Hell For The Holidays (The Shredded Veil Mysteries)

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Available ebook formats: epub mobi pdf rtf lrf pdb txt html. Leah Cutter writes page-turning, wildly imaginative fiction set in exotic locations, such as a magical New Orleans, the ancient Orient, rural Kentucky, Seattle, Minneapolis, and many others. She writes fantasy, science fiction, mystery, literary, and horror fiction.

Her short fiction has been published in magazines like "Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine" and "Talebones", anthologies like Fiction River, and on the web. Her long fiction has been published both by New York publishers as well as small presses.

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Ask it above. December 21st, hadn't been the end of the world, but the Great Unraveling. The veils between the Seen and Unseen worlds shredded.

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  5. Grandparents having grandchildren to stay is nerve shredding and witching.
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The living learned they weren't alone. It can even make one "drunk" if eaten in large amounts.

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Challenge Author: shadow Write me poems about Christmas can be about past ones children's christmas story santa or anything related to this time of year let's get some and humour going for this special time of year example Jack Frost Jack Frost laid his hand over the lands trees now adorned with hoar frost gems laughing in glee watched people slip then slide helpless down the slopes. Bitter cold from his fingers ran turning the ground rock hard as icicles grew so very long the air so brittle it snapped. Surveyed his domain unsatisfied and pointed a slender finger windows now became jammed locks too now frozen solid.

Yet as the sun rose up high Jack Frost's work became undone and back into oblivion he slipped knowing there was always next year.


About this poem: This song was actually my fourth attempt to write songs about vampires Its not one of my favorite albums i wrote, but a lot of them are truely powerful. To hide behind The wall of brick Dis jointed they lay Decayed loose to Touch To pick and scrap Between the layers Of decay Loose the bricks now are Dangerous and loose Old the wall becomes Indanger to fall Scattered the bricks become Fallen in the shadows of winters storm Ruins now it becomes A monumet a testement of What it was A bare brick A wall.

Poema de amor 2 Author: Spartacus About this poem: I just recently wrote this one for the album i finished at the beginning of the month of November Victims Author: shadow Victims This world of ours is not always a good place behind closed doors so many terrible things occur.

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Hidden from plain sight some suffer endless torture by the very ones who should love them the most. Terrible things done sometimes in loves name horrific beatings handed out, just for the sake of control. Murders committed simply because one person will not share killing so no-one else can take their supposed loved one away. Children living in fear beaten and starved flinching at loud voices creeping round like little mice hoping praying they are not noticed.

Gangs that bully and terrorise neighbourhoods while selling drugs slashing up rival gangs purely for more territory to increase their strangle hold to continue their evil crimes. War torn countries full of horrendous abuse, dead and injured cast aside like trash.

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Yet for each who deals out these horrible crimes once they were different, once they were loved. Can all be explained away by the fact that they were taught by those that reared them in these horrific circumstances? Or is it true that some were born monsters who enjoy other's pain and grief?

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Do you realize that you have lobbed a few insults at the regulars here? The winner of the award will be bludgeoned with it at the award ceremony. Then why, my friends, have the last years featured more evil than at any time in history? Kristine Grayson believes in Santa, too. They rarely have the means to do so and I would never ask them to leave their children behind.

Practicing their craft on helpless victims as they grow up pulling wings of birds slicing and dicing up beloved pets. Always attacking the weak and helpless. Plain bullies that carry out their crimes in secret afraid to face those of strength.

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One never really knows what goes on behind those closed doors. Yet when a victim finally snaps and turns the tables oft times they are the ones our systems punish and lock away behind bars while their tormentor is left free to continue their rampage.

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Who I ask is the beast? Mankind surely deserves this name not animals.