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It is not known when he became a pet of the Chandlers, although it can be said for certain that he was a resident of 14 Branchland Court by 25 December , as he appears in ChandlerFamilyChristmas Part 1. Desi also makes an appearance in Chris's future message. In a Facebook message sent on 30 January , Chris mentions having five cats. If it is correct to assume that Chris owned no more cats than the five mentioned in this article, we can conclude Desi was still alive at the time.

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However, in an e-mail sent to Blanca on 19 August , Chris mentions having only three cats. In an e-mail sent to Jackie on 10 April , Chris gave the names of his three remaining cats, [6] with Desi not being among them. Based on this info, it can be inferred that Desi was no longer a part of Chris's household since as early as August It is not known whether Desi died, ran away or was given by the Chandler family to someone else. Scamper is the second of Chris's cats.

Originally confused with Desi, Scamper was a black and white coated cat. This suggests that Scamper was not yet a part of the Chandler household at that time. Clues from Sonichu 6 incidcate that he was most likely a pet of Chris by the time Patti's death 27 June [7]. Episode When Chris's character in the comics goes to feed Patti on that day, he encounters Scamper along the way.

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Join Patches the cat and her friends: Danny Dog, Sally Squirrel, The Elk family, Chip Chipmunk, Freda Finch, Fred Fox, Haley Hummingbird and more at her. - Buy Patches the Cat (Farmyard Friends) book online at best prices in India on Read Patches the Cat (Farmyard Friends) book reviews.

It can be said with even greater certainty that Scampers was already living at 14 Branchland Court by the time of July , as Chris started making Sonichu 6 on that month. Scamper briefly shows up during the infamous Tour of Christian's House , in which he pauses for a moment before going outside to talk to them before continuing on his way. Other than that, Scamper appeared in comparatively few videos compared to Chris's other pets. Very little info about him exists, except that, like Desi, he was not house-trained and shat everywhere.

The precise date in which the video was made is not known. Chris's narration in the video suggest that Bob was already dead on the time, suggesting that the video was shot after Bob's passing at 6 September Chris confirmed in February of that Scamper was killed in the house fire in January According to Chris, the cleaners found the body of the cat behind the toilet, dead from smoke inhalation. The Chandlers buried Scamper in the backyard and had a moment of silence, but Chris seemed very apathetic about one of his pets passing.

Prior to this, it was unclear whether it was Scamper or Kitty who was killed in the fire. Skittles is the fourth known cat of the Chandlers and was approximately 21 years old based on accounts from troll field agents. Skittles looked like a half-dead lynx on crack. Very little is known of Skittles or its gender, but given the name it can be assumed that it belonged to the Chandlers, as only someone batshit crazy or over the age of 50 would name a cat Skittles.

Chris probably named it after his favorite candy at least "Skittles" is more dignifying for the cat than to be named after a Sonichu character. Based on the Jackie e-mails , it was presumed dead or missing in action by Cat number 5. Kitty seems to be the cat no one really seemed to care about, evidenced by the fact that she was simply named "Kitty".

This suggests that Kitty was not yet a part of the Chandler household at that time. According to Chris, Kitty was a good friend of Patti , the Chandler dog. Kitty made an appearance in Chris's tour of his house , and starred in the Captain's Log video of 20 December , where it was revealed that this cat can be added to the long list of things that hate Chris. Chris believes that it is normal for cats to hiss at, bite, and scratch people who pick them up, which suggests that his other cats behave this way as well. With Chris's confirmation that it was Scamper who died in the house fire, Kitty's status is unknown.

It is unclear whether she died, ran away, or was given away by the Chandlers unlikely, given her aggressive behavior , or when she left the Chandler household. As many of our cats are often overweight to obese , they are at a greater risk for DM. As a result of the cells starving for glucose, the body makes more and more glucose, causing hyperglycemia i. Common clinical signs for DM are similar to those of Chronic kidney disease and hyperthyroidism and include:. Treatment for DM can be costly, as it requires twice-a-day insulin injections that you have to give under the skin.

It also requires changes in diet to a high protein, low carbohydrate diet , frequent blood glucose monitoring, and frequent veterinary visits. With supportive care and chronic management, cats can do reasonably well; however, once diabetic complications develop e. Cardiac disease Heart disease is very frustrating for both cat owners and veterinarians. Clinical signs of heart disease include:. Long-term prognosis is poor, as the heart medication does not cure the heart disease; it prevents cardiac disease from getting worse.

The exception is when cardiac disease is caused by hyperthyroidism, which often gets better once the hyperthyroidism is treated! Cancer As dogs and cats live longer, we as veterinarians are seeing more cases of cancer. The most common type of cancer in cats is gastrointestinal cancer, often due to lymphosarcoma.

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Clinical signs of cancer include:. Once diagnosed, the prognosis for cancer is poor. For this reason, the sooner you notice clinical signs, the sooner diagnosis and treatment may be initiated.

When in doubt, to keep your cat safe, follow these 5 simple tips:. The sooner you notice the signs, the sooner we can run blood work and diagnose the medical problem. The sooner we diagnose the problem, the sooner we can treat it! She called me and I immediately accepted to take them and my brother-in-law brought them over. I checked them for fleas upon entering the house and had already arranged to bring them to our local animal refuge.

However, once meeting them and confirming that they did not have fleas, I decided to keep them and care for them while I tried to get them both adopted. Inquiries about the two kittens came almost instantly after posting pictures and a video of each one on Facebook. Patches was immediately adopted by one of my childhood family friends. She was to be a gift for my friend's father-in-law who lived alone in a small apartment in the city. I agreed to keep Patches for six weeks time, up until she no longer needed to be bottle fed.

Oreo was half the size of Patches and Patches herself was quite small. Both kittens were able to fit into the palm of your hand.

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Armarkat is the best-in-class manufacturer of cat trees and the only one that carries replacement parts. Wednesday, June 27, Come on here to have both your taste buds and furry instincts satisfied! Overall, it was still an interesting experience and rather value-for-money just think of it as a petting zoo! After the news, I was introduced to Marcia and she invited me to see Patches in his new home. See at petco.

Patches was quite feisty and strong and in the weeks to come she became very protective of her brother Oreo. Oreo on the other hand was extremely weak, didn't meow at all and had trouble feeding. If anyone were to adopt Oreo, they would have to have the time and know-how to care for him adequately. A couple of days passed and I received an inquiry from a girl who's sister's cat had just lost her litter of kittens.

The mother cat was still full of milk. This seemed to be a Godsend and was the perfect solution for Oreo. Being with a mother cat who could properly care for him would be the best thing. The next morning, my ex-husband woke to get ready for work and before leaving, he checked on the two kittens asleep in their boxes. I got up right afterwards and went to check on the kittens and prepare their morning bottle.

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To my horror, I found Oreo lying face down in his box. He was not breathing. There was diarrhea all over the box and all over him. I picked him up and quickly checked for a heartbeat. His heart was still beating, but very faintly. Not a breath was coming out of his nose.

I tried my best not to panic, it was too early and my veterinary clinic was not yet open.

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There were no animal hospitals close by either. But for humans, not cats! Then I remembered I had seen something on TV the week before showing how to perform animal CPR and mouth-to-nose on pets. I put Oreo on his side on the floor, checked for airway obstruction, extended his little teeny neck and began to breathe into his nose while keeping his mouth closed. After what seemed like forever, a small snort and a breath came out of him I washed him off in warm water and wrapped him up in a warm blanket.

I called my ex-husband crying and told him that I thought Oreo was going to die.

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