Touched by Fire - An Urban Fantasy Romance (Sentinel Series Book 2)

Catherine Spangler
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Two sworn arch-nemeses go on a trip to Maui and are forced to act as newlyweds — but do they actually mind playing pretend? With its exuberant humor and charming characters, The Unhoneymooners is the epitome of a marvelous hate-to-love romance novel.

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Editorial Reviews. From the Author. You met the ultra-sexy Luke Paxton, the leather-clad Touched by Fire - An Urban Fantasy Romance (Sentinel Series Book 2) - Kindle edition by Catherine Spangler. Download it once and read it on your. Book 3 of the Urban Fantasy Romance series, The Sentinels After a brutal . Back. Touched by Fire - An Urban Fantasy Romance (Sentinel Series Book 2).

What it is like: Joyful, warm and touching — but above all, hilarious Category: Humorous Fiction Length: pages. First Son Alex Claremont Diaz is the closest thing to a prince in the United States — handsome, hilariously sassy and with confidence that is bordering on arrogance, he manages to charm just about every millennial in America.

As an international socialite, it comes as no surprise that the media follows him everywhere he goes. Including that one time at the royal wedding when he pushes his rival, Prince Henry, straight onto the wedding cake, sparking speculation about an international crisis and strained relations between the U. As damage control, the two are forced to fake their friendship to calm the media down. Prepare yourself to swoon over the characters especially Alex!

Sensitive, charming, and adored even by her dog Stuntman Mike, Josh seems to be a man straight out of her dreams. As their attraction grows and the two slowly begin falling in love, the thought of letting go of him is becoming more painful day by day. After reading this delightfully honest, laugh-out-loud funny and at times brutally heartbreaking story you are guaranteed to be left with a severe case of a book hangover. What it is like: Will have you laughing one moment and holding on to a box of tissues the next Category: Holiday Romance Length: pages.

Khai Diep is convinced he has no feelings.

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Truman, Lyndon B. While their criminal activity is simply a rumor yet to be proven, no one knows the real truth. Rebecca was already across the crowded room, sliding into a booth with three guys, plying them with her British charm and knockout body. More Stories. Can they overcome the evil intent on tearing them apart, or will she once again find herself in chains? Allez sur Amazon.

Well, not the kinds of feelings that you read about in books at least — the grand, important emotions like grief or love. But his mom knows better — autism means he just processes emotions differently — and is determined to find him the perfect bride. So when she crosses paths with a beautiful Esme in a hotel, she decides to give her a rather unusual proposal: come to America and win over her loveless son by the end of the summer.

Fail — and return to your simple life in Vietnam.

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Working two jobs at the same time. Studying all hours to get her nursing qualification. Angel Gomez is busy, to say the least. A young, fiery and independent Puerto-Rican woman, she takes it as her utmost priority not to be messed with — especially by a man. There is simply not enough space for love in her agenda.

Brace yourself for an exciting roller coaster ride with this whirlwind, soap opera style love story. At sixteen years old, you tend to dream big. Bri, for example, wants to be one of the greatest rappers the world has ever seen. So when Bri lets off steam in her new song and it goes viral for all the wrong reasons, she finds herself at the center of a controversy she did not anticipate. But she has to make it, even if it means becoming the monster the public has made her out to be. Scarlett and Tella have never gone beyond the shores of the tiny island where they live with their powerful but heartless father, who now has begun arranging marriage for Scarlett.

So when a long-dreamt-of invitation for Caraval, a once-a-year performance far away, arrives, the girls are willing to take a risk and participate in the dangerous show. Now, Caraval is over, but perhaps the greatest game of all has begun. The only people left are those who will win, and those who will lose everything. What it is like: A brilliant ending to a brilliant series Category: Siblings Fiction Length: pages. Emoni Santiago got pregnant freshman year, and her life has been about making tough decisions ever since.

In between caring for her daughter and her abuela , passing her classes in senior year and holding down a fast-food job, she barely has time for herself. But when she does, she spends it in the kitchen, where she finally can let off steam and create culinary wonders.

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She is talented, and everyone can taste it. It serves as an open and honest representation of teen motherhood that shows it with the ups and downs, without judgment. Ellery has heard quite a lot about the secretive Echo Ridge, a small American town. Or that only five years ago, a homecoming queen was mysteriously killed. And now, Ellery has to live there with a grandmother she barely knows.

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In Echo Ridge, everyone is hiding something. But as a creature bound by honor and the rules of his kind, he decides not to leave the children behind — and instead, bring his daughter Vivienne, and mortal twin half-sisters Jude and Taryn, back to his land, where the story begins.

Holly Black has done it again — this action-packed sequel to The Cruel Prince is one awfully addicting read. Only this time, the stakes are higher, the game deadlier, and the enemies angrier. What it is like: Exquisitely dark and delightfully wicked. A must-have office supply caddy for every home library. The bottom book is a pull-out drawer. Maintain healthy eyes by reducing exposure to high energy blue light emitted by tablet, smartphone, and computer screens.

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The head of a House, male or female, wields complete authority over his or her family members. Houses are small economic empires: they control territories within cities, they hire private muscle, and engage in cut-throat business tactics. Houses frequently feud with each other and mutual attacks between rival Houses are not uncommon. Most of the time the civilian law enforcement stays of of the inter-House conflicts as long as ordinary citizens are not endangered in any way.

Houses also have their own ruling body, an Assembly, and although Assembly has no official status within United States government, when it speaks, its voice is heard by all branches of government. Back in , a serum was developed that brought out people's magic talents—abilities of all kinds. By that time, though, the serum's effects had reached into people's DNA, and their magical traits were passed down to their children—generation after generation—changing the course of history forever.

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Click HERE to go to a page on the authors' web site that discusses types of magic in this mythology. Currently, mages are segregated into five ranks : Minor , Average , Notable , Significant , and Prime. Mage families are rated by the power of the head of the House and his or her children, particularly the heir. Here, a character explains what life is like for a prime: "When you're a Prime, especially an heir Prime, your life stops being your own once you graduate from college. Certain things are expected. Your specialty is predetermined by your family's needs. It's understood that you will complete your education, work to further the family interests, select a mate whose genetic pedigree is most likely to produce gifted children, marry, and have said children, at least one but no more than three"—one prime and two back-ups.

Click HERE to go to a page on the authors' web site that provides in-depth information on the ranks and Houses of mages in this world. For a lesser mage to stand a chance against a Prime, that mage would have to have shockers permanently inserted into his or her arms. Here, a character describes shockers as "completely invisible from the outside, but it lets you shock anyone with magic. Hurts you like hell, but it hurts whoever you grab even more. Seriously nasty gadgets. Early in the book, the series heroine has shockers implanted into her arms as a means of self defense.

She will do anything to keep them safe and secure, even seek out and capture a dangerous high level pyrokinetic mage. But she is in way over her head and if she is to survive she will need to depend on the help of an equally dangerous telekinetic mage named Mad Rogan. Despite their unfortunate first encounter, sparks fly between them. But, Nevada knows there is no hope of a lasting relationship between them. Not only is he so far above her in the social pecking order that she might as well be the chicken feed, and he is also certainly a sociopath and most likely a pscychopath as well.

They race to save the city of Houston from a modern day version of Mrs. O'Leary's cow. Through her adventure Nevada discovers unexpected strength especially in her rare magical talent. No one outside Nevada's family knows about her truthseeker talents because if anyone found out, she would be pulled away from her family and forced to work as an interrogator for either the government or one of the Houses. Nevada is the chief investigator for her family's investigation agency and is assisted by her mother, cousins, and sisters.

Her mother is an army veteran—a lethal sharpshooter, and her grandmother—a mech-mage—repairs and restores armored vehicles for various Houses, all of which take their security quite seriously. During Nevada's father's extended terminal illness, the family mortgaged their agency to the powerful Augustine Montgomery, head of House Montgomery and chef executive of Montgomery International Investigations MII so the Baylors work hard to build their image, and pull in clients in order to can keep up their monthly payments to Montgomery.

Once a client hired us, we were loyal to the client. Rule 2 : we didn't break the law…It kept us out of jail and safe from litigation. And rule 3 , the most important one of all: at the end of the day we still had to be able to look our reflections in the eye," meaning that they had no regrets and were sure they had done the right thing. Millions of people have viewed his video on the Internet in which he completely destroys a Mexican town in just moments and with seemingly little effort, slicing up huge buildings and destroying them completely, one after another.

Connor now lives in relative seclusion and even refers to himself as Mad Rogan.