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ICE Takes 21 Savage Into Custody, Alleging the Rapper Is a U.K. National Who Overstayed His Visa
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Suspect charged with aggravated murder of missing student. Biden defends past position on busing after debate.

Teen allegedly beat mom of classmate who reported anti-immigrant taunts. Joe Biden's controversial history with school busing. Jimmy Carter suggests Trump is an illegitimate president.

Student Loan Rates Drop — Still Not Great Deal

Trump to Putin: Don't meddle in the election. Democrats took it to the mat on night two of the debate. Pregnant woman shot in stomach indicted in unborn baby's death. A photo from his attorneys provided to CNN affiliate WSB showed the rapper and his mother boarding a private plane after his release. His birth certificate says he was born in East London to British parents. The Grammy-nominated rapper's arrest shocked his legion of fans because he is closely associated with Atlanta and its music scene.

He has said the "21" in his name is a reference to a street gang in Decatur near Atlanta, and his songs often refer to his past in East Atlanta's Zone 6. But 21 Savage's detention also has heightened awareness of the plight of undocumented immigrants, particularly in the Trump era.

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The video then asks people to sign a petition to " Free21Savage. In , 21 Savage's parents failed to renew his visa. He's been living in the United States illegally since then, according to immigration officials.

  1. 21 Savage Arrested By ICE For Allegedly Overstaying His Visa.
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Grammys to take world stage Sunday, but 21 Savage will not. And he asks for your hearts and minds to be with them. Forget the calls for free college tuition. Maybe the government should just stop trying to make a profit on the student loans it guarantees. Parents who borrow to put their children through college are socked with even higher rates, as are graduate students, including our next generation of physicians.

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Parents who go into debt on these loans to help their children pay for college will pay an astounding 7. Private loans may carry even higher rates.

21 Savage: UK-born rapper 'accepts' he may be deported from US - BBC News

And both require good credit to qualify. Parents who once relied on home equity loans can no longer deduct the interest on those loans if the money is used to pay for college.

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So the full cost of college truly adds up for both students and parents. Two weeks ago I wrote a column about the challenges of finding your loans and setting up a repayment plan — something all graduates must do within six months of graduation.

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You can find it in my column archives at www. Now, I urge all parents of high school students to think twice about taking on the burden of student loans.

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Before you borrow, use the student loan repayment calculators at www.