The Book of Were-Wolves

The Book of Werewolves
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Werewolves, with their horrific transformations and bestial natures, offer all sorts of potential on the silver screen, and you would think the nature of lycanthropes -- man's inner beast emerging through a layer of repression, complete with atavistic sexual and violent urges -- would be just the sort of concept that a good author could have a field day with.

Unfortunately, too many authors merely write werewolves as furry serial killers, or are so obsessed with exploring the animalistic natures of the wolves, they simply ignore the human side completely I ranted about Laurell K.

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The Book of Were-Wolves, by Sabine Baring-Gould, [], full text etext at The Werewolves from The Book of Werewolves ().jpg Stories from Olaus Magnus of Livonian Were-wolves Story from Bishop Majolus.

Hamilton last month, but she's got nothing on Alice Borchardt , whose awful werewolf sagas are only in print, one would presume, thanks to the nepotistic influence of her sister, Anne Rice. That said, werewolves are one of our oldest and most enduring monster myths, and over the years, there have been some worthwhile entries into the canon. One of the oldest books of werewolf stories remains one of the best.

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It's not a complete book, by any means, but Baring-Gould has some fascinating looks at French and Scandinavian legends including articles on the Vikings and examinations of various myths of cannibals and ghouls that were often connected to werewolf legends , and remains one of the best references and collections of tales that I've seen. As the name implies, Frost takes an amazingly comprehensive look at werewolf fiction.

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But this book is more than just a massive bibliography -- Frost delves into the history and mythology of werewolves as well as any author since Baring-Gould, examining stories and tales going back hundreds of years, and also providing a nice bibliography of other werewolf reference works. Although there are certainly other decent reference works and collections of werewolf tales, Frost and Baring-Gould provide the two essential non-fiction works on the subject.

On the fiction side, it's hard to even begin talking about werewolf novels without recognizing that two of the pound gorillas of contemporary horror -- Stephen King and Robert McCammon -- have written werewolf novels.

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I've had negative things to say about both authors before, but when it comes their werewolf novels, I've got little but praise. We have recently updated our Privacy Policy. The site uses cookies to offer you a better experience.

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View other formats and editions. Sabine Baring-Gould, is a treatment of the origins of the European werewolf legend. Published in , it contains a combination of personal experiences, werewolf lore through the centuries, psychological insights and speculations and accounts of real-life crimes that fit the werewolf legendary, many of which would by today's standards make their authors serial killers.

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The Book of Were-Wolves

Irish Fairies. Bob Curran. On Monsters. A stunning copy of a book famously hard to locate in any condition.

Occult Literature 83: The Book of Werewolves

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