Wake Up Humanity: And Take Responsibility

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A great tempest besets the ancient Mediterranean in chapter one of Jonah, and our prophet is nowhere to be found on deck. Jonah, meanwhile, had gone down into the hold of the ship where he lay down and fell asleep.

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Sleep in these ancient narratives may represent the deepest faith or the most profound escape. The storm was there to force Jonah into self-confrontation.

The leader cannot be a fugitive from responsibility. But when they drew him back, the sea raged again. They lowered him up to his neck, and the sea quieted; but again, as soon as they had raised him, it raged. Immediately, the storm at sea ceased. This is not about correlation.

How Do We Humanize the Workplace?

And it comes with a much more significant message about the relationship of human beings to nature. We, too, cause our storms and then sleep through them. Jonah was only one person.

Bare Truth - We are one - Speech to humanity - Wake-up call - Love

We pretend that climate change is too obtuse a subject for us. Jonah was ultimately redeemed by a natural world that did not give up on him: the storms, the fish, the worm, the sun, the winds—all harnessed for a human being to look at himself and face an expansive responsibility for a world he was avoiding. But what makes matter come alive? Science has no answer to this question! Instead, anything that cannot be seen or measured, is blatantly ruled out of the common conception. The universe is presented as consisting of dead matter. Humans of junk DNA. We're taught, this is a world of struggle and competition, a world where we need to fight for our life without consideration of other life.

After all, what else is there to do? Well, I am proposing a paradigm change here. There is new Science supporting this. I will write about this in detail at a later stage. But you might already have glimpsed this deeper truth in your own life anyway.

12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson: Summary, Notes, and Lessons - Nat Eliason

Is the Universe not alive and thriving? Is the Earth not a living Conscious Being? Where does Love, Compassion and Awe come from if we are just cells, muscles and bones put on this planet to reproduce and then die? Just as we are! What happens in our microcosm, also happens in the macrocosm. Once you realize the implication of this, it is just natural to want to Save the Planet, is it not? Maybe your Soul is not ready to embrace this yet. I can understand this because the common theories are so deeply ingrained in us.

It takes effort to open up to a new perspective. But I am sure, you understand this: If we continue like this, there will be no inhabitable planet anymore for the children of our children to live in!!! She will survive. The question is: will we? As with personal change, I am proposing to start this change by envisioning a better world. Only this will allow us to get into the right mindset to take the right action. My Vision is of a World where we live in Peace. Where all weapons are laid down and destroyed. A World were nature is preserved and cherished. I look at the World and I see her: Lady Gaia - healthy and unbroken.

Responsibility quotes that honor keeping our word

She is - just as my own body - capable to heal herself! Marianne Williamson calls this the Buddha Mind and compares it to the example of Jesus healing the Leper by seeing through the illusion of the illness to the true being that is always whole and unharmed. How many of us are needed to hold up this vision to be true? I just know: Everyone Counts! When so many of us are imprisoned in a dark illusion of desperation and hopelessness for the world, then yes — the situation is indeed hopeless! But if many of us hold up and care for a vision where the world is whole and unharmed, I think we stand a chance to survive as a species!

For this Healing to happen on all levels, we need to engage in a process called Shadow Work. It is necessary to look at the darkest places in your soul to find The Light within You. Or to speak in Jungian terms, it is necessary to pull back your projections. Self-realization and self-empowerment is like going up and down a flight of stairs, eventually allowing you to ascend to higher levels of Being.

How can we awaken this Universal Soul in us? Everything is related. No step alone will transform you, but going up and down these stairs of self-realization and self-empowerment will get you leveled up eventually. I mentioned the Mind Body Connection in a previous article. And our human capability to heal ourselves. It is all about imagining the body whole and healthy and thus healing from cancer and all sorts of supposedly terminal illnesses becomes and actual possibility.

I know this works for my own body: when I believe it — then it becomes true!!! So I am encouraging you, to hold the same vision for the planet. To believe in it and to make it true. Will you believe in our capacity to survive and will you pray for our ability to adapt and create a new world?

Where have all the leaders gone? It’s time for humanity to wake up

A better world? We have to participate in the system whether we think it is broken or not! We have to stop hiding our heads in the sand and expect other people to pick up the slack. How can you expect it to get better? If you cannot stand up for your rights and take a risk, how could you expect anybody else to? The statistics are devastating! Besides, the developing countries are fast developing to the levels of consumption of the Western World. And they should — develop, I mean!

The question is in which direction? Having worked in the development industry for some years now and also lived in Peru for 2 years, I have some very clear opinions about this. I believe every human has a right to the modern amenities we take for granted in our parts of the world. Be that access to financial services, clean energy, water, food security, education, sanitation, technology and so much more.

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Wake Up Humanity: And Take Responsibility [Christa Sira] on rapyzure.tk * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Sira, Christa. One of the disturbing trends which have developed in recent times is the uncaring attitudes and violence of people towards their fellow human beings, the .

But I do not believe that the Western World is a very good example when it comes to consumerism and the exploitation of non-renewable resources. So yes, there are initiatives that work toward sustainable and organic agriculture and clean energy, etc. Unfortunately, the general tendency though is still clearly to use more, not less — of everything. And even though the predictions are now very dire read this or this , there is still no real action by the governments of this world. This is not justified. Let me clarify.

Of course I know about the Paris Agreement and all such things.

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But it is my very personal opinion that this is just a proforma discussion. How much taxes on CO2 and such things. But what about the reduced nutrition in food? What about the rainforest? Some people argue that what we are experiencing is natural climate change.

There is naturally so much going on that we do not have an influence over, yes. Regardless of future emission trends, the CO2 footprint from our brief passage on Earth is going to remain in the climate system and impact the well-being of all terrestrial life forms for what could almost be considered an eternity. But then vast oil reserves were discovered in America, and the future went into reverse. Until, in the late 20th century, global warming and advances in battery technology made electric cars seem like a good idea again. Similarly, vinyl records have enjoyed a major resurgence in the age of the MP3: not necessarily because they are an objectively better sonic format, but because it turned out that people liked owning their culture as physical objects.

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Just as we resurrect ideas from the past, we also have the power to bury ideas in the present — whether for business reasons, like Airbus, or for the wider public good. Should we, for example, allow anyone to make inheritable changes in the DNA of humans? Many thinkers on machine intelligence, meanwhile — led by the philosopher Nick Bostrom — suggest that the supposedly sci-fi scenario of a conscious AI escaping its box and taking over the world represents such an enormous, existential threat to humanity that we ought to be taking steps right now to prevent it happening.

Satisfying as it would be to shame some individuals in this way, the wider result would be a total corrosion of trust, not only in news media but in documentary evidence of many kinds. So, as work continues apace on deep fakes, we are sleepwalking towards a media dystopia in which nothing at all can be trusted, and the only people to benefit will be authoritarian leaders who insist on their own fantastical realities. Should we just sit back and let them, because, you know, technology will always happen anyway?