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Project 1: Angels with Broken-Wings
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Chapter 60 Chapter 61 Chapter 62 Chapter 63 Chapter 64 Chapter 65 Chapter 66 Chapter 67 Chapter 68 Chapter 69 Chapter What happens when he can't hide it anymore?

Please heed the tags and if there's something in there that could be triggering for you, please take care of yourselves! I want to assure you that I have this whole thing outlined, so it won't get abandoned! I can promise updates of at least once per week. Dissociative Identity Disorder. If you want resources on D. She's so awesome!!! I figured I wanted to see a fic that had everything I wanted in it, and so decided to flex my writing muscles.

Broken Wings: The Original Concept Album

Virgil only wants to protect those he loves at all costs. What is up everybody?! I try to keep my stuff accessible, including keeping chapters not much longer than words, so if you have ideas to make my fic more accessible plz lmk and you'll be my friend forever! Also, this fic is not used to represent D. I now have an amazing beta by the name of Jasper01! Basically I project onto mostly Virgil just so you know where this fic is coming from and I hurt everyone at least emotionally.

Hello guys, gals, and non-binary pals! A couple of heads ups that I didn't put in the summary because it was already really long:. Most importantly, if I missed tags that you think I should include, please tell me! I want to keep people safe above all else.

This is not intended as a kink fic, but if what's in here is your thing it's all good! This is a kink-shaming-free zone! Since this is my first time posting, I am totally open to suggestions! If you have writing suggestions or see a typo, please let me know! See the end of the work for other works inspired by this one. See the end of the chapter for notes. Virgil felt terrible for how he spoke to Thomas, but he had to get his point across quickly and beg Thomas to never let that happen again.

Being in his room made it easier to manage the amount of anxiety that made it to his Host. He stumbled down the hallway, uncharacteristically clumsy, as he tried to make it to his room. Virgil felt his blood pressure rising, felt his muscles tensing and relaxing with a confusing mix of flight! Black spots were forming in his vision. Doing anything was difficult when every muscle felt like it was made of lead, but he could make it.

It was only 20 feet away. He had to hide from the others, had to block his anxiety from Thomas, had to avoid the questions he saw swirling in their eyes Virgil stopped walking limping? He attempted to take a deep breath in through his nose to try to gather enough strength to speak with Roman and then get back to his room. Roman came to a stop behind Virgil and decided to take his hand and twirl him around like a salsa partner so they were facing each other.

Virgil roughly yanked his hand away and skillfully moved his head so his bangs and hood mostly covered his eyes. Fight or Flight! But I had something to ask you and I think I have a good idea for the next video! Roman was bouncing on the balls of his heels by this point with hope and excitement shimmering in his cognac eyes. His anxiety was starting to spike even more at the thought of the question Roman had, but he held it down as best he could.

Roman grinned even wider. You know how much they love Deceit and have been asking for more information on the Dark Sides?

Roman seemed to notice that something was off with Virgil and paused in his speech, most of which Virgil had missed. Dammit no! Patton had instituted a mandatory family dinner every night long before Virgil had been accepted into the famILY. Despite his panic attack that was barely being held at bay, he managed a small smile at the memory of his first mandatory family dinner.

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He allowed himself to grin until he got downstairs where the other sides were. He had a reputation to keep up dammit. Until we meet again! As soon as Roman had turned, Virgil moved the opposite way and let his breathing become more erratic. He began shaking all over, largely as a result of his anxiety and partially as a result of trying to keep his panic under control while speaking with Roman.

He felt like fear and panic were clawing and ripping at his brain. When he finally made it to his room, he barely managed to close the door and snap it soundproof before he collapsed into a shaking, wheezing pile on the floor. His vision was definitely tunneling at this point. Virgil was laying on his side, and he could already feel his arm starting to fall asleep. He felt like he wanted to rip off his skin, no, his flesh from his bones. It was itchy and crawling and horrible and uncomfortable. Why was Deceit showing up during the day? Why was he there? Why were the other sides and Thomas even giving him room to speak?

Virgil finally let himself go after holding back.

He sobbed and cried. He let out his frustration and fear in near wails. He gasped in pitiful, tiny breaths when he could, but it felt like his diaphragm was moving of its own accord, forcibly pressing sobs out. He accepted that he was going to pass out and sent a silent apology to Patton and Roman. See a typo? A missed tag? A writing suggestion?


Enter your username and comment down below and get entered to win my friendship! Broken Wings is a community-based addiction recovery facility. Our focus is on mind, body, and spiritual wellness. Individuals suffering with addiction come from many different backgrounds and experiences. These life challenges have left them scared, with little to no hope. Through mercy, professionalism, and grace, Broken Wings not only promotes hope to achieve new beginnings, but we also equip individuals with lifelong tools that they will need to serve them well in the future.

Please join the founders and leadership team for the Groundbreaking Ceremony on March 8, at am. We are very excited to introduce the Bastrop community, and surrounding areas to this much-needed facility. Add to Calendar.


View Map View Map. Find out more about how your privacy is protected. Mar Sales Ended. Event description.

Description Broken Wings is a community-based addiction recovery facility. Coffee and donuts will be served, and the groundbreaking will take place rain or shine!

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