Son of Sam: A Biography of David Berkowitz

David Berkowitz - the Son of Sam
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How the Son of Sam Serial Killer Was Finally Caught

Keenan immediately started the car and drove off. It was not until they got help that they realized they had been shot at, even though Denaro had a bullet wound in his head. Both Denaro and Keenan survived the attack, and neither saw the shooter. Police determined that the bullets were. Investigators did not initially draw a connection between this shooting and the previous one, because they occurred in two separate New York boroughs.

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As they talked, a man approached them, dressed in military fatigues. He began to ask them for directions in a high-pitched voice before taking out a revolver and shooting at them. They both fell, injured, and the shooter ran away. Both girls survived their wounds, but Lomino was paralyzed. Police were able to determine that the bullets were from an unknown.

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David Richard Berkowitz known also as the Son of Sam and the .. May God bless you in this life and in the next and for now I say goodbye and goodnight. Police—Let me haunt you with these words; I'll be. Son of Sam: A Biography of David Berkowitz [Paul Brody, LifeCaps] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Starting in the summer of , one.

They were also able to make composite sketches based on testimony from the girls and neighborhood witnesses. Diel suffered minor injuries and Freund died of injuries at the hospital. Neither victim ever saw the shooter.

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After this shooting, police publicly connected this case with the previous shootings. They observed that all shootings involved a.

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When New York police checked parking tickets for the murder night in the Gravesend neighborhood, they found one issued to Berkowitz; it led to his Yonkers address. Berkowitz's final hit happened in the early hours of July 31, in Brooklyn. It was an extra incentive to put in long hours to catch this nut. He was sentenced to 15 consecutive life terms, and then murdered by a fellow prison inmate in The killer, now 64, was arrested on August 10,

When the composite sketches from the various attacks were released, NYPD officials noted that they were likely searching for multiple shooters. On March 8, , Columbia University student Virginia Voskerichian was shot walking home from class. She lived just one block away from fellow victim Christine Freund. She was shot several times, and eventually died of a gunshot wound to the head. In the minutes following the shooting, a neighbor who heard the shooting went outside and saw what he described as a short, husky, teenage boy sprinting from the crime scene.

The earliest media coverage implied that the teenager was the perpetrator. Eventually, police officials determined that the teenager was a witness and not a suspect.

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The pair were each shot twice while sitting in a car, and both died before they could talk to police. Investigators determined that they were killed by the same suspect in the other shootings, with the same. At the crime scene, police discovered a handwritten letter addressed to the captain of the NYPD. In this letter, Berkowitz referred to himself as the Son of Sam, and expressed his desire to continue his shooting sprees.

His parents found it difficult to cope with his hyperactive behaviour. One event that is said to have disturbed him, and perhaps made him bitter about life, was losing his adopted mother to cancer when he was still a teenager. Pearl Berkowitz succumbed to the illness in at the time when the family were meant to relocate into a new residential home. Instead of moving into the Co-Op development together as a family, just David and his father ended up sharing the apartment. He developed a sense of self-persecution, as if the world was conspiring against him.

By the time his father remarried and moved away to Florida, eighteen-year-old Berkowitz had become increasingly isolated and cut off from society. At the same time as his sense of alienation grew, so did his capacity for fantasy and self-delusion. In the summer of he joined the army where he excelled as a proficient marksman.

It was this kind of disturbing skill that was to be his tool for killing in such a cold callous manner a few years later on the streets of Queens and Brooklyn. Originally Berkowitz had been religious, but his faith was shaken after the death of his mother and later he delved into Judaism and the Baptist faith. Eventually he lost interest in religion altogether.

The family, far from being hostile, were open and welcoming. However, for some unknown reason David eventually lost interest in them and stopped visiting. Claiming he was driven by demons, Berkowitz attempted to murder a woman in December , but she survived several stab wounds. He then murdered a woman in July , and over the next year he attacked several couples, claiming five more victims.

Berkowitz was arrested on August 10, , 11 days after his last murder. His capture was the result of careful police work, which involved sorting through a confusing maze of reports of suspicious persons. Ultimately, Berkowitz was identified as the most likely suspect, a theory that was confirmed when his car was found to have received a parking ticket near the scene of one of the shootings. Berkowitz soon confessed, and on May 8, , he pleaded guilty; in June he was sentenced to years in prison.

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