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Another, more accurate option is the translate tool in Microsoft Word from edition up. Some are better than others, but you will find some wonderful information in this way. Remember that local websites in Japan end with co. Know where it is in relation to somewhere else.

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Once again, TripAdvisor accommodation reviews are invaluable when making the decision where to stay. Nothing beats the impartiality of travellers themselves. However, beware of serial complainers. JNTO is also a good place to visit, being updated and expanded all the time. In addition, some locally-run websites with English language are worth a look because they have better coverage, and are likely to list lodgings in more obscure and out-of-the-way places. Want to stay longer, in self-contained accommodation? Do a home exchange. Japan's rail network is extensive with the Metro subway underground city commuter trains , JR lines aboveground commuter trains , and high speed Shinkansen bullet trains intercity trains.

If you are interested in the famous Japan Rail Pass, it must be bought before you arrive in Japan, and will commence on the day you choose to validate it at a station. The Tokyo subway is an incredibly clever system. You can navigate your way around all areas of the city quite quickly once you get a handle on the way the system works.

Subway stations have a red symbol at street level that looks like a rounded M, often at the top of a set of stairs going down to the subway. Avoiding peak hour means there will be less likelihood of being physically squashed onto a train. There are some optional separate cars for women. There was some issue in the past while rare with males being pushed up against females on the crowded trains.

Draw your own conclusions. You can see where to stand for these cars, marked on the floor of the platform while waiting for your train. Each metro train line has a name, a colour and a station number. So while you are on the train, you can count your stops easily even if you are struggling to read Japanese. There are electronic signs on the more modern trains above the train doors on the inside that show which station is next, so you can track where you are on your journey.

Although the name and colour of the line never changes, the same station can have a different station number depending on the train line that impassion through it. Much easier than buying individual tickets each time, and you can use them for food vending machines. The JR system is the local above ground train line. There are some great ones like the Yamamote line that circle the heart of the city. These trains have separate station entrances to the metro - don't get confused! They have a green JR sign and a completely different network to the inner city metro with lines that include the outskirts of the city.

The Shinkansen are the equivalent of country trains or intercity trains. Sometimes bullet trains, sometimes not. Pretty exciting to watch the really fast bullet trains zoom passed when you are on the platform. They nearly take your breath away. If only the fastest train will do, you want to arrange your own tickets without the JR pass, and you want designated seating, there are a few things to know.

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The first thing is the tickets for the Shinkansen can only be booked exactly 1 month before your scheduled train trip. And they can only be purchased within Japan unless you have insider connections. If you have booked your hotel accommodation, some concierge may purchase the tickets for you in advance of your arrival if you pay a handling fee.

Definitely worth it to know you have the tickets and reserved seating on the train if that's what you require. Although the Shinkansen trains have a designated area of Tokyo station, allow yourself plenty of time to work out where your platform is, particularly if you have luggage. There are plenty of nice places to eat at the station if you arrive a tad early. The upcoming trains are listed on electronic signs above eye level as you walk through the station. Don't be afraid to ask for assistance at the information areas, the staff are pleasant and happy to assist.

If you are traveling multiple sectors on Shinkansen, there are some things you should know in advance. I will use an example of traveling from Iiyama in the North to Kyoto. Such a trip may require two train changes. Get ready for the tricky part When you enter the platforms through the electronic turnstile machines, you need to insert the complete journey ticket ON TOP OF the sector ticket.

This important series from Cherry Lake helps students understand the pros and cons of existing and emerging energy sources, giving students a better understanding of the debate over our energy strategies. Real World Science This book series provides students with background on key concepts in science. Each title includes hands-on exercises aimed at engaging students in the process and developing skills that are essential to scientific discoveries and learning.

Real World Math: Geography This offering is an addition to our popular Real World Math series which reviewers have been calling extraordinary, outstanding, and innovative. The series takes a crosscurricular approach by combining math and geography.

The Tokyo Metro (subway system)

The main text covers important concepts in geography while innovative math challenge questions encourage students to use their math skills to reinforce the information presented in the text. The solutions to each of the math challenges are clearly explained in the back of the book. MD, 5. MD, 6. MD Geometry 5. Library Media Connection, Reviews Editor. The Real World Math: Natural Disasters series shows readers how they can use their math skills to learn more about the 21st Century world that we live in.

Each title in the series provides students with information on specific natural disasters and highlights the role math plays in studying these important environmental phenomenon. Grade appropriate math challenge questions encourage students to use their math skills to reinforce the information presented in the text. The solution to the challenges are clearly explained in the back of the book. This series helps build solid skills that contribute to mathematic achievement today, while modeling responsible financial habits for the future.

Information Explorer Junior

Accurate and concise, these well-written books do an excellent job of explaining without confusing and will serve as great introductions to the individual sports as well as adequate complements to math lessons. School Library Journal, November Along with the Personal Finance, Geography and Sports series, Health and Wellness uses examples that help students reach achievement standards, and also promotes positive life-long habits.

This series would be an excellent addition for the health curriculum as well. Our students need to be equipped for living in the 21st Century and this excellent series shows how math makes an impact on us daily. Highly recommended! Library Media Connection, February Healthy for Life The Healthy for Life series introduces readers to exciting sports that can be part of a healthy and active lifestyle. These engaging titles promote good physical health for students while examining issues like why exercise is important and how leadership is used in sports.

Clear, informative and interesting text presents everything youd need to know to get started in the sport. Equipment, safety issues, training, basic etiquette on the trail, environmental concerns Health at Risk The Health at Risk series educates and informs readers about some of the hottest topics in health and nutrition. The series also provides readers with tools for evaluating conflicting and ever-changing ideas about nutrition and health.

A photo of a skeleton hand extinguishing a cigarette, one of a teen passed out holding a liquor bottle, and the description of Krystan first trying marijuana at 10 years old and then becoming a heavy drug user at 16 are some of the attention-grabbing devices. Cool Military Careers The U. Readers will discover what it takes to succeed in military training, the benefits and drawbacks of life in the military, and which future career options are available to former members of the military.

For several years, Cherry Lake Publishing has been producing award-winning career books. These books have exposed students to emerging careers in science, vocational and technical education, and new green jobs. We are pleased to announce the addition of Cool Arts Careers following the same successful format. This eight-book series focuses on careers in film, TV, dance, fashion, and music. Students will gain a new perspective on these jobs, and gain a better understanding of the path needed to follow their dreams of a career in the arts.

Cool Careers The Cool Careers series introduces readers to interesting and important careers. Each book title profiles a career that gives readers an opportunity to gain a better understanding of these cool jobs. Each title explorers what it takes to enter the field, compensation ranges, and a day in the life look at the career. Each book in the Cool Careers series describes what its like to have a unique job. Readers find out about careers such as movie directors, FBI agents, interpreters, athletic trainers, and other intriguing jobs.

The focus of the series is on careers that are projected to grow over the next several years and that are attainable without a four-year college degree. Cool Careers is more structured and aligned to educational initiatives for middle grades than Extreme Careers and is better for report writing yet it doesnt sacrifice accessibility.

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Cool Science Careers The Cool Science Careers series profiles jobs like storm chasers, volcanologists, crime scene investigators, and cyber cops. Learning about these careers ignites students imagination about their future job possibilities. Citizens and Their Governments Each of the titles in Citizens and Their Governments is aligned to both the national standards for civics and government and the Partnership for the 21st Century Skills Framework.

These engaging titles help the reader discover the key role that citizens play in American democracy. Life Skills Biographies Each volume in Life Skills Biographies highlights an outstanding person who modeled the traits and skills necessary for success in life in the 21st Century. With each chapter of the biography, sidebars highlight the life skills and character traits that are the hallmarks of these successful people.

Walker Magic Johnson Oprah Winfrey. Global Perspectives The Global Perspectives series introduces readers to social and scientific topics that impact people and communities around the world. Students are encouraged to think, seek out additional information, and get involved. Written in engaging narrative format, the text provides a truly global perspective on many issues. Global Products The Global Products series introduces readers to important concepts needed to understand their place in the global economy of the 21st Century. The books in the series both inform and challenge, encouraging the young reader to consider everything from where the components of a product are made, to the long-term impact of globalization on the world in which they will grow up.

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Make sure that you have your P. Kids Can pg. Level 1 Series Animals Grow Up pg. Foals Grow Up to Be Horses Kits Grow Up to Be Rabbits Kittens Grow Up to Be Cats Puppies Grow Up to Be Dogs Measurements pg. It Is About Time! Shapes Everywhere What Does It Weigh? Keep It Clean pg. Keep It Clean: Achoo! Keep It Clean: Germ Free Level 2 Series Natural Disasters pg.

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The World Around Us pg. The World Around Us: Forests The World Around Us: Lakes The World Around Us: Mountains The World Around Us: Rivers Level 3 Series NEW Elephants Koala Bears Polar Bears Kids Can Clean Up Trash Kids Can Keep Air Clean Kids Can Keep Water Clean Kids Can Recycle Kids Can Reuse Kids Can Use Less Be on Time Plan Ahead! NEW Play Fair! Put Your Stuff Away!

Speak Up! Taking Turns! Use Your Indoor Voice! Your Healthy Plate pg. Your Healthy Plate: Dairy Your Healthy Plate: Fruits Your Healthy Plate: Protein Your Healthy Plate: Vegetables Careers pg. Working at a Bank Working at a Computer Store Working at a Factory Working at a Grocery Store Working at a Hospital Working at a Movie Theater Working at a Park Working at a Restaurant Working at a School Working at a TV Station Working at City Hall Working at the Airport Working at the Library Working at the Post Office Working at the Zoo Working at a Farm Character Education pg.

Call: Title. Solar System pg. Dinosaurs pg. NEW Apatosaurus Tyrannosaurus Rex Plants pg. Growing New Plants Healing Plants Plants Need Sunlight Plants We Eat Plants We Wear What is a Plant? Natural Gas Ice Cream Orange Juice Peanut Butter Pumpkin Pie Water Park Mountain Lions Bomber Plane Fighter Plane Hot Air Balloon Jet Plane Propeller Plane Police Officers Cement Mixer Dump Truck Fire Truck At the Pool If a Stranger Comes Near If I See a Stray Animal If There Is a Fire In the Car Near a Busy Street On My Bike On the Playground How to Write a Biography How to Write a Book Report How to Write a Business Letter How to Write a Fairy Tale How to Write a How-To How to Write a Journal How to Write a News Article How to Write a Play How to Write a Poem How to Write a Report How to Write a Review How to Write a Thank-You Letter How to Write About Your Adventure How to Write an Ad How to Write an E-mail How to Write an Essay How to Write an Interview How to Write and Give a Speech Blog It!

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Automobile Anti-Collision Systems On October 10, Salt Global Products Required Cookies These cookies allow you to explore OverDrive services and use our core features. Walking Catfish Chef Cool Careers: Career and Tech. Nothing beats the impartiality of travellers themselves.

Creating a Digital Portfolio Find the Right Site Get Ready for a Winning Science Project Go Straight to the Source Hit the Books Make the Grade Online Etiquette and Safety Podcasting Put It All Together Shooting Video to Make Learning Fun Social Studies Projects that Shine Team up Online Using Digital Images Wonderful Wikis Write It Down Your Fascinating Family History Science Explorer Junior: Experiments pg. Experiment with Bugs Experiment with Heat Experiment with Liquids Experiment with Magnets Experiment with Plants Experiment with Rocks Experiment with Seeds Experiment with Soil Experiment with Solar Energy Experiment with Solids Experiment with Water Experiment with Weather Science Explorer pg.

Compounds and Mixtures Levers and Pulleys Planet Earth Solar Energy States of Matter Think Like a Scientist at the Beach Think Like a Scientist in the Backyard Think Like a Scientist in the Car Think Like a Scientist in the Classroom Think Like a Scientist in the Garden Think Like a Scientist in the Gym Think Like a Scientist in the Kitchen Think Like a Scientist on the Playground Language Arts Explorer: Science Lab pg.

Motion and Forces Properties of Matter Technological Design The Life Cycles of Plants The Transfer of Energy Weather Patterns Language Arts Explorer: Save the Planet pg. Compost It Growing Your Own Garden Helping Endangered Animals Keeping Water Clean Local Farms and Sustainable Foods Protecting Our Natural Resources Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Using Alternative Energies Language Arts Explorer: History Digs pg.

Democratic Republic of Congo United States How-To: Crafts pg. From Bats to From Birds to Bullet Trains From Locusts to Automobile Anti-Collision Systems From Sharks to From Thistle Burrs to From Woodpeckers to Social Networks Sports Broadcasting Video Gaming Innovation in Medicine pg. Artificial Limbs Disease Control Emergency Care Innovation in Sports pg. Animal Invaders pg. African Honey Bee American Mink Asian Carp Australian Spotted Jellyfish Brown Treesnake Cane Toad Emerald Ash Borer Fire Ant Giant African Snail Gray Squirrel Monitor Lizard Sea Lamprey Small Indian Mongoose Walking Catfish Wild Boar Zebra Mussel Cargo Ships Passenger Ships Space Travel Road to Recovery pg.

American Alligator American Bison Bald Eagle California Condor Elephant Seal Florida Panther Gold Lion Tamarin Gray Bat Gray Whale Gray Wolf Grizzly Bear Karner Blue Butterfly Key Deer Mongolian Wild Horse Mountain Gorillas Whooping Crane Electric Power Grid Energy from Hydrogen Energy from Wind, Sun and Tides Geothermal Energy Hydroelectric Energy Nuclear Energy Searching for Oil Waste to Energy Real World Science pg. A Changing Earth Earths Biomes Electricity and Magnetism Protecting Ecosystems Rocks and Minerals Plains and Plateaus Volcanic Eruptions Real World Math: Natural Disasters pg.

Real World Math: Sports pg. Speed Skating Real World Math: Personal Finance pg. Giving Back Investing: Making Money Work for You Living on a Budget Saving for the Future Smart Shopping Start Your own Business Understanding Taxes Using Credit Wisely What is Money? Cooking by the Numbers Dinner by the Numbers Exercise by the Numbers Gardening by the Numbers Grocery Shopping by the Numbers Lunch by the Numbers Restaurants by the Numbers Healthy for Life pg. Mountain Biking Rock Climbing Health at Risk pg. Junk Food Cool Military Careers pg. Aircraft Pilot Avionics Technician Drone Pilot Helicopter Crew Chief Information Systems Technician Motor Transport Operator Pararescue Jumper Special Ops Cool Arts Careers pg.

Fashion Designer Music Producer Special Effects Technician Cool Careers pg. Athletic Trainer FBI Special Agent Green General Contractor Movie Director Sports Medicine Doctor Video Game Designer Wildlife Photographer Cool Careers: Career and Technical Education pg. Air Traffic Controller Auto Technician Commercial Fisher Dental Hygienist Heavy Equipment Operator Multimedia Artist and Animator Organic Farmer Surgical Technologist Cool Science Careers pg. Crime Scene Investigator Cyber Cop Fire Investigator Food Scientist Forensic Psychologist Forensic Science Investigator Marine Biologist Public Health Microbiologist Robot Scientist Sound Engineer Storm Chaser Virtual Reality Specialist Citizens and Their Governments pg.

Beyond Government Counting Our People Democracy at Work Electing Leaders Government at Work Homeland Security Law and Order Local Action Rights and Values Andrew Carnegie Bill and Melinda Gates Ellen Ochoa Larry Page and Sergey Brin Madam C. Magic Johnson Oprah Winfrey Robert L. Roberto Clemente Tiger Woods Yo Yo Ma Global Perspectives pg.

Genetically Modified Foods Global Warming Watershed Conservation Womens Rights Global Products pg. Athletic Shoes Cell Phones Interactive White Boards MP3 Players Radar Guns Cells Science Explorer Ellen Ochoa Life Skills Biographies Emerald Ash Borer Animal Invaders Emergency Care Innovation in Medicine Energy from Hydrogen Power Up! Character Education 21st Century Junior Library Actor Cool Arts Careers Cheetahs Baby Zoo Animals Environmentalist Cool Careers Africanized Honey Bee Animal Invaders Chef Cool Careers: Career and Tech.

Erosion Science Explorer Chickens Farm Animals Ethiopia Its Cool to Learn about Countries Aircraft Pilot Cool Military Careers Chimpanzees Baby Zoo Animals Airplanes Global Products China Its Cool to Learn about Countries Experiment with Bugs Science Explorer Junior Airplanes Innovation in Transportation Choreographer Cool Arts Careers Experiment with Heat Science Explorer Junior Cell Phones Global Products Elephants Baby Zoo Animals Circulation Science Explorer Experiment with Liquids Science Explorer Junior Alcohol Health at Risk Experiment with Magnets Science Explorer Junior Allosaurus Dinosaurs Citizenship Character Education Experiment with Plants Science Explorer Junior Ambulance What Does It Do?

Coal Power Up! Experiment with Rocks Science Explorer Junior Colas Global Products Experiment with Seeds Science Explorer Junior Americas Colonization and Settlement History Digs Combine, What Does It Do? Experiment with Soil Science Explorer Junior American Alligator Road to Recovery American Bison Road to Recovery Compost It Save the Planet Experiment with Solids Science Explorer Junior American Mink Animal Invaders Compounds and Mixtures Science Explorer Experiment with Water Science Explorer Junior Andrew Carnegie Life Skills Biographies Compsognathus Dinosaurs Experiment with Weather Science Explorer Junior Animal Invaders 21st Century Skills Library Computers Global Products Experiments Science Explorer Junior Animals Real World Science Contemporary United States History Digs Fairness Character Education Continents Real World Math: Geography Farm Animals 21st Century Junior Library Animation Innovation in Entertainment Fashion Designer Cool Arts Careers Ankylosaurus Dinosaurs Anorexia Health at Risk Cool Careers 21st Century Skills Library Apatosaurus Dinosaurs Cool Careers: Career and Technical Ed.

Architects Cool Science Careers Artificial Limbs Innovation in Medicine Asian Carp Animal Invaders Astronaut Cool Science Careers Cows Farm Animals Athletic Shoes Global Products Crafts How-To Library Athletic Trainer Cool Careers Crane What Does It Do? Fire Ant Animal Invaders Australian Spotted Jellyfish Animal Invaders Fire Investigator Cool Science Careers Avionics Technician Cool Military Careers Cyber Cop Cool Science Careers Firefighters What Do They Do? Bald Eagle Road to Recovery Dairy Your Healthy Plate Bangladesh Its Cool to Learn about Countries