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Once we get into the story proper we notice that aside from his tremendous ego, there is not much to Ulysse, but as our cypher I suppose that is to be expected. His second defining trait is his profession as a journalist, and as such he is a keen observer who is more than happy to give us an evocative, though non-explicit, description of the nude Nova once they discover her on the planet Soror.

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Rise of the Planet of the Apes is a American science fiction film directed by Rupert Wyatt However, Will's assistant Robert Franklin discovers that the reason for Bright Eyes' rampage was that she had recently given birth to an infant . Planet of the Apes is an American science fiction media franchise consisting of films, books, television series, comics, and other media about a world in which.

Ulysse is then captured and taken to a laboratory for study and experimentation, from which there is no escape, no run through the modern city 5 terrifying small Ape children and their mothers; instead there is simply observation and slow and steady attempts to communicate with the Apes, who in this version do not speak English or French, as the case may be , while also attempting to navigate the strange habits of his fellow human prisoners and not give into his baser desires to have sexual relations with Nova.

She is, after all, little more than a beautiful animal to him. This is a battle he loses, though he is filled with a deep shame over it, and once he is eventually freed as a sentient being, he cuts off virtually all contact with her. The fact that he eventually gives in seems to be commentary on the fact that for all His 6 advancements and delusions of grandeur, Man is still an animal and prone to giving into his baser desires.

There is also the matter of the savior complex that develops within Ulysse during the course of the book, especially once he has been freed and, along with Cornelius, studies the ruins of an ancient human city. Unlike the film which fills as many corners as it can with tension and conflict and sets the bulk of the climax during this sequence, the book spends a relaxing month at the site arrived at by plane!

It is at this point that he decides that he is, in fact, on a mission from God to restore the position of the human race to one of superiority to the Apes, who he constantly refuses to see as equals to his own place in the universe, even as he asks to be seen as equal to them. Ulysse is unable to see the Apes as his equals despite their virtually identical natures, whereas Taylor is disgusted by them because they are too similar to the humanity he attempted to leave behind. Rod Serling was the first to adapt the book, and it is largely his draft and thematic refinement that made it on screen, aside from the addition of certain one-liners, and the odd name change Taylor was named Thomas in his original draft.

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Caesar ultimately led them in an escape from entrapment and to an area where they would be free of humanity's grip. Steven Jacobs Tyler Labine Caesar overhears a communicator where McCullough broadcasts a message to his fellow soldiers that he supposedly killed Caesar. Caesar then knocks Dodge out and puts him in a cage before freeing the other apes. He could not escape his hate…and I still cannot escape mine. It was written by the same writers, Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver, who originated the script. Edit Storyline Caesar and his apes are forced into a deadly conflict with an army of humans led by a ruthless Colonel.

More interesting than the many differences between book and film are the many things that are carried over, especially in the subtext of the material. And not just to the original film, but to the sequels and reboots as well over their long tradition of nihilism and misanthropy.

There is an idea in the book that never as far as I can remember explicitly gets any play in any of the films, which deals with the way apes learn by imitation. The entirety of the Ape culture in the book was built on imitating first the humans they replaced, then over 10, years they increasingly imitate themselves, leading to not just a slower pace of civil and scientific evolution, but also the curse of constantly repeating their mistakes.

Royal Ape Family

Yet the idea is woven into the texture of every film, and is perhaps the central thesis of the series — that we, and any being or civilization that follows us, are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past because we are unable to break the habit of tradition. All indications point to the new Apes film continuing that message, and while the tone, scope, and details are very different between the book and the various films that have been built upon its bones, there is much to discover within its pages.

It is a quick read, at times darkly funny, and often thought provoking with far more ideas splashed across its pages than I am able to relay in this article.

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On its own it is well worth a read, but that such a poignant and enduring film series was spawned from it should guarantee that every Apes fan has a spot for it on their bookshelf. Armando assured him not every dream would come true, but the deaf mute Pierre, suddenly able to speak, responded that it would. As more visions came to pass, Caesar realized he was dreaming the future into being. One particular vision haunted him, in which his grandchildren fought in a global war with humans, destroying the moon in "an orgy of violence and madness". He saw his son and daughter, far off in his future, one of whom he knows will die by violence.

Armando called the dreams a gift from God, not to be questioned, but still Caesar wondered. One day, Armando revealed to Caesar, the truth about the circumstances of his birth and the death of his parents. Caesar dreams were growing more vivid and clear, revealing faces and places that he did not know, and he wondered if it was inherited memories of his parents. Seeing how different he was from other apes, Caesar wished sometimes that he was unable to speak, but Armando convinced him otherwise, saying it was special to think and reason and see things that other apes could not.

A few years later, he and Armando were visiting a large city for the first time, and Armando led him around on a chain.

Royal Ape Family

In private though, Caesar stood nearly erect, and chatted back and forth with Armando like a father and son. Humanity was left without their favorite pets, but for a time humans and other animals were not affected. Armando caught up with Caesar momentarily, but knew now their charade that Caesar was a mute, primitive ape might have failed. He instructed Caesar to hide among his own, and join a shipment of apes brought in by boat, if Armando couldn't convince the authorities that he was harmless and only ran away because of the commotion.

Armando went downtown, to try to bluff his way out of trouble. When he failed to return, Caesar infiltrated a shipment of apes. Passing his conditioning with flying colors, Caesar was next sold to Governor Breck, supervised by his assistant Mr. MacDonald - ironically an African-American descended from slaves.

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When Breck decided to formally name him, he took out a reference book, turned to a page and pointed to a name at random, then bid Caesar to do likewise. Caesar chose his adopted name, pretending to do so randomly, and was so registered. He was also selected to mate with a female chimp. When Caesar learned that Armando died while in custody, he decided enough is enough, and began plotting an ape revolt, conspiring with other apes and driving them to turn on their masters.

Cornelius (CE)

In the script, and in Marvel Comics' adaptation of Conquest, one of his aides is Aldo a gorilla - Cornelius had previously declared Aldo to be the first ape to say "No! Aldo the gorilla would have a prominent role in the sequel. When Caesar was belatedly traced and discovered not to have been part of any ape shipment, he was captured and tortured by Breck, to see if he was indeed the offspring of two talking apes.

MacDonald excused himself from the scene, and changed the breaker settings for the electroshock table Caesar was wired to. He couldn't prevent Caesar from being shocked to where he finally choked out the words "Have pity!

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Believed dead, Caesar killed the handler assigned to dispose of him, then threw the switch that opened all the cages in the ape lockup, and the revolt began. Hours later, much of the city was in flames, the police and military had been beaten down, and the apes were in control, as Caesar predicted would happen around the world when word spread. MacDonald tried to dissuade Caesar from further violence, while Lisa became the next ape to speak, telling Caesar "No!