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MW2: ! Double Nuke ! doppelt hält besser ? wirklich (German/Deutsch)

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Reviews Review Policy. New function, to find the suitable ATE dealer nearby. View details. Improvement for Web-UI consistency: The refresh drop down menu is no longer displayed on pages where it was non-interactive before Bugfix: The feedback button for Greenbone Support in the details dialog for results was missing and is now re-added Bugfix: When creating a Credential, for special types this caused an error and the credential was not created Bugfix: In case a schedule was configured in a special way, it caused an internal error and schedules for tasks were reset , Minor bugfix: Typo in task wizard dialog.

These kernel changes affect performance in general. We found no scenario with severe impact but we ask our customers to report about them to our support team in case it happens. We apologize for the Meltdown impacts, but we share this problem with virtually any other vendor , Improved robustness of setup wizard regarding upload of a subscription key: It becomes easier to retry again after uploading wrong files or in other way invalid keys Extension: It is now optionally possible to activate encryption for the SysLog configuration , Bugfix: For certain values for the VLAN configuration it was possible that an internal error occurred Bugfix: The log view for scanner modules stopped working after a log rotation , Vulnerability Scanning: Bugfix: With each feed update the scanner consumed more memory due to a memory leak.

Over time this resulted in performance reduction and subsequent effects.

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Buy Doppelt gebloggt hält besser - 2: Sammelband / Teil 2 (German Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews - German term or phrase: Doppelt genäht hält besser. English translation: Better safe than sorry. Entered by: Chris Rowson (X).

A reboot of the system solved the problem for a while. The memory leak is now resolved , This is actually a debugging feature and unintended massive use can cause unwanted side-effects. Minor bugfix: A bug in the internal programming language for NVTs was fixed Bugfix: Falls eine Aufgabe ein spezielles Zeichen im Titel enthielt so konnten dazu keine Ergebnis-Abfragen mehr erfolgen , , Bitte beachten Sie die Hinweise zur Migration bevor sie diese wieder aktivieren Verbesserung: Die fortgeschrittenen Task-Wizards stellen nicht mehr das das Refresh-Inverall um , Verbesserung: Beim Management der Logdaten wurden diese zu lange aufbewahrt Failsafe-Modus in einen Minimalzustand zu gehen um das System zu analysieren oder zu reparieren In den Versionen vor 4.

Interne Erweiterung zur Kontrolle des Hauptspeicherverbrauchs um die Auslagerung auf die Festplatte swap memory zu vermeiden Verbesserungen des Support-Pakets , , , Verbesserung bei der Authentifizierung beim Scannen von Windows-Systemen , , Update of the base system and of the database management system. This modernizes the basement but leaves the application stack untouched.

The user interface, the APIs etc. Generator routine for auto-credentials for Debian and RPM based systems updated: In fact, the entire generator was implemented anew, making it much easier to maintain FS Improved usability of GOS menu: Updated structure and item sequences, consistent spelling, grammar and terms throughout the menu, introduce check boxes and radio buttons for state of settings FS This covers the standard cases of using the ExpertNet functionality.


In particular, this allows for an esier way to assign specific interfaces for scanning and management. Improvement: The default system maintenance time for new Greenbone OS installations is now randomized between and UTC to distribute load for the Greenbone Security Feed server more evenly. Existing setups are not changed, and the system maintenance time can still be adjusted manually Minor improvement: The expiry date of the Greenbone Support Team GPG key, used for the encryption of support packages, has been extended to Bugfix: Opening the IPv6 global gateway menu lead to a traceback , Bugfix: Manually deactivating the deprecated expert networking feature on namespace appliances could cause issues when configuring the scan namespace Bugfix: The migration from GOS 4.

Bugfix: On namespace appliances, the OpenVAS scanner was sometimes started in the wrong namespace , Improvement: Enhanced the contents of the Greenbone Support Package. More debugging information related to redis is now included Bugfix: The internal GOS configuration management did not generate a correct return code in some cases, leading to subsequent problems , Minor bugfix: A file path in the Support Package pointed to the wrong location Vulnerability Management: Improvement: Added a configurable setting to control the interval at which a GSM master appliance requests scan results from a GSM sensor appliance.

Different values may be used for performance optimization Bugfix: Resuming a scan task on a GSM sensor appliance could lead to duplicate scan results Improvement: Debug information for the scan namespace is now included in the GOS support package Bugfix: Setting a route for the scan namespace could sometimes fail, this has been fixed for all cases , Bugfix: It was possible to assign the same IP address to different interfaces in the management namespace, leading to subsequent problems.

IP addresses in the management namespace must be unique now Bugfix: In some cases the SSH service could fail when no IP was configured , , , Bugfix: Search domains were not forwarded from the management namespace to the scan namespace. They are now shared between all namespaces , Bugfix: The internal GOS configuration management now handles multi dimensional arrays correctly Minor bugfix: The GOS self check did not display the correct check in progress if this check involved a network timeout Minor bugfix: The LDAP and Radius configuration files on appliances that do not support these features were incorrect Minor bugfix: For email alerts, the lines preceding the first blank line were omitted on some email clients like Microsoft Outlook and The Bat!

Minor bugfix: Improved the German translation of the web interface , Vulnerability Scanning: Improvement: The performance of handling large sets of hosts during the start of a scan has been improved , Bugfix: The second out of band management port on GSM could not be configured correctly More debugging information related to the system state, system upgrades and the scanner is now included , , Improvement: Added a selfcheck warning if Expert Mode networking is active.

Expert Mode networking is deprecated in GOS 4. Switch releases are offered in all cases now , Bugfix: The remote backup server configuration is now always migrated correctly during a switch release , , Bugfix: Fixed host key fingerprint checks during feed synchronisation to work with all supported ports , , , Bugfix: The scanner was sometimes started in the wrong namespaces after specific configuration steps.

The scanner is always started in the scan namespace now Bugfix: Due to a race condition, hostname resolution for scans could sometimes fail on appliances with network namespaces, this has been fixed Among the changes, the default report filename changes and depending on how you configured this alert, the behaviour might change. Please contact the Greenbone Support if you are using SMB alerts and are unsure whether you might be affected by this change. A primary extension is that the SMB alert can consider special tagging of scan tasks to assemble the file path dynamically FS, , , , , , Extension: Overrides are now capable to consider IP ranges and the entry field size is increased from 80 to characters , Bugfixes: A couple of problems with the Windows Autocredential Installer were fixed.

Among this were special characters in passwords and special behaviour of Windows Server R2 , , , Bugfix: Under certain conditions it was possible that the scanner falls back to its default settings Bugfix: The performance overview showed charts for unavailable components Bugfix: The robustness of the scanner against rare race conditions for the NVT cache management was improved.

This is about observations where a scan stops on its own shortly after it was started Vulnerability Scanning: Bugfix: Credentials for SSH with ecdsa were causing an error when uploaded , If the limit is reached, access via SSH is locked. To unlock it, it is necessary to login at the console and enter the administration menu for the SSH service. The selfcheck is extended to consider and inform about the status. Note that activating this feature means to add brute-force-login protection on the one hand, but also expose a denial of service attack vector on the other hand.

The choice is subject to individual policy and security consideration. They mutually excluded each other, so you can not have both at the same time FS, Bugfix: For imported TLS certificates to be used for the web user interface, two problems were solved regarding longer certificate chains with intermediate CA certificates and regarding PKCS12 import , , Bugfix: In a few cases, restoring a userdata backup was causing problems This formatting failed , Bugfix: Some configurations of the Remote Syslog feature could cause the related service to fail , Bugfix: Reintroduced the next version number when listing available GOS upgrades , Improvement: The host key fingerprint checks during feed synchronisation have been configured to be stricter by default Improvement: The internal state management for the GOS configuration is improved to better handle roles affected by a configuration change Minor bugfix: When uploading a GSF access key but using no key file, now a proper error message is displayed instead of an internal error message Bugfix: In some special cases, deleting a user was causing an error message New: The Web Interface was extended with a Japanese translation Bugfix: Once a the network configuration ended up in an error, further configuration was not possible , Minor bugfix: During upgrade the GOS version was not always shown properly in the about-box Minor bugfix: Routes menu dialog was missing a title Bugfix: Custom gateway configurations were not properky migrated from GOS 4.

Various settings outside sensible ranges are not rejected now , , , For example, it offers to retry or skip Minor bugfix: The size for an IPv6 custom route was extended to cover full length IPv6 addresses Minor bugfix: disallow reserved IPv6 addresses during IPv6 type check Greenbone OS 5. Minor improvement: File upload buttons and text input fields are now inactive if their corresponding radio button is not selected Bugfix: The Task page could show an internal error in some circumstances , Bugfix: When switching from the reports list page to the report details page, the page could get stuck while loading , Bugfix: Giving write permissions for a task to another user still did not allow that user to start the task Bugfix: It was not possible to bulk-tag filtered resources, like port lists Bugfix: Vulnerabilities were not supposed to be tagged, the bulk-tag icon has been removed from the Vulnerabilities page Bugfix: Verifying default report formats caused an error.

Since they are always verified, the corresponding verification has been disabled Minor bugfix: Task details pages were not refreshed correctly Minor bugfix: The scheduled task icon tooltip did not list the next due date Minor bugfix: Email alerts could be configured with a syntactically invalid email address Minor bugfix: In report details, error messages could contain erroneous entities Minor bugfix: The delete icon was shown as active for scan configs which are in use, it now shows as inactive as intended in this case Minor bugfix: Added German translations for error, date and status information , , Vulnerability Scanning: Bugfix: Each scan plugin process is now separated into its own process group, preventing defunct processes and NVTs being executed at a wrong time , The system maintenance time can still be adjusted manually Vulnerability Management: Improvement: Only fully translated user interface languages are now available to choose from in the My Settings menu.

Incomplete translations are hidden until implementation Bugfix: Viewing the TLS certificate details in a report view could lead to an error page Bugfix: The hosts topology graph was not displayed correctly if there was a host with no severity present Minor bugfix: The list of excluded hosts in the target details was missing a linewrap Minor bugfix: The download icons for credentials were missing tooltips This accelerates user interactions and unloads the server.

The design bascially remains as in GOS 4, but the interaction with the user interface will be much more direct and responsive FS With the transition to ownerless-prefefined objects it is now possible to configure Users, Roles, and Groups in a way, which permits them only restricted usage of only a few, just one or even none of the predefined objects FS This steamlines the documentation FS Improved log files for scanner internal : The scanner now follows the very same logging scheme as all other internal modules.

This helps for support case about scanner FS This establishes an advanced consistency in internal terminology reaching even into the database. Automated internal database updates with feed content: This is a plain internal design change to avoid delayed data updates due to network problems or other issues FS Advanced internal process activity information scheme for vulnerability management service: This is a plain internal change which makes it easier for support cases to analyse the activity status of a GSM FS Since a long time the NVD classification is the default.

Both types can be resumed. This all allows to resume tasks that failed for example due to a network connection problem during a sensor scan. Also it allows to distinguish between user-intended stop and system-driven stop. This also means a minor change to the GMP protocol. Extend Schedules to allow more refined schedules: The internal task scheduling system was extended to allow more refined schedules. So, this changeis about dropping the redundant part FS Bulk tagging: This feature introduces the opportunity to assign the same tag to many objects with just a single action rather than adding the tag to each object one by one.

Extended vhosts support: The scanner becomes much smarter about finding all hostnames:IPs relationships without need of extra user input.

Whatever was configured here will now be done automatically and reliably. In environments with virtual hosts, the scan results will haveless results because duplicates are avoided now. Extended storage of results internal : This is a plain internal change no UI nor API change to improve performance for some use cases. Technically speaking this reduces the size of the results table by introducing a separate results trash table FS Drop redundant information from NVT meta data: This is an internal change to reduce the copyright notice to a single occurance in the NVTs.

This has a minor positive effect on performance for feed updates FS This way a secure end-to-end encryption is established. The encryption keys can be uploaded as a new Credential type in the Configuration section FS Not all report plugins can handle all types of content.

Compared to a generic ticket management system it is much simpler and has less options.

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On the other hand, it is capable to automatically consider re-scans in order to verify that an assignee has indeed fixed a security problem. Additionally, all valuable information to understand and resolve a problem is directly cross-linked and thus directly available for an assignee FS Greenbone OS 6. Development: Die neuen Funktionen sind teilweise schon implementiert, teilweise noch in Arbeit.

Sobald ein neues Release in diese Phase eintritt erscheint sie auf unserer Roadmap.

Cybersecurity Best Practices

Beta: Der Funktionsumfang liegt fest. Retired: Das Lebensende wurde erreicht. Das Release wird nun aus unserer QA entlassen. Das Release wird archiviert. Das Release wird aus der Liste aktueller Releases herausgenommen und in das Archiv verschoben. Vor 3. Beispielsweise ist 2. Aktuellster Patch Level: 4. Jeder beliebige Sicherungs-Stand kann bei Bedarf wiederhergestellt werden.

Greenbone OS 4. Bugfix: Bei der Darstellung einiger Graphen fehlte der Filtername , Verbesserung Online-Dokumentation Bugfix: Die eigene Einstellung zur voreingestellten Scan-Konfiguration wurde nicht verwendet , Verbesserungen zur Migration von GOS 3. Host Toplogy Erweiterungen und Verbesserungen des Support-Paketes , , Kleiner Bugfix im Logging bzgl. IP-Adressen Erstes Release von 4. Neu: Explizites Asset Management.

Dynamische, interaktiv konfigurierbare Chart- und Dashboard-Ansichten. Aufgaben: Meiste kritische Probleme pro Host als vertikales Balkendiagramm. Berichte: Entwicklung kritische Probleme pro Host als Zeitdiagramm. Versionierung: Ab GOS 3. Dies erlaubt eine feinere Unterscheidung in der Ansicht aber beispielsweise auch bei der Sortierung.

Folgende Zuordnung erfolgt bei der Migration: High: Die passenden Filter werden dabei automatisch gesetzt. Es gibt lediglich eine Liste von aktiven Systemen bei der Suche aufgefunden wurde. Das Resultat ist vor allem eine Liste der Betriebssysteme die aufgefunden wurden.

Damit sind diese Tasks eine Spielwiese um verschiedene Scans auszuprobieren, garantieren dabei eben aber nicht mehr die Konsistent der Berichte zueinander. Dialog und Filter-Zeichenkette werden automatisch wechselseitig synchronisiert. Sie war gedacht zur automatischen Erweiterung der vorgegebenen Ziele. Diese hatten keinen Bezug zu einem NVT und sind ohnehin redundant.

Port 80 wird automatisch umgeleitet auf Port Bugfix: Verweise aus dem Asset Management in einen Report hatten nicht auf die exakte IP gefiltert, sondern diese als Substring verwendet Diese Begrenzung ist nun aufgehoben , Diese wurde nun entfernt. Das Problem tritt aktuell nur beim GSM auf Bei Problemen mit der Aktualisierung wenden Sie sich bitte an unseren Support mit Bezug auf Ticket-Nummer , , , Feed-Synchronisation Bugfix der den Speicherverbrauch des Scanners reduziert Backup und Restore , , , , , , , Alterable Tasks , Dieses Problem konnte bei einem Wechsel der Zeitzone auftreten , Eine Analyse der Datenbank bzgl.

Die Leistung dieser Appliances sollte deutlich ansteigen Dies wird nun identisch behandelt mit dem Fehlen der Einstellung Leereingabe Die inkorrekte Anzeige der Start- und Endzeit von bei der Nutzung von Slaves in anderen Zeitzonen wurde behoben , Sofern aktiviert wird JavaScript nun an mehr Stellen genutzt, um die Auswahl aus einer Dropdown-Liste automatisch anzuwenden , Bugfix der einige falsche interne Log-Meldungen bzgl. Das User Management via gos-admin-menu hatte keine Fehler , , Entfernung einiger seit GOS 3. Pausierende Aufgaben blockieren ggf.