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I really felt your vulnerability and authenticity coming through. Intention is everything, the path of the householder. With intention, I am inspired to choose love everyday with my budding romance from your words, thank you! I ilke intelligent guys-of which he is, I also am discovering that they still?

Can you clarify, please? Thank You!!!!!!! The rship I have with myself has been to fix all my broken, traumatized parts and this means constantly looking at all the hurt places. I then in turn did this with my partner, kept telling him about all his broken parts and what needed to be fixed and how to fix it.

He quickly started taking it personally that there was something wrong with him then that turned to frustration and it all snow balled into a mess. I realized I needed to balance it out more with acknowledging his whole parts too and telling him how I loved that about him and not just all the broken parts and I need to do that with myself as well. Why does this blog make you so angry? So we separated. After being apart for 1 year and a half.

We realised its not enough to just love or need a person. We need to make that choice, to be present everyday. I under stood perfectly. Not that I agree but that is what she meant. Thank you for sharing your perspective on how to apprriciate your partner.

It sounds like you have learned a lot about yourself throughout this process and I do hope you reach a wide audience. Divorce rates are rising, and your article challanged the heart of this matter. Choosing and appriciating who we are with ultimately becomes the main spring of our own happiness. Relationships are never easy and it is relapse process.

We project a lot about our own identity onto others. Men are not the only ones with this problem, but are forgiven for it moreso than females. Why is that? In my line of work I see a lot of women not appreciating a good man, they use men for money and their social status all the time. Its not always so simple to choose, we have to focus on choosing to love ourselves first, and sometimes it takes not choosing someone to be liberated again.

Bryan, great post! I admire your taking responsibility and reaching for depth… I am looking forward to seeing more men and women having the courage to be honest with themselves, with their lover, and to look at commitment as a daily ritual. Woooooow what a wonderful picture and such a truely writen text!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also know this struggle to well. Pain and love though are close lovers too right? Thank you for your honest words. Like and love to hear someone is taking things truely and not for granded.

I came across a wonderful essay once about autonomy and how you can never make anyone love you and that it is meaningful to tell your partner you love them everyday because you could change your mind at any given moment. Any of us could. Reading that essay was like someone finally turned the lights on and it totally changed my perspective on relationships. Hi Mickie … thank you. Yes I have found that in life nothing is stable. Love, Bryan. Thank you. I needed to read that. The end of your article sounds to me how much this trend of loving will never achieve the kind of family feeling possible that occurs when invested in a long-term lifelong partnership.

This sounds exactly like my relationship, exactly! I am stuck, hurt and feel undernourished, not chosen, abandoned and suffering for connection and intimacy. I hope that all, men and women alike, read this article and really begin to regard their S. Life is taken for granted and so are the people in our lives. I hope this article reaches and humbles all people that encounter it. Seems a little too convenient that I came across it, especially considering my fork in the road.

See a Problem?

Thank you, Bryan. I feel like we will never know… never know for sure if we are made for one another, if we are soul mates. I was married for 3 years thinking he was the one and only. I fought for him to stay because I believe in commitment and in forever after, for better or for worse. But he left anyway because he was unhappy. When he left, I felt a sudden relief and started building a better life for me my 3 year old daughter at the time. I charged forward and never looked back. But he did. But it was too late and I had given my heart to someone else. I trusted again even though my heart had been previously torn apart.

I opened my arms to love and embraced it all over again. Do we have our bad times? Do we have our good times? Is he the one? For now, I am living with the purpose of loving him forever. Bryan — well said. A quick question — what about a males POV. Only to be pushed away time and time again. Its a never ending game that I wish ended in high school…. Im 27 now — Shes the world. I only wish she wouldnt push away…. Make her an ultimatum. Step up. So force her hand. She will not come to you by herself. You are doing yourself a lot of harm by waiting for this. Females are the more selective gender after all.

Find new and better goals, like science or cultural studies. When you do, not only will you gain independence of her and confidence, but she will want you if she has the slightest of interest in you. She will want you bad. You also need to be ready to be rejected.

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If she rejects you at first, insist. I believe it could give you a new healthy perspective. I agree with your article, but I also think it might be simplified too much. I agree with choosing to love, but having the awareness of why a person feels how they feel can help tremendously. I also think that pornography has larger impact on relationships than people might believe; physically and emotionally.

There are two types of feelings that people crave. We crave novelty, excitement and adventure, and at the same time we crave security and predictability. Stephen Mitchell, author of Can Love Last? The Fate of Romance Over Time, said this after studying relationships over 30 years. His assessment was well-thought and gave me some insight. It taught me that passion can last, but you have to grow it and tend to it like a living, breathing garden. I fear that people get too caught up in one or the other and look for excitement outside of the relationship; betraying their partner and destroying the trust.

Or the person turns their energy into something else such as porn, and they accept that relationships have to be mundane and tiring. Unfortunately, putting their energy into porn makes them feel resentful towards their partners for not being as sexually adventurous or physically fit.

Porn is a terrible thing. It truly is. I watched it for years and my relationships suffered. I felt closer to my wife, less aggressive, and generally more appreciative, and we had sex more frequently. The more attention I gave her, the more she responded. I chose to love her, but I also eliminated the negative, external stimuli that affected my perspective. I still choose her everyday, but I also understand that she has the same ebbs and flows of security vs novelty.

So sometimes I give her the space she needs and sometimes I smother her with love and attention. It about not taking your relationship for granted. Social media and porn are destroying relationships.. I speak from personal experience, because I go to bed alone every night.. Great read. Never compromise, if you are with someone that is afraid of love or to love…. Both men and women should do the inner work and take responsibility for their own love of self otherwise this gets projected onto your partner. Choose yourself everyday and then you will know what you are actually looking for in a partner not a substitute for what you are avoiding to look at in yourself!

To Err is Human. To Forgive, Devine. But how do we forgive when the pressures pile on and the insecurities continue to push your loved one away? What can two people with so much pain do to come together again? I stopped reading after the 3rd misuse. Till death do us part. That is why I stay. That is why I commit. It would be easy to walk. Sometimes it is not easy to stay. My partner has assurance that I will be there the next day. I commit. I give. I love deeply. I put my partner first. I stay for keeps. Even when the road is long. Even when my partner is ugly. I choose to love and choose stay and choose to work on me.

I have felt ignored and abandoned over the last several months by my boyfriend of four years. Can you repeat it back to me? Then, of course, all bets are off and the fighting begins. This has all culminated in an inevitable break. I know he has a high-stress job, but I, too have a very demanding job and still make time to try to emotionally support and connect with him. Next week is my birthday and we had planned a trip together.

Your post brought me back to the unraveling of my marriage now over 25 years ago. The sparkle dust has never come out even. Thanks for your post. It has given me a lot to think about. Seems like this way of being is the new norm for men. That indecisiveness, non committal kind of man. I regularly talk with elderly married people, asking questions about their secret to a good marriage. No one seems to have that kind of fortitude. It does however sadden me.

Nice read. Happyness comes from within. A lot of people have issues and they should be open with them. Not every body has issues with being faithful, to some this is not a thought. Every body is different. Takes ages to really kno some body, and forever to endure the journey of love. He wants me to be friends with him again and he wants me to get over the breakup quickly and pretend like it never happened, but there is too much for me to remember. Sorry, I got off track.

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Anyways, after I read this it made me think that maybe this was his reason all along. Your words really speak to me. My husband of 9 years and I split 2 years ago and I think we had both hit the point where we had stopped choosing each other. We had really regressed to childish behaviour and ways of acting. It was not healthy for us or for our sons to see. These days I make a point to choose him as the father of my sons. This may sound silly but choosing him reminds me of the obligations I have to my children to me a good mother. It helps me be honest and open with my ex-husband and to consider his perspective on important things.

It also helps me maintain emotional boundaries for myself and for him. The result is a relationship that makes co-parenting easier and keeps our interactions respectful and mindful. This is of particular importance has my ex-husband is an Army veteran and suffers from PTSD so our relationship as parents brings a very layered and traumatic element to the table so to speak. I once loved this man enough to make children with him and along the way I forgot this. While the love has long gone the respect and consideration is there now and that means we can both enjoy our children free of hate, grudges and disrespect.

We can both look each other in the eye and say yes we are doing a good job raising our sons even though we are not together. I wish my partner would also have the chance to read this. Thank you for the writing, Bryan. I know some polyamorous women who would be offended at the notion that they should be chosen.

Some women choose to have several lovers. Maybe she was just the wrong woman for you? It sounds like she was angry, insecure and demanding to me.

I used to be a one woman man and thought I would always be a one woman man. Until one summer 3 separate women wanted to be no-strings attached lovers in open relationships with me. I really enjoyed. I really enjoyed reading this article. My partner and I went through this for a few years and it was really hard. I think some if it just takes maturity, and people reach it at different times. It can also sometimes just be a choice we choose not to or forget to make. Bryan, this post was the complete past year of my life. I was stunned with tears reading it. This past year was hard for us we lost our son who was born prematurely.

While grieving over my son every day I had to fight the world to be good enough. To be seen by this man that I truly loved more than anybody ever before. He said it is like an addiction and wanted to marry me eventually but could not let go of this yearning for attention from other women. After over a year of breaking myself down I finally had to just let it all go. So I finally did. I wish that he could meet you to figure himself out. Not to do with anything about me just for him.

Bc I know this will continue for him no matter who he is with. It is truly sad when a person is loved who cannot love back. This is an awesome read that really depicts my current state. I have been with the same guy for a little over 5 years. Loneliness maybe….. But I think I depend on him for a lot of my social life….. I need an impetus to let him go. The problem is there is nothing fundamentally wrong with the relationship other than what my feelings or instincts tell me about me and my innermost desires.

I really pray for the courage to let go and move on. You sound like a classic narcissist, and this is a common problem in the US today. Wow, I wish my boyfriend would read this. He says I need to change for him to want to be married to me. But, I am who I am. Your article was very painful to read as I am experiencing what you have just described.

I have been with my partner he is 5 years younger for almost 18 months.


The first year was amazing — match made in heaven; but for the last couple of months we have been struggling. I feel he does not respect my needs and is a workaholic. He recently changed jobs and is working like crazy. Worth mentioning is also a fact that I am going through a divorce now for which he has been waiting for the longest time when we met I was already separated.

In the past he wanted to see me everyday, would get mad, if I did not have time, but now… We just see each other twice a week. To me it seems he could not care less. If I will come over that is fine, but if not it is OK too. It is extremely hard for me. I could write and write about this situation. I would love to be with him forever, but I am just not sure about his intentions which makes me insecure and scared to death. I will appreciate your thoughts. We will be celebrating our 3rd Anniversary next month, but our divorce will most likely be finalized before then.

He lies, keeps secrets and makes decisions without me. I woke up one morning and he had packed his things and left me. Only to beg for me back into his life a week later. Last week he wrote me a letter on how many ways I have disappointed him in our marriage only to call me sobbing on the phone last night begging for me to stay.

I should leave, I should sign these divorce papers and cut him from my life for good, but I love him so desperately. I love him enough to deal with him breaking my heart on occasion, but he has to change. The lies have to stop. He could save our marriage, he could keep me in his life, he could stop this pain. But he has yet to choose me. He still has a chance to choose me, but he seems incapable. It will kill me to lose him, but I also have to choose me at some point. I understand! I coach couples going through exactly these kinds of challenges. When my husband and I married, nearly 1 year ago, we promised to love, respect, support, challenge each other, to share our lives with one another, to make a home together not always easy in commuting and long-distance relationship , and very importantly to choose each other:.

Sarah, I choose you because home is wherever there is you. I will keep choosing you and always come back home to you. Andrey, I will hold our home in my heart, from Montreal to New York and everywhere else we may go. Avec cette alliance, je te promets amour, soutien, respect et confiance. I choose you today and every day. These promises are still new in our lives, but they serve as a reminder of our commitment to stay together because we choose each other and will continue to be challenged to choose each other at many points in our lives.

I feel like this is my life. I choose him every day…. I am angry often and lash out. I then internalize what is happening and feel it is my fault…. I stay because I love him and I want him to better himself…. Brian, I loved this: Reading it is inspiring. I am a Nurse and too often the only thing I hear my patients ask for is time.

Not money not anything else. The only things they seem to remember is the regret of the nasty things they have done to the ones they love, and the times they took the risks that forever changed them as a person. Too often I feel we focus on what we need. When if you are in a relationship it is about both. Meeting in the middle of each others comfort zones. The painting or picture is a alive. Which is how your spirit should be with whom you choose.

I loved this. Thank you for writing it. I am suffering right now with this conflict. I love him and wish i could be the right person for him but i feel like now are lives are moving apart. Thank you for your insight in this article. I can relate to it very closely. My man and I have been together for 9 months and it started out beautiful.

His actions show the opposite. When I used to need him he would always be there, now even when I need him most he has something else keeping him busy. I have been dating and living with my partner for close to 3 years. A lot of addictions, it makes me feel so sad, dishonored, i get often those weird gut feelings that things are not right. I brought up the subject to him many times. He is 62 things he does makes me feel so insecure. Some days i feel my best bet is to leave. I ordered one of your training. Hoping it will clarify if things will ever change or I am beating myself up and things will remain the same with him.

Bryan so glad that a friend found you site and linked you on her facebook page. I found myself in this exact situation with my partner of 3 years earlier this year. We chose each other! I look forward to each day and I chose him every day. The painting is beautiful and I lost my soulmate in January of this year. I miss him every day, his love his big arms, his mind, our love. We remet in my moms garage and instantly fell in love. I moved to Virginia and we stayed together until the day he died. I loved your story and if you think it is sad it is what it is.

Love to you my friend. Bringing me to the present moment, I feel a void in my heart from my single life. What then should people, like myself, do when they find themselves unable to fully love another person? I just thought of it…. Your initial impression was correct, and yet now as you reflect back and wonder what could have been, the feelings of nostalgia have ruined your perspective, causing you to write this misguided blog post. Your main conclusion was wrong. I assure you that those insecurities of her would come up regardless.

There is no question. You can doubt it, and you will likely be wrong, from my personal experience. SHE needed to change and resolve her personal issues, but she was unwilling, and instead just blamed you and got mad at you for everything. You are free to try again the next time, but make sure you are comparing the same type of girl. The girl was wrong for you and probably wrong for anyone. Childish, insecure, bitchy. There are girls out there who will not go on rage induced fits towards you. So you had no fault or responsibility in the situation? Keep dreaming. While this resonates, she must also want to be chosen, and appreciate the fact that she does indeed continue to be chosen.

To be taken for granted, ignored, or belittled, it is only natural to harbor some resentment. None of us are perfect, and sometimes real relationships go through seriously dark periods. To continue to idolize your partner or expect limerence every day is to reduce yourself from a human to a puppy dog. This is so stupid. You are just playing to the fairy tale relationship that has sadly been instilled in most women through pop culture and romantic movies. Praying on women just to gain some sort of following is sick.

This emasculates men and makes us out to be some sort of super human drone that is capable of catering to the modern womans increasingly outrageous emotional demand, whilst providing the usual expected securities. Than its YOU that is fucked up! Because thats how MEN show their love. Go get a pussy ass gay to be your friend if you want someone to talk to about your drama and petty emotions. Whilst that is a heartbreaking realisation on its own, I can only hope that this knowledge may give me a better understanding as time goes on and my heart begins to find some healing.

What if the shoe is in the other foot? How do you stop guarding your own heart after being hurt so many times in the past to give new love a chance? To choose him? Thank you for your inspiring blog. We need more love in the world and you, sir, are helping people do just that!

This opened up my eyes a bunch. This was such a great read. He destroyed both she and I emotionally. He laughed at me.


Anna-Lisa Cox is an award winning historian on the history of racism and race relations in nineteenth-century America. One night the wind was so bad and I was in tears. Winters Ben H. She is professor emerita of sociology at the University of California, Berkeley. When the time comes she will leave bits and bobbles that are fitting of a fairy, buttons, gems, acorn caps, and so forth. He did not believe me. A counterterrorism expert and security analyst, he is a former presidential

I just got out of a relationship exactly like this. I spent two years holding on. He was skeptical to commit at first. So I stopped talking to him and then he came around. Of course I let him in with open arms. Two years later here I am single. The beginning was great! After a few months I started to feel him drifting into a comfort zone and not trying to pursue me anymore. I told him how I felt and he just apologized and said he would work on it… We had that same conversation every month until we broke up.

He complained about walking over to my place all the time, even though you could see my place from his. Yeah I spent it alone. We got hit with a giant ice storm that the news stations had warned us about for 2 days. Almost got killed by a truck hitting black ice. Got home to find out he was to busy playing video games to leave 3 hours earlier than he wanted and ended up missing his only opportunity to get into town for 6 days!! I begged him for 6 more months to please love me again. Yet he still continued to play his video games, take his stress out on me, ditch me for his friends, and flat out put me down when I would tell him how I was feeling.

It literally made me sick, everyday. Which consisted of putting it on the porch and just watching each other out the window. He proceeded to put all the blame on me. A week later I left to study abroad for the whole summer. I so wish he could read this article and comprehend it enough to realize all I did was beg for his love. After being married for 14 years, my husband and I attended a week-long conference. In my experience, if you wake up with the headache, chances are you were grinding your teeth at night or clenching your jaw.

Try massaging your jaw and temples and see if the headache doesn't subside. Or seek out a professional massage. Also look at the stresses in your life and see if maybe some relaxation might be called for. Often GERD is not caused by too much stomach acid, but actually too little, called hypochlorhydria. So what you're actually burping up is not stomach acid, but food that hasn't been digested fully and released into the small intestines.

You can do that with acid supplementation, but often taking apple cider vinegar with meals will help the problem go away. Try it and good luck! I help people find more pleasure in their lives- in and out of the bedroom. I understand the frustrations of not finding the fulfillment we all desire in our lives. I also know that some simple shifts can transform your life.

I received a B. I went on to receive my M. The best way to get to know me is to sign up for my newsletter to get my latest blog posts and occasional juicy tips. I also invite you to follow me on social media. From Sharie's website: www. Did you know just imagining a crisis is the same to your brain and body as actually living through one? Many of us live each day anxious, nervous, unsure of ourselves, frustrated and pissed off!

All because worrying gives us a false sense of productivity but then leaves us with a feeling of helplessness! It's NOT your fault it is your default! You really can change, but you need to know why your brain operates this way in order to fix it. In my new book, using everyday language metaphores and humor you will have a clearer understanding of your brain and more control over how it reacts to life in just 3 weeks. We accomplish this mission through: writing and publishing one-on-one mentoring local and online courses on-going service to the community Outer change begins with inner change.

Inner change begins with self-knowledge. Self- Knowledge leads to self-actualization. Self-actualized individuals, are inherently non-violent, cooperative and collaborative, and are naturally motivated to use their unique gifts in service to the betterment of the world. I am a yoga alliance qualified hr registered yoga teacher. In academia, obtaining a Masters degree and PhD in Nanotechnology from Imperial College London, and in senior management roles at internet start-up companies.

Two years of which was spent doing both simultaneously. I have always demanded the best of myself and what I offer. What I have learnt along the way is that my physical and emotional wellbeing is the key to my success. In , I backpacked alone for a year through south and central america which prompted me in to leave my career as a management consultant to become a yoga teacher and start my own company.

I understand the challenges of being a successful professional in corporate, academic, start-up and entrepreneurial environments; the lifestyle, the drive, the demands, the highs, the lows and the imbalances. It is extremely difficult to find time for relaxation and rejuvenation, however taking a simple hour out each week, if used effectively, can lead to increased productivity, efficiency and clarity.

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My personalized and recorded online yoga sessions offer convenient and effective relaxation, fitness and wellbeing that I wish I could have had access to before. I am now the founder of my own company offering a service that I truly believe in and working in a way that is aligned with my skills and values. I have streamlined my business processes to maximize the effectiveness of my skills and work time. I love every aspect of what I do and have a great deal of free time to enjoy reading, writing, traveling, good company and healthy eating.

I am a digital nomad. I have no permanent address. I travel to places that intrigue me, learn about cultures, enjoy natural beauty and have the freedom and flexibility I have always wanted to live the life that I desire.

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I look forward to supporting and helping you, through the use of yoga, to reach your full potential. Thank you for taking the time to check us out! I am here to help you have the life you dream of with freedom and ease in your body. You are so much more powerful than anyone has ever told you and I want to show you how! I suffered with stomach ulcers since the age of 15, and the first and only time I experienced lasting relief was with acupuncture.

Then at the age of 22 I became very ill. Finally, after about 6 months of tests and visits, one of my doctors told me I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Needless to say this was less then helpful. Part of me wanted to give up, but a bigger part of me knew right then that there had to be another way, and that healing was possible for me.

And so began my journey to living life on my terms, in a healthy and vibrant body. It is, after all, the reason why I do what I do today. It is why I have a strong calling and desire to help people heal and have an extraordinary quality of life. I am here to guide you to healing yourself from any health challenge by connecting you to the life your soul wants to live. Clearing any space in your entire being that is not serving you, so you may create the life you came here to live to fulfill your personal destiny.

I am here to help you discover and love yourself to health. I know what it can be like to endeavor to make it in the world in a way that is both fulfilling and financially sound. We want to have material abundance, and we also want to have the freedom to maintain deep emotional bonds and contribute toward our vision of a better world. Yet we often are made to feel as if we have to choose one or the other. I experienced those tradeoffs myself for many, many years. I either did corporate work that was lucrative, but spiritually and emotionally stifling, or bounced between low-paying non-profit jobs that had meaningful goals, but uninspiring daily life experience.

I was accepted to Hastings Law School and nearly went… 3 years in a row. I never went to law school. Work experience I gained after the degree also continues to be a part of my work, from art therapy, to play therapy with children, to spiritual counseling and channeling.

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It was when I was recruited by a business consulting firm and trained in the craft of business consulting that things really took off for me. I went through 3 firms in 3 years, each time learning more about the work and having access to a wider array of client industries. This on-the-job education allowed me to start my own firm with client companies large and small some among the Fortune Suddenly, my financial picture had transformed dramatically. But I was still on just one side of the success equation. The work was challenging, and financial achievement was affirming, but something was still missing.

My depth of heartful presence makes me an excellent companion for the journey. But more than any of that, it is the personal journey I have had, complete with pits and peaks along the way, that finally brought me to a point of full integration that I allows me to deeply groc the journey you too are on. I can now say that I have both meaningful work at all levels of my being, and the financial well-being and stability that has always meant so much to me.

If you believe that your work should reflect the highest aspects of who you are, then I would love to help you achieve that goal, through effective strategy and guidance on your path to success. Being able to support yourself without a boss is great, but being able to thrive is a collaborative effort. I am honored to have as my guest speaker Maura Sweeney!

In her own words Maura share's insightful questions as well as personal stories to help others discover the voice and life within them. Excerpts from her website: "My official Ambassador of Happiness trademark processed just recently, but the life path to happiness has taken me over a half century to master. Join me here for insights, anecdotes and reflective questions to help you find your own way to happiness — but by a far faster route! Our ongoing, inner thoughts form our life experience. When chosen repeatedly and consistently from the right perspective, our conscious thought life uplifts us from within and brightens the world around us.

Professional clairvoyant, master energy healer, and author. Creator of a global spiritual and personal development program, Amirah Hall has taken the lessons she learned from teaching thousands of student worldwide and created the how-to guide Manifesting Miracles Mountain, solid. Water, reflecting. Space, free. Breathing out, I know I am breathing out. As my in-breath grows deep, my out-breath grows slow.

Breathing in, I calm my body Breathing out, I feel ease. Breathing in, I smile Breathing out, I release. Dwelling in the present moment, I know this is a wonderful moment. Arrived, arrived At home, at home Dwelling in the here Dwelling in the now Solid as a mountain Free as the white clouds The door to no-birth, no-death has opened Free and unshakable I dwell. I vow to transform habit energies to help love and understanding grow.

The car and I are one. If the car goes fast, I go fast. Knowing this, I am very careful Even on a short trip. With deep respect, I bow to Buddha in this spirit, and the communication is perfect. Buddhas manifest in all directions. My mind and body dwell in the very here and now. This water comes to you from the Earth and sky. You and I have been together since beginningless time. Has anyone been born? Will anyone die? May my words create mutual understanding and love. May they be as beautiful as gems, as lovely as flowers. The rain of compassion and understanding can transform the dry desert into a vast fertile plain.

With each step, a cool wind blows. With each step, a flower blooms. I bring awareness to shine upon all life. All dharmas join together to make life possible. Earth takes us back again. We are born and we die with every breath. I entrust myself to Buddha; Buddha entrusts herself to me. Day by day, my heart and mind grow clearer. In the rose, I see compost. Everything is in transformation. Impermanence is life. Thank you, dear bodhisattva, for making life so beautiful. The flower and I are one. When the flower breathes, I breathe. When the flower smiles, I smile. He shows how mindfulness is like in daily life.

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Bella's Way - A book of poems and Mindful thoughts on losing a loved one - Kindle edition by Colin Eveleigh. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device. Bella's Way - A book of poems and Mindful thoughts on losing a loved one eBook : Colin Eveleigh: Kindle Store.

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