Sterne in dunkler Nacht: Erzählung (German Edition)

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View Privacy Policy I decline I agree. It is not only a question where funding will come from and where it should go, but what criteria for allocation should be set. Last week, Germany and Italy suggested that EU spending should focus on public goods, which are considered benefiting all without detriment to others, including EU border management. In addition, the Financial Times reports , German diplomats distributed a paper proposing restructuring regional funds such as the European Regional Development Fund ERDF to support member states that host migrants and refugees in order to pay for new housing, language courses and skills training.

Bianca - Ein Stern erstrahlt in dunkler Nacht

Those plans have drawn some criticism already. Why should the richest country in Europe benefit from this fund for receiving migrants and refugees? Yet, while this would mean less money or higher payments for those countries who refuse to host migrants and refugees it would not be a punishment but a decision about political funding criteria — such as strengthening solidarity and basic rights as foundations of the EU.

As surprising as the idea of allocating funding to the reception of migrants may be in financial debates, it has long been present in refugee policy as well as Refugee and Forced Migration Studies circles. Currently, the Dublin Regulation sets out the allocation of responsibilities for asylum seekers and refugees. It has long been criticised for being unfair and inefficient. This would significantly reduce the administrative challenges of the Dublin system but is critiqued for potentially commodifying refugees if they appeared tradable.

It supported Dublin Regulations as long as they served to its advantage. Now it suggests a regulation recently rejected by the EU Parliament, from which it would profit again, literally.

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But even if it was for the wrong reasons, it might be the right answer to some fundamental challenges of the EU. What seems important here is the funding mechanism that is being suggested.

"finster" English translation

Eine Hand voller Sterne: Roman (Gulliver ) (German Edition) eBook: Rafik Schami: Kindle Store. Back. Erzähler der Nacht: Roman ( Gulliver) (German Edition) Irgendwo in diesem Dunkel (German Edition) · Natascha. Die Nacht wurde dunkler und dunkler; die Sterne schienen tiefer in den wegen Erzählungen von sonderbaren Erscheinungen, die man dort bemerkt, und der.

To consider funding for migrants and refugees through ERDF, while the overall EU budget system is being discussed, is an interesting issue linkage where two policy fields or regimes overlap. Linking the two policy fields would mean not to think about refugee policies simply along protection norms.


This is not unusual as refugee policies generally intersect and are often constrained by migration, border and security policies. Considering finance policies and reforms might actually help to rethink the red tape and bureaucracy of the redistribution of asylum seekers in the current Dublin regulations, towards a financially based system.

Regional funds, among the biggest financial commitments by the EU, are focused on economic imbalances by funding economic, technology, and employment development.