From Enigmas to Epiphanies

Metaphoric Epiphanies: Allusion and Access in Virginia Woolf’s Short Fictions
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Together Charles Moriarty and I wrote a series of enigmas leading to the exact spots where the bottles and boxes had been buried , using the tracklist of our album Epitaph as a treasure map, along with all the hints embedded within its lyrics, illustrations and films.

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During five months, the music hunters struggled to decipher these enigmas… they travelled through deserts, fields and jungles, at the heart of foreign metropolises, destroyed cities, and far out peninsulas. And one by one they unearthed these songs, sending us messages along the way; accounts of their adventures, the roads they travelled, the strangers they met, the surreal moments of discovery. A girl wrote us that she fell into a pond, surrounded by crows, in a park near Paris; Someone said he heard the wind sing a song, going through the woods.

A man lied down on a dolmen stone, facing the Atlantic, and felt like dying and resurrecting.

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A young lady felt released and became a tree. A girl and a boy approached the door of hell somewhere in Italy; Others reached the mouth of the underwold in the mexican jungle. A couple discovered the waterfall and the deep canyon where Moriarty plunged to his death. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sign me up! RSS - Posts. RSS - Comments. Malcolm Guite. Skip to content.


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The copyright still belongs to Bungie, but to give you a flavour, here are a couple of Stanzas, which might have some oblique resonance in this season of Advent, Nativity, and Epiphany: Who can count the ages gone? Who can hear the hidden song?

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Who is he who feels and hears Long-lost music of the spheres? Hears the secret symphony Sevenfold in harmony Sounding present, future, past Who will hear the call at last?

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Like this: Like Loading December 26, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The building and its surrounding space are sunk in shadow at the moment—a moment that could be situated at the beginning or end of the day. In either case, what we see is the visual evidence of a disorienting hour when objects and people take on a grey, soft-edged appearance, and distances are difficult to judge. The ambiguity of the time of day is cleared up by the clock above the arches, which signals five minutes before three.

Presumably this is mid-afternoon in late autumn or winter, when the daylight wanes early.

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A philosophical journey from genius level ignorance to simple enlightenment, this book is a compilation of more than twenty seven years of poetic stream of. From Enigmas to Epiphanies eBook: D.B. Carr: Kindle Store.

Starting with The Enigma of an Autumn Afternoon and the slightly earlier The Enigma of the Oracle , which may have been titled retroactively, the word turns up in a number of the paintings de Chirico produced during his metaphysical period, which ran from to De Chirico claimed to have discovered enigma in Florence in While there, he had an epiphany that proved to be a turning point in his development as an artist.

The Enigma of an Autumn Afternoon was the concrete product of the Piazza Santa Croce revelation and signaled the beginning of a particularly creative period for de Chirico.

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The feeling it gave rise to formed the basis for a series subsequent paintings, including The Enigma of the Hour. De Chirico called this a Nietzschean aesthetic, but it also reflects the deep influence that the philosophy of Schopenhauer had on him. This moment of revelation is an enigma to the extent that it throws new light onto ordinary things, disclosing them as something unexpected and extraordinary.

The Unknown

As interpreted in the metaphysical paintings, the light it throws on them is—quite literally—the light of twilight. Like many of the metaphysical paintings, The Enigma of the Hour is pervaded by an atmosphere of crepuscularity. The quality of light and the muted colors suggest a sun close to the horizon; the scene is twilit and dominated by shadow. For de Chirico, twilight carried a significant expressive weight. Twilight is an inherently ambiguous state—a period of transition common to both nightfall and daybreak. For de Chirico, the shadow was a kind of index of enigma.

By its nature, shadow is a multivalent carrier of meaning. Correlated as it is with the movement of the sun, the shadow is a natural sign indicating the time of day. That would seem to be simple enough. But beyond its natural meaning it carries a meaning liable to interpretation in terms of human rhythms and projects.

A long shadow signals time getting short to complete something, night approaching and time to turn homeward, a downshifting of activity and an impending move to a resting state. Or it can signal the transition of night to day, that moment just before the time one emerges from oneself and into the world outside to begin work or otherwise to engage in public life.