At This Point in My Life

What is the Point of Life?
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Being close to him throughout the whole was something every student wanted. During the weekends, he used to take us to hotels along the lakeshore of Malawi to swim. We had never been to those places. When he took us the first time, I had never in my life swum in a swimming pool.

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These experiences were very unique and instrumental in my life. Before I met Ken, I had never imagined that one day I will have an opportunity to go and have lunch at one of the greatest and best hotels in Malawi. He arranged a trip for the whole class to go to Blantyre to watch an International football match between Malawi and South Africa in which Malawi won.

Before the game, we went to have lunch at Mount Soche hotel, one of the premier hotels in Malawi and there we got to meet the South African team who was also staying there!


This trip was one of the unforgettable trips of my life. What was the most interest and unique about this trip besides the football match and the lunching at the hotel was that it was my first to visit Blantyre, one of the commercial cities in Malawi. Our relationship grew from strength to strength. I got really encouraged and worked very hard in my studies.

Ken personally sponsored my studies after I finished my secondary school. The school is only attended by children who come from very rich families because the school is very expensive. Currently, CHAI Malawi has offered me a full time employment working as Program officer responsible for implementation of mHealth initiative as well as managing IT infrastructure in Lilongwe main office and satellite office in Mangochi. Everyone we meet in life has purpose and a meaning to our lives.

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My meeting with Ken was a turning point in my life. I had no idea if could go any further with my studies after secondary school. I really thank him for all the endless support he rendered to me throughout my studies. I am now a fully grown up young man, full of energies to make sound economic, political and social contribution to the world. We launch the fellowship year with inspiring discussions on your role as the next generation of global health leaders.

The GHC community is hugely diverse, comprised of fellows and alumni from a wide range of geographies, backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences.

Tap into the expertise of mid- to senior-level professionals working on the issues you care about. We host networking events throughout the fellowship year.

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