display, which depicts rain bringing life to the dry landscape of Africa, also received the Horticulture Excellence award. Like the grand fountain in a civic plaza, this six-metre tall sculptural centrepiece is a cascade of flowers that draws focus and commands immediate attention from all entrances of the tent. Visitors will also be treated to Balcony Garden displays at The Meadow, where eight local designers contend to transform 3m-by-3m standard balcony-sized spaces into the most delightful and soothing retreats.


This category promises to inspire local home owners in the beautification of their own apartment spaces. The ever-popular MarketPlace returns to Bayfront Plaza, occupying the non-ticketed space outside Bayfront MRT with over booths selling food and beverages, plants, gardening and botanical resources, and arts and crafts. For more information about SGPY, please visit www. Today, SGF has grown into three complementary flower and horticultural shows. With this expansion, Singaporeans will have more opportunities to appreciate tropical horticulture and floral artistry every year.

Most flowering begonias produce blooms about 5cm in diameter, but the ones cultivated by the Gardens have blooms that measure between 13cm and 16cm across. Gardens by the Bay is growing about 5, of these large begonias to showcase throughout the floral display. Visitors can see 14 flowering begonia varieties cultivated to have supersized blooms, such as Begonia Prima Donna Blush, which produces flowers with pale pink petals that are rimmed with a darker pink, and Begonia Trumpet Orange, which boasts of bright orange flowers.

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These gorgeous begonia blooms are complemented by other varieties of flowering begonias from Europe and Malaysia. In all, more than 20, begonia plants of more than 50 varieties have been brought in for the floral display. For more information, visit www. Organised with the permission of the literary estate of Enid Blyton Enid Blyton Entertainment , this is the first large-scale Enid Blyton-themed event in Asia.

They can also purchase a Magic Pass to enjoy additional activities. Complementing the four lands are free programmes such as storytelling, magic shows, science demonstrations, an original musical production Follow the Leaves by I Theatre, and more. In addition, kids can also sign up for fun-filled workshops like Magical Lemonade and Clay Magnet Making charges apply. Charges apply to selected programmes. This year, over 90, tulips of more than 40 varieties in a myriad of colours are being brought in from the Netherlands for the duration of the display, including the classic-looking Yellow Flight, the two-tone Holland Queen in vivid yellow and red, and the flamboyant Irene Parrot with its feather-like curled petals.

The vibrant display, which opens today and runs till 13 May in Flower Dome, is set in a whimsical town where tulips grow everywhere even on roofs! In conjunction with Tulipmania, visitors can enjoy free guided tours of the tulip display, sign up for a tulip-themed floral cupcake workshop, and stand a chance to win air tickets to Amsterdam or Bali by participating in an Instagram contest organised by Gardens by the Bay and official airline partner KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

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For more information on the floral display and related programmes and promotions, visit www. Seeing sakura bloom in the tropics always inspires a sense of wonder, and this year, that one-of-a-kind experience will be enhanced with many Japanese-themed events and activities that we have planned for one and all. The cherry blossom floral display this year features 23 varieties brought in from Japan and Europe. Rounding off the festivities at the end of the month is Sakura Japan Fair , which is organised in collaboration with JTB Pte Ltd, and features Japanese food and retail options, workshops and performances.

Please refer to the Annex for the line-up and schedule of activities in Sakura Matsuri. Having achieved recognition at home and overseas for six editions, an expanded show format will be introduced for premier international garden and flower show Singapore Garden Festival SGF. SGF will grow into three complementary flower and horticultural shows instead of only one main show.

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The stable of three signature SGF shows was announced today at an event to launch the Festival, which returns in July this year. The 50 varieties of plants in the basket include perennial favourites like orchids that are popular as cut flowers e. More than community gardeners, volunteers, and students, facilitated by National Parks Board NParks staff, gathered to set this new Guinness World Record over 12 days.

The floral exhibit will be showcased at Takashimaya Square Basement 2 until 11 March, and an ongoing series of free talks and demonstrations on orchids and floral design are being held from 9 to 11 March.

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Also on display through the weekend is an assortment of celebrity orchids including Dendrobium hybrids named after Amitabh Bachchan, Joseph Schooling, Stefanie Sun and Zhou Xun. This event was supported by Takashimaya Singapore Ltd as the venue sponsor, in conjunction with its 25 th anniversary celebrations. The top three finalists were announced this morning and will compete in SGF alongside international designers. Public can look forward to SGF shows every year With the expansion of SGF into three signature shows, local residents and international visitors can look forward to at least one floral extravaganza in Singapore every year.

Floral enthusiasts can look forward to the inaugural show from 21 to 29 April this year, where orchid landscape displays and award-winning orchid plants will be showcased at the National Orchid Garden and other parts of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The nine-day biennial event will be an opportunity for local industry partners and students to showcase their expertise in areas like landscape design, horticulture skills such as growing and cultivating plants, and skyrise greenery.

Moving forward, we will grow the Festival into three signature shows. With this expanded format, there will be even more opportunities for the public to appreciate tropical horticulture and experience the wonders of plants through creative floral displays. We hope that this will inspire more individuals and organisations to join us in co-creating our biophilic City in a Garden. The day show will bring together award-winning international designers and well-established local names, community gardeners and plant enthusiasts, to present the best of tropical horticulture and floral artistry spread across The Meadow, Supertree Grove and Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay.

He will compete in the Floral Windows to the World competition alongside other local and international floral designers at SGF Local talent will also be a highlight at the Balcony Gardens competition, which will provide practical ideas for Singaporeans living in high-rise apartments keen to explore balcony gardening designs.

For more information, please visit www. Visitors to Gardens by the Bay last night were treated to a sneak peek of the Ultraviolet UV Northern Lions and Lotus Dragon as performers rehearsed at the Supertree Grove in preparation for the premiere this Saturday. Though adept at traditional lion and dragon dance, they have been rehearsing for the past two weeks to ensure that the stunning UV effect is brought out through specially tailored choreography.

Besides the UV lion and dragon dance, Spring Surprise will be celebrating the Year of the Dog with a variety of cultural performances and several dog-themed activities including yoga and parkour for canines. From 16 February to 4 March, Singapore residents can receive a free conservatory ticket for local seniors with every full-priced adult ticket purchased onsite. Tan, who spearheaded the development of Gardens by the Bay and established it as a renowned international icon for Singapore, will step down from his role on 15 February A passionate and visionary leader, Dr Tan was instrumental in the conceptualisation and development of Gardens by the Bay.

In the five years since its opening in , Gardens by the Bay has welcomed more than 40 million visitors and grown into a world renowned horticultural attraction that is embraced by Singaporeans as a national garden to call their own. His efforts to make the Gardens an endearing place for the community are bearing fruit, with 1 in 2 local residents having visited the Gardens at least once over the last 12 months. Building his career around the stewardship of nature, Dr Tan has dedicated over 30 years to conserving the natural heritage in an increasingly urbanised Singapore.

He worked towards enhancing accessibility to nature areas, as well as strengthening biodiversity conservation efforts and encouraging greater ground-up ownership. He also laid out the master plan for the redevelopment of Singapore Botanic Gardens and spearheaded its transformation into a world-class botanical institution. Leveraging on his expertise and reputation in the field of botany, he was instrumental in helping Singapore win the opportunity to host the 20 th World Orchid Conference in A former National Parks Board scholar, he had also served in the Ministry of National Development in various capacities, overseeing infrastructure policies, human resource, finance and corporate development functions.

This is the first time since the Gardens opened in that Cloud Forest has undergone significant changes. In this cool-moist conservatory, which houses more than 72, plants, visitors can experience the unique diversity and ecology of cloud forests, which are generally found on misty mountains throughout the tropics of Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas. A biannual changing orchid display was also introduced recently in September. The enhancements are part of our ethos to consistently offer something new, so that our visitors will come back again and again to re-discover the wonders of the Plant Kingdom.

The revamped Secret Garden gives visitors an immersive experience of exploring limestone forests and caves. Secret Garden, nestled at the foot of the mountain, is a representation of limestone forests and caves. These areas are endangered habitats due to climate change. As part of the new landscaping enhancements, more than 7, plants of more than species and hybrids have been added to the plant collection here. Click here to book Tokyo Skytree tickets. To reach the Tokyo Skytree from Ueno take the metro back to Asakusa and then take the Skytree train or walk from Asakusa.

There are plenty of opportunities to take a day trip from Tokyo, and this is a great idea to tick off some more destinations in Japan. This is the day trip that we chose to take with our kids as they love the Studio Ghibli movies. The Ghibli Museum is based in Mitaka which is on the outskirts of Tokyo. You even get to watch a short in the on site cinema. The kids loved it.

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Mitaka itself is a nice area. Inokashira Park that the museum is in is very pretty, especially in spring and summer. You can hire boats or swan pedalos to go out on the lake, which is fun for anyone, let alone kids! Kamakura is an easy day trip from Tokyo with kids. Before your kids groan too much, the temples are set along lovely paths through forested hills so this is a great breath of fresh air from the city.

Alternatively you can explore the coastline by Kamakura — there are several nice sandy beaches and the island of Enoshima with its shrines, gardens and hot springs. Both journeys take around an hour. Nikko is a little further than Kamakura, but still possible to visit in a day. A small town up in the mountains north of Tokyo, Nikko is an important place for the Japanese. Other things that you should see in Nikko include the Tamozawa Imperial Villa and the famous red bridge, Shinkyo Bridge.

It should take less than two hours. Hakone has the potential to be a bit of a killer day trip from Tokyo. At Hakone you can take a cable car over the volcanic area of Owakudanai to a spot where you might be able to get one of the best views of Mt Fuji. From here you can take a trip on a pirate ship over a lake, and jump on a bus back to the town. Click here to buy the Hakone Free Pass. Kawaguchiko is one of the five lakes around Mt Fuji, and makes a good alternative to Hakone. You can get some of the best views of Mt Fuji from here, and one of the most famous shots of Mt Fuji and a red pagoda is taken at Arakura Shrine near Lake Kawaguchiko.

Disney with a Japanese twist is definitely something worth seeing! Disney Land is best for small kids and those who want a traditional Disney vibe. Getting to Tokyo Disney is easy. The parks are a 10 minute monorail journey from Maihama or a 20 minute walk. The TeamLab: Borderless is one of the best things to do in Tokyo with kids, hands down. If you only take your kids to one museum, make it this one. The museum is a darkened maze no maps provided with digital artworks lining the walls, floors and ceilings. The artwork is interactive — if you touch a figure walking down the corridor then it will bow or look at you.

Allow at least two to three hours for TeamLab: Borderless and make sure to book your tickets in advance online as they usually sell out. Click here to book your tickets. Diver City: Tokyo Plaza is a large shopping mall, but the main attraction is the life-size Gundam statue guarding the entrance. Around the corner from Diver City is Decks Tokyo Beach, another large mall that has several attractions and shopping inside. The Trick Art Museum is on the 4th floor, through a s styled corridor lined with shops and arcades.

The Trick Art Museum is a great place for kids; the museum is filled with paintings on the walls that you need to pose with. If you look at the paintings from the right angle then you become part of them so you can have all sorts of silly fun posing and making idiots of yourselves. From outside the Decks Tokyo Beach building you can get a fantastic view of the harbour and the rainbow bridge crossing it. Look out for the replica of the Statue of Liberty too! Asimo is probably the most famous, but there are ever more human-like robots here — some of them are quite eerily human like.

As well as learning about robots you can also find out about space, the human body and the Earth. As an island nation, you might think that the Japanese have a lot to say about boats. Admission is free. You should be aware that the main museum is currently being renovated and so the only parts that you can visit are the Soya research vessel and an annex of the museum. Small kids are bound to go wild in here!

Not to mention a Lego shop…. Joypolis is for older kids and teens, as well as adults.

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But tweens and teens will probably really enjoy the experiences. Note that everything is in Japanese! There are a variety of ticketing options — you can buy the entrance ticket and pay for rides separately or get a passport which allows you go on everything as often as you like. Kids under 6 go free. Click here to buy a Joypolis passport. Shinjuku is a hugely busy area in central Tokyo. On a clear day Mt Fuji is easily seen. The building has two towers, both with an observation deck the South is closed until April and the North deck stays open longer if you want to catch the views at night.

Alternatively a more direct way is to take the Oedo subway to Tocho-Mae station. Out of the other side of Shinjuku Station is the Kabukicho district with several attractions that you might be interested in. You might not think that Kabukicho is the best district to take kids to in Tokyo. There are also lots of Love Hotels with signs in English — so be prepared for questions from curious youngsters! Our kids were too small to notice or understand so we felt that this area was fine for them in the daytime. Our first stop in Kabukicho was the Samurai Museum.

This is a small museum where you take a guided tour for an hour or so. The museum is inside a traditional Japanese building which adds to its authentic feel. At the museum your guide will talk you through the history of samurai, their lives, their armour and some of the most important battles in Japanese history.

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But my dislike to the trade continuing, my father was under apprehensions that if he did not find one for me more agreeable, I should break away and get to sea, as his son Josiah had done, to his great vexation. Doctorate from Edinburgh, St. With over combinations and bright illustrations throughout. She invited me to lodge at her house till a passage by water should offer; and being tired with my foot travelling, I accepted the invitation. This is used to count paragraphs and stages of tasks.

Kids will be enjoy being able to touch some artefacts, like helmets, and dressing up is fun for everyone! Click here for more details and to book experiences. As the building is very small you have to reserve your place in advance — it will book up. Click here for more information and to book your place.

Shinjuku-Gyoen is a fantastic place to chill out in the afternoon before you hit the Robot Restaurant. There are wide-open grassy spaces perfect for running around in; pretty ponds to spot koi carp in, and a lovely warm glasshouse full of tropical plants. We had a picnic lunch here before heading back to Kabukicho for the evening. Our kids loved the freedom of running around here after us clutching them pretty tightly through Kabukicho. Shinjuku Gyoen is especially lovely in spring when its many cherry trees are in bloom, but even in the middle of winter it was prettier than I expected!

We planned our day in Shinjuku around visiting the Robot Restaurant, which is probably one of the most famous things to do in Tokyo. We went to the first performance of the day at 4pm which was super kid-friendly. There were several other kids around the same age as ours, plenty more older children, and even a baby. Think of a mix of Power Rangers crossed with Pokemon, with added robots, dinosaurs and fish yes, fish.

The Robot Restaurant generates mixed reviews — some love it and some hate it. Our kids thought it was fantastic and raved about it afterwards! Book your tickets to the Robot Restaurant in advance and look out for cheap tickets on Klook and Voyagin. Click here to check out prices on Klook and click here to compare with Voyagin. After the madness of the Robot Restaurant, you can head out into some of the alleyways around the Kabukicho area for food.

Golden Gai is an atmospheric street filled with tiny restaurants and bars. Be aware that not all of them are family friendly, and others will only serve their local, regular customers. If the menu has an English section then you can be pretty sure of a warm welcome. Both of these alleyway areas are becoming quite touristy now so do watch out for cover charges and you might have to wait for a while before you get a seat.

Click here to book your food tour! We had an evening meal in the part of the station underneath this area Tokyo is a true 3D city! Not interested in everything on this itinerary so far? Sanrio is the company responsible for Hello Kitty among many other characters and Puroland is their equivalent of Disneyland.

A hefty dose of pink and blue sugary kawaii awaits you here. Things to do at Sanrio Puroland include several rides, a Hello Kitty house, character parades and shows, and loads of shopping. Shops sell general Sanrio wares or revolve around a single character, including Hello Kitty, My Melody, Pompompurin and even Gudetama the lazy egg. Buy tickets in advance — click here to buy Sanrio Puroland tickets. KidZania is an activity centre where kids can role play at doing adult jobs.

They could be a firefighter, a doctor, a pilot, a delivery person, work in TV or many other roles. Click here to book your tickets in advance. The displays and exhibitions vary throughout the year. You need to book tickets to the Kusama museum well in advance of your trip as only a few people are allowed in each day. Starting with the famous Tokugawa Ieyasu, the museum traces the history of Tokyo through the ages right up until the present day. There are reconstructions of homes, bridges, transport and more, and lots of intricate models bringing the street scenes to life.

Click here for more information. The nearby garden, Kyu-Yasuda Teien, is a lovely little spot for lunch. Kids will love the stepping stones over its pond. The Tokyo Toy Museum is a hands on play area for kids of all ages. There are different areas for wooden toys, traditional Japanese toys, scientific toys, baby areas and much more.

A lively sticker book containing 13 fairy scenes and over stickers with which to dress the fairies for different a variety of different occasions, including a moonlight flight, a fairy tea party and a visit to the Fairy Queen. Stickers include a range of fairy outfits, bags, shoes, jewellery and headresses. Lottie, Sara and Zoe are excited about going back to school after the holidays. The girls need to shop for school bags, stationery and books, as well as prepare their clothes and uniforms for different school activities, including a museum trip and a concert rehearsal.

Children will love using the stickers to help them get ready for the new term. An entire mini town, complete with butcher's shop, a bakery, a greengrocers, the town hall, and the townsfolk. Each building is based on a simple cube design, but the details of each shop and house bring the town to life. A very simple board book with brightly coloured, high-contrast illustrations, and holes and finger trails suitable for babies and very young children. With an elasticated plastic attachment to attach the book to a buggy or baby gym, meaning it is always on hand to entertain and amuse, and will never get lost.

It's the end of the school year and the dolls are getting ready to attend their school prom. In this title, more than stickers are provided with which to dress the dolls for their shopping trip, their pre-prom pampering session and the big night itself. There are eight wise owls for children to meet, and lots of new textures to touch and feel in this colourful board book. From tufty tummies to fuzzy wings and fluffy babies, young children will love to explore the touchy-feely patches on every page as they search for their owl.

Wind up the ladybird toy, place it on the tracks embedded on each page and watch the busy bug as it trundles off around the garden, passing flowers, vegetables, and other garden insects including bees and butterflies. With a very simple story, pluts lots of things to spot and talk about. Discover what life was like in medieval England with this light-hearted sticker book.

Featuring humorous illustrations by Paul Nicholls, this activity book consists of an assortment of scenes, with over stickers of people, animals and objects that children can arrange as they wish, to create bustling pictures that show everyday life during the Middle Ages. Press the buttons to hear the musical sound clips which have been specially composed to evoke the sounds of steam trains. This book will engage even a tiny baby's attention and as they grow babies will love to press the sound buttons themselves. A toy and a book in one, this large, chunky board book comes with a wind-up toy steam train.

Wind the train up and set in on the embedded track in each page to see it chugging along through the countryside. Each of the four tracks is removable, and together they combine to make one giant train track. Design a range of winter outfits for the dolls with over stickers, including blank stickers to customise. Hints and tips help you decide which patterns and colour combinations are appropriate for the cold weather, and there are further ideas for creating your own fashion sketchbook and mood boards.

Features dolls who are ready to take to the catwalk, and you're in charge of designing their outfits with over stickers, including blank stickers to customise. This title offers hints and tips that help you decide which patterns and colour combinations to use where, as well as ideas for creating your own fashion sketchbook and mood boards. A delightful touchy-feely book with simple, repetitive text and bold illustrations suitable for babies and toddlers.

Simple step-by-step instructions show how to cut, fold and stick the sheets to ensure great results every time. The dolls are ready for their show-stopping outfits, and this time you're in charge from head to toe - colours, styles, patterns and accessories are all up to you!

It is a perfect pastime for young fashionistas. It includes over stickers to create the dolls' outfits, including blank stickers ready to customize. It also includes hints and tips on patterns and colour combinations to use, as well as ideas for creating your own fashion sketchbook and mood boards. From rockets to robots, monkeys to monsters and lots more, find out how to draw everything you've ever wanted to by following the simple step-by-step instructions in this inspirational draw-in book. An easy-to-follow, step-by-step drawing book that helps children master the simple drawing skills required to render a range of animals, people and objects.

It comes with plenty of space for doing their own drawings. There are five friendly piglets for young children to meet as they search for the right pig in this fun touchy-feely board book with simple, repetitive text. It features bright, colourful illustrations with carefully chosen textures to touch and feel on every page. A sticker book that offers children over stickers with which to populate the scenes of Viking life at home, on the farm, at sea and - of course - on a raid. For those who aren't satisfied by just one Sticker Dolly Dressing book at a time, this two-title bindup represents brilliant value.

In Action! In Ice Skaters they take to the rink in their finest bespangled lycra to perform for their fans. It comes with over stickers with which to dress the dolls in outfits to suit their various tasks. The vibrant colours, touchy-feely patches, flaps and sounds in this wonderfully interactive board book have all been specially chosen to appeal to babies. With lots to explore on every page and hidden surprises throughout, this book is sure to delight both baby and adult as they share it together. A fresh and modern approach to an ever-popular pastime, guaranteed to provide hours of happy entertainment.

Match the colours to the key to reveal all sorts of pictures and patterns. A London Bus, with a wind-up model of a red, double-decker London bus and four tracks take you on a tour of the famous city. Find out about London's most famous landmarks and attractions as your bus stops on its way. The four tracks can also be taken out of the book and joined together to make one huge track for the bus to travel around.

Part of the bestselling, touchy-feely That's not my Simple, repetitive text helps children to associate the adjectives with the sensation of touching the tactile patches. Illustrated in Rachel Wells' typical, bold style. This is a treasure chest of ideas to help prepare for Christmas, for the whole family. It includes simple, step-by-step instructions for novel cookery and craft projects such as snowball truffles, bouncing snowmen Christmas tree decorations and an advent calendar designed as a castle. It will keep excited children occupied in the run-up to Christmas.

A touchy-feely book with simple, repetitive text, bright, colourful illustrations and textures to touch and feel on every page. Suitable as a Christmas present, it can help very young children develop language and sensory skills. This bumper book is packed with busy pictures with lots of hidden things to spot and colour in, plus mazes, odd-ones-out and matching pairs. It is the perfect book to take on train or plane journeys, for rainy days, holidays or just to do at home.

There's hours of fun to be had with this colour-by-numbers book - just grab your pens or pencils and get started! Follow the colour key to reveal the picture within the shapes - who knows what lies within! A compelling companion for journeys, holidays and rainy days. There's a mob of cute and curious meerkats to meet in this colourful touchy-feely board book, perfect for young animal-lovers. From smooth noses to tufty tails, little fingers will love feeling the different textures on every page as they look for their meerkat. A joy to share together - don't forget to spot the little white mouse on every page!

The dolls are ready for their showstopping outfits, and this time you're in charge from head to toe - colours, styles, patterns and accessories are all up to you! A perfect pastime for young fashionistas. Includes over stickers to create the dolls' outfits, including blank stickers ready to customise. A super-big book with an astonishing number of mouthwatering activities which will provides weeks - no, make that months - of entertainment!

Pictures and patterns to complete, scenes to fill with colour, inspiration for drawings, details to doodle and endless ideas to unleash creativity. Modern, stylish and thoughtfully designed, this book makes a super gift that children will love and that adults will want to keep for themselves. These dolls love going to parties and on shopping trips, and need help getting ready!

With over stickers to customise the dolls' outfits and accessories, as well as fun extras including food and drink, toys and party games. Illustrated by Rachel Wells, this book should appeal to babies and very young children and is a perfect introduction to books. Full of tactile surprises, children should love following the stitched trails to help fish find its friends.

Along the trail thee are flaps, touchy-feely patches and lots of surprises and noises. This is a sweet, touchy-feely book which is just right for sharing with babies and toddlers. The furry textures are a delight to touch, and even very young babies will reach out to touch them. This is an absolutely fabulous addition to the incredibly successful Drawing, Doodling and Colouring series, which will appeal to anyone with a flair for fashion or a desire to doodle.

Stylish pictures invite you to decorate dresses, fill in shop windows, design fashion items such as catwalk outfits, handbags, jewellery and even children's clothes. You can doodle hairstyles and make-up, draw funky T-shirt designs, design Christmas party dresses and colour in patterns influenced by fabric designs, buttons and bows.

A perfect gift for any baby or toddler, this book is a charming addition to any baby's collection of soundchip books. The bright high-contrast colours and patterns have been specially designed to appeal to young children. This is a quirky addition to the sticker book series, filled with cavemen scenes to complete with stickers. It contains factual information about cavemen and how they lived, presented in both a fun, but educational way.

It lets you complete scenes of cavemen on a mammoth hunt, decorate a cave with cave art, discover how they made their clothes and what they ate, plus lots, lots more. This is a ghoulish addition to the Usborne Sticker Book series which will delight and entertain children not only at Halloween, but throughout the year. It helps them complete colourful scenes with wicked wizards, witches, ghosts and ghouls, mixed in with sinister bats, swamp monsters, skeletons and oozing slime.

It includes extra stickers that can be used to make pictures or to embellish cards, invitations, trick-or-treat bags and envelopes. This book is brimming with activities for making all kinds of crafty things. Each activity is explained simply, with clear step-by-step illustrations and a picture or photo of the finished project to aspire to. Using different art and craft techniques, such as drawing, painting, collage, printing, cutting and sticking as well as model making, any child will be inspired to get out the pens, paints, scissors and glue.

This delightful soundchip storybook finds animals in their homes practising their musical instruments as they prepare for a woodland concert. You can press the soundchips to hear Squirrel playing her flute, Mole on the glockenspiel, Weasel plucking his guitar, Badger playing the piano and Fox on his fiddle, before they all meet up to perform altogether. It is an absolutely perfect interactive introduction for little children to different musical sounds. Small children can become very attached to their dollies and this durable, colourful book about their most cherished friends will make a wonderful present for dolly fans.

The enduring appeal of Rachel Wells' illustrations, combined with imaginative touchy-feely patches and a wide variety of textures provides babies and toddlers with important first sensory experiences. This is a delightful, brand new title in the award-winning That's Not My You'll find hamsters with soft paws, squashy cheeks and a furry tummy, along with the familiar mouse inside this chunky board book.

Rachel Well's colourful illustrations, along with the tactile touchy-feely patches have never-ending appeal for delight babies and toddlers. The textural patches and the descriptive words help to develop babies' and toddlers' sensory and language development. A fantastic sticker book displaying the energetic world of sports girls and dancers, packed with a variety of outfits from jodhpurs and leotards to tutus and ballroom dresses.

With over stickers to help the girls get ready for a huge variety of sporting events and dances, including figure skating, surfing, ice hockey, belly dancing, samba, flamenco and many more. Place the helicopter on the tracks and watch it zoom around as its crew rescues a skier in the mountains, boys from rocks at the seaside, collects an injured oil rig worker, and then returns to its base at a hospital. Little children will love to pull back the yellow helicopter and watch it fly around the four different tracks. Help dress the brides and bridesmaids in this collection of two incredibly popular titles from The Sticker Dolly Dressing series.

This title enables you to dress the dolls as they choose their dresses, go for fittings, shop for shoes and pick out presents, as well as for the Big Day itself. With over stickers to choose from, children will love creating dream outfits for the figures in the scenes. This is a fascinating new sticker book full of scenes from Ancient Roman times to fill with stickers. From gladiators fighting in the Colosseum, a bustling Roman army camp filled with soldiers, an extravagant banquet in a senator's house, to domestic scenes of Romans going about their daily business, this book will not only entertain, but educate too.

This is a delightful addition to the successful Baby's Very First series of word books, touchy-feely books and buggy books. Each page is specially designed to be visually stimulating with simple, eye-catching illustrations. Babies will love exploring the touchy-feely textures, running their fingers along diecut lines and peeping though holes. These delightful first books for baby have high-contrast illustrations and simple words to help develop a baby's language skills. And their small size and padded covers make them perfect for little hands to hold!

This is a fantastic new book with a simple story and a pull-back toy for little children to enjoy again and again. You can follow the little car on its charming holiday journey to the seaside through the town, along the motorway and across the countryside. With sturdy tracks embedded in the pages, the accompanying pull-back car toy runs round the tracks.

It is a fantastic gift, guaranteed to engage and entertain young children. A delightful activity book specially designed for sharing with young children during the holidays. Activities include paper ice-cream cones, a printed sandcastle and a paper plate sunflower. As well as being fun, the activities help develop important skills such as hand control, coordination and concentration. This is a fantastic collection of fun, environmentally friendly activities using paper, card and all manner of materials to be found around the house.

There's something to do for every day of the year, including a 3D cardboard city, sock monkeys, loo roll mice, foil birds, sweet wrapper bugs and many, many more. Every activity is clearly and vividly illustrated in an appealing and colourful style, with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. Young children will love playing this ever-popular family card game with these large, delightfully illustrated Easter-themed cards.

The simple rules, colourful pictures and the robustness of the cards to endure enthusiastic players, make this an ideal first card game for young children. Snap is a great way for young children to develop important sorting, matching and reading skills. This is a bold, bright new book for babies containing beautifully designed high-contrast images that are easy for babies to focus on and touchy-feely patches to bring the pictures to life.

Each picture contains a tactile element to help very young children develop important sensory skills. The padded 'soft touch' hardback format is perfect for sharing or can be propped up for babies to see by themselves. This is a fantastic new coloring book filled with picture puzzles and busy scenes which children can color as little or as much as they choose. The activities encourage children to find the hidden animals and objects in a busy scene and color them in. Other activities include matching pairs, spot the difference, counting and copying with coloring in as the solution.

This is a new title in the groundbreaking That's Not My It combines bright, colourful illustrations with a variety of different textures to touch and feel. It helps very young children develop important language and sensory skills. It comes from the series that is awarded 'Best Buy' by the readers of Prima Baby magazine. A delightful Christmas board book with high contrast illustrations and touchy-feely patches perfect for sharing with the very young. Each festive picture has a simple description beneath, to help babies learn to associate words and pictures, and a different material to feel, helping to develop important sensory skills.

The last two pages show a montage of all the pictures in the book with new descriptions to help children learn their first colours. This padded 'soft touch' hardback is perfect for sharing or can be propped up for babies to see by themselves. Pick the perfect outfits for these glitzy stars in this bumper Sticker Dolly collection.

You can help the characters dress for a variety of different occasions, from preparing for the audition for the leads in a movie to walking the red carpet for the big music award ceremony, using the colourful and trendy clothing stickers. There are over stickers to choose from to help the characters look their best. This is a fresh new edition of a classic title in the bestselling That's not my Series awarded 'Best Buy' by the readers of Prima Baby magazine. This title combines bright, colourful illustrations with a variety of different textures to touch and feel on each page.

Children will love this great title filled with dozens of holiday scenes to cover in stickers. With no text on the pages telling children how to fill a scene, little imaginations are allowed to run wild. Scenes include on the beach, playing in the water, a sunny park, a tropical island and in the outback. Extra stickers can be used on postcards, letters and envelopes. A pack of 50 wipe-clean cards with over one hundred doodling opportunities that can be used again and again.

Doodles include designing a flight attendant's uniform, drawing a route so the train can get to the train station and doodling monkeys in the safari park. Includes a special pen to draw on the wipe-clean cards. An exciting book perfect for artists, drawers, doodlers and scribblers, filled with an astonishing selection of activities, from wonderfully wild pictures to colour in to doodle-starters from which drawings can grow and grow until they cover the whole page. Doodlers can complete the scenes however they want and the craft paper quality pages are ideal for drawing on.

A colourful sticker book with Easter-themed scenes to decorate with over stickers. Scenes include Easter bunnies hiding their eggs, an Easter parade and Easter eggs to decorate. This is a brand new set of cards containing simple spooky doodle activities to keep little children busy on dark and stormy nights.

The cards are wipe clean and the pack includes a special pen with which to doodle on the cards, making the pack entirely self contained, easily portable and a great gift. The cards are robust and durable, ensuring repeated use. This work contains a brand new set of cards containing simple activities to keep little children busy on long train journeys. It includes games such as noughts and crosses, as well as puzzles, quizzes and doodle cards. The cards are wipe clean and the pack includes a special pen with which to write the answers on the cards, making the pack entirely self contained and easily portable.

A brand new set of cards containing simple doodle cards to keep little children busy on holiday. Each card encourages children to add detail to the picture. Children will love to decorate the sun hat, fill the chest with treasure and draw palm trees on the desert island. The cards are wipe clean and the pack includes a special pen with which to doodle on the cards, making the pack entirely self contained and easily portable.

This is a brand new set of cards for the Christmas season containing simple doodle cards to keep little children busy on those long winter nights. Children will love to decorate the Christmas trees, design patterns for the Christmas baubles and gift tags and draw houses and snowflakes on the snowy hills. This is a gorgeous new Christmas edition from the popular and creative Usborne Touchy-Feely team. Charming illustrations by Rachel Wells accompany a delightful, tactile retelling of the Christmas story, complete with fluffy donkeys, woolly sheep, a glittering angel and, of course, the baby Jesus sleeping in his soft blanket.

This appealing large-format book makes the perfect present for young children who are experiencing Christmas for the very first time. A delightful touchy-feely book with simple, repetitive text. Features bight, colourful illustrations with textures to touch and feel on every pag, helping very young children develop language and sensory skills. This is a new edition of this popular title for Christmas and the perfect present for a very young child. This enchanting book follows Father Christmas as he puts on his boots, loads up his sleigh and sets off delivering presents.

Full of touchy-feely patches, sparkly foil and a wide variety of textures, this book provides babies and toddlers with important first sensory experiences. This is a new edition of the hugely popular Beginners Cookbook , which introduces children and kitchen-shy adults! Recipes include ideas for pizza and pasta dishes, vegetarian dishes and delicious cakes and cookies, giving novice cooks something to create for every occasion. Each recipe is shown through easy, step-by-step instructions. Concealed spiral binding makes the book practical to use in the kitchen.

This work contains 50 cards each showing an activity, game or pursuit to keep children entertained on holiday. They include playground favourites such as piggy in the middle and stuck in the mud, card games such as cheat and word games such as hangman, which all the family can enjoy together. Every card is beautifully illustrated and contains clear, step-by-step instructions.

The cards are durable and robust, ensuring repeated use. A bumper combination of the popular Fairies and Princesses titles from the Sticker Dolly Dressing series. With over stickers to dress the characters for a variety of occasions, including tea parties, balls and ice skating. Stickers include trendy items of clothing and bags, shoes, hats and jewellery to get the princesses and fairies looking their best.

This delightful series of board books is aimed at very young children. The bright pictures, with their patches of different textures, are designed to develop sensory and language awareness. Babies and toddlers will love turning the pages and touching the feely patches.