The Ties That Bind

The ties that bind: Group membership shapes the neural correlates of in-group favoritism.
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As well as being able to exchange thoughts and ideas, I was allowed to gain an excellent insight into the research process in general. For instance, I gained some insight into how to maximize the potential of a chosen research project, by using different methodologies. Regular meetings with Pascal Firges, head of the research group, gave me new inspiration and encouragement.

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During the one-day workshop every participant had to present one of their texts, which were distributed beforehand to all contributors, followed by constructive discussions. It was the introduction to a total of twenty-six volumes which were published by the commission over the following twenty-five years. Today, the Residenzenforschung is the most important publication series focusing on the history of residences and courts in the Holy Roman Empire from the Middle Ages up to early modern times.

Early modern court historiography has been very productive in the twentieth and twenty-first century.

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Researchers dealing with the history of princely courts in Europe can have great use of this variety, but when being new in the field researchers and students may be seeking for orientation. Therefore, his impact on more than fifty years of historical research cannot be underestimated.


The importance of scientific databases and online platforms for historical scholarship is evident. The methodical and geographical diversity of early modern court historiography creates a particular demand for the linking of research projects. Just a short post to alert you to some interesting developments in the digital world.

A grant is available for students intending to write an M. Support to work as part of the team here in Paris is available for two to six months for the right candidate.

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Details of the CFA can be found here. The deadline for applications is the 1st October Do not be put off by the temporal description.

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The Ties That Bind or Ties That Bind may refer to: Contents. 1 Film; 2 Literature; 3 Music; 4 Television; 5 Video games. Film[edit]. The Ties That Bind, a film. "The Ties That Bind" is a song written and performed by Bruce Springsteen. It is the opening song on his fifth album, The River. It was recorded at The Power.

Scholars of great relevance for the early modern period, such as Jan Hirschbiegel and Jeroen Duindam, write for the series. The next installment is announced for the 21st June, which is to be written by Christoph Mauntel, and articles by Sebastian Zanke and Duindam are to follow a month later. During the first half of the day, the presentations in the workshop centred on gender problematics and global approaches; the speakers of the second part of the workshop then zoomed in closely on interpersonal relationships and analysed specific cases.

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Alliances of international importance were created and assured through interpersonal relationships between individuals of supreme social status and political power. However, the many other individuals that populated the early modern court often remain invisible. It should shock the average Canadian to read how respected Aboriginal leaders were sent to prison for practicing their religion. At the same time, it also points to the determined persistence of Aboriginal peoples in defining for themselves their own selfinterest and in exploring a wide range of strategies to resist government initiatives.

Her study contributes greatly to an understanding of the severe damage done to Plains Cree society by government officials and missionaries. Katherine Pettipas is Curator of Native Ethnology at the Manitoba Museum and has a doctorate in history and anthropology.


As a curator, she is dedicated to working with First Nations communities to develop greater access to collections and to implement more culturally appropriate means to care for sacred materials. University of Manitoba Press St. Phone: uofmpress umanitoba. Privacy Policy Top of page.

The Ties That Bind

Severing the Ties that Bind Government Repression of Indigenous Religious Ceremonies on the Prairies Katherine Pettipas Author Religious ceremonies were an inseparable part of Aboriginal traditional life, reinforcing social, economic, and political values. Purchase Online. Lytwyn Author. Download our Fall catalogue in PDF.